McDonald’s In China Now Offering A Burger That Combines Spam, Oreo Cookies, And A Creamy Sauce

McDonald’s customers in China will now have the chance to test out a bizarre sandwich that combines Spam meat, Oreo cookies, and a creamy sauce. As The Daily Mail reported, some promotional images of the new menu item showed up on social media this week, garnering some very strong opinions and plenty of disgust. The […]

Is McDonald’s Open On Thanksgiving 2020?

While Thanksgiving in 2020 is unlikely to share the tradition of previous years, it will still see Americans celebrate family and the traditional foods that include turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, albeit a little farther away than usual. However, for those not interested in spending hours cooking or just not caught up in the spirit […]

Donald Trump Credits McDonald’s French Fries For Why He Didn’t Lose His Hair

Donald Trump tweeted that a chemical in McDonald’s french fries might be the reason why he has kept his hair. The initial post came from Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary to President George W. Bush and current Fox News contributor. In February 2018, Fleischer linked to a study that showed that a chemical […]

McDonald’s Collaborates With Travis Scott To Launch New Marketing Campaign

McDonald’s has launched a celebrity-branded meal, with rapper Travis Scott. The last celebrity-named item the fast food powerhouse had — the McJordan — began in a 1992 collaboration with professional basketball superstar Michael Jordan, who was also featured in a variety of commercials at the time. McDonald’s released a new menu item that includes all […]

Chicago Dunkin’ Employee Arrested After Allegedly Spitting Mucus Into State Trooper’s Coffee

A Chicago Dunkin’ coffee shop employee by the name of Vincent J. Sessler has been arrested after allegedly spitting in a police officer’s coffee and then serving it to him. The incident occurred on Thursday evening at a location near Chicago Midway International Airport. The employee was arrested on Saturday, according to NBC News. The […]

Taco Bell Is Removing Some Popular Menu Items, To The Dismay Of Fans

The popular fast food giant Taco Bell has confirmed rumors that they are retiring some of their popular menu items that have been around for years. Among some of the foods to be removed are the 7-Layer Burrito, Potato Bites and Loaded Grillers, according to ABC News 13. Like many restaurants big and small across […]

McDonald’s Employee Attacked After Asking A Customer To Wear A Face Mask

A 19-year-old McDonald’s employee named Maria Resendiz was reportedly attacked after she asked a customer in the drive-thru line to wear a face mask. The incident took place in Oakland, California, and is still currently being investigated, according to Business Insider. Resendiz was told by her manager that she should ask customers that aren’t wearing […]

Stacy Talbert, Police Officer Whose Emotional Video About Her Experience At McDonald’s Went Viral, Speaks Out

Stacy Talbert is a sheriff’s deputy in McIntosh County, Georgia, who recently shared an emotional video of herself crying after a bad experience at a McDonald’s drive thru. Talbert, who ordered a McMuffin, explained that she felt she couldn’t take it because she did not watch it being made. Now she’s clarifying what she meant, […]

Georgia Police Officer Cries Over A McDonald’s McMuffin In Controversial Viral Video

A Georgia police officer identified only as Stacy is being made fun of online for sharing a video that has since gone viral regarding her experience at a local McDonald’s. In the video, Stacy, still in uniform, cried in her patrol car as she told a bizarre story about her McMuffin and coffee order not […]

A McDonald’s Employee Allegedly Bashed A Customer In The Head With A Coffee Pot After A Drive-Thru Dispute

A 24-year-old McDonald’s employee named Emonie Reed from Bronx, New York was taken into police custody last week when she allegedly used a coffee pot filled with hot water to bash a customer in the head. Now, Reed is telling her side of the story, according to NBC News. Reed was working in the drive-thru […]

Wendy’s Launches Long Anticipated Breakfast

The fast food joint Wendy’s has officially launched their much anticipated breakfast menu. As of this week, customers can enjoy an array of popular breakfast food, including nine different sandwiches served on croissants and biscuits with eggs and meats. Other snacks will include potato wedges and sausage gravy as well as various coffee drinks, according […]

McDonald’s Unveils Quarter Pounder Candle Pack, With Six Burger Ingredient Scents

Fast food giant McDonald’s unveiled a Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack on Tuesday, giving its loyal customers the chance to enjoy one of its most popular menu items in between meals. “For nearly 50 years the Quarter Pounder burger has been a craveable and delicious fan favorite. We know love is always in the air […]

The Famous Shamrock Shake Is Back At McDonald’s Today To Mark Its 50th Anniversary

It’s not St. Patrick’s Day 2020 yet, but McDonald’s has officially brought back its famous Shamrock Shake today, February 19, in celebration of the dessert’s 50th anniversary, reports Yahoo Lifestyle. Not only can you buy the classic Shamrock Shake and relish in its delicious vanilla soft serve and mint flavoring, but the fast-food chain has […]

Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Sweet But Unusual McDonald’s Order For A Super Bowl Ad, And It Divides Twitter

Kim Kardashian doesn’t appear in McDonald’s new Super Bowl commercial, but her favorite items to order from the fast-food chain do. As reported by People, Kim is one of the celebrities who McDonald’s name drops in its 30-second ad. The short video reminds football fans that the rich and famous are just like them when […]

Saweetie Rocks Cut-Out Crop Top With Safety Pins In Latest Outfit Post

Saweetie is known for her killer outfit posts on Instagram and her latest upload doesn’t disappoint. The “My Type” rapper shared numerous photos within one post that haven’t gone unnoticed with her followers. She rocked a white crop top vest that was cut open in the middle and stapled together by lots of safety pins. […]

Kansas Cop Who Claimed McDonald’s Employee Wrote ‘F*cking Pig’ On His Coffee Cup Admits He Made It Up, Resigns

A Kansas police officer who claimed that a McDonald’s employee had written the words “F*cking pig” on his coffee cup has admitted that he made the story up and has resigned from his position, Fox News reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Herington Police Chief Brian Hornaday said that one of his officers had […]

Kansas Sheriff Suggests McDonald’s Employee Wrote ‘F*cking Pig’ On Officer’s Cup, Franchise Owner Denies It

A Kansas police officer says that an employee of a Junction City McDonald’s wrote an obscene and derogatory message about police on his coffee cup, NBC News reports. However, the franchise owner says that he reviewed security camera footage from every angle, and that the message wasn’t written by one of their employees. Herington Police […]

McDonald’s Employees Praised For Coming To The Aid Of A Woman Who Mouthed ‘Help Me’ At Drive-Thru Window

Employees at a McDonald’s location in the Central California city of Lodi are being praised for coming to the aid of a woman who mouthed the words “Help me” while placing her order at the drive-thru window, CNN reports. The woman had been traveling with a man who allegedly had a history of abusing her, […]

Is McDonald’s Open On Christmas Day 2019?

While most people prefer to eat traditional holiday foods on Christmas, there are others who may find themselves wanting something different. McDonald’s offers a variety of foods that can be enjoyed throughout the day, and perhaps a McGriddle for breakfast, a Big Mac for lunch, or a McFlurry for dessert may be just what someone […]

Is McDonald’s Open On Thanksgiving 2019?

Not everyone is a fan of traditional McDonald’s meals on Thanksgiving Day. For those that don’t like turkey or don’t celebrate the holiday, you might be wondering if you can still snag a McFlurry or piping hot fries on turkey day. Many fast-food fans wonder if McDonald’s will be open during specific holidays every year. […]

McDonald’s Apologizes For Racially Insensitive Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just days away and one McDonald’s in Massachusetts decided to get in on the fun by decorating the front of their restaurant. However, the Halloween display they set up ended up offending customers and causing the franchise owner of the burger joint to have to apologize. While many are scratching their heads, wondering […]

McDonald’s ‘Plant, Lettuce & Tomato’ Will Go To War With The Impossible Whopper

Beloved fast food chain McDonald’s has teamed up with plant-based fake meat company, Beyond Meat, to create a plant-based burger to test at 28 of its stores in southwestern Ontario, Canada, starting on September 30. After the success of the uncannily delicious Impossible Whopper — a plant-based Whopper now available in Burger King stores — […]

McDonald’s Employee Caught On Video Allegedly Choking, Punching Customer Who Complained About Cold Fries

A New Orleans McDonald’s employee was caught on video allegedly choking and punching a customer who complained about cold fries, Yahoo Lifestyle reports. The employee wasn’t fired immediately and indeed may still be with the company, as of this writing. The customer, whose name has not been revealed, was at a location on the Crescent […]

Is McDonald’s Open On Labor Day? Here Are The Hours

Labor Day is often celebrated with a barbecue, but not everyone wants to spend their day off from work cooking burgers on a hot grill. If you’re looking for the ultimate way to spend your work-free holiday you can still get your hands on some hamburgers at the biggest burger chain in the world. McDonald’s […]

Florida McDonald’s Employee Fired For Refusing To Serve Paramedics: ‘We Don’t Accept Anyone With A Badge’

An employee of a Florida McDonald’s has been fired after she allegedly refused to serve paramedics, telling them, “We don’t accept anyone with a badge.” As Yahoo Lifestyle reports, paramedic Anthony Quinn says that he and a colleague stopped by a McDonald’s in Madeira Beach to use the restroom. However, he wrote in a Facebook […]

McDonald’s Is Considering Changing Up Their Infamous Happy Meal

If you were ever taken to McDonald’s for lunch as a child, you probably remember the excitement of getting one of their infamous Happy Meals. Everything about the Happy Meal appeals to children, from the design of the kid-friendly box, to the plastic toy inside. At times, kids may be even more excited about finding […]

Stacy Rupp Accused Of Abandoning 9-Year-Old Son At McDonald’s So She Could Go Gamble At A Casino

An Arizona mom has been arrested on charges of child neglect, after allegedly leaving her 9-year-old son at McDonald’s so she could go to a casino and gamble, Yahoo News reports. The boy purportedly told police that his mother frequently leaves him alone, “but she always comes back.” Stacy Rupp, 34, allegedly left Phoenix with […]

‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Says Fast Food Employees Don’t Get Enough Credit

Chrissy Metz had many jobs before landing the high-profile role of Kate Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us, but one her first jobs was working behind the counter at McDonald’s. The This Is Us star told Yahoo! Finance that, as a teen, she took the job at a McDonald’s restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, because she […]

Another Alleged Milkshake-Throwing Incident Happens In The U.K. On Election Day

The trend of milkshake throwing continues in the U.K. amid the back and forth of Brexit, but there are questions being asked about the latest alleged pelting, with some calling it a political stunt. Last week, Brexit leader Nigel Farage was covered with a salted caramel milkshake in front of a crowd as he toured […]

Mysterious Canadian ‘Hamburglar’ Is Hacking People’s McDonald’s App, Racking Up Thousands Of Dollars Of Food

There’s someone in Canada who apparently idolizes the Hamburglar a bit too much. Police in Quebec are searching for a person who has been hacking into the McDonald’s app of strangers and racking up thousands of dollars worth of food purchases. The latest victim was Patrick O’Rourke, the managing editor of the tech news site […]

Young Boy Calls 911 Asking For McDonald’s & Police Officer Delivers

Anyone who has ever felt that deep hunger causing you to crave a specific kind of food that you can’t get your hands on knows it can feel like a bit of an emergent situation. Unfortunately, that is just what happened to a young boy from Michigan named Iziah while his grandmother was sleeping last […]

Supermodel Gigi Hadid Shows Off A Little Leg & Snacks On McDonald’s Fries For Coachella

American supermodel Gigi Hadid may be world-famous for her incredible figure and unparalleled beauty, but now she’s also making some social media waves for her choice of pre-Coachella snacks. According to her latest Instagram share, the svelte supermodel isn’t entirely averse to the concept of a cheat meal, clearly enjoying an order of McDonald’s french […]

McDonald’s Removing Some Favorite Food Items From Late-Night Menu

Those with the late-night munchies heading to McDonald’s to satisfy their cravings will soon have less of a selection to choose from. The fast food chain revealed that it will be removing several items from its overnight menu beginning April 30. Business Insider obtained leaked internal documents that revealed that the menu will be significantly […]

Indiana McDonald’s Employee Assaults Co-Worker With Cheeseburger

Bloomington, Indiana, police responded to the McDonald’s at 2910 West 3rd Street after receiving a phone call about an incident between co-workers on Tuesday night. According to local news outlet 1340 AM WBIW, the cheeseburger-related incident between co-workers reportedly happened just after 11 p.m. Witnesses on the scene at the time confirmed that a 21-year-old […]

McDonald’s To Use AI At Drive-Thru Menus

Fast-food giant McDonald’s plans to add technology to its drive-through menus that will offer customers better choices based on factors such as their past orders, local weather, events, and even traffic conditions. In a statement released on Tuesday, McDonald’s announced that it had acquired Dynamic Yield, a company specializing in personalization and decision logic technology. […]

McDonald’s Puts Famous Shamrock Shake Back On Their Menu

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t here just yet, but McDonald’s decided now was as good a time as ever to induce green fever in its customers. Regular McDonald’s patrons everywhere celebrated with excitement as the burger chain treated customers to an extra special Valentine’s Day gift by announcing the return of the famous Shamrock Shake just […]

McDonald’s Will Give Away Free Bacon For One Hour On Tuesday

McDonald’s wants the bacon lover inside of you to go nuts. On Tuesday, January 29, fast-food restaurant will host a “bacon hour” between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. local time during which customers will be allowed to get a side of thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon with any purchase free of charge, as USA Today detailed. […]

Donald Trump Welcomes National Champions Clemson To White House With Fast Food ‘Paid For By Me’

Last week, the Clemson Tigers won the College Football Playoff National Championship Game over the Alabama Crimson Tide. The young men on the team were set to visit the White House on Monday to be greeted by Donald Trump. During this stressful time of a government shutdown, the president didn’t want his guests to go […]

Trump Serving Array Of Fast Food, Pizza To Clemson’s National Championship Football Team At White House

Last week, the Clemson Tigers won the most coveted title in college football, beating the Alabama Crimson Tide by a score of 44-16 to become the 2018 national champions. Weather permitting, the team will celebrate their victory by making the trip from South Carolina to Washington, D.C. today to visit the White House, where President […]

Viral Video Shows Florida Man Daniel Taylor Allegedly Attacking Two McDonald’s Employees

A Florida man was caught on video allegedly assaulting two McDonald’s employees in what appears to have been a racially-motivated incident, the Washington Post is reporting. For reasons that remain unclear, the dutiful employees continued to take the man’s order even after the alleged assault. Daniel Taylor, 40, is behind bars following the New Year’s […]

Here’s How To Get Burger King’s New McDonald’s One Cent Whopper Deal

Burger King is rolling out a real whopper of a deal — their signature burger for a mere one cent. Of course, there’s a catch. According to Business Insider, the popular chain announced on Tuesday that it is “turning more than 14,000 McDonald’s into Burger King restaurants.” Who would go to McDonald’s to get a […]

Evan Schaffer Sentenced To 63 Years In Prison For Murdering Man Who Honked At Him In McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Indiana man Evan Schaffer will likely spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering a man who had honked at him in a McDonald’s drive-through, WBIW-TV (Bedford, Indiana) is reporting. And while the family of the victim, 25-year-old Justin Lampkins, welcomes justice for their loved one’s killer, Schaffer’s family insists that the 2017 […]

Video Shows White Man Pulling Gun On Black Teens In McDonald’s, Then Employee Yelling At Teens To Leave

Police are investigating an incident that took place at a McDonald’s outlet in Minnesota on Monday night when a white man reportedly pulled a gun on a group of teenagers. As reported by Huffington Post, there are several videos that are being shared on social media — particularly Twitter — which shows a group of […]

McDonald’s Manager Choked By A Drive-Thru Customer Over Ketchup

The Santa Ana Police Department is searching for a woman who was caught on videotape storming into a McDonald’s restaurant to assault the manager — after having an unsatisfactory experience at the drive-thru at 11 p.m. KTLA is reporting that the assault happened on October 26, but the police are now doubling their efforts to […]

McDonald’s Worker Assaults Manager With ‘Hot Crispy Bacon’

Some people love bacon so much that they can’t stop eating the salty cured meat — even while at work. Now, one bacon aficionado’s love for the food has gotten her in trouble with the law. On Friday, November 9, around 1:30 p.m., a manager at a McDonald’s in Bluffton, South Carolina, repeatedly told one […]

British Couple Who Have Eaten At McDonald’s Every Day For 23 Years Say Their Daily Visits Keep Them Thin

Contrary to the popular belief that junk food can wreak havoc to a person’s health, a British couple shocked everyone when they revealed that they have been eating at McDonald’s for 23 years and didn’t gain any weight. According to a report by The Sun, 83-year-old Tom Jones and his 82-year-old wife, Pauline, insisted that […]

Customers Sue McDonald’s For $5 Million Over Unwanted Quarter Pounder Cheese — Judge Throws Out Lawsuit

A lawsuit against McDonald’s where two customers alleged they were charged for cheese in a Quarter Pounder burger without cheese has been dismissed by U.S. District Judge William Dimitrouleas in Florida on Friday. Two McDonald’s customers were seeking $5 million in compensation after they requested a Quarter Pounder without cheese and were still charged the […]

McDonald’s New Triple Breakfast Stacks To Hit Menus In November

McDonald’s restaurants across the United States have been undergoing facelifts to become a more modern experience for customers, and as early as tomorrow, they will be seeing another change–this time to the fast-food chain’s popular breakfast menu. Starting November 1, McDonald’s will introduce three “Triple Breakfast Stack” sandwiches for customers to indulge in, Business Insider […]

McDonald’s Awards $25,000 Ad Campaign To Poster Pranksters Jevh Maravilla And Christian Toledo

Some pranksters end up in jail, but some, like 21-year-old Jehv Maravilla and 25-year-old Christian Toledo, are just lucky and too creative it would be a waste of talent to lock them up in a cell. The two McDonald’s customers went viral after pulling a prank at a Pearland, Texas, McDonald’s restaurant. Maravilla told KHOU […]

Princess Diana Kept It Real By Letting Her Boys Eat McDonald’s

While it may seem like the royals lead a pretty stuffy life with all their etiquette rules and long-held traditions, for Princess Diana, she apparently tried to keep it real in regard to raising her princes. Prince William and Prince Harry, the sons of Prince Charles, the current heir to the throne, and his wife, […]