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Marty McFly Power Laces Release Coming In 2015: Will Nike Air MAG Have Them?

marty mcfly power laces release 2015 nike air mag

Marty McFly power laces for my Nike shoes? Yes, please. According to designer Tinker Hatfield, Nike will release the use of the fictional Back To The Future II laces that every fan of the trilogy has always dreamed of. As part of the NBA All Star weekend festivities, Hatfield made an appearance at the Jordan Brand Flight Lab. He was asked about the chances of power laces coming next year. His answer:

“Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!”

Sneaker heads will surely be excited about the opportunity to own a pair of shoes featuring the laces that Marty McFly was rocking. Back in 2011, Nike released a design of the shoe from the 1989 sequel to the time traveling fan favorite. Called the Nike Air MAG, only 1,500 pairs of shoes were designed to be auctioned off on ebay. All proceeds from the auction went to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research. The shoes garnered six million dollars in proceeds to help the charity.

Hatfield did not go into detail about how the power laces will be utilized, but with the advancement of technology, it can be done.

The Nike Air MAG was one of the most coveted shoes in all of shoe history. Very few are able to say they own a pair of the famous Marty McFly inspired release. Twitter was ecstatic about the news.

While 80’s and 90’s kids are sure to get excited about the shoes, they should hold their breath for now. No official announcement has come from Nike and it could be another attempt to raise money for charity. But for now, we can all keep our fingers crossed. So go ahead and buy that DeLorean. Get a Sports Almanac. And create some room in the budget for the Marty McFly inspired power laces release coming in 2015.

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13 Responses to “Marty McFly Power Laces Release Coming In 2015: Will Nike Air MAG Have Them?”

  1. Issac Massey

    Shit is gonna get real next year! I have to start saving up for these!

  2. Bruce McLaughlin

    Most likely battery operated servos taking up the slack, however, what happens when the battery dies or servo fails? Can these shoes get wet? How much are they? $500+? Comfort?

  3. Travis Inman

    Yeah. Imagine what you could do if you only knew the outcome of every sports event between 1950-2000. That should do a lot of good in 2014.

  4. Ian Althouse

    Totally sick! Mattel better get that operational Hoverboard made in time!

  5. Matthew Glenn Krause

    I can see there being safety issues with power laces, or at least inconvenient malfunctions; the laces not loosening and the shoe will be stuck on the foot, or the laces over-tightening, potentially causing discomfort or even injury.

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