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George Zimmerman Is Broke And Homeless One Year After Trayvon Martin Trial

Zimmermans face

George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing teenager Trayvon Martin in a trial last July but in the year since, Zimmerman has fallen into a prison of debt that has reportedly left him penniless.

It was in July of 2013 that a Florida jury acquitted Zimmerman of charges that he murdered Martin during a scuffle in a gated community in Sanford. The 30-year-old former Neighborhood Watch volunteer mistook Martin for a burglar and the two got into a scuffle that ended with Zimmerman firing a fatal shot into Martin’s chest.

Though he remains free, George Zimmerman has had his share of troubles since the acquittal. His estranged wife called the police on Zimmerman last year, claiming that he threatened her with a gun. Divorce records filed in Florida also show that Zimmerman was left with astronomical legal fees after the trial and no home to call his own.

Trayvon Memorial

Candlelight Memorial Service for Trayvon Martin.

According to records obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, Zimmerman reported just $14,000 in assets — his pickup truck — while listing $2.5 million in legal bills.

The paperwork indicated that George Zimmerman has no job, pays nothing for rent or a mortgage, and is without health insurance.

The Orlando Sentinel reported:

“He spends $350 a month for medical care plus $200 a month for psychological, psychiatric or mental health counseling. He also spends $100 a month on vacations.”

“Zimmerman’s legal defense fund, which raised more than $400,000, now has a balance of $300, according to the affidavit.”

“It is not clear what happened to any money he earned from the sale of a painting on eBay in December. The winning bid was $100,000. There is no mention of it in his affidavit.”

Zimmerman also just lost a chance for some financial reparations. He had filed a lawsuit against NBC, claiming that the network altered the audio of a 911 call to make him sound like a racist.

George Zimmerman had claimed that NBC deliberately edited the recording to make it sound like he suspected Trayvon Martin of being a criminal simply because he was black, but a judge ruled that he could not prove the editing “resulted in a materially false change in the meaning of what he actually said.”

Although he may have escaped prison for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman will continue to live with the negative consequences of his actions, no doubt for the rest of his life.

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117 Responses to “George Zimmerman Is Broke And Homeless One Year After Trayvon Martin Trial”

  1. Antoine Benoit

    This story would've been a lot better if he was butchered and burned into a fine powder!

  2. Elaine Gosha

    He took a life and now his life aint worth crap I pray you suffer the rest of your life and when your life on earth is over god will judge you for killing td y shall not kill remember that?

  3. Andrew Mayfield

    This guy is nowhere near broke or homeless. This is just more smoke and mirrors to earn him more pity. Isn't this like the 3rd or 4th time he been "reported broke & homeless" but he's spending x amount per month? Really??

  4. Janice Sonntag

    If he is broke and homeless like the said he is, he deserve it. He made his bed now he has to live with it. But since he is a liar you cannot believe anything he says.

  5. Max Francis

    let those people that supported him killing Travon take care of his ass. where is his parents, brother and best friend that was on his side? Whatever a man sow that what he shall reap…Zimmerman is reaping what he sow…

  6. Jason Lawhorne

    I volenteer to go to where he lives and when it is time to wake up I volenteer to vomtit directly into his mouth. I ask for nothing in return, the fact he wakes up to someone vomiting in his mouth is pay enough for me.

  7. Linda Lynn

    Good. He deserves all the bad luck he gets. Karma is a bitch. He killed a defenseless child. A child that had his whole life ahead of him. If Zimmerman wasn't a racist this would have never happened. He judged Trayvon because he was black. Plain and simple!

  8. Robert Ashley

    "Although he may have escaped prison for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman will continue to live with the negative consequences of his actions, no doubt for the rest of his life." because of vindictive people who can't accept the truth. You all need to be beaten down.

  9. Anonymous

    TM case solved: To solve this case you first have to step outside the box. Subplot # 1 of 3. A frightened teen running from his creepy stalker and killer looks good on paper towards a conviction but the reality is there's only 3 possible scenarios.

    1. TM ran and a speedy GZ chased him down and killed him.

    2. TM ran and then came back an attacked GZ even though GZ was to slow to catch him.

    3. TM didn't run because he had no reason to and never realized he was being followed.

    I'll take scenario # 3.

    It's the real reason GZ attacked TM in the dark while holding a working flashlight in his hand (Recording #3 @ 2:50) and (Recording #5 @ 1:38). The element of surprise was still on his side. Clubhouse video also confirmed that somebody flashlight was on as they walked along the east perimeter of the building.

    NEC timeline:

    7:09:34 start of NEC

    7:10:32 He's coming towards me

    7:10:56 He's coming to check me out

    7:11:40 He's running (nobody runs from a man sitting in a parked truck who's talking on his cell phone with windows rolled up) When is the last time you found this situation scary enough to run from? Answer: never

    7:11:46 GZ opens truck door

    7:12:06 TM answers Jeantel's incoming call 26 seconds AFTER GZ claimed he was running. Question? Why discuss whether or not to run from the creepy K when you're ALREADY RUNNING from the creepy K. This is the contradiction that seals the case.

    Please see my entire comment at trayvon dot axiomamnesia dot com under documents

  10. Kathy Dusio-mankin

    Just ss others have said Karma a butch with a capital "B" … or what goes around comes around. It sound bad but he better not wear a hoody. Someone may mistake him for a trouble maker. Or even homeless oh wait he is .

  11. Demetri Uchiha-Meech

    Karma for hitting your wife. Karma for abusing your girlfriend after that. Karma for killing a chid while playing super cop. 3 is The Magic Number. Yes It Is.

  12. Jodi Feinstein Wallace

    Good!! Should have thought about this before he murdered that innocent kid! #racistpieceofshit

  13. Brad Daniel Rice

    So they are basing the fact he is homeless and broke on DIVORCE records. I'm sure no one every lied and said they had less than they did in Divorce proceedings. Also, of course no mention of the 100,000 painting he sold? Yeah sounds real broke and real homeless. Let me go sell a shitty painting for 100k so I can feel his pain….

  14. Ozy Patrick Alvarado

    I think he was innocent but is now blacklisted everywhere. Employers are afraid to hire him and he's scared about what to actually do because he's been threatened by so many people (like many of you responding to this article).

  15. Anonymous

    I dont agree with how he handled what happened, but people in this country need to accept that they have one branch of government that actually does its jobs. the courts. I accept that OJ, Kobe, Big Ben and George Zimmerman are all innocent on account of the fact that they were never found otherwise.

  16. Erica Mathis

    "mistook Martin for a burglar and the two got into a scuffle that ended with Zimmerman firing a fatal shot into Martin’s chest."

    Gotta love the liberal media! There is no evidence Zimmerman "mistook" Martin for a burglar, there is however circumstantial evidence that he caught Martin in the act of being up to no good, and this is why Martin FOLLOWED Zimmerman and viciously attacked him trying to murder him by slamming his head repeatedly into the sidewalk.

  17. John Bates

    And the assault by thug Travon just keeps on giving.

  18. Faith Britton

    I must say, his current life tragedies couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. The rest of his life will be HELL and the best of HELL is yet to come.

  19. Trill Gates

    Lol…so he has black people problems now…how ironic.

  20. Robert Ashley

    Dan Steamboat . . . yeah that was pretty cool, wasn't it?

  21. Caesar Smith Jr

    Well let his good friends take care of him. George is such a "good" person let his brother, parents and friends that care so much about him take care of him. A few of them, like four so far have a different opinion than that of the testimony of given on court. Mighty strange they all think differently than what was said, or they suddenly have an epiphany.

  22. Lisa Anderson Simon

    "…George Zimmerman will continue to live with the negative consequences of his actions, no doubt for the rest of his life." Good. I'm happy that he is not prospering. What happened? Isn't his girlfriend supporting him? I wonder how Dets. Serino and Singleton are doing. I hope they share his less than stellar ending. His pally Frank Taafe seems to think he was guilty now also. I wonder what changed that hard-core racist's mind.

  23. James Wolowiec

    All that you listed are false. Wife lied about abuse. Girlfriend lied about abuse. Trayvon would be alive if he had not jumped Zimmerman.

  24. James Wolowiec

    The Bible is nothing more than a history book written by men over the ages.

  25. Will Morgan

    Zimmerman is nothing but a punk ass bitch!!!!! And hopefully his life sucks forever and ever then goes to hell!!!!!

  26. James Wolowiec

    Will Morgan , you are confusing Trayvon for Zimmerman

  27. Anonymous

    I wonder where all of you saints are when blacks are killing other blacks. Good to see that you only come out when it's someone of another color doing the killing.

  28. Melissa Belcher

    well….karmas a bitch. who are these people donating to a legal defense fund in his name? and why would you? he continues to get into trouble with his guns, you don't see a pattern? hes just one of those people who shouldn't own one even though he legally can. and seriously, he is only worth 14k right now, but still spending 100 a month on vacation? vacation from what, his no job having life? as for his psychiatry bills, too bad he didn't invest in that sooner, perhaps we wouldn't even know his filthy name. I feel no pity for this rogue, wanna be cop, thinking he has authority that he don't just cuz hes carrying ass……sorry….cant believe he got off in the first place!

  29. Melissa Belcher

    James Wolowiec seriously? the kid didn't jump on him, it was the other way around, that was proven. the only question was whos voice was heard getting their azz whooped on the tape.and even if it was zimmermans, he deserved it. he was a wanna be cop who felt important cuz he was armed. he would never have approached such a "menacing" and "violent" kid otherwise. and this kid had every right to try to defend himself. had he been armed, I could understand it a bit more, but he wasn't. Zimmerman caused the physical altercation, and when he was losing, he pulled out a gun like a pussy, then hid behind the bs stand your ground law, which was intended to allow people to defend themselves while their lives were threatened, so why does trayvon whooping his azz not fall under stand your ground as well? then Zimmerman goes on to beat his wife, and threaten his girlfriend with a gun. and by the way he admitted to those things and blamed the trauma of the trayvon case for his actions, so yes, he did do those things and the women didn't lie. what more proof do you need that this guy is just violent?

  30. Jason Costa

    He should have been able to sue that stupid bitch Angela Corey, No charges should have been filed. She did it solely because she bent to public pressure without actually taking into consideration the facts. Trayvon Martin was nothing but a good for nothing thug. He made the choice to act like a savage and he paid the price. If he had just spoken like a human being instead of resorting to violence things would have been different.

  31. Anonymous

    So you preach all 'Christian-y" and yet claim to pray for someone to suffer. How very thoughtful of you. Maybe you could put down the Bible, pick up the dictionary, and turn to the page that has hypocrite.

  32. Stacie Renee

    salenthelor You understood it, didn't you?! English is not everyone's first language.

  33. Stacie Renee

    James Wolowiec The kid that was 17 years old with his entire life ahead of him whose only crime was being black.

  34. Jessica Oliver-Johnson

    Doesn't look like he's missed any meals.. The murdering piece of shit.

  35. Positive Black Woman

    James Wolowiec S, EVERYONE who accused Zimmerman of anything, was lying….You know, if everyone around you is afraid and accusing you, you are leaving yourself open to that accusation by your behavior. If 10 people come up with the same story about you, and those 10 people are not meeting and conspiring…then it might just be you, honey

  36. Positive Black Woman

    so, everyone who's mad at him has conspired and worked together (there's not that much ability to cooperate in the world…) to hold him down, or is he just a douche who's now spiraling downward?

  37. Alberto Martinez

    James, if you are such a supporter of his, why don't you help him out? I'm sure he'd love a comfy bed to sleep on and some food to eat.

  38. Bill Daily II

    salenthelor a language does not need to be spoken perfectly to effectively convey a thought.

  39. Aaron Dowell

    WTF, mistook Trayvon for a burglar, that line right there makes it sound like a mistake. He hunted down and murdered a child, fuck him.

  40. Tammy Yarbrough

    I wonder will his Buddy Frank help him? But then again I don't believe it for many he's A hero lol.

  41. Adwin Esters

    Somebody tell Zimmerman James Wolowiec has a place for him to stay.

  42. Jt Alwin

    So we need to get beat down because Florida is too incompetent to do anything right? Yep, your family tree doesn't fork. BTW, if you insist everyone who pays attention to reality should be beat down, you're more than welcome to try me. I'm not gonna hold my breath though, internet tough guy.

  43. Jt Alwin

    Especially with the Supreme Court's recent rulings, I think that saying the judicial branch works is a joke at this point.

  44. Jt Alwin

    Or maybe because he is a walking menace to society… beating his now-ex-wife, beating his now-ex-gf, yeah, I'd hire him right away… actually, no, most employers would rather be spared the embarrassment of him being hauled out in cuffs from their business.

  45. Drue Ferguson

    James Wolowiec , you being a friend…. then help that coward out, let him camp – out at your house, cave, hut,or cardboard box?

  46. Debbie Lass

    James Wolowiec so let me get this straight. His ex wife said abuse, his gf said abuse and an ex fiancé had a restraining order against him for slapping her and a cousin stated he molested her. So basically ALL the women in zimmermans life lied but this man is innocent? bullshit. NO ONE has that kind of bad luck….it is created by his own actions. One can be abusive without ever hitting someone…..they can be threatening or fearful. Perhaps the money he got from those supporting him went to paying her off to try to drop her charges…her being the gf that is…..that could explain him being broke. Whatever the case the court felt he should lose his gun rights as too many coincidences are no longer coincidences and are of a persons making.

  47. Erica Davila

    @James Wolowiec, Trayvon would still be alive off George Zimmermans fat ass stayed in his vehicle like the 911 operator told him too. He was in a car was he not? Yes! Therefore he had to leave his vehicle to confront Trayvon! He left his vehicle that night knowing damn well what he was going to do. Trayvon did not jump that piece of shit, he wasn't playing Rent a Cop that night, Trayvon would be alive and his life wouldn't be fucked up the way it us. Do Mr. Woloweic maybe he can find a home worth you and your family, would you welcome him into your home with open arms? Give him a nice comfy bed to sleep on? 3 meals a day! Please do!

  48. Robert Ashley

    Jt Alwin . . . still sucking on Treyvon's dick after it has rotted away. . . you are one sad dude. You look like some old man trying make the young kids think you are still cool. Long hair on an old fart? Just shows you are out of touch.

  49. Rich Gray

    Your a good man and a law abiding citizen who see's a thug walking in your neighborhood and when you confront him he tries to kill you, and that make you a murderer and a horrible person. Grow up people and face facts here, any one of us would have done the same thing to defend our lives. This story makes me sick and if racism is ever going to end we need to stop defending idiots like Treyvon Martin just because there black.

  50. Jesse James

    Welcome to Trayvon's world Mr. Zimmerman. Being prejudged, obstacles being thrown in front of you, and last but not ;least being treated as a felon even though you are not. I don't believe in Carma but I do believe in God. He rights the wrongs done by man. All you bigots that are still posting thanks for confirming and supporting my true beliefs about "White America."

  51. Karen Stout

    Hire him yourself. Take him in. Let him date your daughter. Let us know how that goes.

  52. Nathan D Smith

    Wow James. Is Zimmerman your cousin or something? Let me say this clear for you. George Zimmerman did only two things right that day. 1) He called the police as his supposed duty as a neighborhood watchman. 2) He defended himself in a fight. I will never blame him for surviving and advancing in a fight. HOWEVER, he defied the operator by getting out of his car, with a gun mind you, and followed Trayvon. If you were Trayvon James, what would you have done? Run? Say "why are you following me?" Don't say anything? Keep walking? Tell me. If Zimmerman never gets out of that car. This situation never happens. THAT'S A FACT!!!! Not opinion. A fact.

  53. Johnny Morris

    The unending hatred towards Zimmerman is racism in itself.

  54. Nathan D Smith

    I don't feel sorry for the guy. As Chip Caray, broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves network, says.."Give him what he's earned."

    1) He earned getting charged with 2nd degree murder
    2) He earned an acquittal by a jury if his peers
    3) He earned getting arrested a couple of times and getting exposed for who he really is after his acquittal.
    4) He earned being Broke and Homeless after spending money in a trial he was in.

    I don't feel sorry for the guy and I will never feel sorry for the guy. He is the proximate cause of why he is in the place he is in right now. He doesn't deserve to be beat up, assaulted and hurled obscenities at him in public by anyone. He earned his acquittal. But it stops there with me.

  55. Johnny Morris

    speaking of karma: How'd that work out for Martin?

  56. Robert Ashley

    Eddie Higgins . . . does it say that is where I work? Maybe you need to go back to school and take remedial reading comprehension 101.

  57. Johnny Morris

    And people wonder why the violent crime rate is so high for some people. SMDH.

  58. Johnny Morris

    And people wonder why the violent crime rate is so high for some people. SMDH.

  59. Johnny Morris

    And people wonder why the violent crime rate is so high for some people. SMDH.

  60. Johnny Morris

    And people wonder why the violent crime rate is so high for some people. SMDH.

  61. Johnny Morris

    And people wonder why the violent crime rate is so high for some people. SMDH.

  62. Johnny Morris

    Do you feel sorry for Martin, with his criminal history and touting his love for guns and drugs?

  63. Ominara M. Caldwell

    What happened to all the gun toting, first admendment, stand your ground, clowns that flooded his website with cash when he first murdered the young brother…they all turned their back on him

  64. Jt Alwin

    Eddie Higgins He went to one of the "academies" in the South that were formed because they were too scared of going to school with Black people. I'm sure it's shortly after taking classes at the Community College that they put him on disability, since he's clearly mentally disabled.

  65. Robert Ashley

    Jt Alwin . . . even mentally disabled I'd be way smarter than you. Long hair hiding an old face you look like a child predator.

  66. Nathan D Smith

    I feel sorry for him yes I do. It shouldn't have never happened. By the way Johnny, what does that have to do with what happened? Are your justifying Trayvon's death on his past criminal history and therefore deserved what George did? Is that what you are saying Johnny? Last time I checked, isn't George the gun touting, multiple gun having everywhere he goes and confrontational guy? Correct right Johnny?

    By the way Johnny, feel sorry for George to your heart's content. You have that right. I just won't be joining you in doing so.

  67. Jt Alwin

    Robert Ashley Here's a hint: You're not actually smart, you're just too much of a narcissist to realize it. And your little projection about child predators is real cute, considering you're the type of guy who pleasures himself watching the Disney Channel waiting for that next batch of meth to cook.

  68. Rich Gray

    Linda Cooper Your obviously a real winner aren't you, I mean using all those big words and all. LMBO

  69. Jt Alwin

    Linda Cooper Of course, the same people who want to demonize him for a bit of pot are the same people who need to get stoned, so they can at least pull the sequoia tree out of their rear ends….

  70. James Wolowiec

    Nathan D Smith ,
    1. The 911 operator is not a Police Officer, so no one is obligated to listen.
    2. The operator told him that he didn't need to follow trayvon. They never said to stop following.

    Trayvon could have always asked what he was doing. No need to run away and then come back and jump Zimmerman. Another fact is that if Trayvon hadn't been looking in to homes this never would have happened either.

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