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Spiders In Gasoline Tanks Lead To Massive Mazda Recall

Spiders In Gasoline Tanks Lead To Massive Mazda Recall

Spiders attracted to gasoline have led to a massive recall of Mazda cars over fears that webs spun inside the gas tanks could cause engines to catch fire.

Mazda Motor Corp. issued a recall this week for Mazda6 sedans in North America due to a spider attracted to the small of gasoline. Company officials said the spiders can spin webs that raises the risk of fires in the engine.

The spider responsible for the recall is known as the yellow sac spider, a variety commonly found in homes that spins webs where the ceiling meets the wall. These spiders are also known to build a web around their bodies like a cocoon.

The web can eventually restrict fuel flow, reducing tank pressure and ultimately creating stress that can lead to leaks. The situation increases the risk of a fire, though Mazda noted that no such fires have been reported.

The spiders in the gasoline tanks have only been spotted in cars from the company’s plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. Several biologists believe the spiders must have entered hoses at a warehouse before being shipped to the assembly plant, noting that the yellow spider likes to hide in tubes during the day and hunts at night.

This is not the first time spiders in gasoline tanks have caused a Mazda recall. Three years ago, the company recalled nearly 65,000 Mazda6 sedans in North America for the same reason. The company tried to fix the problem by adding a spring to the vent line intended to keep the spiders from reaching the gasoline tank, but it was unsuccessful.

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7 Responses to “Spiders In Gasoline Tanks Lead To Massive Mazda Recall”

  1. Steve Owens

    Opens up a whole new career: mechanic pest control

  2. Ty Saiki

    I smell bullshit. How does a spider in the fuel tank cause an engine fire?

  3. Daryl Hauser

    Imagine what ethanol is doing to your vehicle's engine if it doesn't kill spiders.

  4. Thomas Rockford

    Now, thats a good car company taking care of problems before a problem starts and kills their customers.. cough GM cough

    Spiders are our friends… they eat pests like mosquitoes, which spread disease. Be kind to our legged-friends, they might prevent you from contracting malaria or West Nile someday.

    Anyways, this is a pretty awesome marketing scheme. Mazda is cashing in on all the negative press GM has stirred up by asserting themselves as a brand that will recall a vehicle for the smallest defects. Brilliant! Maybe their next vehicle will be named Mazda Anti-Spider Supersport.

    Joking aside, I lobe my Mazda… and have never had any issue with any Japanese cars I’ve driven (except for maybe my Mitsubishi back in high school).. Japanese cars last longer, cheaper to maintain/repair, do not depreciate to nothing after a couple years, cost less than $30 to fill up at the tanks, cost less than $30/month to insure (with 4AutoInsuranceQuote), and they are simply a pleasure to drive. You will never see me driving another American car.

    Will by Japanese every time from here on out. They last longer and are cheaper to run.

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