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JewWario Dies: Popular YouTube Star Justin Carmical Commits Suicide

JewWario Dies: Popular YouTube Star Justin Carmical Commits Suicide

JewWario was known for being one of the first active gamers using YouTube as a platform to reach fans, but this week the popular personality ended his own life.

Known outside of YouTube as Justin Carmical, JewWario was popular for his “you can play this” series. After his death last week, rumors began to spread that he took his own life.

On Saturday his wife Jenny Valentine confirmed the rumors in a Facebook post.

“It is with a very sad heart that I must confirm my husband, Justin Carmical, sometimes known as the Jew Wario died on Thursday, January 23rd,” she wrote. “I also have to confirm he shot himself, but he was not alone, he locked himself in the bathroom and I was on the other side of the door talking with him. He knew I loved him, HE KNEW ALL OF YOU LOVED HIM. You all made him so happy, every time he was recognized from his videos, it made him giddy with joy.”

Valentine noted that JewWario remained working right up until his suicide.

“His last recording was a song with Johnathan Mann, I don’t know if Johnathan knows,” she wrote. “He recorded it the night before.”

Word of his death has led many fans to leave messages and share stories on YouTube.

Since Carmical’s suicide, some fans have even started an online fundraiser to help his family pay for funeral expenses.

They even had another request to help the memory of the Colorado native.

“We all love Justin, and we want to give him the best send-off we can,” the fundraiser noted. “We have also asked the Denver Broncos to try their best at the Super Bowl in his honor.”

The suicide of JewWario marks the second death of a high-profile YouTube star. Last year 13-year-old Joy Castellano, who became famous for her vlog about facing cancer, died of the disease.

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21 Responses to “JewWario Dies: Popular YouTube Star Justin Carmical Commits Suicide”

  1. Justin Mcdonald

    Actually, I think it's the third death. Yoteslaya died in a car crash not very long ago.

  2. Travis Turner

    Kinda selfish of him if you ask me. He seemed alright but I have no sympathy for him.

  3. Anonymous

    Oooh, look at Travis' profile picture. He's so dark and mysterious. Shut the fuck up you typecast.

  4. John Harvey

    Travis, it's not "Selfish" in-fact, it's triggered by multiple factors which prevent you from thinking clearly. He seemed alright? Yeah "seemed" doesn't mean he was. Lots of people who off themselves seemed okay. Who needs sympathy from scum like you?

  5. John Harvey

    Man, had to have a lot of hidden demons. Sadly, a lot of people who entertain others, or always help out and care are suffering themselves. Sometimes, that's the problem. They're so busy making sure everyone else is okay and happy, they neglect themselves, and refuse to directly hurt them so instead just hurt themselves. (At that point they are so far gone they aren't realizing they hurt others that way too) R.I.P. Hope that your work and personal affection towards people carry on through others!

  6. Jo Sprint

    Too young and stupid to understand the nuances of life that can lead to this. You really are a piece of shit. Grow the fuck up.

  7. Travis Turner

    Do me a favor and stop acting like a bunch of idiots. I think he was a pretty nice guy and yes its a shame that he didn't get the proper help to prevent this but at the end of the day he chose to take his own life. While his wife listened helplessly on the other side of the door no less. That's selfish. The least he could have done is gone off somewhere alone to off himself and save his poor wife the excruciating trauma of listening to her husband shoot himself.

    That doesn't mean he wasn't a good person or anything. It just means that you're all a bit too worried about the wrong person here. Bottom line is that he's dead. Fussing over whether what he did was selfish or not really doesn't matter. What you should really be concerned about is the mental stability of his wife after what he did to her. Seriously it's like you chuckle heads are new to this whole death thing.

  8. Damn Deal Done

    Wow, you must be like really mature for a high school student to have it all figured out. Tell us more about the world little boy.

  9. Mario Dot Exe

    I do not recognize Yoteslaya. Who has he or she?

  10. Thomas Harrison

    Said like someone who doesn't understand depression.

    I'm not sure what was wrong that lead up to this, I don't know if he suffered from depression or something else that lead to him doing this. The point is, it's easy to call it selfish, because that dismisses everything that leads up to it.

    I definitely think its terrible that he did that to his wife, and I feel for her, but I can't blame him for it. Whatever lead him to doing this was clearly something so powerful that he couldn't go on living anymore.

    Suicide is never the answer, but sometimes, tragically, we forget that in our suffering.

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