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Racist ‘White Man March’ Happened, Nobody Cares

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Yesterday, March 15, 2014, was a very important day for white supremacists. For over the course of the week, they planned to hold a worldwide “White Man March”. It happened, but there was one unfortunate detail they did not expect: nobody cares!

According to Yahoo News, Kyle Hunt organized a worldwide march in support of white people. It would happen on Saturday, right after an already-scheduled concert, in Tempe Beach Park, located in Tempe, Arizona. The purpose of the March is to “spread information through activism, but also to make a statement that White people are united in their love for their race and in their opposition to its destruction.”

Kyle Hunt also stated the worldwide “White Man March” is his stance against “discrimination against whites”. Apparently, there are others, just like him, who share in his beliefs in many other major cities, including New York City. Everything has to be organized intricately for the worldwide “White Man March” because of who they represent, and what has happened, in the past, when such an event was held.

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According to TheVillage Voice, Kyle understands that in the United States, white nationalists do not have the numbers to pull off an impressive-looking march. Past white supremacist protests have ended, in his own words, “looking like a circus.” He is also afraid police or “anti-fascist” protesters might show up to disrupt the “White Man March” festivities. So for the major cities, New York included, “White Man March” participants are planning a very quiet flash mob, which they hope nobody will hear about anytime soon.

Everything for the “White Man March” seemed to be set to go without any real problems. Kyle Hunt was immaculate with every single detail. He even told marches how to dress by stating:

“If you are a man, put on a pair of light khakis and a nice dress shirt. It should almost look like you are a groomsman at a wedding. Or maybe like an avenging Aryan angel. Women, you know how to look great in white.”

“You could also wear sunglasses. Ancient warriors knew that a mask covering the eyes offers protection, but also provides the wearer with extra confidence. Sunglasses can intimidate others who cannot see your eyes, while making you seem cool and collected. This look is good if there might be hostile crowds.”

This writer personally hopes no real wedding grooms or brides in white were mistaken for this on Saturday. The “White Man March” did happen but it seems only the marchers in Birmingham, Alabama made it on the news – and they apparently did not listen to Kyle Hunt. Wearing KKK masks and holding signs with the words “DIVERSITY = WHITE GENOCIDE”, ten people came out to support the march. Just the fact that nobody seemed to threaten the group, marching at the corner of a busy intersection, probably shows just how ridiculous everyone thought they looked. Despite the small turn out for this one location, multiple small groups across the country did show their support for the “White Man March”. Renegade Broadcasting even took the time to make a video montage of all the marches that happened during this event. Still, an average of fifty to sixty people, standing up for white supremacy in a land that is 3,794,100 square miles in size, 315,000,000 in population is not even considered an accomplishment.

And doing anything associated with white supremacy may be a bad idea, especially with all news around George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

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17 Responses to “Racist ‘White Man March’ Happened, Nobody Cares”

  1. Charlie Craig

    I love how this site is called Inquisitr and you are literally the inquisition for poltical correctness/cultural marxism, you are thought police just like the inquisitors of the inquisition. Apt name, scum bag anti-white pieces of shit.

  2. Robert Spurgeon Sr.

    All I can Sayis, There is a Bunch of Stupid White People that will not Stand up for the WHITE RACE,, When the Race War comes I hope these IDIOTS are the first to be taking OUT !!.

  3. Stratty Cunningham

    You're the one causing the race war. First bullet's for yall.

  4. Stratty Cunningham

    You're the one causing the race war. First bullet's for yall.

  5. Robert Spurgeon Sr.

    Stratty Cunningham You think SO Hugh, What about The Witch Opra, Al Shit, Oh And Jack ASS, They want all Black to be Racist. I have Black Friends That are not Black Trash,. !

  6. Cathey Thomas

    Robert Spurgeon Sr. There may still be time to turn this mess around; seek psychiatric treatment ASAP. You are desperately ill.

  7. BC Skillen

    Robert Spurgeon Sr. you use black and white reasoning – logical fallacy…epic fail for you!

  8. BC Skillen

    Robert Spurgeon Sr. go back to mt. hope high school and get yourself reeducated…

  9. Monster Otc

    Yes INQUISITR we don't care you PIECES OF CRAP! They have every right to. Whoever wrote this article, I hope you get hit by a bus. Whether you are white or not, you sure DON'T like white people much. Go pick on BLACKS for being RACIST!

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