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Illegal Immigrant Sues Firefighters Who Saved His Life

north metro fire rescue

Roy Ortiz, an illegal immigrant, is suing the firefighters who saved his life. An attorney for Ortiz recently filed court documents related to the incident which occurred last September. His client was trapped in his car during a flash flood on US 287 in Colorado.

The Ortiz lawsuit names first responders from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Westminster dive team, as well as North Metro Fire Rescue District firefighters. On September 12, a vehicle driven by Roy Ortiz flipped upside down after being washed off the roadway by rushing flood waters.

According to court documents, it took the firefighters about two hours to rescue Ortiz. The man is now claiming that the North Metro Fire Rescue District was negligent in their duties because he “should” have been extracted from his car more quickly.

Ed Ferszt, Roy Ortiz’s attorney, had this to say about the firefighter lawsuit during an interview with 7 News Denver:

“Of course he was thankful because those divers did have a major role to play in saving his life that day. That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made. I can understand why there’s a lot of furor over people thinking that he’s biting the hand that feeds. Does that mean that officers of North Metro Fire are above reproach? Well, well let’s talk for a second about the divers. If divers went into the water in an attempt to locate Roy and they didn’t see him there, as dangerous a job that it is — and we are thankful for first responders, that was a mistake. And the legal term for that mistake is negligence.”

Ortiz claims that he still suffers from shoulder pain and is seeking $500,000 in damages. The fact that the flood victim is an illegal immigrant has become a major part of the highly controversial lawsuit. During an interview with Gretchen Carlon on Fox News, Ed Ferszt became visibly irritated when Carlson posed a question about Ortiz’s residency status. After several minutes of banter where the attorney repeatedly insisted that even if his client is in the United States illegally, it has no bearing on the lawsuit. Carlson, realizing she would not get a straight answer to her question, told the audience that during a commercial break the attorney stated that Ortiz had indeed broken the law and crossed the border illegally into America. Ferszt did not correct Carlson after she made the statement.

Those who support the first responders who risked their own lives to save Roy Ortiz have asked if the flood victim will be arrested for breaking federal law. Why is Ortiz suing the firefighters who rescued him from probable death? “Well, I’m happy. I’m really happy to be alive. But, I’m looking for some help with my bills. I don’t have the money to pay,” he said.

If successful, the Colorado first responders lawsuit could set a dangerous and expensive precedent, allowing other accident victims to claim medics, police officers, and firefighters should have responded more quickly or cut them free from crushed metal with the jaws of life sooner, therefore they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars for pain and suffering.

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[Image Via: David R. Jennings/Broomfield Enterprise/Boulder Camera]

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130 Responses to “Illegal Immigrant Sues Firefighters Who Saved His Life”

  1. Tracy Hammond-Clark

    He would not have anyone to sue if he was in his own county and not sneaking into ours, send his illegal ass home and his attorney with him because he obviously has no tespwct for the American justice system!

  2. Courtney LaGrange-Ladd

    THANK YOU!!! My sentiments, exactly! Look at what we've become….this is embarrassing.

  3. Becky Jensen

    Send him back. We all have bills to pay but don't sue people who put their lives in danger to save your sorry ass'

  4. Bertha Michele Knighton-Fuller

    this guy is go back to Mexico and not even worried about getting my he don't deserve nothing

  5. Aaron Zevgolis

    I hope the judge tells him to shove it and orders him back to Mexico. Then they need to disbar the stupid lawyer.

  6. Paul Vonbank

    as first responders sometimes it may take more then a few minutes to reach the victim. because the idiot, was not trained on how to drive a car and stay out of water.

  7. Pam Hepworth

    He shouldn't get a penny as he was illegal imagrant and those poor fire fighters have to think on how to get u with out them getting in2 trouble while waiting for any other help that might have to come u should be lucky that u r alive there's people who have died in floods and all u can think about is money u scum

  8. Jeffrey Gessner

    I would like to out the attorney in scuba gear, lower him in muddy raging water and have him report what he sees. This is all about money. Deport Ortiz and fine him for stealing from the USA and for filing a wrongful lawsuit.

  9. Jeffrey Gessner

    Maybe we need to have our attorneys create a hold harmless form that all victims are required to sign prior to first responders saving their lives.

  10. Radell Allgaier

    They should make home run some calls and find out that no matter how fast emergency personnel respond it isn't always quick n easy to save someone.this guy has no clue. He's just looking for a fast buck. Deport his ass back to wherever he came from. Ungrateful jerk!!

  11. Walt Adams

    Isn't his bill with North Metro Fire Rescue District $500,001.00 plus legal costs ? No pay, go home 'Jose' Am I being racist and not PC, damn right I am !

  12. Joseph Otto

    Just a thought, have the sheriff department and fire/rescue send him a bill for services rendered. I'm thinking somewhere in the $500,000 range

  13. Ian Byers

    What is bad is that if he wins, this will set a chain of events that will hurt people and first responders. Get to an accident and before they can save your life, you will have to sign a waiver stating how long they think it will take to get your out of your vehicle, what steps they may have to take to save your life, and here is a page that you must sign off on each life saving technique they may use to revive you should something happen in the process. and here is a page for you to sign stating that you agree to all of this. Don't want to sign it, that's ok, we can wait here while your lawyer shows up to negotiate.

    It's all to protect you the civilian.

  14. Tammi Wilson Reyes

    Piece of s&$!, as a firefighter I hate to see money grubbing people like this!

  15. Michele Dariano

    So can the firefighters sue him…if he wasnt here then they wouldnt have had to put their lives on the line for him…turn it around on his dumb ass…sue him for pain and suffering…because as a firefighter you DO endure pain and suffering…

  16. Merle Stone

    What is the issue here? As soon as he was pulled from the river and proved to be an undocumented, illegal alien his ass should have been fired from a canon back across the border. Instead, he is allowed to further jam up our legal system with this bullcrap lawsuit. Way to go! Why would this case not be thrown out immediately, based on his alien status? No citizenship, no rights if you ask me.

  17. Romaric Michon

    Merle, there is a very big issue with your last statement : a legal resident would be included. so I would correct with No citizenship or legal status.

  18. Ann Casler

    Send his ungrateful money grubbing ass right back across the border. If he is an illegal immigrant how does he even have a legal right to file a lawsuit in this country?

  19. Tom Sinclair

    Let's put him back in the car with the lawyer. After he gets disbarred.

  20. JT Hickman

    Since he's here in violation of the law, they should bill him for the rescue.

  21. Norman Knapp

    Welcome to America, please feel free to sue anyone you want! What really needs to happen is we need to start suing these ambulance chasing asshat attorneys that bring this frivolous shit to court!

  22. Loddy Doddy

    They should've let him die! One less illegal in America that our tax dollars are paying for! Unbelievable! I guess coming to America is a better way of life. He sure has found a way to get rich!

  23. Dave Pacheco

    Give him his money and as part of the settlement agreement, he's to pack his bags and get out of our country……for ever!

  24. Kathy Viator

    It isn't right at all firefighters do there best and they have to look out for themselves case no body else does …let's see him try to do a firefighters Job

  25. Amy Salazar

    Colorado has the Good Samaritan law so I doubt this case will go anywhere

  26. Mainland Pba

    He doesn't deserve one cent. If he receives a dime, he should be sent a bill to cover the cost of saving his ass then immediately deported !

  27. Matt Kornegay

    This is already costing tax payers 10's of thousands in court costs and other related expenses. I'm sure his lawyer is free too!

  28. Savvy Dee

    what i want to know is would they have questioned his immigration status if he was white?

  29. Savvy Dee

    you do realize that this country was built by immigrants, right?

  30. Savvy Dee

    you do realize that this country was built by immigrants, right?

  31. Savvy Dee

    like yeah that guy's a smarmy douchebag and all, but really- would anyone have wondered if he was over here illegally if he was white?

  32. Savvy Dee

    and would it somehow be less douchey if a legal American citizen were doing this?

  33. Rhiannon Beverly

    it would be just as douchey if a legal citizen were suing. they saved his life and he's going to complain that it wasn't fast enough, that's pretty crappy imo. they probably only said anything about his citizenship because lawyers do whatever they can to try and help their client

  34. Seth Snarf

    i believe the reason that his immigration status came up was because he is trying to sue the first responder that saved his life… of course they are going to try to find ANYTHING to discredit this scumbag.

  35. Carra Butcher

    Savvy Dee Exactly….the ones this country was built by came here lawfully.

  36. Savvy Dee

    honestly i think the only reason they said anything about his citizenship is because it was Fox News that decided to dig into that and we all know how much they love starting shit.

  37. Savvy Dee

    but no, they probably wouldn't have asked it if he was white. it's not just because he's suing, it's because he's a freaking mexican.

  38. Savvy Dee

    otherwise this headline would probably just be "Spoiled Douchebag Sues Firefighters"

  39. Savvy Dee

    Carra Butcher HAHAHAHAHAHHA NO

    have you ever actually sat through a history class, hon? the first immigrants just sort of showed up, decided they were going to live here, and killed the natives that disagreed with that decision.

  40. Savvy Dee

    just because a bunch of murderers told your ancestors it was okay to come live on the land they stole doesn't mean they actually came here lawfully. it means they came here by beneficence of force.

  41. Carra Butcher

    I wasn't thinking that far back…No one in this century is responsible for what happened then. The fact remains what the original poster said for this thread is spot on. Hon.

  42. Savvy Dee

    Carra Butcher oh i'm sorry, so facts and logic don't matter unless you agree with them? what is this magical fantasy world you live in

  43. Carra Butcher

    Whatever. I'm not going to get into a pissing contest with you. You made your point, I made mine. Have a lovely day.

  44. Christine Fernandes

    If he's here illegally, he shouldn't have any rights to do anything legally in this country. Ship the border jumper back to his country!!! END OF STORY!!!

  45. Christine Fernandes

    He is suing because he doesn't have money to pay his bills…..what a damn joke!!!!! Ship him and the rest of the illegals out of this country for good!!

  46. Jesse Reinhalter

    Carra Butcher Savvy is right, the country as we know it was built by illegal immigrants. And look at what happened to the natives.

  47. Elias Reyes

    ok but this involves an illegal suing cause we saved his life…so it would be cheaper and safer to let him die? can we throw him back?

  48. Trevor Hayes

    How about instead of giving him rights here such as being able to sue a legal american, we deport his ass back to where he belongs!

  49. Garen Powers

    Dudes a tool. When someone saves your fucking life, you owe them one. Id rather be deported than dead. Sorry, I'm really understanding on a lot of issues, but I cant settle for this. Not everything has to be a race issue. Lets not make assumptions on scenarios that didn't happen and focus our attention on the one that DID.

  50. Pamela Odom

    Why are our politicians allowing this pond scum to continue to enter our country and stay here? There are dozens of ways to identify this illegal trash, but anyone who attempts this tactic is labeled a racist. Stop being so PC and get this trash out of our country, and make him pay for his medical bills out of his pocket instead of forcing taxpayers to pay it. Also let him pay his attorney out of his pocket, then package them both up and throw them over the border.

    Anyone and everyone should boycott this lawyer in the future; teach him a lesson!!!!

  51. Pamela Odom

    Ian Byers It will also encourage all of the other illegal scum living in this country. They are already receiving welfare benefits, bridge cards, free unlimited medical care, etc., all financed by U.S. taxpayers, because our politicians are so stupid. Politicians are well aware that the majority of Americans want foreign pond scum out of this country, but they don't care; politicians are more interested in breeding future voters.

  52. Pamela Odom

    Ed Sousa How about don't give him his money and send him back anyway. He is here illegally, he should not be able to milk our justice system too.

  53. Richard Durkin

    Savvy Dee You do realize that every mexican came from spain, right?

  54. Kyle Snow

    Savvy Dee And you never lived in those times hence you have no ground to speak on history buff. The 21st century has laws you dont like them jump back over the border with the other illegals that belong there.

  55. Dennis Green

    Arrest that scumbag, and evict his sorry butt from our nation. Then, strip that POS lawyer of his license for filing frivolous and asinine lawsuits. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!!!!

  56. Gregory Geczi

    As an EMT this is a very haunting and scary situation not just for the provider him/herself but for the organization/company they work for also. What will happen if this guy wins is exactly what Ian Byers says, an authorization signature will have to be obtained either by a family member, self, or a power of attorney. However unlike what Ian Byers says, the patient refuses to sign you can't treat by law, therefore in the vehicle he stays. We already need an authorization signature to transport to an ER, to protect the provider, if we need to delay on scene time to obtain an authorization signature, then we shall do so. Again you, the patient determine such actions, as a provider I can only obey such actions. So tread carefully, because this will open a whole new barrel of toxins that will have to be dealt with.

  57. Don Lugians

    Anyone doing anything illegal needs to be denied any thing. But what happens to all illegals they will be pardoned someday….ie the president.

  58. Erich M. Weldon

    What gets me, is that he doesn't even pay taxes to support the services he was rendered.

  59. Bruce Carroll

    Who do I sue for not maintaining sufficient boarder security. (damn short fences)

  60. 마이클허

    Send a bill to his country and have them pay for all the services he received that saved his life. If the judge can't see through this illegal immigrant's intentions then the Lord help our the United States.

  61. Mike Rojas

    Wrong wrong wrong……. in those conditions be happy that you are still alive here in the US illegaly. This lawyer thinks its a fast food restaurant where you get quick service. Safety is always first. Making sure that rescuers dont become victims. So please mister lawyer…. try to rescue Roy quickly in those conditions. Its easier said than done

  62. David Barnett

    Deport his sorry POS @$$ and let him sue through a mexican court! He's here illegally, if he was where he is supposed to be then the accident never happens.I'm sure he was drinkling at the time also.

  63. David June Dangel

    Ship this low life mother f@&ker back over the border and tell him if he comes back he'll get sent back again and again. This is bullshit. If an American tried this shit in Mexico they'd be throwing in jail and never found again or killed. Our nation has gotten real soft. Grow some balls and stop this nonsense of helping

  64. Adam Fleming

    Well logically he technically shouldn't have even been there, so therefore it's his own fault.
    There should be NO case, this is outrageous, the fact that he's even admitted it's because he "has problems paying bills" that this case even exists, they should have just let his ass die clearly, which is apparently better, because then he wouldn't even be in a position to sue using his logic.

  65. Priscilla Hernandez

    This is bullshit that guy needs to be sent back to fkn Mexico.

  66. Sherry Davis

    Who doesn't have bills you ungrateful bastard. How about you take your ass back over the border and get a damn job or 2. I have 2 jobs to pay my bills. Its assholes like you that make first responders not want to even do their job because they don't want to be sued by an ass like you.

  67. Wax Artist

    ok stupid question, if he is in the country illegally….. why was he driving in the first place? What document does he have to allow him behind the wheel of a car?

  68. Bryan Ballantyne

    As a Federal Motor Carrier, (truck driver), We are told the rule is that if our log book does not show us here we are AT FAULT….Even if we are not…This is the same case your honor.

  69. Garrett Sinnard

    Carra Butcher — yeah, resulting in mass genocide of tens of thosuands of native americans

  70. Fred Jimenez

    Deport his free loading ass. He broke federal law by coming here that's more powerful then state law. He needs to made an example of what this nations laws can truly do.

  71. John Bussell

    Savvy Dee But that lawyer is a jackass for even supporting the idea to sue 1st responders!

  72. Aaron Baughn

    His attorney is Ed Ferszt and his phone number is
    (303) 696-9155. Everyone should call this loser.

  73. Joseph Otto

    Nicholas, I am actually part of a county response agency. Volunteer at that, but yes I can see their side of it. They show up, put their own lives in danger to save his and all he thinks about is how much money he can save because he has made the decision to come into this country ILLEGALLY and stay. Yet he doesn't want to pay out money for his medical expenses. Makes me rather sick.

  74. Karen Yax

    I think Savvy needs a lesson in evolution and survival of the fittest. The native Americans were stagnant. Much like their Mexican counterparts. They weren't intelligent or resourceful enough to industrialize this nation and make it what it is today. Had the Mexicans and native Americans dominated we would be no better than Somalia or the Sudan. Third world. A toilet. Like Mexico. I am proud my intelligent European ancestors came here and cleaned house. Time to do it again, clearly.

  75. Don Mayse

    How about this. Judge: This law suit is frivilous at worse and outrageous at best. I'm throwing it. Baliff hold the plaintiff for the border patrol to be deported from this country legally. Case dismissed.

  76. Richard Vega

    from what i've been told, in order to prove negligence, he has to prove that the actions or misactions caused him injury. Taking tooo long would not cause an injury- his car rolling over would have caused the injury. Sounds like he maybe was not wearing his seatbelt and hurt his shoulder when the car rolled over.

  77. Kim Vannoy

    Quit wasting our tax dollars! Through the case out & deport him!! Illegals have no constitutional rights!!

  78. Richard Durkin

    Jim Kiernan No it wasn't a joke, its a fact, the Spanish conquered the Mayan civilization and settled Mexico in the sixteenth century… Do you research friend…

  79. Gary Marburger

    Savvy Dee yes, but not by illegal alien like this one

  80. John Sanchez

    That wouldn't have happened if his FAT ASS was in his own country. Give him back to his country, sue his attorney for wasting time in our court system and give the attorney the bill for the rescue of FAT ASS.

  81. Mike Emert

    Richard Durkin Yes, because helping the early settlers with which lands were good for what, turning the necessary landscape for such farms, providing pelts, leafs/tobacco, animals, hides , jewelry, goods and in doing so turning massive profits and into several successful business's early on, and happened to be the foundation of the eastern citys and settlements, is not a form of industrialization. By no means, you sir must be a genius….

  82. Mike Emert

    Richard Durkin Yes, because helping the early settlers with which lands were good for what, turning the necessary landscape for such farms, providing pelts, leafs/tobacco, animals, hides , jewelry, goods and in doing so turning massive profits and into several successful business's early on, and happened to be the foundation of the eastern citys and settlements, is not a form of industrialization. By no means, you sir must be a genius….

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