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Jackie Chan Death Hoax Sweeps Social Media

jackie chan dead

Nearly 150,000 Jackie Chan fans have “liked” a page memorializing the action film star… despite the fact Jackie Chan is, in fact, alive and well.

The page, originally called “Jackie Chan R.I.P 08/17/2011″ and now just called “Jackie Chan R.I.P” (perhaps for the next time “Jackie Chan dead” becomes a Twitter trending topic?) has been instrumental in pushing forward this incarnation of the Jackie Chan death hoax. For some reason, Chan can’t stay alive in the internet death hoax rumor mill this year. In March, news of his death spread virally on Twitter, and fans of the Rush Hour star poured out condolences until it became apparent Chan had not died of a heart attack as the rumor claimed.

While the number of Facebook likes on the Jackie Chan death hoax page may seem like a lot, compare it to the actual Jackie Chan fan page, which has 20,161,490 likes. (Chan actually owns the Facebook page for simply “Jackie,” like “Madonna,” or “Cher.”) Were there any official news on Jackie Chan’s health or significant injury, it would certainly turn up on Jackie Chan’s official page rather than some fly by night page that won’t allow access to its wall- a wall that’s probably covered in messages that insist Chan has not died.

38,000+ people have “liked” Chan’s most recent quote on the page, in which he says:

‎”When I work I do it from my heart, and my heart is that I bring love to the world. When I travel around the world I bring my love. I bring so much love in my heart. I hope you can feel that.”
– Jackie

To stay abreast of Jackie Chan news, you can like the official Jackie Chan page linked above.

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27 Responses to “Jackie Chan Death Hoax Sweeps Social Media”

  1. Armando Mojica

    Me too! My friend Zenon Cashmoney JR Aguirre is a big fan of him.

  2. Emilio DelosAngeles

    …Look up facts before liking and spreading something.

  3. E X Treme Hatred

    the fuCC'n jew nigger, nigger jew faggot who started this rumor should be dead! nigger jew faggot!

  4. Johnathon Machipiness

    This is bad mojo yo, who says what will happen to him I'm also a big fan of his and I pray to god he doesn't pass on unless it's because of old age… this could be sum kind of story line behind his death in the future? Who knows people that come up with this crap are mature and unspoken for, anyhow haha loser, get a life!

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