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Mozilla Releases Security Patch


Mozilla has just released a software update for its Firefox 2 users.

Yes, you read correctly: Firefox 2. The new Firefox is a security patch for anyone who hasn’t made the jump to Firefox 3 just yet. The patch fixes a host of vulnerabilities found in the 2.0 program and is “strongly recommended” by Mozilla. Versions are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Engineers say they’ll continue to put out minor updates and patches for Firefox 2 until mid-December of this year.

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One Response to “Mozilla Releases Security Patch”

  1. M2

    M2 autoupdated to this AM. It's now unusable. Connection config (direct to cable-always on) still correct. In trusted zone of firewall. Cannot connect to through still functioning IE7 and Opera, but can to (The downloads seem to all be from the .com site). Anyone else experiencing this? I'm not finding any references to the .com site being down.

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