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McGraw And Hill Split: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Trying To Sell Home Before Divorce?

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are facing split rumors yet again, this time supported by the fact that they are trying to sell a home that they own in Nashville, Tenn.

The house was purchased in 2004 and the two lived there until 2009. They moved into a new home that year and listed their other home for sale, but they haven’t had any luck selling it. According to Enstarz, Tim and Faith are still trying to unload their previous home which is currently listed for $20 million.

According to the report:

“The house was listed as a farm subdivision through Fridrich and Clark Realty, LLC. at $2.9 million dollars as of May 2013. The current listing price is $20,000,000. The six bedroom residence was built in 1950 and is measured at 3,330 square feet. There is also a swimming pool.”

Some believe that McGraw and Hill will split once they sell that house and get some other things in order. Apparently they are trying to work things out privately so that they can divorce quietly without too much fuss — that is, if you believe all of the split rumors.

There have also been rumors that the country stars were planning on adopting a baby boy. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the baby plans are no longer in the works (or maybe had been fabricated to begin with). The site did maintain, however, that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are having marital problems.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Tim and Faith have kept a unified front, especially when in the public eye. Back in April, the couple performed a duet at the ACMs, proving that they can still (at least) tolerate each other. The duo wowed the crowd with “Meanwhile back at Mama’s” and fans were elated to see them together without even a hint of a rift. Even still, the media seems convinced that divorce papers will soon be filed.

It’s an interesting thought, given the fact that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been country’s hottest couple for years. They are in good company though. Country star Blake Shelton and his wife, Miranda Lambert, have also been at the center of several split rumors over the past year. It seems as though there is another marriage-ending rumor every week. Despite both couples denying any sort of marital strife, some still seem to think that both of these marriages are doomed. With all of the negative karma, no one would be surprised at this point — but fans hope that everyone can work through it and prove the masses wrong.

[Photo courtesy of ABC News]

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107 Responses to “McGraw And Hill Split: Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Trying To Sell Home Before Divorce?”

  1. Chris Barnard

    Heres an idea. LOWER THE PRICE of the house so people can afford it and then you might just get some buyers.

  2. Barbara McMurray Derr

    How did 2.9 million become 20 million its only 3300 sq.ft. I realize you are talking Nashville but will agree if there is a will there is a way – lower the price if need be. I don't want to believe divorce but maybe a different home since Tim seams to have become an actor as well as a singer. Best wishes Tim and Faith.

  3. Joyce Harris Coleman

    it has hundreds of acrfes plus several houses on the ground

  4. Anonymous

    For some reason, I find this very sad, even though I do not personally know this couple. I Guess because they seemed so right for each other. Sigh…

  5. Kirk I. Peters

    There have been rumors of divorce for Faith and Tim almost since the the day they got married. Someone with too much time on their hands and most likely a case of denial that either Tim or Faith, once single, would date them. They moved into a new house and are selling their old house. That makes this a non story.

  6. Dana King

    Their is a rumor that someone in your house pooped today!

  7. Jim Fields

    hope it isnt so . just to prove the rumor mills wrong if they really wanted to sell it there wouldnt be such a big price tag . if you cant live with someone you let things go .

  8. Anonymous

    Living in Vegas has been known to cause may a married man to stray from the straight and narrow. That and middle age …. they didn't have a snowball's chance in hell chance to grow old together.

  9. Michael Hill

    She is a total fraud. She rode his coat tails. Without him she is just a no talent has been.

  10. Carolina McCormick

    Why doesnt the media just leave them alone – the only reason that they do this is to sell magazines. how about no reports until there is real proof – this use to be called yellow journalism.

  11. Jim Smith

    Would you people who don't care please show how much you don't care by not replying to let the whole world know you don't care?

  12. Karl Lane

    This is a baseless, aweful, pointless story with a misleading title and absolutely no credible evidence of any kind to support. The information presented as "supportive" is at a level of vagueness which could support any ridiculous story from any 5 year olds imagination. I despise reporters like this. Go sell Kirby vacuum cleaners instead. You're more cut out for it.

  13. Sharon Robinson

    They are like the Ken & Barbie type of people. There are always rumors about celebrities and less than 1/2 are true if that. Tim & Faith will always be together just like the song they sing together. They have beautiful children together and if the rumor is true about them adopting a boy I think that is great!! The rumor of that came out before the rumor about the divorce so I do not believe in rumors at all!!

  14. Earl Chambers

    The house out west for 20 million is being sold due to the label not releasing Tim. There is no split. I love tabloids.

  15. Anonymous

    I care less about Tim McGraw than I do about Kim Kardashian ! He should have just stayed a country singer instead of trying to be a movie star

  16. Cory Monroe

    When you keep it in the news for so long, pretty soon it becomes true. I hope The couple proves the tabloids wrong and if there is a rift, I hope they can fix it. So I hope the media will do everyone a favor and butt out!

  17. Becky Huyck

    It's things like your site that perpetuate rumors like this. If you don't have factual news to report why don't you just say nothing?

  18. Sid Hausding

    Faith can do no wrong……she is so talented, and the prettiest woman in Country music……..wish her the best no matter what.

  19. Debi Ann Snyder

    come on people so what that is their life either or they are good people let them be

  20. Phillip Jp Perkins

    James Baranski yeah from the looks of it,I'd say it's you.

  21. Jan Gaughan Thompson

    James Baranski I have no idea what that means

  22. Brian Simpkins

    they are in my opinion the best looking couple in the entertainment industry and had the privilege to go to their last show here in vegas at the Venetian sititng 2 rows form the stage on the right where faith and tim came a foot from me when performing and entering on stage…they are amazing together

  23. Phillip Jp Perkins

    Jan Gaughan Thompson he's an asswipe who likes to shoot off his mouth online where he won't take an ass kicking.

  24. Nick Papagiorgio

    Tim should have dumped her a long time ago! She is the typical woman who attached herself to his career for financial gain!

  25. Jan Gaughan Thompson

    Phillip Jp Perkins Then it is good that I don't have a clue what he is talking about :)

  26. Myra Robinson

    if you all want to know the truth, watch Oprah this coming Sunday and see what Tim says about his family and his wife. she was famous when he was,they started out singing at the same time and he fell in love with her. he chased her.

  27. Paul Johnson


  28. Paul Johnson


  29. Terry Wadsworth

    Paul Johnson The price of the home is public record (they haven't said anything) in fact this whole article is bull crap because there is no proof.. the whole article is based on rumors.. Imagine that, typical modern day media!

  30. Becky Sipes Lekarczyk

    Paul Johnson learn how to use words properly…js

  31. Terry Wadsworth

    FLASH: McGraw And Hill Split… And the proof of these allegations…(According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry)("Some believe" that McGraw and Hill will split once they sell that house)(the media seems convinced that divorce papers will soon be filed.) Oh in short.. THERE IS NO DAMN PROOF… WTF?? For the love of God leave these people ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all you know they could be the happiest couple on earth! How can I say that??? Well hell…. because "Some believe" and "some are convinced" I was told by my cousins uncle's half brothers' sister in-laws step mom… she told me so… also confirmed by the nosey neighbor Mrs. Gladys Kravitz… You remember her, right? Hell that's just as reliable or more reliable than this damn article

  32. Tiffany Hauser

    If they haven't lived in the house for 5 years….of course they are trying to sell it. We just saw them in concert in foxboro and they way they looked at each other, you can't fake that. They looked very much in love.

  33. George Cash

    Paul, evidently you care more than anyone else or you are really a stupid idiot. I really think it is a lot of both. Oh, one more thing, go back to third grade & learn how to spell.

  34. Jill Rudisill

    So they sell some homes that doesn't mean anything. The article stated that the one house has been for sale since 09 so I don't know why they think they are getting a divorce.

  35. Tommy Shelton

    To bad the cowardly press didn't pay this much attention to our corrupt politicians and expose them for all the things they are screwing the public on

  36. Jody Harnish

    Selling a house doesn't mean they're getting a divorce. I sold a house years ago that I owned by myself, but that didn't mean I was planning to commit suicide! I was moving for a new job. Big difference.

  37. Jody Harnish

    Paul Johnson They did not say anything about it. The paparazzi found out that they're selling their house and turned it into a divorce story. Don't blame them unless a statement comes directly from them or their publicist. Anything else is probably made up.

  38. Macky West

    I think it is disgusting how people put this garbage out when they don't know what they are talking about. I don't think Tim and Faith are on the verge of divorce but… who's business is it?????

  39. Connie England

    Its always good to have an happy ending. I love it . Unhappy is never good surly some couples in the same business would get along knowing and able to understand it all. I hope so.

  40. Brian Thomas

    who says it is him who strayed It could be her it is not always the man that fails she is not that much of a saint

  41. Brian Thomas

    who says it is him who strayed It could be her it is not always the man that fails she is not that much of a saint either

  42. Steve Wilson

    Faith played around with married men since coming to Nashville and everyone in town knows it. No pity,here.

  43. Charles Monroe

    Faith just let the man go, You will be in good company down the line with Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert. All of them are with cheaters(allegedly) but still trying to hold on also.

  44. Randy Lambrecht

    So the tabloids say selling a house is evidence of pending divorce? Sorry about the last of intelligence and integrity these so called journalist don't have.

  45. Anonymous

    McGraw is such a dufus and mediocre talent at best.. Hill should have dumped him long long ago.

  46. Melanie Spencer

    Paul Johnson then why did you open the article to read it if you don't care…………I always wonder that about people that comment "who cares" you must you read it didn't you

  47. Melanie Spencer

    then why did you open the article to read it if you don't care…………I always wonder that about people that comment "who cares" you must you read it didn't you

  48. Bud Freed

    I agree with the "who cares" every time these people need advertisement a rumore seems to get started, I think Miranda has gotten so much undeserved attention that's gone to her head, and she'll soon get an attitude adjustment cause she just is not that great of a singer, Tim and Faith are from two different worlds ,not sure if that's a problem or not all I know is I don't listen to any of the 4 I kinda liked Tim back in his single "down on the farm " days but don't care for him anymore at all

  49. Anonymous

    Tim is finally "coming out". His body is now shaped to fir his gay clothes better. Like Freddy Mercury, time to stop living a lie

  50. Antonio Martinez

    James Baranski ..Bitter? Really? Don't you know how to spell simple words like better and can you write a declarative sentence? NO…OMG…

  51. Sue Tillery

    Go to Fridrich and Clark. The MLS # is 1461493. There are over 750 acres with four residences and several barns. It is an antebellum mansion built in 1850. If I'm not mistaken, Faith and Tim recorded a televised holiday event in this home and I think it was once owned by Hank Sr. It obviously requires renovation, but have you tried to look at any other homes in the Franklin, TN area? They are very pricey!

  52. Anonymous

    Tell me what you know, not what you think!!! Hey maybe they're both getting a sex change operation? Could be, along with a hundred other rumors we could start! :(

  53. Carl Edward

    More useless crap from useless tabloid rags. Why don't you report on Obama's/democrats lies about the ACA?

  54. Kimberly Dahlstrom

    I hope its true, i have never liked her.

  55. Karen Howard

    So, they have been trying to sell the house for years and because they still want to sell it, they are getting divorced! Give me a break and someone needs to get a life! If all couples who sell property as they get older, or for business purposes, we would all be getting divorced. We want to sell ours too, the kids are older, graduating, and I am sick of living in this big house, wanting something smaller. I guess we are heading for divorce.

  56. Ken Jenkins

    people like that, are the TRUE Attention Seekers. They post such stupidity, just to get the attention that they're starving for, in their own lives.

  57. Ken Jenkins

    The BST thing to do about IDIOTS as yourself; is to Report your posts & NOT reply. that way you don't get the attention that you seek, by posting such STUPIDITY.

  58. Ken Jenkins

    FOOL, she had a Hit career when they met on Tour. Try getting a life. They have one. YOU & the Tabloid Idiots both need something purposeful to focus your attention upon. That way, you won't be posting your STUPIDITY.

  59. Lorie Burrell

    I can not even believe you would waste your time typing this article or pay someone to do it. They have been trying to sell the house since 2009 and that means they are now getting a divorce if they sell it… ridiculous!!

  60. Ken Jenkins

    Who said it was EITHER, that is the "problem" or that there even IS a problem ? You guys are as bad as the Attention Seeking Tabloid Garbage Writers. Too, even if, the fact that BOTH are traveling the world on tour, lends it's self to seek attention from others.

  61. Paul Johnson

    George Cash hey fuck face i got more likes than your dumb ass did apparently you do care about the rich,,you and all your pansy friends a worthless and weak

  62. Paul Johnson

    Becky Sipes Lekarczyk may be should off paid attention in school and another thing plz dont breed theres enough of dumb fucks like you on this earth and if you dont like what i say and my oppinion ,,then you should leave this country that i spent half my life protecting it ….well then suck it the hell up and get over it

  63. Kim Masterson-Leaderbrand

    I heard Tim got tired of her support for that RADICAL in the White House.

  64. Nancy Jo

    Im glad Im not scrutinized this way if I try to sell a house. They moved into another house…wheres the harm? Better tell Michelle Obama.. another thought-crime has occurred!

  65. Tony Ventana

    The national media has been turned into a media circus from a media that used to cover and report national news, regional news, and local news. It's not so anymore.

  66. Russ DeFord

    In all reality there are not enough hours in the day to expose all the corrupt politicians. 😉

  67. Brenda Allen Hembree

    This divorce news has been rumored for a long time and the house has been on sale for a long time. I read last week that Tim wishes people would quit making these rumors up since they have children who hear these rumors from others. They may be true but just keep in mind there are children involved

  68. Gloria Austin

    LOve them both but with all their money looks like they could dress their kids nicer,they dont seem to be in to the kids like most parents and that is sad

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