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[Report] Victoria Beckham to Undergo C-Section in Los Angeles Today

victoria beckham c section 2011

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is reportedly scheduled to have her fourth baby with husband David Beckham today via Cesarean section.

The baby, a girl, will be born at a Los Angeles hospital, MTV UK reports. The child will be the Beckhams’ first daughter. David Beckham commented on the differences in preparing for their daughter:

“We’re really excited. You know, it’s a whole new different thing for us. To have so much pink in the house, lilac in the house, and dresses… All the clothes [are] ready, the room’s ready, so we’re all ready for it and all excited.”

Sources also say that Victoria Beckham plans to breastfeed her daughter, her first foray into the practice. Although she formula fed her boys, Beckham says having a girl has caused her to rethink the decision:

“I’m doing everything differently this time. I want it all to be natural and perfect for my little girl.”

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54 Responses to “[Report] Victoria Beckham to Undergo C-Section in Los Angeles Today”

  1. Karen E. Rose Morris

    Nothing is ever perfect. Victoria ought to know that by now, becoming a mother for the fourth time. C-section isn't natural either. Some of the inane comments that the news reports…makes you wonder. Victoria probably said none of those comments actually. But I wish them all well!

  2. Jazmine Hardison

    I wonder why they are having the baby in America versus England..

  3. Michelle Reeves Burk

    I had a C-section because I had Eclampsia and I was seizing. But, I just wonder in her case if she is having a c-section because of a little suck and tuck after the baby is delivered!

  4. Anonymous

    I am going to be at the galaxy game today. does thins mean he isn't playing? LAME!

  5. Jazmine Hardison

    Oh I thought they been went back across the pond lol Lord now we will never get rid of them lol

  6. Jazmine Hardison

    probaly elective…which is crazy I would not want to be cut open electivly lol

  7. Liz Genung

    That's the worst-case scenario for any mother: to have a life-threatening condition when expecting.

  8. Destiny Winters

    I love the beckhams, I can't wait till the baby is born.

  9. Patricia Walters-Fischer

    She had a c-section with all three of her boys so her risk of uterine rupture is higher than if she tried to have a vaginal delivery. For the safety of her and the baby, they all probably opted to do a c-section. When it gets down to it, we all want to do the least invasive thing, but we also want to make sure our kids and mommies are safe. I'm thinking she's going to have a harder time with breastfeeding. It's always said to be the "most natural thing in the world" but it's also one of the most awkward things as well.

  10. Liz Genung

    You got that right. The only way that I will have a c-section (God Forbid) is if the baby is in a position that it could NOT be delivered naturally (even after repeated attempts to turn the baby), if I develop pre-eclampsia or placental pervia, or if the baby & myself were under stress. Those are the only reasons.

  11. Maggie Iddings

    She is one of the many celebrities that choose a "Hollywood birth". You go in, have the baby, and then tummy tuck the baby fat. No labor, nothing. Shes did it with all her boys and now her daughter but then says she wants everything to be "natural". I understand there are many that for physical or medical reasons cant do a vaginal birth, but choosing your childs birth so it fits into your schedule and then "fix" your body afterwards isn't natural.

  12. Pamela Neth

    She is not a happy person. Just look into her sad eyes.

  13. Nancy Frangie Elkhoury

    There are many more reasons to have a c-section…reasons beyond your control.

  14. Anonymous

    She is selective for the birth…4th July in the U.S. Baby will have July in her name..

  15. Renée Gilbert

    If she had three prior C-sections, it probably wouldn't be safe for her to give birth vaginally.

  16. Renée Gilbert

    Yeah it is sad. Plus I know she's most likely battled eating disorders. =(

  17. George Lopez

    whats your problem girl? You have no life that you must comment on someone else's!

  18. Marianne Tomashefski

    i could make a comment about this, but i'll wait til we see you at dinner

  19. Julie Price

    I have to wonder if she elected to do it today because it is the 4th of July. I wouldn't want to offer up myself to be cut open!

  20. Jenn Peden

    She has had one with each child. This is not different than the other births.

  21. Cecilia Spary

    What is so bad about a c-section. I hate it when people talk about it as if it was a sin… There are things much worse…even with "natural" deliveries.

  22. Renée Gilbert

    I agree. What business is that of others on how a woman gives birth?

  23. Nancy Frangie Elkhoury

    If you're talking to me, you have to understand that some women don't have a choice but to have a c-section. I'm not commenting on her life specifically. What I'm saying is there are true medical reasons for having c-sections that Liz did not mention. I hope she never goes through a c-section but there are situations where that is the only solution. I'm just saying.

  24. Here to help

    She wants it to be more natural? Then why is she electing to have a C-Section? That is NOT natural! She doesn't want the pain of labor so she is opting to be cut from stem to stern, how sad is that? She wont' be able to move for two weeks…bet the nannies will be handing off the baby for 'breastfeeding'. I bet she gives that up too. I breasted mine, best decision I made. Formula is crap and made by companies run by men for profit. Breastmilk is free and is the perfect food for babies! She is a loon. Natural my arse! Had my last natural too all 10 pounds of her and no tearing….take that Beckham :)

  25. Carmen Casey

    Why does she want to get it PERFECT THIS TIME – she didn't deem it worthy of getting it PERFECT the other 3 times! And I have to agree with the majority,. why is she sooooooooooo miserable all the time – does she think the look she gives the camera 'sultry'?

  26. Raiha Grisham

    She used to smile a lot.I wonder why she doesn't smile so often nowadays.Anyway,she's a very fortunate woman.

  27. Marilyn Robertson

    All the movie stars have C-sections.. They get tummy tucks and don't have the pain. That way they are not fat like the rest of us…

  28. Anonymous

    I'm guessing this baby is going to have a good life! Good for her! Congrats too.

  29. Don Norman

    "Bones-Sourpuss- Beckham" to calve again. He needs to buy her some groceries. If she hadn't bought her them hooters you wouldn't be able to see her.

  30. Anonymous

    are you a b*tch or what ? realize that people expect women to smile like idiots all the time, but its ok for men to look serious and solemn.

  31. Rhonda Wathen

    Why couldn't it be natural and perfect for her little boys?

  32. Patricia Duxbury

    my grandaughter just had a c section and she is fine after it and has a beautiful baby girl 9 half pounds too, all this fuss about beckham just adds another miserable face for her , what has she got to smile about anyways , there are far happy and jolly people having c sactions every day anyways I still wish her a safe happy birth and hope all goes well for her even though I cant stand her.
    or her husband ,

  33. Angela Druckman

    As a mom of three boys and one girl I am delighted for the Beckham's. Enjoy all your beautiful children and, who knows? Maybe your little one will be leading the USA to a World Cup in soccer some day!

  34. Kelly Zocco

    I've had three children and am not fat at 120 lbs. it's called having the children and not ruining your body! Eat for 1 not 2, exercise, over all be healthy!

  35. Kelly Zocco

    Why would you treat a girl different? Your baby is your baby weather it's a girl or a boy! That was a shitty statement and she should be ashamed of herself! She should feel very blessed to be able to have them and forthem to be health.

  36. Bill Craig

    With Elton John being named as two of their boys’ godfather and Elizabeth Hurley as their godmother, as previously reported, their new daughter has a pretty posh life to anticipate.

  37. Anne Phillips

    So her boys weren't good enough? She is only doing everything natural and perfect for her little girl? How lovely.

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