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Fired Live-In Nanny Won’t Leave, ‘I’m Now A Victim In My Home And It’s Completely Legal’

Nanny Squatter

A California family is confused about what to do with a live-in nanny they say refuses to work, refuses to be fired, and refuses to leave. According to ABC News, Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte of Upland, California, hired a nanny on March 4,2014. The nanny was Diane Stretton, 64. The terms of the agreement were that Stretton help with their three children, ages 11, 4, and 1, as well as help with tasks around the house in exchange for room and board.

The couple notes:

We’ve done it before and have never had a problem. I was a stay-at-home mom and thought it would be good to have someone around to help out.

Things didn’t immediately start off bad. In fact, Marcella says, “The first few weeks she was awesome.”

She would come places with us, help out the kids. She was really great. Then things changed. All of a sudden she stopped working, she would stay in her room all day and only come out when food was ready.

Once the nanny stopped doing her duties, the Bracamonte family gave her a “last chance letter” stating the duties they expected of her or she would need to leave. The nanny refused to sign the form, stating she would be leaving in 30 days anyway. Afterwards, the Bracamonte family put the 30-day notice in writing, but again Stretton refused to sign, saying if they forced her out she would press legal charges. At this point, the Bracamonte family knew they were in trouble.

Unfortunately for the family, it appears the law is not on their side in this particular instance. Though terms were set for employment, the issue is now a “civil matter” according to California law. The Bracamonte family must go through formal eviction proceedings giving a formal and legally thorough eviction notice to the nanny. John Moore of the Upland Police Department confirmed the statement saying:

Generally, once somebody has established residency, you have to go through a formal eviction process.

Stretton is no newbie when it comes to filing lawsuits. In fact, Stretton has filed 36 lawsuits, landing herself on California’s Vexatious Litigant Lists for repeatedly abusing the legal system, but still the California courts will do nothing to help the Bracamonte family remove the nanny-legally- from their home. CBS Los Angeles notes a judge ruled in the nanny’s favor because he said Bracamonte did not fill out a three-day quit notice correctly. He also said they would have to fill out the legal paperwork again, this means another 30 days before any legal action can be taken.

The Bracamonte’s are confused and frustrated. Marcella feels completely helpless, stating:

So this lady is welcome inside my house, anytime she wants, to eat my food anytime she wants and harass me basically. I’m now a victim in my home and it’s completely legal.

Ralph is also concerned for his family’s safety, noting, “Now, this person is in our house and I have to go to work. My kids are still here, my wife is still here. She towers over my wife, my kids. And I know there is nothing I can do about it.”

Nanny problems are sadly too common. Such as this case when a nanny caught on camera assaulting an 18-month-old child walked away free.

What do you think about the nanny that won’t leave? What legal action should the Bracamonte family be able to take against Diane Stretton?

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101 Responses to “Fired Live-In Nanny Won’t Leave, ‘I’m Now A Victim In My Home And It’s Completely Legal’”

  1. Lesa Isa-Zebra

    Well I think the first thing we should do is get the Parents who hired her checked out at the coo coo factory. I mean obviously they didn't even check her background, or they would have known, but they were too busy trying to get something for nothing, basically slave labor out of a 62 year old woman to watch 3 kids, and they wanted her to clean their house,,,,,and they said they have done it before… goodness this is just too rich, i almost fell off my bed reading it I was laughing so hard. Now you have a set of grown people here that can not get granny to leave, they coned OR SO THEY THOUGHT a 62 year old woman into moving in and cleaning their home and watching their children for nothing more than room and board…..well she saw them coming and she gave it to them I think. Sounds like Karma bitting them where the sun don't shine. And OHHHH now that shes not cleaning and watching the kids shes dangerous, and they are scared,,,,did you all read the part where they tried to give her a notice that she needed to start doing her job or leave…folks this is where they cut the rope on their own neck cause that proves they dont' think shes dangerous they just dont want her free loading off them. You know what they say bad things happen to bad people…..and it sounds to me like Granny saw someone trying to rook her and she turned the tables. Honestly if they called an agency and said I need a full time nanny and a house keeper for three weeks what do you think it would have cost in california. RIGHT It would have been a lot more than anyone is willing to admit. So maybe she did a couple weeks worth of work and sat down with a pencil and decided it was about a 3000.00 pay check that they should have been paying and decided that she would take it out in trade of the place to sleep and eat cause apparently these idiots think they can get something for nothing. LOL sorry laughing again…..really thouh you all, if I did not want someon in my home they would not be there. These people are pathetic and I tell you what Granny if they lock that fridge up then you give me a call i will have dominoes deliver a pizza to your window… just too funny. I love it when people get their just deserts. And I don't care what anyone says you can paint flowers on a chicken coup all day long its still a chicken coup!!!!!!!!!!! These people wanted slave labor, and the slave fooled them. Go Granny hang out till the judge kicks you out. The reason this happened is becasue there was a greedy probably lazy woman who does not work and did not want to have to watch her own kids or clean her house so she thought she would get free nanny ….not to be confussed with super nanny….but free nanny and free housekeeper,….for about 14 square feet of room in her house and a little food heck they probably rake out enough left overs they decided that giving them to her would not even notice the food increase….lol well its about time these schisters got what they deserved. Granny I have the dominoes APP let me know when you need that pizza.

  2. Kathren Cook Gilbert

    I think you are the one who needs to be checked out at the coo-coo factory.

  3. Danita Coachman

    It'S. Called. an. Eviction. Notice. The judge will give her an exit date and if she's. Not out by. Then. The. Marshalls will sit her. Big. Ass. Out . Do. It. ASAP

  4. Linda Combs

    The laws concerning this sucks. If you dismiss some one in your home because of lack of terms of an agreement a given notice in writing is enough and if the refuse put there stuff in a box set it outside change the locks and say bye bye. I don't know who makes up some of the laws but they don't protect the innocent.

  5. Kathleen Mcmanus Johnson

    so let's see they hire her to do all the work and there is a stay at home mom who just did not want to do any work so she hires some one to do it for room and board they should pay her for the job she did they should have paid her anyway when you hire live in nanny do they get free room and board anyway

  6. Kristina Nicole

    Well, first off, stop feeding her! Only buy what you need and lock it up. You can put a lock on that fridge. Do it! Now, you need to invite every kid in the neighborhood to your house every day. You and the kids should have late night screaming compositions outside her door everynight, the louder the better. Just make miserable. If she does ANYTHING, even raise her voice at you, call the cops and say you feel threatened.

  7. Anne Charles Siperek

    I guess she has no family. Or they don't want anything to do with her!

  8. Anne Charles Siperek

    I guess she has no family. Or they don't want anything to do with her!

  9. Anonymous

    Say you have to tent the house for termites and she will have to leave.

  10. Karen Coleman

    I've hear about this thing happening to people I know multiple times. I thought this crazy law was only in Florida. They need to change the law. I understand giving live in help notice so they have some time to find a place to live but having to go to court to have them evicted seems a bit much.

  11. Richard Poleet

    Except you miss that she has done this how many times? Or did you selectively miss that in your rant? Also all of what you mention does not matter because contract she signed states her job and compensation. Did you miss the legally binding contract dolt? It seems to me you are the same as this leach of a low life woman. Of course in my state she would have been removed the second one calls police if she is not on deed. Leaches and low life scum bags flock together and you are proof of this. If what you say is true she signed a contract she never intended to honor. That alone is a violation of said contract. Making your post moot at best. To that who protest to much because you are a leach yourself. Pay your own way toby conformist scum.

  12. Richard Poleet

    Except you miss that she has done this how many times? Or did you selectively miss that in your rant? Also all of what you mention does not matter because contract she signed states her job and compensation. Did you miss the legally binding contract dolt? It seems to me you are the same as this leach of a low life woman. Of course in my state she would have been removed the second one calls police if she is not on deed. Leaches and low life scum bags flock together and you are proof of this. If what you say is true she signed a contract she never intended to honor. That alone is a violation of said contract. Making your post moot at best. To that who protest to much because you are a leach yourself. Pay your own way toby conformist scum.

  13. Barbara Rodriguez

    i agree make sure all the food is in like a fridge or freezer lock that shit up turn off the electricity in that room make her stay a living hell shit i would of

  14. Gloria Apiaka

    the is a mess already. she should work or leave. she is a parasite.

  15. EmBee McDaniel

    I once was told in Maine that if they have mail come to your house that technically they are living there, Thus you have to go through the courts to evict them, I am with you, pack her things in a box and change the locks, end of story, Once told that in Maine however and once even here, I made darn sure they did not have their mail come to my house or residence for this same reason,

  16. Tanesha Alicea

    Cut her off completely don't cook don't leave anything for her no toilet paper heck If you can shut the power off to that area of the house would be great too lol this is ridiculous she obviously does this as a scam if you cook cook enough for you and your family leave her without she has no income from you guys but prob from all those other lawsuits she's done this before !! Scam artist

  17. Jacob Daniel Chrzan

    The law is bullshit in this situation, as it is in most cases. Forcibly remove her and deal with the "legal action" later. You're a giant pussy if you are afraid to remove a person you believe may be a threat because of some words written on paper.

  18. Steve Titus

    Go to the post office and rent her a PO box. Then fill out a change of address form so her mail goes to the PO Box. She no longer gets her mail there so therefore she no longer is a resident there. Wait for her to step out of the house and lock the door behind her.

  19. Ann-Donné Strydom

    Keep feeding her, but put brooklax in her portions. Haha make her life hell. Switch the geyser off at inconvenient times, get crickets and put them in her room… Such things. I'm sure she'll leave eventually. It will be uncomfortable but, I rate, only for a while. Lol!

  20. Naomi 'Nay' Hunter

    File the correct paper agive notice then go stay with friends or family and leave her by herself

  21. Casie Lytle

    Bitch needs to be out out of her misery, and California needs to get their shot together. Wtf? Seriously.. Our America is truly going to shit.

  22. Casie Lytle

    Bitch needs to be out out of her misery, and California needs to get their shot together. Wtf? Seriously.. Our America is truly going to shit.

  23. Lauren Siegel

    If there were no young children present, that would be a great idea. But…..

  24. Lauren Siegel

    If there were no young children present, that would be a great idea. But…..

  25. Courtney Crisp

    Gotta be family willing to help get kids out of there. Then I would make it's so miserable she would run for the hills. I would put laxatives in everything I could. State that's the way you cook and have a bite of everything so they can't say you were "drugging" her. Idk what to tell ya but this nanny needs to work for a living and not expect everyone else to hand feed her. Tell her to come to my house. I'll make her stop her dumb shit. Most times I wanna run away. Lol

  26. Lesa Isa-Zebra

    Richard Poleet Look don't go tacking ugly words on me I am a hard working mother of two wonderful sons, I take care of my own house, and I certainly did read the whole article, my point was you get what you pay for and fyi you should watch what you say to people on line because a child that was at my house typed that rant, not myself. I just read it for the first time just now when I was notified that you wer calling me names. Now we were all laughing about this last night however I understand the woman is a fruit loop but so are the people who hired her…would you let someone move into the house with your children without doing a back ground and credit check no intelligent person would, but they did not do that because only insaine people would take a job for room and board. Now let me say this, you don't know both sides of the story, the paper "NONE OF THEM" checked the facts on wheather the nanny was actually on a nusance law suite list, for all we know the woman made it up….for instance, she hired her then the woman was a great nanny, then she bunked in her room for weeks and refused to work, then instead of saying hey we got to get this wacco out of here they go in there with a piece of paper and try to scare her into taking care of the children….at this point at my home this woman would not be left anywhere near a child. The woman refused and naturaly now they are scared. The thing here is they did not have a binding contract with her for employment, they had nothing thats why they were trying to get her to sign something so they could cover their rears. Now my brother in law the attorney says that anyone that believes just one side of the stroy should go get checked. I think that when something like this is going on then you have side A from the plaintiff and then side B from the defendant and everyone knows the answer is going to be a variation of the two stories. Now had you all gotten the whole story you would have probably found out that the woman struck this deal with her and said oh come stay with us free room and board and just help out with the kids and the house work. the lady probably thought this was more of a grandma role rather than nanny and housekeeper so she thought it would be great for everyone and moved in only to find that she just made a deal with the devil and she was not here to help out but rather do all the house work and take care of three wild kids, which probably ran her health down and she realized she had been tricked into giving up her own home and now has no where to go, so whats she going to do go live in a box. I am willing to bet that between the Mothers story, and the nannys story the truth lies in the middle somewhere….either way it goes, when you let someone move in with you then you have to go through eviction processes because people have to have time to prepair. Now if that nanny was actually doing all they said she was like trying to throw them out of the house from 8 to 8 all it would take is someone being smart enough to record that and they would have her on a 504 for a 72 hour hold. The truth of the matter is people commenting are saying things like shoot her dead and then plant a knife on her,,,,,,that is what is rediculous here…not the fact that I found it funny. Point blank common sense says that they let the woman move in and now they want her to leave, if her health is bad then she may not be able to uphold the duties, maybe it sounded better than it was, my sister has five kids and i love them all but its like chasing a pack of wild animals when they are playing in the house so I am betting Nanny realized she got in over her head, and whats she going to leave with they never paid her money….further more….these people can't expect her to make money out of water to move, she probably needed the 30 days to wait for her social security check to come in so she could leave. Also I just took the time to google the nusance list and I did not find her name on it at all…..please go back re-read the story, and please in the future try to remember that it could be a child your speaking too instead of an adult, and correct your language…..Now that being said I pretty much think she typed what she was hearing us say, and in our family you work your rear off if you want something and you treat others the way you want to be treated yourself, now that being said, if I asked your Grandma to come live with me so she could be my house keeper and my full time nanny, so that I could set on the couch with a remote in my hand all day ……how would you feel about that……next you find out I'm not ever going to pay her a dime. That lady apparently does not have family or they would help out, so she took this job then found out she could not handle the stress and now shes stuck no money no where to go????? Maybe could that be somewhere in the ball park of what could have happened. Now take that same idea and apply this logic…..she moves in and does this slave labor, and its terrible and she sure wishes she had not done it but whats she too do she has no money to leave, shes 62 most people are not going to hire her anyway, shes broke and has no one….and this family has her over a barrel now…she cant leave they don't pay her so how would she…….You know one thing they could have done was simply go rent her a motel room and get her out that way, or they could tell the whole truth but I am thinking they probably would not get so many pats on the back if they did that because they would have to admit that they tricked an old lady into thinking that she could have a happy life with them just so they could get a free maid and baby sitter… me thats discusting. I started working with the Elderly at 16 when I was 19 I had my RN license, and by the time I was 27 I was working for the state trying to keep the elderly out of nursing homes, one of my clients had to have surgery and would have had to stay in a nursing home for recovery but if she went to the nursing home it would mean the dhs would have taken her rental assistance and then the nursing home when she was rehabed would have not been able to bill medicaire because she would be deemed able to take care of self…..So she had no family, I let her come stay with us for 6 weeks, until she was able to go back to her apartment, and my kids to this day call her Granny, that was in 2005 and this is 2014….I know what I am, and you calling me terrible names does not bother me a bit because I am only concerned with my lord and my childrens opinion. Thank You very much.

  27. Lesa Isa-Zebra

    Richard Poleet Please also highlight the part of that article that says she signed a contract for this job, because it does not say that, it says she tried to get her to sign a letter saying she would get back to work or be fired then nanny said no but she was leaving in 30 days, then they tried to get her to sign a paper that said she was quiting… does not say it was a contract. Have you ever heard the term fair and decent wage… and board is not fair and decent wage for someone required to be on call 24/7 as a nanny house keeper. I guess her refusing the house kinda makes sense to me. In arkansas we have a farm beans and rice, any way we have farm hands and they live in our farm houses… that house is part of their pay, and we also pay the bills lights water gas telephone, and tv….this is the deal, if we hire someone and say were going to pay you 250 a week in money but were going to give you the house and utilities as aditional salary, then if that person quits or gets fired legaly we have to give them 30 days eviction notice, so that leaves the farmer unable to hire a new hand becaues they don't have the house for them to live in yet and you must wait until the previous employee has time to find different living arangements. Now I hope this clarifies my position on the subject I honestly think all the people involved here are insaine, including me for taking an hour to type all this, however I don't want people thinking I am some kind of kook because my 14 year old neice decided to type something silly on the computer. My whole point is that people should know they have only heard ONE SIDE OF THE STORY, therefore they should wait to pass judgment until the other side is told. The fact that she wont give an interview is smart on her part becuase anything that someone says these days can be twisted and put into bad context and any dime an hour attorney would advise their client to hush until this is said and done. Good night.

  28. Melvada Grandell

    For Lesa Isa-Zebra, You are wrong. No one should get a free living. You have to earn your own way, even if it is room and board. Only the disabled should get a free living, and only if they can't do much of anything because of their divisibility. I feel that is not bad for a nice house to live in and food cooked for you and the nanny should do her part to earn her own way. It is sad when someone takes advantage of ones contract. Not fair. I have worked hard all my life, and at almost 75, I am still working. I retired but do not get enough to get by. Just enough to pay the bills and that is all. I have no gas money for my car, no food money, nothing to help fix my car if it breaks down, and tags, and smog I have to work to get it done, I get out and have yard sales, in the heat and cold, just to pay for the extras, and yard sales is very hard work, because social sec. is not enough to get the rest of my living. I am getting old enough though, that I need to apply for food stamps, and see if I can get a little help. But as far as the nanny, she needs to do her part just the same as the family she is living with. That is what she agreed to. I use to pay my mom and dad 40.00 dollars every other week, in 1959, and that was a lot of money in those days. and do things around the house after working all day, and had room and board, when I lived with them after my divorce, and this nanny doesn't even have to do that? Where is the fairness in that. She needs to get off her lazy ass and do some work around the house as she agreed

  29. Jenny Garnsey

    they've been trying to and evidently they have to rewrite it and had to give her anew one so she has another 30 days to be an ass hat.

  30. Lesa Isa-Zebra

    Karen I think the fact is that she has no money cause they did not pay her and shes waiting for her social security check to come in. The simple truth is it would be cheaper for them to go rent her an effency apt. and relocate her then they would not be throwing her out just relocating and right or wrong does not count when it comes to the safety of a family and it would be cheaper to rent her an apartment in an extended stay motel than what the lawyers would charge……I don't think we have heard all the stoy yet…you notice when they talk about the other court cases that she got in trouble with at the court for frivilous law suits….well if that were true this paper and the other 90 that are covering it would have included a copy of the paper the only source they have on the multitudes of court cases is what the mother said and who knows if its true, from what I know of this mother shes no more trusty than the nanny, because who in their right mind brings a stranger into their home to take of their 3 kids without doing so much as a back ground check,,,,,i will tell you who does that people trying to get out of paying a qualified person……now if you looke deeper into the moms past their you would proably find like we did that the other live in nanny was an illegal alien that was without a green card because she snuck into the USA so they told her free room and board, then they became so demanding that the lady had no other choice but to go back to mexido cause she was without money cause she was stuck working for a psyco for free….oh for some food and a bed. It makes no sense to me.

  31. Stephen Tomcho

    And then people wonder why corpses are found in shallow graves, I would seriously have her put in a wheelchair and believe me I would have an alibi, screw this countries legal system

  32. Yolanda Ruiz Mondragon

    Lock the food and take out her room door so she won't have no privacy put music all day make her life miserable and turn off the washer just for now for sure l would leave right away jajajajal with you family

  33. Lee Llewellyn

    Lesa Isa-Zebra You seem to know an awful lot about Diane Stretton from this post by reading through the lines or maybe she's related to you and you feel obliged to defend her because she was the elderly lady you kicked out after 6 weeks and you feel guilty because you feel like you let her down , You see what i am doing just the same as you and starting with the guessing game to write this post . Give me pure joke how your take so much time to blag your first post off and accuse someone else of writing it and say you only just read it then straight after, you write you was up laughing about it all night . if your going to lie try not to contradict your self and you have still miss out the part that Diane has now filed 36 different lawsuits. that spits out that she's a degenerate old skank and deserves to be living a box in my eyes

  34. Philip Iadevaia

    Stop moaning and hire a lawyer…the right lawyer. Lock the fridge and the food. This bitch has some nerve. Careful you don't run afoul of elder abuse laws. Give her an offer she can't refuse.

  35. Bryan Wale

    I know someone in SA who had an issue like this.. For legal reasons they couldn't get the non paying renter to physically leave. So they neatly took the front door off along with security gate and proceeded to revamp the home. Starting by knocking out the bathroom.

  36. Lesa Isa-Zebra

    Lee Llewellyn My statements were strictly hypothesis, I did not kick the lady out of our house she could come live with me anytime she needed we love her, You are about full of smoke and apparently need to learn how things work, no one has provided any proof that this woman has 36 prior cases, im just the inocent until proven guilty type….and i never said i did not know she wrote it i said she wrote what we were discussing…i just did not know how she worded it lol you should get a grip lol cause now im laughing at you. I did google the old broad and checked the web site that lists the people that are nusance suit folks and her name was not on it so tell you what you worry about your opinions and I will worry about mine…..and here in my world we treat our elderly with respect and dignity and having spent quite a bit of time with the elderly there could be a host of medical conditions that are cuasing the nanny to act this way….I one hundred percent agee she needs to go but I also state that these folkes got what they paid for and what they paid for was nothing ……giving someone a residence to sleep and food to eat does not constitute as fair wage for nannys and houe keepers. This news article did not provide any documentation for proof you are going 100% off the wifes word and that right there tells me that you are full of you know what…now im done with this conversation becuase your an idiot.

  37. Teri Flaherty Procyk

    Wow Yep lock the frig. Turn the water off

  38. Cj Aleshire

    Go to a friends house call the electic company and turn off the power and water. Take any and all valubales and leave for a while. The worst she can do is trash the place then maybe someone from the legal area will help.

  39. Kassidy K-sly Mocenigo

    Obviously this woman is a con artist seriously get her a Po box stat get her mail sent somewhere else then when she leaves change all the locks even change the garage door if you have one all else fails call the cops and get a restraining order even if you have to fib a little she's threatening me my kids we don't feel safe I'm worried about the welfare of my children etc definetly don't feed her at all lock the fridge and cabinets (could say this is child proofing since one of the kids is under 5) but make sure your kids can get to the food so it doesn't look like child abuse use the system against her but I think the restraining order would work best then like I said once she's out change ALL the locks check all the windows keep them locked at all times and don't forget the garage door if you have one best of luck to the family I hope everything works out in their favor

  40. Sue Widmann Sodomin

    first put all your valuables in storage. Take pictures of the rest of your belongings to document.-nanny cams everywhere or hire someone to stay in the house while you are away to keep her from taking anything. Put a lock on your fridge and pantry. Loud noises will also help make her life miserable. Once you begin legal procedures things can escalate so be prepared.

  41. America's Spirt Awards

    Take the door off her room, the door off the bathroom along with the toilet seat. Leave one towel, a mattress and pillow and one blanket . Lock all other rooms so she has no access. Clean out the refrigerator, and cupboards. And lastly hire a security guard while your husband is not home. DO NOT take this lying down

  42. Jim Dawson

    I kinda wish this happened to me.
    It would be nice to make someones life miserable and actually have a valid reason instead of it being just because I'm an asshole..

  43. Denice Pierce Bossardet

    You may have to let her live in your house while going through the eviction process but you do not have to feed her, clothe her, or supply her with anything. 'Landlords' do not have to feed & clothe their tenants. They do not have to supply cable or internet or any other nicety.

  44. Joel Wright

    You don't have to feed the old bitch. Starve her out. Make her buy her own food. Make her buy her own toilet paper. Charge her utilities. Personally if it was me granny would have two choices. Leave by your own two feet or leave in a bodybag

  45. Becky Crissman

    I agree with what most folks have said about making her miserable. Eat out, lock up your food, If you have to feed her cook her food separately and over season/salt it to death. Then I got two words for ya…. PAY TOILET!!!!!!!! If there was an employment agreement then you should not have to go through the eviction process. Keep her up at night. Force her hand and get her out of there. Then next time be very clear and make your nanny sign papers stating specifically that they understand if at any time they default in their work agreement that they understand fully they will be asked to leave.

  46. Peggy Jakopak

    Put a lock on the fridge, a lock on the cupboards, a lock on the utility room door so she can't do her laundry. Block the cooling vents to her room. I would say put a lock on the bathroom door as well, but she's obviously insane and would crap in her room. Also, how is that she has ANY legal standing when she has obviously abused the legal system so badly in the past? California sounds like they need an overhaul on their judicial system – or maybe the judge is just an idiot.

  47. Kathleen Murphy Kineavy

    Does she have family ?
    If not maybe she should have a deadly accident. Lmao
    Lock the frig, no soap, shampoo, towels, toilet paper.

  48. Jacqueline Taylor Scott

    Have a big burly friend or relative, move into the same bedroom, take over the bed. Move her clothes,into boxes and out on the porch! Or dismantle the bed, take out all of the furniture, its not hers! Its still your house, you do not ,have to accommodate, her!

  49. Maureen Morrison-Connaire

    What gets me about this story is that the mother was a stay at home mother. What did she need a nanny for?

  50. Joanne NunyaBeeswax

    Screw that shut the utilities off. Don't buy any food. Invite biker club to have a keg party send grandma's

  51. Hannah Yeltrik

    unless we read different articles… one of us has the facts wrong. they hired a live in nanny so the mother/wife wouldnt be alone with 3 young children. the nanny stopped doing her work, refused to come out of her room and then refused to leave. she was paid in room and board, if she expected a paycheck in addition to that she should of said so before she took the job

  52. Nicole Bowers

    All they would need to do is tell her she is fired. Maybe record it… then file paperwork at the courthouse to have her evicted. They can then have a deputy from the sheriffs office to serve her the paperwork. If she refuses to follow court orders, they will physically remove her from the property. Voila! No more crazy, lazy ass bum living in your home.

  53. Barbara Womack

    I would blast music at all hours, buy food for just myself, make her life miserable and have fun going it.

  54. Lauren Siegel

    Jordan- are saying you know for a fact it was loud and that they did it at a time and place where their kids could hear them. I know many people with more than one child and they would tell you that they didn't have sex that would wake their sleeping children. and fyi, quite sex is possible.

  55. Bonnie Shuman

    That won't work, you are required to appear in person with proof of residence and photo ID to get a PO Box in your own name. There is no way to set one up for someone else.

  56. Elizabeth Lynn Gardner

    She defaulted on the contract. They need to hire an attorney.

  57. Bradley Hayes

    Stop buying groceries, have loud parties but invite ALL the neighbours this way the police cannot do much. Stop paying the water / hydro / gas bill. Buy the kids every noisy toy known to man. Nothing annoys a senior like annoying kids!

  58. Bradley Hayes

    Stop buying groceries, have loud parties but invite ALL the neighbours this way the police cannot do much. Stop paying the water / hydro / gas bill. Buy the kids every noisy toy known to man. Nothing annoys a senior like annoying kids!

  59. Bonnie Shuman

    When was the last time you opened one? I opened one in Jan. 2013, and that was the procedure.

  60. Jordan Campos

    Lauren Siegel quite sex is not a real thing you mean quiet sex and yes that is called rape! P.S. i'm a troll so stop feeding me.

  61. Kathy Hillman

    Charge her rent & a fee for everything else she uses in the house. Follow up in the end with a lawsuit against her if she fails to pay.

  62. Jamie Morrow

    they may not be able to get her out but they don't have to feed her. when she goes out for what ever reason change the locks put her stuff outside.

  63. Quinn Tarantino Quarantine

    I think the house just caught on fire and the lock to her room is faulty and doesn't unlock very well. oops

  64. Quinn Tarantino Quarantine

    But really the moment she is out of the house she won't be able to get back in. Guarantee that. Call all the police you want. And everything in my house would be locked down worse than a prison. Since she lives in my house I think her room is also my property and I can go in there as I see fit since she isn't paying rent. Bathrooms would be locked, kitchen would have a gate and everything in it would be locked. I'd even lock the faucet. I'd be a damn warden walking the halls of my own house jangling the giant key ring, but she'd definitely be leaving.

  65. Samantha Mackenzieemmons

    tell her to meet you somewhere that over hour or more away and don't show up change the locks , alarm pin code and pass codes , and install a new garage door keypad with new number don't used the old key pad. clean out the room out everything outside. if she shows up called the police and tell the them their is some nut job trying to get in.

  66. Lisa Anseth

    Oh hell naw! Change your locks. She can't get in, oh well. This lady knew what she was planning from the beginning. I wouldn't cook her nothing and lock up your food. Whatever u can to get her the hell out. Legal system needs to be changed cuz that ain't right!

  67. Judye Midi

    CA is crazy when it comes to this landlord/tenant laws. We stopped doing property investments out there for this exact reasons. Tenants have more rights then homeowners and you loose so much money and property as a result. The judges never show compassion to the homeowner it seems the only way to win is if the tenant does not show up for courts on the hearing day. Lawyers make so much money checking the (I's) and dots. Over the top and tenants know it.

  68. Ashley Govea

    Go in her room and donate all her shit to Goodwill, or a local charitable organization. Then tell her it's in storage. When she leaves to go get it, change the locks. Tell the police she voluntarily left and show them the empty room. When she files lethal action she won't win because she likes frivolous lairs and the judge is tired of it. You could really put her stuff in storage, but donating would be my revenge. Some people are nicer than I am.

  69. Alexis AnimaSola Lindberg

    That is effed up. I agree with locking EVERYTHING. Turn off a/c, cable, take any furnishings that you provided for her OUT of her room. They are your belongings, not hers. If worst comes to worst and she won't leave, move and leave her lazy crazy butt there to try to fend for herself!!

  70. Brad Holloway

    It also turns out she is listed in some file nationally (?)0 as a abusers of frivolous laws suites! So much for background checks!

  71. Amy Linn

    Go to grandmas for a few days, but not before releasing a few hundred rats & roaches in her room & scheduling the exterminator for when she leaves. And be sure to leave one delicious piece of chocolate cake with Double Chocolate EXLAX frosting, with a side of salmonella potato salad. Honestly, I bet, just from this list you could get plenty of big hunky,scary guys to hang at the house to intimidate her, standing just a little too close, staring/leering a little too long, being too loud, too gross. Keep that air compressor going all night, maybe an occasional air horn for fun. That old broad is a pro so she won't go easy. Stay JUST this side of the law. I've dealt with plenty of such tenants in my rentals. I feel so naughty posting this because I'd never do them. But I have lots of ideas.

  72. Amy Linn

    You know, I was just thinking. If she won't come out of her room, couldn't the mom call Mental Health Services, concerned that this woman was going to hurt herself? Wouldn't they have to immediately come take her for a 72hr. evaluation, which might do her good, in the end? I'd sure like to know how they interact when she does come out to eat.

  73. Tommy Ray Hill

    get a 12 ga shoot gun wake up in the middle of the night boom boom call popos and say I just shot an intruder problem soved

  74. Justin Dunsmore

    Purchase a bunch of pepper-spray cans. Every time she is in her room (depending on the size of the room), press the dispenser button on each one (total of 2 for a 200 sq ft room), and tape all of the buttons in the dispense position. She will not be able to sleep or stay in her room for a couple days. Spray all of her food with it as well. Spray her toothbrush, makeup, bed, pillow, clothes, everything that she owns and uses (that the rest of the family does not use).

  75. Roberto A. Castillo

    What? Oh no, door hinges r coming her bedroom door, no bathroom supplies would be available, locks on my fridge n all other doors, I'd hire a drummer to stop on by daily n play for hours

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