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Al Sharpton Calls Out Cop Who Shoved Handcuffed 14-Year-Old Through Glass Window

Al Sharpton Calls Out Cop Who Shoved Handcuffed 14-Year-Old Through Glass Window

Al Sharpton is calling out a New York City police sergeant who shoved a handcuffed 14-year-old boy through a glass window, saying the city and the department cannot tolerate that kind of brutality.

The victim, Javier Payne, was arrested along with a 13-year-old friend in the Bronx on May 17. The pair were accused of assaulting a 39-year-old man they had asked for a cigarette. When Javier was handcuffed, he reportedly started mouthing off to Sgt. Eliezer Pabon of the 48th Precinct.

Surveillance footage showed that the officer then shoved Javier from behind, causing him to crash through a window of a nearby store, the Hookah Spot. Investigators would later find that the window was already damaged and in a weakened condition when Javier was shoved into it.

“There was a hole with a spider web of cracks around the hole,” Edward Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, told The Daily News. “It wasn’t structurally sound.”

The damage to Javier Payne was severe. The eighth grader — who weighs less than 90 pounds — had many deep cuts as well as glass shards in his lungs. Payne was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery and was in intensive care for four days.

“This is a difficult time,” said his sister Christina Payne. “I’m very upset and I just want justice for my brother, for these cops to be brought to justice.”

Many have spoken out against the arrest, with Rev. Al Sharpton leading the way. He admitted that the boy accepted blame in the initial incident, but said officers had no right to treat him that way.

“I don’t care what he said. A police trained does not shove a handcuffed child. If you are so agitated that you can shove a handcuffed child out of anger, you ought not be on the police department,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton appeared at a joint press even with Javier Payne, who lifted his shirt to show a gash on his left side that required 50 staples. Javier also had a thick white bandage across his forehead.

“This is unbelievable,” Sharpton said. “This is because he talked smart to a cop.”

The NYPD is already moving on the incident. On Friday the officer who shoved Javier was stripped of his gun and badge, though Al Sharpton said he hopes there is more punishment to come.

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32 Responses to “Al Sharpton Calls Out Cop Who Shoved Handcuffed 14-Year-Old Through Glass Window”

  1. Anonymous

    How about Al Sharpton start calling out teenagers that assault people, and the parents of these hooligans, saying society and the city cannot tolerate such conduct? Al Sharpton is quiet on crime and thus has no right to say anything. What is the matter with his culture? Oops! A culture of victimization of the guilty.

  2. Omegaman

    That was wrong. He should have shoved rabble-rousing, dumb-ass Sharpton through the window.

  3. John Smith

    if the kid was white piece of crap Al wouldn't say shit!!

  4. James White

    At what point does Sharpton become a person we just ignore? He should be arrested for not paying taxes and let's go from there…..What a trouble maker…..

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Al, I,m still waiting on you to come to the rescue of a white guy who tried to help a black kid, who ran into the street, and was struck by said white guy. Oh and the white guy was almost killed. You rush to the aid of a punk kid, who is being a little baby thug, and got messed up? You are just another leech, who is making money by helping welfare cases collect, for their wrong doings. Reverend Al, sure you are, Did you know that there will by white people in Heaven? You won't be able to be a racist there. You make me sick, honest to God sick. You would defend any black for any reason. Why don't you and Jesse get together and do a whirl wind tour about educating wanabe thugs on how this is not a good idea, because you may get thrown through a plate glass window? In your eyes, whitey will always be wrong, always trying to keep you down, and always the enemy. You have a very deluded method of thinking Rev.

  6. Jim Fedullo

    If these kids @ 13 & 14 assaulted anyone they should both spend some serious time in a detention camp. Their parents aren't bringing them up correctly. What are these 2 future felons going to be like when they are school dropouts @ 18 to 21 years of age & roaming the streets committing more serious crimes. Chances are they did say something bad to the police BUT the police should not have lost their cool w/ these 2 & never should have done what they did to them. Al Sharpton, I am 12 years your senior, & have a far better education than you & you are nothing but a trouble maker. You & the Rev. Jesse Jackson, 2 people that this world could do w/o.

  7. Anonymous

    Al Sharpton is one of the reasons racism still exists in America. He isn't helping any of these people. Just doing it to make money off them.

  8. Kimberly Holand

    my friend's mom shocked her family within 4 weeks. She cut 20 lbs in her thighs, face and arm… take a look at the site here

  9. Kathi Mcdonough

    What about the man that these little darlings were accused of assaulting? How come Sharpton isn't saying anything about that?

  10. Christine Marie Muffuletto

    Yes, what happened to the teen wasn't justifiable, but neither was the assault on the 39 yr old victim over a friggin cigarette. I mean Sharpton is coming to the aid of this kid like he didn't do anything wrong. If they're going to punish this officer (which should happen) then they darn well better punish these kids too. The next time they do something, you can bet it will be something more serious than assault.

  11. Tamrisa Slaughter

    No matter what Al Sharptons short comings are the point is that he is totally right that the police officer did NOT need to shove this kid into a window. So what if the window was in a weakened condition, that doesn't matter. Look what happened to that boy because of the officers stupidity. Yes the teen got mouthy as do most people who've been arrested. I hope this officer is totally guilt ridden about this whole situation. That boy could have died from all the glass that got into his lungs and such. I know they stripped the officer of his badge and gun but i bet ya anything he's on paid leave while this is under investigation. Hope he loses his job. He deserves it.

  12. Donald Myers Jr.

    I have never heard of Al Sharpton speaking out against a black defendant who's victim is white. I don't know if this has happened or not. If it has happened, I haven't heard about.

  13. Byron Weeks

    When was the last time your heard FOX NEWS speak out against shit like this

  14. Tina Romero- Gonella

    Al Sharpton instead of find ways to pull the race card he find ways to make parents pay better attention to there children so we can stop the problem of children being arrested. Stop the problem at home before it comes to this.

  15. Charlene Gardner

    I agree with the officer should be punished. What is your opinion on the 39 year old man the teenagers attacked over a cigarette? He could have died from the attack as well. We have not heard a thing about his injuries. I hope these teen boys are guilt ridden about their involvement in this situation as well. While Sharpton is addressing the issue with the police he should be sure he is addressing the assault on the man those teenagers attacked because he is the real victim in this entire case!

  16. Susan Varni

    I dislike the race card. Hear it all the time at work. It doesn't occur to some people, that just because I have light skin color, the race card doesn't get played on me. Let me tell you it has. So, it just doesn't matter what your skin color is.

  17. Robert Manning

    He did speak out against the crime that they committed but, they left it out of this report! But he's talking about what the officer did to a handcuffed person under arrest. When a person his handcuffed they are defenseless..And it is wrong and against department rules and regulations to do so. The question everyone should be asking suppose that kid was arrested for jumping the turn stile and is cuffed and pushed while on platform? And the other question should be why is the structural integrity of the window an issue? What was the need to shove a handcuffed person at all? No matter what he did? I don't condone what this kid did and if he did it he should go to jail.

  18. Dawnrose D'Aloia

    Unless Sharpton is going to comment on both sides, like when a black person is the criminal as well as the victim, he needs to shut the fuck up. NOT ONE FRIGGIN WORD FROM HIM over the "knockout' game. Not one.

  19. Dawnrose D'Aloia

    Unless Sharpton is going to comment on both sides, like when a black person is the criminal as well as the victim, he needs to shut the fuck up. NOT ONE FRIGGIN WORD FROM HIM over the "knockout' game. Not one.

  20. Cesar Alvarez-Castillo

    Sharpton is nothing more, nor will he ever rise above, being an opportunistic race-baiter. How did that Tawana Brawley thing work out for you, Al?

  21. Frances Orlando Hill

    I wish they had assaulted Al Sharpton and then we could have seen if he was offended by the young thug being injured. Of course, Sharpton doesn't mention the fact that if this little son of a bitch had not been assaulting someone, his face never would have met the window.

  22. Ginger Earl Jamerson

    Can they legally possess cigarettes at 13 and 14? Is this ok with the parents? is it ok with the parents that the kid mouths off to a cop…while handcuffed? How little disregard for the police and authority….way to raise the kid there… :9

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