In Fiery Fox News Appearance, Pete Buttigieg Slams Donald Trump For Allegedly Disparaging US Troops

Former Democratic presidential candidate and Afghanistan War veteran Pete Buttigieg has joined the chorus of those criticizing Donald Trump after a report indicated the president has repeatedly disparaged U.S. troops. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, spoke out on Friday after a report from Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic claimed Trump referred to service […]

Andrew Yang Says Democrats Are ‘In Danger’ Of Being Perceived As Party Of ‘Elite’

During a discussion with HBO’s Bill Maher broadcasted on Friday night, former White House hopeful Andrew Yang discussed the Democratic Party’s electoral prospects, Fox News reported. Maher began the discussion by pointing out that Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, is not comfortably ahead of President Donald Trump in the polls. The anchor […]

Biden Calls Himself A ‘Transition Candidate’ To ‘Bring The Mayor Petes Of The World’ Into His Administration

According to Fox News reporter Madeleine Rivera, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Thursday that he plans to act as a “transition candidate” to make way for other political figures that will come into his administration. “I view myself as a transition candidate,” Biden reportedly said. “My job is… to bring the Mayor Petes of […]

Pete Buttigieg Set To Host ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ This Week Following The End Of His Presidential Bid

Pete Buttigieg may not be vying for the White House anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s disappeared completely. The former Democratic presidential candidate announced that he will guest host an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live this Thursday, March 12, according to Entertainment Weekly. Kimmel is currently hosting the revival of Who Wants to Be a […]

Bernie Sanders Claims Democratic Establishment Forced Amy Klobuchar & Pete Buttigieg Out Of The Race

On Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to host George Stephanopoulos about his thoughts on former candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, and their decision to drop out and endorse rival Joe Biden. “One of the things that I wasn’t surprised by was the power of establishment to force […]

Golfer Scott Piercy Loses Sponsors After Posting Homophobic Meme About Pete Buttigieg

PGA golfer Scott Piercy is losing sponsors after posting a homophobic meme involving former 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, reports. The Buttigieg meme was one of several controversial memes Piercy posted in the days before he began losing sponsors. Earlier this week, as TMZ reports, Piercy posted a meme to express his thoughts on […]

Joe Biden’s Campaign Reportedly In Contact With Pete Buttigieg’s Team About Consolidating Support

Pete Buttigieg is dropping out of the race for president, but could still be making his mark by moving his support over to Joe Biden. Buttigieg announced on Sunday night that he would be suspending his campaign — an especially abrupt exit from the race. Reports noted that the former South Bend mayor was on […]

Pete Buttigieg And Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Had A Friendship That Predated The Election

Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used to be fairly good friends, according to Politico. Their relationship predated the election, and many political experts have wondered how much of it has endured between the pair. Zuckerberg and Buttigieg were two years apart at Harvard, and though their paths did not […]

Pete Buttigieg Dropping Out Of Presidential Race After Devastating Loss In South Carolina

After securing no delegates in South Carolina, a sign of his campaign’s continued struggle with black voters, CNBC reports that Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is dropping out of the race. The news reportedly comes from a senior campaign aide who told the publication that Buttigieg is flying to South Bend, Indiana, where he served […]

Majority of New Yorkers Believe Michael Bloomberg Is The Best Candidate To Defeat Donald Trump

On Monday, a new poll released by Siena College shows that the majority of New Yorkers (62 percent) believe President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020. This belief is consistent across party lines — with 81 percent of Republicans, 73 percent of Independents, and 48 percent of Democrats saying the sitting president will serve […]

Bernie Sanders Is First Candidate To Win Popular Vote In First 3 Early Voting States

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, which FiveThirtyEight analyst Nate Silver said puts him “in the driver’s seat” to win the Democratic nomination. In addition to putting him in an ideal position to win the primary, Newsweek reports that the 78-year-old politician also made history by becoming the first candidate ⁠— […]

Bill de Blasio Rips Pete Buttigieg: ‘Try To Not Be So Smug When You Just Got Your A** Kicked’

During his final speech in Nevada, delivered after the Democratic caucuses, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg took aim at Democratic frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Per The Hill, echoing earlier attacks, Buttigieg accused Sanders of believing “in an inflexible, ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans.” “I […]

Nevada Poll: Bernie Sanders Takes 13-Point Lead, Pete Buttigieg And Joe Biden Fighting For Second Place

According to the latest Emerson College/8 News Now Poll of Nevada Democratic Caucus voters released on Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is poised to win the race, but two candidates are in a near-dead heat for second place. With 30 percent support, Sanders is the absolute favorite, with a 13-point advantage over former South […]

Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, And Pete Buttigieg Are Nearly Broke As Super Tuesday Approaches

Several top tier Democratic presidential candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, are dangerously close to running out of money, according to Politico. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is another candidate that has reportedly nearly cleaned out her coffers. At present, Biden only has $7.1 million […]

Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Accused Of Illegally Coordinating With VoteVets Super PAC

The campaign of former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is being accused of illegally coordinating with the super PAC VoteVets to run television advertisements in Nevada, Axios reports. The accusations are being leveled by the nonpartisan watchdog group Campaign Legal Center (CLC), which filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FCC) on Tuesday about […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Strikes Back At Rush Limbaugh Over ‘Homophobic’ Attacks

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg responded to controversial comments made by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh — comments described by CNN writer Chelsea Jane as “homophobic,” per The Washington Post — during a CNN town hall Tuesday night, asserting that neither Limbaugh nor president Trump are qualified to “lecture anybody on family values.” Limbaugh, a longtime […]

Pete Buttigieg Faces Criticism On His Job Performance From South Bend Residents: ‘He Couldn’t Run Our City’

The candidates for the Democratic nomination are gearing up for the debate stage in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, but South Bend residents are speaking up about Pete Buttigieg to warn the country that he may not be ready to take on the Oval Office. Buttigieg currently leads the pack in number of delegates — […]

New NPR Poll Shows Sanders In Double-Digit Lead, Allows Bloomberg To Qualify For Nevada Debate

A new NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll released on Tuesday showed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders surge in popularity — although he wasn’t the only one to make significant gains. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg also received a groundswell of support from this newest poll, qualifying him for Wednesday’s Democratic primary debate. The survey — […]

Pete Buttigieg Campaign’s Senior Adviser Accused Of Running Nigerian Sockpuppet Twitter Account

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg‘s campaign has long faced difficulties with his record on race. He has struggled to gain the support of black voters, and his campaign also faced criticism for using a stock photo of a Kenyan woman to promote his Douglass Plan to address racism in the U.S., USA Today reported. Lis […]

Elizabeth Warren Slams Rush Limbaugh Over ‘Hateful And Offensive’ Attack On Pete Buttigieg

Only days after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, from President Donald Trump, controversial talk radio host Rush Limbaugh launched an attack on Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. While discussing the results of the New Hampshire primary — where Buttigieg came in second — Limbaugh said that Trump would “have fun” […]

Donald Trump Says He Would Vote For A Gay Presidential Candidate

Controversial talk radio host Rush Limbaugh recently suggested that President Donald Trump would “have fun” running against South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay White House hopeful. Limbaugh made the remarks only days after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, from Trump. The commander in chief does not agree […]

Ron Paul Says ‘Well-Trained’ Pete Buttigieg Is Tight With The CIA And Military

During a recent episode of Liberty Report, host and former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke with co-host Daniel McAdams about Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who is trailing front-runner Bernie Sanders in the primary. The pair began speaking about Buttigieg’s rise into his current position behind Sanders. “He had a huge lead and then […]

Donald Trump Blasts Michael Bloomberg’s Results In New Hampshire Primary – But He Isn’t On The Ballot There

Donald Trump took a shot at Michael Bloomberg on social media with a tweet that mocked the presidential hopeful for a bad showing in New Hampshire. The problem is, the New York City Democrat wasn’t even on the ballot in the state. As Mediaite reports, Trump tweeted his attack, saying “A very bad night for […]

Pete Buttigieg Hits Back At Joe Biden: ‘This Isn’t 2008’

Former Vice President Joe Biden and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg have spent the past week attacking and criticizing each other, contrasting records, and offering their own visions for the future of the country. Per The Hill, Biden — who finished fourth in Iowa — recently dismissed the comparisons between Buttigieg and former […]

Bernie Sanders: Campaign Contributions From Billionaires & CEOs ‘Precisely The Problem With American Politics’

With the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary fast-approaching, White House hopefuls are holding rallies and making appearances on cable shows, making a final pitch to potential voters. On Sunday, Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont appeared on Face the Nation, according to The Hill. “We are running all over this state, we’re talking to as […]

Iowa Democratic Party Releases Caucus Update Showing Pete Buttigieg Winning Most Delegates

The Iowa Democratic Party has released an update on its delegate allocation after this week’s contentious caucus, showing former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg ending in the lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The updated numbers showed that Buttigieg will leave the caucus with a total of 14 pledged national delegates for this summer’s Democratic […]

Pete Buttigieg Staffer Accused Of Removing Press Credential Of African-American Status Coup Cameraman

Jordan Chariton, a journalist and the CEO of progressive media company Status Coup, is accusing a staffer from Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg‘s campaign of removing the press credential of his African-American cameraman, Jamal Jones, after interviewing the candidate’s supporters. According to Chariton, he was interviewing Buttigieg supporters who were waiting in line to one […]

Bernie Sanders Takes 10-Point Lead Over Pete Buttigieg In Post-Debate New Hampshire Poll

During the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary debate in New Hampshire on Friday night, Senator Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg sparred over campaign contributions. Sanders criticized Buttigieg for accepting funds from billionaires, Wall Street, and the pharmaceutical industry. Buttigieg surged in the polls after a strong showing in Iowa, and […]

Pete Buttigieg Says Democrats Are ‘Screwed’ If They Don’t Win Majorities In Congress

On Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate and former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg weighed in on the Democratic Party’s electoral prospects. Speaking at the Our Rights, Our Courts presidential forum, Buttigieg said that Democrats are “screwed” if they don’t win majorities in the United States Congress, according to The Hill. “If we can’t change […]

Amy Klobuchar Raises $2M After New Hampshire Debate

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s performance at Friday’s Democratic Party presidential primary debate in New Hampshire has apparently impressed voters across the country. On Saturday, Klobuchar revealed that she’s raised $2 million since the event, according to The Hill. In a statement, Klobuchar’s campaign manager, Justin Buoen, revealed that the senator is receiving donations from across […]

Joe Biden On Pete Buttigieg: ‘This Guy’s Not A Barack Obama’

On Saturday, during a campaign event in New Hampshire, former Vice President Joe Biden went on the offensive against fellow Democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg. Per The Hill, Biden told reporters that comparisons between Buttigieg and former President Barack Obama — which Buttigieg has made on a number […]

Democratic Presidential Candidates Make Final Pitch To New Hampshire Voters

On Saturday night, Democratic presidential candidates held speeches in the SNHU Arena in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, making a final pitch to voters before the primary election. According to The Hill, tensions were high with supporters of each candidate packed in the 12,000-person arena. Notably, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former South […]

Pete Buttigieg Is Reportedly Funded By Russian-Linked GOP Billionaire Who Supports Donald Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has reportedly taken donations from Republican billionaire Leonard “Len” Blavatnik, Law & Crime reports. According to the publication, Federal Election Commission (FEC) data reveals the funding from the infamous GOP donor, who allegedly has “direct links to the Russian oligarchy” and supports Donald Trump, as well as Senate Majority Leader […]

Joe Biden Releases Attack Ad Blasting Pete Buttigieg Over Inexperience, Relationship With African-Americans

Former Vice President Joe Biden entered the Democratic presidential race as the front-runner, holding on to his lead in national polling and in key early states. However, Biden experienced a major setback earlier this week, when he placed fourth in Iowa. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg essentially tied […]

New Hampshire Poll: Bernie Sanders Holds Seven-Point Lead Over Pete Buttigieg

Having finished neck-and-neck at the top of the controversial Iowa caucuses, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg are the leading competitors in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. The apparent Iowa tie seems to have helped both candidates surge ahead of their competition. According to a new CNN poll […]

New Hampshire Primary Poll: Pete Buttigieg Passes Bernie Sanders Ahead Of Critical Contest

Pete Buttigieg continues to see a bounce from his surprising win in the Iowa caucus, with a new poll showing the South Bend mayor passing Bernie Sanders in the critical upcoming contest in New Hampshire. Buttigieg was declared the winner of the Iowa caucus after a long delay caused by problems in counting votes in […]

Bernie Sanders Attacks Pete Buttigieg Over Campaign Contributions From Billionaires, Wall Street, Big Pharma

On Friday night, during the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary debate in New Hampshire, an interesting exchange between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg took place. Per The Daily Beast, the moderators kicked off the discussion by asking about the billionaire and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. The former New York […]

Bernie Sanders Leads Pete Buttigieg By 4 Points In New Hampshire Poll

A new NBC News/Marist College poll released Friday shows Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with a 4-point lead over South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, The Hill reported. Of the likely New Hampshire voters polled, Sanders gained 25 percent support, while Buttigieg gained 21 percent. As The Hill noted, the lead is within the poll’s margin of […]

Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Attacked For Editing Applause Into CNN Town Hall Clip

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg took the stage at CNN’s New Hampshire town hall on Thursday. Not long after, his campaign received backlash for appearing to insert an audio track of audience claps into a video clip of the appearance promoted on Twitter, Mediaite reports. The alleged edit was reported by the Center for Popular […]

Iowa Caucus Results Riddled With Inconsistencies, New Report Finds

The results of the Iowa Democratic caucuses were delayed from being released Monday night due to issues with reporting and concerns about accuracy. In a new report by The New York Times, there is now evidence that the results that were declared may be incorrect, potentially changing the caucus’ outcome. Before the caucuses had finished […]

Iowa Caucus Results App Could Have Been Hacked, Even Vulnerable To Changing Vote Totals, ‘ProPublica’ Reports

On Tuesday, almost 24 hours after the Iowa caucuses kicked off the Democratic primary season, the state’s Democratic Party finally released partial results from the voting, which were getting released in small increments into late Wednesday. The delay was allegedly linked to issues with a smartphone app which, for the first time, was intended to […]

Krystal Ball Says Iowa Caucuses Were Rigged: ‘This Is Not A Conspiracy’

The results of the Iowa caucuses have yet to be released due to problems involving the app used to tabulate results. During a recent episode of The Hill’s Rising, progressive commentator Krystal Ball expressed her belief that the caucuses were rigged. “It was rigged, what can I tell ya? That is not a conspiracy, it […]

Jeffrey Wright Blasts Pete Buttigieg For ‘Stacking Black Folks’ Behind Him At Iowa Caucus Rally

Actor Jeffrey Wright took to Twitter Tuesday to slam Democratic presidential Pete Buttigieg for his alleged placement of black supporters during an Iowa caucus rally on Monday night, Breitbart reports. During Buttigieg’s televised speech, the first row of supporters behind him was entirely African American and occupied the center of the TV screen. Given the […]

Iowa Caucus Voter Learns Pete Buttigieg Is Gay, Asks For Ballot Card Back & Says ‘He Better Read The Bible’

While Pete Buttigieg has yet to find out his fate in the Iowa caucus, there is at least one vote that he appeared to lose when an unidentified voter discovered that the former South Bend mayor was gay after she had signed up to support him. In a video that was shared on Twitter by […]

#MayorCheat Trends As Pete Buttigieg Faces Criticism For Declaring Early Victory Over Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa caucus results are delayed due to issues with a smartphone app developed by a company called Shadow, which reportedly received money from the Nevada and Iowa Democratic Party as well as the campaign of Pete Buttigieg. The former South Bend mayor is now facing criticism for claiming victory early, with many pointing to […]

Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Surveyed Staffers Of Color For Microaggressions, Report Says

A Tuesday report from The New York Times claims that Pete Buttigieg’s campaign circulated a survey asking for examples of microaggressions, only asking staffers of color to complete it. The first question in the survey reportedly asked the staffers if they had experienced any of six listed microaggressions from white colleagues, including “being called the […]

Senators Running For President Deploy Surrogates To Iowa As Impeachment Trial Complicates Race

The once-crowded Democratic primary field is narrowing down, with the race increasingly looking like a contest between Former Vice President Joe Biden, Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Of the four top contenders, two — Sanders and Warren — are stuck in the […]

Pete Buttigieg Skipped South Bend Police Oversight Meetings For Campaign Fundraisers, Says Report

While still serving as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg missed seven of eight meetings that were intended to address police oversight, The Intercept reports. According to the report, Buttigieg’s administration established the meetings via the Board of Public Safety in the wake of the shooting of Eric Logan, a 54-year-old […]

Viral Video Of Pete Buttigieg Campaign Event Sparks Comparisons To Jeb Bush’s ‘Please Clap’ Moment

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg recently took the chance to speak with Iowa voters as many of his 2020 rivals remain in Washington, D.C., to act as jurors in the Senate impeachment trial. During a viral video of a campaign event, Buttigieg had an awkward moment that many are comparing to Jeb Bush’s “please clap” […]

Joe Rogan Says Biden, Warren, And Buttigieg Have Requested Appearances On His Podcast

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan spoke to fellow comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore about their approach to their respective shows. Interestingly, Dore revealed that people who want to succeed in the Democratic Party aren’t allowed on his show. “My show was never about guests, my […]