Island of Poveglia is haunted

The Terrifying And Evil Island Of Poveglia

Poveglia Island is an absolutely breathtaking view of beauty. In northern Italy situated in the southern lagoon between Venice and Lido lies the uninhabited Island of Poveglia. However, Poveglia’s beauty is overshadowed by the horrific history that lies behind it. No one is allowed to visit the Island of Poveglia, and no one wants to.

The ghosts and terrors of Poveglia prevent fisherman from even casting their nets near the island for fear of retrieving human remains, according to Paranomal Ocean. In the 1960s a family purchased the island in order to make it a vacation getaway. A tragic event prevented this family from even remaining on Poveglia one single night. The family claims that they fled the island after their daughter’s face was split in half requiring fourteen stitches as reported by Oddity Central.

That incident, however, is mild considering all the evil that lurks on Poveglia Island. As far back as 1348, the Bubonic Plague found it’s way into Venice. It wasn’t long before Poveglia Island became the quarantine location. Whenever anyone showed any signs of the illness, they were forced to the Island of Poveglia, with no return expected. The dead bodies were burned and even those who were still alive, but near the point of death, were burned alive on Poveglia, as reported by the Travel Channel.

It is believed that over 160,000 were burned on Poveglia. And Oddity Central reports that even today, the soil of Poveglia Island contains the charred remains of the bodies creating a “thick layer of sticky ash.”

Centuries later, an asylum was constructed on Poveglia Island where the mentally ill were sent in exile. The patients would scream in horror as they claimed witnessing the ghosts of those who were burned and died on the island.

It is said that in the 1930s, a doctor arrived on the island and began torturing the patients in experimental treatments searching for a cure for their mental instability.

“He would take them up to the bell tower and perform lobotomies on them using hammers, chisels and hand drills,” according to Oddity Central.

The darkness of Poveglia Island soon took over the doctor, as he, too, began to hear and see the ghosts that haunt the evil island. He went insane and threw himself from the bell tower. There is no bell inside the tower, but people still say they can hear the sound of the bell softly ringing off the coast in the still of the night, almost as if a warning to keep away from the nefarious island.

Over the course of several years, psychics have visited Poveglia Island but have fled horrified and said they would never return. Paranormal Ocean reports that “Ghost Adventures did an episode there, spending the night on the island. Zak, one of the ghost hunters, felt he was possessed inside the asylum by a spirit of unfathomable rage.”

The Island of Poveglia, while an interesting place to read about, and lovely to see from the coast, has a wicked history and those interested in visiting are beckoned to reconsider for their own sake.

Beware of Poveglia.

photo credit: ntenny via photopin cc