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NBA Player Glen “Big Baby” Davis now Cry Baby Davis (Video)


NBA Boston Celtics Player, Glen Davis, better known by his nickname of Big Baby, showed exactly why he has that nickname last night during the Celtics win over Portland. After a “discussion with the guy who thinks he is coach, Kevin Garnett” he got upset, had a bit of a rant and then a cry on the bench.

Crying always makes me feel better too, but then I am not an NBA player, and usually aren’t televised and syndicated to a national audience.

It all happened because Kevin Garnett had some harsh words for the Celtics’ reserves, the team were squandering a lead, all pretty standard fare. The video shows Garnett dragging Big Baby, Glen Davis back towards the huddle and then telling him off. Not sure where the actal coach was, Doc Rivers when ll this was happening.

Maybe that’s why Davis was crying, the forearm area can be very sensitive. After the fight, Davis has a bit of a hissy fit, sits on the bench with a towel over his head, and television close-ups see him crying.

Coach Garnett had this to say on the incident:

“I’ll probably get real deep with him,” the Garnett said. “Try to understand what he’s going through right now, research the problem. But Baby is frustrated a little bit with some of what we are doing. He just has to understand his role and not come outside of it.”

I get the frustration, nobody puts Baby in a corner.

After a week where professionals athletes have literally shot themselves in the leg, and accused each other of enjoying “sloppy seconds”, a bit of a cry on the bench is a welcome change.

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27 Responses to “NBA Player Glen “Big Baby” Davis now Cry Baby Davis (Video)”

  1. Jon

    Kevin Garnett is not the coach.

    Doc Rivers is the coach. Kevin Garnett is the star player of the team and one of the best PF's in the NBA.

    You butchered the truth in your article but props for the Dirty Dancing reference.

    Do me a favour though and don't do any stories on Formula One or Mark Webber.

  2. Seantonio

    LoL ya i think he was dogging KG and Doc Rivers by Doc Rivers lack of involvement and KG's “im so fucken great attitude” trying to make everyone listen to him all the time. Big baby should have kicked KG's ass dirty south style then cried on his face

  3. samantha_dewitt

    Sarcasm, its in the eye of the beholder. Have updated the post to make it clear. Props for recognising the dirty dancin reference.

  4. autoprt

    kg is right, they were up close to 30.
    how much do they have to be up in order to get the rest of the night off?
    they lost focus and intensity and the other team came back and KG was right
    to address it, this way i doubt it will happen anytime soon.

    kg is fkng great, without him the c's were planning another rebuild last year, whoever
    wrote that doesn't appreciate what KG brings to the team and doesn't have a clue
    of what they are talking about.

  5. iluvlakers

    KG could try shuting his big fat stupid retarded mouth this just makes me love Kobe Bryant more even though i already loved him alot

  6. to tall

    Kg aint shit, he need to sit down and play ball like he's capable of doing

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