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Shark Photobomb At Manhattan Beach Goes Viral: ‘It Was Quite A Shock To See’

Shark photobomb

A Shark photobomb? Whatever next? but yes, it happened – or at least appeared to happen – to a family enjoying their day out on Manhattan beach.

June Emerson’s photo of her kids playing near the sea shore went viral after it was posted on her Facebook page. The image appears to show a large shark swimming near the children, photobombing the picture.

Emerson told KTLA about the shark photobomb picture: “It was quite a shock to see. Many local surfers and lifeguards have seen this and believe it to be a shark. Of course, I told my kids it was dolphin, as we live at the beach and are in the waters here almost daily.”

She said that her children, who are 12-year-old twins, were completely unaware of the unidentified fish which swam alongside them as they played. Having posted the image on Facebook, Emerson said she has received literally thousands of comments from people.

Most of the commenters are convinced the fish is a shark with some suggesting that it may even be a great white shark which is known to be common in that area of the beach.

This isn’t the first time a shark has been spotted so close to shore where people swim. In November a paddleboarder filmed a great white shark in exactly the same area, in a previous shark photobomb pic.

Emerson didn’t seem to be to worried about the fish though as she added the comment to her image: “Another beautiful day at the beach. Big waves and apparently Big Fish! (Look into wave to right of Quinn Emerson, who’s out catching a few!) – Manhattan Beach, California.”

So what do you think people? Is it a shark in the picture or just a stray dolphin? Weigh-in with your thoughts in the comments feed below.

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5 Responses to “Shark Photobomb At Manhattan Beach Goes Viral: ‘It Was Quite A Shock To See’”

  1. Eve Erwin

    I'm from that area and there are dolphin families that swim there daily, up and down the coast. It is hard to see, but with so many dolphins that live there, it's probably a dolphin.

  2. Christie Van Asten

    Judging by the shape of the fluke, I'd say dolphin, it looks like it is horizontal, not vertical as a shark would be.

  3. Jessica Cain

    Judging from the build of the body, the shape of the head and the tail, and the dorsal fin, I'd have to say that's a shark. I wouldn't know what kind, though.

  4. Anonymous

    It is definitely a dolphin. The tail indicates this because it does not look like the tail of a fish. Plus judging from the size compared to the 12-year-olds it looks like it is the right size to be a dolphin. And dolphins are much, much more common. Plus, dolphins also like to play in the waves. –Julian Glasser, Age 11.

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