Justin Amash Slams Donald Trump Jr. For Touting His Father’s Foreign Policy Record

Former Michigan Rep. Justin Amash took aim at Donald Trump Jr. on Friday evening for touting his father’s foreign policy accomplishments. “Donald Trump is the first president in modern history did not start a new war,” Trump Jr. tweeted. In response, Amash underlined the less impressive aspects of the former president’s career. “He just massively […]

Justin Amash Slams Lawmakers Who Supported Coronavirus Package: ‘Don’t Vote For Anyone Who Voted For This’

Outgoing Michigan Rep. Justin Amash on Monday slammed lawmakers who supported the recently passed $900 billion coronavirus stimulus package that many criticized for its lack of help for working Americans. “They passed 5,593 pages they didn’t read,” he tweeted. “America, stop letting this happen. Don’t vote for anyone who voted for this. It’s not okay. […]

Justin Amash Calls On Donald Trump To Offer Clemency To Reality Winner: ‘Her Punishment Is Unjust’

Outgoing Michigan Rep. Justin Amash on Tuesday called for the release of Reality Winner, who is currently imprisoned for leaking classified National Security Agency intelligence that showed the extent of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The call comes as Donald Trump’s presidential term reaches its conclusion, and many are calling on him to […]

Justin Amash Slams Donald Trump’s ‘Election Fraud Hoax’ As ‘Embarrassing’ & ‘Dishonorable’

In the wake of the Supreme Court shooting down Texas’ Donald Trump-supported attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election in four key swing states, outgoing Michigan Rep. Justin Amash took aim at the president’s recent attempts to reverse Democrat Joe Biden’s 2020 victory. “The election fraud hoax will go down as one of […]

Justin Amash Says Members Of Congress Have ‘No Idea’ Who Is Writing Legislation

Outgoing Michigan Rep. Justin Amash claimed on Sunday evening that members of Congress are not aware of who is writing the legislation that they vote on. “Legislation used to be crafted by legislators, not ‘negotiators,’” he tweeted. “The public needs to know that members of Congress have no idea who the hell is writing our […]

Justin Amash Suggests Nancy Pelosi Be Replaced As Speaker Of The House

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash took to Twitter Thursday afternoon and suggested that Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives consider replacing Nancy Pelosi as the lower chamber’s speaker. “House Democrats should consider nominating someone other than Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House, especially if Biden wins the presidency,” he wrote. “There are talented, young […]

Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash Implies That He Won’t Seek Another Term

Rep. Justin Amash, the Michigan congressman who left the GOP in 2019 and later briefly sought the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, has seemingly indicated that he won’t seek another term in Congress. The 40-year-old, who previously broke from conservatives with his criticism of President Donald Trump, implied that he won’t pursue re-election via Twitter on […]

Justin Amash Says Revoking Section 230 Would Have A ‘Chilling Effect’ On Freedom Of Speech

Both President Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have voiced support for revoking Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). In response, Libertarian congressman Justin Amash warned against the ramifications of such a move. “Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden want to ‘revoke’ Section 230,” Amash tweeted on Friday. “This would […]

Justin Amash Decides Against Running For President In 2020

Rep. Justin Amash announced on Twitter on Saturday that he is dropping his plans to run for president in 2020. The former Republican-turned-Independent congressman had been considering a run as the Libertarian Party candidate. “After much reflection, I’ve concluded that circumstances don’t lend themselves to my success as a candidate for president this year, and […]

Justin Amash Says Donald Trump’s DOJ Is Fighting Against ‘Better Protection Of Americans’ Rights’

Amid his exploratory committee for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, congressman Justin Amash continues to take aim at Joe Biden and Donald Trump — his potential rivals. On Thursday evening, Amash accused Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) of fighting against the rights of Americans. Amash took issue with a recent statement from National Security Spokesman […]

Justin Amash Slams Joe Biden For Bragging About His Role In Writing The Patriot Act

Just days after he attacked Mitch McConnell‘s plan to expand the Patriot Act, Libertarian congressman Justin Amash attacked Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for his support of the post-September 11 anti-terrorism legislation. “As the Senate debates reauthorizing the anti-privacy Patriot Act, let’s recall that Senator Joe Biden co-sponsored the Patriot Act, voted for it, complained […]

Justin Amash Says Mitch McConnell ‘Must Be Stopped’ Amid Push For Warrantless Surveillance Of Internet History

Congressman Justin Amash, who is seeking the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party, took aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday evening for his push for the warrantless collection of Americans’ search and browsing history. “The Patriot Act must be stopped,” Amash tweeted. “Mitch McConnell must be stopped. He’s working to expand warrantless […]

Justin Amash’s Presidential Bid Will Help Joe Biden, ‘Business Insider’ Columnist Says

Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash‘s exploratory committee for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination has caused backlash from both Democrats and Republicans who already worry about a volatile 2020 election. In a Thursday opinion piece for The Detroit News, Business Insider political columnist Michael Gordon argues that Amash’s entry into the race will undoubtedly help presumptive Democratic […]

Justin Amash Officially Becomes The First Libertarian Member Of Congress

On Friday, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash officially switched his party affiliation from Independent to Libertarian, making him the first member of the Libertarian Party in Congress. As reported by The Washington Times, Amash — who recently announced his bid for the Libertarian nomination for president — took to Twitter to address the occasion. “It’s an […]

Justin Amash’s Presidential Bid Will Likely Siphon Votes From Donald Trump, Author Claims

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash‘s announcement that he is seeking the Libertarian nomination for president has both Democratic and Republican voters worried about the volatility he could bring to the race. While it’s impossible to know for certain what his entry will mean, author and teacher Rachel Bitecofer argues in The Guardian that Amash will likely […]

Justin Amash Pushes Back Against ‘Un-American’ Criticism Of His Libertarian Presidential Bid

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash recently announced his bid for the Libertarian nomination for president, which has caused bipartisan pushback, with each side fearing it will harm their cause. In an appearance on MSNBC, he pushed back against accusations that he could help re-elect Donald Trump, Axios reported. According to Amash, denying additional candidates a shot […]

Rep. Justin Amash, Outspoken Trump Critic, Launches Bid For Libertarian Presidential Nomination

Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan is seeking the Libertarian nomination for president. Amash, 40, announced the news Tuesday on social media. “Today, I launched an exploratory committee to seek the @LPNational’s nomination for president of the United States. Americans are ready for practical approaches based in humility and trust of the people,” Amash tweeted, along […]

Justin Amash Blasts Donald Trump’s Attack On Fellow Congressman Thomas Massie

On Saturday, Independent Rep. Justin Amash took aim at Donald Trump‘s recent attack on Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, who received a bipartisan lambasting for attempting to hold up the coronavirus aid bill before it passed on Friday. “It’s like the president fed a Thomas Massie word cloud to an AI tweet generator,” Amash tweeted. Massie […]

Justin Amash Slams Donald Trump’s All-Caps Tariff Tirade

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday to post an all-caps rant about the necessity of federal government payments to farmers funded by tariffs. In response, independent Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who has been critical of the Trump administration’s purported socialism, slammed the president’s approach. “Using all caps to announce more corporate welfare doesn’t make […]

Justin Amash Says AG William Barr Is ‘One Of The Architects Of The Surveillance State’

Independent Justin Amash has spent much of his time in Congress battling warrantless Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) surveillance. Amid the recent criticism of Attorney General William Barr for intervening in the sentencing of Roger Stone, Amash is taking aim at the 69-year-old lawyer’s reported role in creating the surveillance state. “Bill Barr is one […]

Justin Amash Slams William Barr For His ‘Unique Awfulness’ As Attorney General

Attorney General William Barr, who has reportedly shut down several investigations into Donald Trump, has faced criticism for purportedly approaching his position from a partisan perspective. On Tuesday, Independent and former Republican Justin Amash took aim at Barr for his performance in the president’s Department of Justice (DOJ). “We’ve had many terrible attorneys general in […]

Justin Amash Outraises All Of His Democratic And Republican Competitors As An Independent

In calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump, former Republican Justin Amash was driven from his party and lost support from former GOP donors and allies. But as reported by National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar, the Independent outraised all of his opponents during the last three months of 2019 and had the best fundraising quarter of […]

Justin Amash Slams ‘Election Interference’ Defense From Donald Trump’s Impeachment Lawyers

Donald Trump‘s impeachment defense team, which includes Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr, and Pat Cipollone, has concluded its arguments against the prosecution, and the Senate will vote Friday on whether to hear from additional witnesses. Ahead of the vote, Independent Justin Amash revealed his thoughts on the president’s defense team on Thursday. “The president’s lawyers call […]

Justin Amash Says Impeachment Power Will Be ‘Dead Law’ If Donald Trump Isn’t Removed

Amid the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, Independent Michigan Rep. Justin Amash took to Twitter on Thursday night and again expressed his belief that the president should be removed from office for his actions. “The president has abused power for personal gain, precisely as the Framers of the Constitution feared,” Amash wrote. “To not […]

Justin Amash Blasts Senate For Impeachment Approach: ‘The Focus Must Be On A Fair Trial’

The Senate trial of President Donald Trump began Tuesday, and Independent Justin Amash took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the current partisan battle over the upper chamber’s handling of the process. While Republicans appear set on fighting against hearing from new witnesses, the Michigan congressman believes that this is not the fair approach. […]

Justin Amash Slams Apathetic Members Of Congress: ‘They Want The Job, Not The Responsibility’

There have been a few outspoken members of Congress who have expressed concern regarding President Donald Trump’s decision to authorize the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, including Sens. Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul. In addition, Reps. Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Matt Gaetz voted in support of a war powers resolution that […]

Justin Amash Says Alleged U.S. Embassy Threats Appear To Be ‘Totally Made Up’

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday and admitted that Donald Trump did not provide him with any evidence of Qassem Soleimani’s alleged plans to attack four U.S. embassies. Regardless, Esper agreed with the president that an attack was being planned. In response to a clip of Esper’s appearance, […]

Justin Amash Says Donald Trump Abused His Power With Qassem Soleimani Killing

Independent Justin Amash has made it clear he believes Donald Trump‘s decision to assassinate Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani was a violation of the Constitution. During a Thursday appearance on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, the Michigan representative doubled down on his comments and said he believes Trump’s decision was an abuse of power. “Every military action […]

Justin Amash Blasts Marco Rubio For Comments On Impeachment Trial

Independent and former Republican Justin Amash took to Twitter Tuesday to criticize Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and his comments on the forthcoming Senate trial on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. According to Rubio, the evidence in the impeachment trial must match the evidence and testimony that the House relied on when passing […]

Justin Amash Says Donald Trump Must Listen To Congress Amid Threats To Iran

Independent Justin Amash has been highly critical of Donald Trump‘s foreign policy and increasingly vocal about his concerns after his decision to leave the Republican Party. The Michigan congressman recently expressed his belief that Trump is not authorized to go to war with Iran following the president’s authorization of the assassination of Iranian Major General […]

Justin Amash Says Donald Trump Isn’t Authorized To Go To War With Iran

President Donald Trump‘s authorization of a drone strike to kill Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani has led to worries that it will escalate tensions in the region, with some suggesting the possibility of the U.S. going to war with Iran. In response, Michigan Representative and Independent Justin Amash took to Twitter to say that Trump does […]

Justin Amash Slams Donald Trump For Continuing ‘Endless Wars’

Independent Justin Amash took to Twitter on Thursday to slam Donald Trump for his foreign policy. Amash has previously blasted Trump as a “fraud” who has no intention of ending wars, and the Michigan Representative doesn’t appear to be changing his mind anytime soon. “When Pres. Trump was elected, I was hopeful he would bring […]

Justin Amash Says Conservatives Will Someday Face The ‘Horrible Truth’ Of Their Support Of Donald Trump

Independent and former Republican Justin Amash took to Twitter on Tuesday to continue his attacks on the GOP and their support of President Donald Trump, echoing his many past criticisms about the direction of the Republican Party under the current president. “Conservatives will someday face the horrible truth that the Republican Party fought so hard […]

Freshman Democrats Are Reportedly Pushing For Justin Amash To Be An Impeachment Manager

Democrats are moving to draft Independent Justin Amash — a former Republican — as the impeachment manager in the upcoming Senate trial against Donald Trump, The Washington Post reports. According to the report, a group of 30 freshman Democrats is appealing to House leaders to consider having libertarian Michigan representative spearhead the group that will […]

Justin Amash Slams Republicans For ‘Concerted Effort To Mislead’ On Impeachment

Independent Justin Amash recently took to Twitter to attack Republicans for misleading the public about the impeachment probe into President Donald Trump, referring to the GOP’s recent defense of Trump amid the House Judiciary Committee revealing and passing two articles of impeachment. According to The Washington Post, Republicans note that these articles do not contain […]

Justin Amash Blasts Democrats And Republicans For Failing To Reform FISA In Wake Of IG Report

In the wake of Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump‘s 2016 campaign — which revealed abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process — Independent Justin Amash took aim at those in Congress who have failed to institute reforms. “There was no oversight, just cheerleading,” he tweeted […]

Former Republican Justin Amash Will Vote Yes On 3 Articles Of Impeachment

Independent Rep. Justin Amash, who previously served in the House as a member of the Republican Party, said in an interview with CNN that he was prepared to vote “yes” on three articles of impeachment The comments come just days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she had directed the committees involved in the inquiry […]

Justin Amash Says Congress Is A ‘Totally Corrupt’ System

Independent Justin Amash, who was the first Republican to call for Donald Trump‘s impeachment, was recently spotlighted by Andy Kroll for Rolling Stone. For part of the research, Kroll followed Amash to a series of town halls in his Michigan district this summer and spoke about the story the 39-year-old congressman told his constituents. In […]

Justin Amash Says ‘History Will Not Look Kindly’ On Donald Trump’s Defenders

Former Republican and current Independent Justin Amash was the first member of the GOP to call for Donald Trump‘s impeachment following Robert Mueller’s report into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Ahead of Thursday’s House vote on a resolution for the impeachment probe, Amash warned Republicans that “history will not look kindly” on their […]

Justin Amash Blasts Donald Trump’s ‘Shameful’ Likening Of Impeachment Probe To ‘Lynching’

As The Inquisitr reported, Donald Trump recently attacked the impeachment probe into him and compared it to “lynching,” which led to criticism from some of his top allies, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Conversely, the controversial comment also received support from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Independent Justin […]

‘Hillary Clinton Is A Donald Trump Asset,’ Says Justin Amash

In a series of Twitter messages posted on Saturday, Independent Congressman Justin Amash weighed in on the controversy surrounding the accusations against Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard. Days earlier, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Gabbard of being a Russian asset. According to Amash, Clinton is actually the asset — President Donald Trump’s asset. “The […]

Justin Amash Says Donald Trump Is ‘Openly Challenging Our System Of Checks And Balances’

Donald Trump is currently facing impeachment proceedings after reportedly pressuring Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, during a controversial phone call. Despite this purported scandal, Trump doesn’t seem to be worried about being removed from office. When speaking to reporters Thursday, Trump openly called on Ukraine to investigate Biden. […]

Justin Amash Blasts GOP’s Priorities: ‘It’s About Kneeling Before A Man’

Independent Justin Amash has been openly criticizing the current direction of the GOP since he left the party and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. In Tuesday’s Twitter post, he cited his conservative voting record via sites like Conservative Review and suggested that the current Republican Party no longer cares about conservative principles. In […]

Justin Amash Blasts Kevin McCarthy For His ‘Unique Brand Of Incompetence And Dishonesty’

Independent Justin Amash took to Twitter Sunday to attack House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for his performance on 60 Minutes when he was questioned about President Donald Trump’s conversation with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump is accused of attempting to bribe Zelensky to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, The Independent […]

Justin Amash Says Donald Trump’s Allies Are Trying To ‘Gaslight America’

Vocal Donald Trump critic and Independent Justin Amash recently said that his former Republican colleagues are “denying reality” in their defense of the president’s recent Ukraine scandal. On Saturday, Amash once again waded into the scandal, this time addressing South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who suggested that the impeachment proceedings against Trump stem from “hearsay […]

Justin Amash Says Donald Trump’s Republican Defenders Are ‘Denying Reality’

Donald Trump’s attempt to pressure Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, using medical aid as leverage has sparked formal impeachment proceedings. The scandal has also drawn criticism from many, including Fox News’ legal expert Andrew Napolitano, who believes Trump’s phone call with Zelensky […]

Justin Amash On Donald Trump’s Ukraine Scandal: ‘It’s Not Just About A Call’

When Donald Trump announced Tuesday that the White House would release a transcript of his controversial call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Independent Justin Amash emphasized that it’s not about the transcript — it’s about Trump’s “continuing abuse of the office of the presidency.” The transcript has now been released and reveals that Trump indeed […]

Justin Amash Blasts Republican Party, Urges Conservatives To ‘Walk Away’

Independent Justin Amash, who frequently voices his criticism of Donald Trump and the current state of the Grand Old Party (GOP), took to Twitter Monday evening to again put the Republican Party on blast and urge conservatives to consider leaving it for “something new.” Amash believes that the traditional values of the GOP no longer […]

Justin Amash Is Likely Weighing Presidential Run As Libertarian Party Nominee, Says ‘Daily Beast’ Report

Ever since libertarian-leaning congressman Justin Amash began to openly push back against Donald Trump and the Grand Old Party (GOP), which eventually led to his departure from the Republican Party, rumors have been circulating that he’s planning on running for president as a third-party candidate for the Libertarian Party. Amash has refused to rule out […]

Justin Amash Says Real-World Washington Is ‘Much Worse’ Than In ‘House Of Cards’

Libertarian-leaning independent Justin Amash, who was the first Republican to call for Donald Trump’s impeachment, spoke to his constituents on Wednesday about his belief that the two-party system has rendered the federal government useless. Newsweek reports that Amash referenced Netflix’s House of Cards; a show that he claims portrays Washington in a better light than […]