‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Discusses Current COVID-19 Precautions On CBS Set

CBS hit Big Brother was one of the first reality shows to start filming during the COVID-19 pandemic, but delayed its debut by one month. If any series could pull it off, it would be Big Brother, as the houseguests basically live in quarantine. The roommates were routinely tested for the virus while they were […]

‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Reveals Who She Thinks Has Best And Worst Shot Of Winning ‘All-Stars’

Thursday night saw the cast of Big Brother: All-Stars dwindle down to just five houseguests after Tyler Crispen was unanimously voted out of the house. It’s down to Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, and Enzo Palumbo and one will nab the $500,000 prize come October 28. After every eviction, host Julie Chen […]

Julie Chen Comments On Triple Eviction Blunder On ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Thursday featured the first-ever triple eviction in the history of Big Brother. The houseguests had been tipped off by Dr. Will Kirby who popped in from time to time to let the players know things would be shaken up this past week. The remaining roommates suspected a double eviction last night, and a third possibly […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Blast Botched Triple Eviction Twist Following Production Error On Live Show

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the October 1 live episode of Big Brother: All-Stars. Big Brother fans are beyond annoyed following a production error on Thursday night’s show that ruined a major twist planned for the CBS reality competition. After a week of teasing the first-ever triple eviction in the show’s 22 seasons, host […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Blast ‘Boring’ All-Stars Season, Express Disgust Over Lack Of Gameplay, Predictable Targets

Big Brother fans are bored to tears by the current All-Stars season, even as cracks are beginning to form in the dominating alliance, The Committee. As two frequent seat warmers were put up on the nomination block once again, longtime viewers of the show flocked to social media to express disgust at the lazy gameplay […]

‘Big Brother 22’: Secret Neighbor Revealed With Triple Eviction Announcement

Things are starting to heat up on Season 22 of Big Brother. Thursday night’s episode was a big one as a fan-favorite was evicted, a legendary player revealed themselves to be the secret next-door neighbor, and a shocking multiple eviction was confirmed for next Thursday. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Da’Vonne Rogers was sent packing […]

‘Big Brother’ Producers Clear Memphis Garrett Of Racial Slur Rumor, Vow To Evict All-Stars Who Use Hate Speech

Big Brother producers have verified that houseguest Memphis Garrett did not drop a racial slur on the CBS live feed. After a controversial clip from a conversation captured on the live feeds circulated on social media, the All-Stars houseguest was falsely accused of saying the N-word when talking about Black housemate David Alexander. Many fans […]

‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Comments On Bayleigh Dayton’s Exit: ‘She Was Almost Too Honest’

Bayleigh Dayton has been evicted from the Big Brother house for the second time after a unanimous vote sent her packing over Da’Vonne Rogers Thursday night. Bayleigh was certain of her fate going into the evening, but that didn’t make going home any easier. Something she has struggled with as a player is her bluntness, […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Call On Julie Chen To Address Bullying Of Autistic ‘All-Stars’ Houseguest Ian Terry

Big Brother fans are calling out Julie Chen Moonves to step in and put a stop to the behind-the-scenes bullying that is going on in the All-Stars house. Earlier this week, veteran players Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, Christmas Abbott, and Memphis Garrett were caught on the live feeds poking fun at fellow competitor Ian Terry. […]

‘BB22’ News: Christmas Abbot Says She Wants Julie Chen’s Job After The Host Retires

Thursday night saw the live eviction of Kaysar Ridha after he lost to Christmas Abbott by a unanimous vote. Christmas was put up as a pawn by Enzo Palumbo in an effort to get Kaysar out of the house without any problems, and the plan worked out seamlessly. The fitness instructor still put a lot […]

‘Big Brother 22:’ Kaysar Ridha Evicted, New HOH Is Crowned

The fourth houseguest has been evicted from Big Brother All-Stars. Thursday night went by without any surprises as Kaysar Ridha was evicted from the game by a unanimous vote. Since BB22 began, he and Janelle Pierzina were the number one targets in the game. It took three weeks for the latter to get the boot […]

‘Big Brother’s’ Nicole Franzel Blasted For Univiting Janelle Pierzina To Her Wedding In Nasty Goodbye Message

Big Brother fans are calling out Nicole Franzel for her rude goodbye message to Janelle Pierzina. After the legendary three-time star of the CBS reality show was evicted in Week 3 of the All-Stars game, the Season 18 winner uninvited the outgoing houseguest to her wedding. In what may go down as one of the […]

‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Is ‘Baffled’ By Memphis Garrett’s Gameplay

Longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen is spilling her feelings regarding this last week on the show. She caught up with Entertainment Weekly to talk about Nicole Anthony’s sad departure, David Alexander’s odd campaigning, and Memphis Garrett’s bizarre Head of Household (HOH) reign. Memphis came under fire throughout his time in power, especially for how […]

Julie Chen Says ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ Should Meditate, Keep Their Mouths Shut If They Want To Win Season 22

Julie Chen says this summer’s Big Brother houseguests should follow a few simple rules if they want to win the All-Stars season. In a new interview, the longtime Big Brother host, who has helmed the CBS reality show since its inception in 2000, said there are five important things to do for players who want […]

Julie Chen Breaks Down Current Gameplay On ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Julie Chen has been hosting Big Brother since it debuted 22 seasons ago. She has seen just about everything when it comes to this game and is an expert on analyzing gameplay among the competing houseguests. Each week of a season, Julie catches up with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the players, alliances, and all the […]

‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Dances Around Battle Back Inquiry, Teases A Comeback

Keesha Smith was the first houseguest evicted this summer on Big Brother. The All-Star had her exit interview with host Julie Chen, who appeared to wish her luck and good health moving forward, suggesting she was leaving the game for good and wouldn’t be competing in some sort of Battle Back competition. A post was […]

Julie Chen Explains Her ‘Golden Rule’ Sign-Off On ‘Big Brother 22’

Last Thursday saw the first live eviction of the summer on Big Brother All-Stars. As usual, longtime host Julie Chen narrated the show along the way, but it was her goodbye message at the end of the episode that had social media buzzing. The 50-year-old brought up the Golden Rule before saying goodnight, something she […]

Julie Chen Poses In Stylish Face Mask Backstage, Explains Why She Took It Off For ‘Big Brother’ Broadcast

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves seemingly responded to viewers who complained that she didn’t wear a mask when interviewing the first evicted houseguest on the CBS reality show this week. Less than 24 hours after a maskless Julie sat more than six feet away from evicted player Keesha Smith to chat with her about […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Frustrated Over Julie Chen’s Missing Face Mask

Julie Chen has finished hosting the second episode of Big Brother Season 22. Thursday night’s live eviction saw Keesha Smith sent home by a unanimous vote of 13-0. Once she exited the house and went out to the main stage, Keesha sat down for her exit interview, and some fans have a major grievance with […]

‘Big Brother 22’ Fans Suspect A Battle Back Competition Is In The Works Based On Hints

The first houseguest has been sent packing on Big Brother Season 22. Keesha Smith is the first All-Star that has been given the boot, and fans were eagerly waiting for host Julie Chen to reveal in the episode’s exit interview that there would be a Battle Back competition this season. This announcement never came to […]

‘Big Brother 22’ Week 1: First Houseguest Evicted & Second HOH Crowned

The first eviction in Big Brother: All-Stars is complete, and one houseguest has been sent packing. The Thursday episode of Season 22 saw Keesha Smith sitting next to Kevin Campbell on the block, and a unanimous vote sent one of the reality stars home. By a vote of 13-0, Keesha was evicted first on BB22. […]

‘Big Brother’ Alum Frankie Grande Says He Would Have ‘Dominated’ Entire All-Stars Season: ‘I Would’ve Won’

Big Brother veteran Frankie Grande says the show’s current players wouldn’t have had a chance against him had he competed in the All-Stars season. Big Brother: All-Stars kicked off last week with stringent coronavirus safety protocols — but without Frankie — after his name popped up on multiple spoiler lists ahead of the official cast […]

‘Big Brother’ Winner Josh Martinez Reportedly Cut From All-Stars Cast Due To False Positive COVID-19 Test

Big Brother veteran Josh Martinez was reportedly taken out of the running for this summer’s all-stars season earlier this week due to a coronavirus testing faux pas. On the heels of previous reports that two potential Big Brother players tested positive for COVID-19 during production’s rigorous pre-game testing, a new report names Martinez as one […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Blast Unfair HOH Challenge That Put Female Players At Major Disadvantage

Big Brother fans are reacting to the first controversy of Season 22 — an unfair challenge that was played to determine which of the 16 all-star houseguests got to play in the first Head of Household (HOH) competition. The all-star houseguests were introduced by gender and in groups of four on the live Big Brother: […]

Two ‘Big Brother’ Players Evicted From All-Stars House After Reportedly Testing Positive For COVID-19

Two Big Brother contestants have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. As the still-unannounced All-Star houseguests undergo medical testing before entering the CBS summertime house, new reports claim that two former players have already been “evicted” from the game after testing positive for coronavirus. In a virtual interview with a CBS Los Angeles affiliate, Big Brother […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Freak Out As CBS Drops Clues About The Identities Of The All-Star Houseguests

Big Brother fans are close to finding out the identities of the all-star houseguests for Season 22, but social media clues could provide an early reveal for a few of the returning players. After giving viewers a tour of the Big Brother 22 house hosted virtually by Julie Chen Moonves, the BB powers-that-be gifted superfans […]

Julie Chen Says She Won’t Be Touching The ‘Big Brother’ All-Stars: ‘Not Even A Chenbot Handshake’

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves says she won’t get too close to the Big Brother: All-Stars houseguests this season as the CBS reality show follows super strict protocols amid the coronavirus health pandemic. Hours after she gave fans a virtual tour of the 2020 Big Brother “loft,” the longtime TV host said safety protocols […]

‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ House Tour Features Nods To Past Legendary Players In Kitchen & Bedrooms

Big Brother fans are thrilled by the long-overdue house tour ahead of the upcoming All-Stars season. After host Julie Chen Moonves teased that the all-star cast will include past winners and runner-ups, photos of the houseguests’ bedrooms were posted to the CBS reality show’s official Instagram account, and videos of the bedrooms and kitchen also […]

Julie Chen Says ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ Cast Includes Past Winners Who Fans Felt ‘Didn’t Deserve’ To Win

Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves is opening up about the show’s all-star cast two days before the Season 22 premiere is set to air live on CBS. In a new interview, the longtime TV host dropped clues about the still-unannounced roster of past players who will return to the CBS summertime reality show. The […]

‘Big Brother’ All-Stars House Tour: Angry Fans Demand Answers For Season 22

Big Brother fans are demanding to see the inside of the CBS summertime house that the all-star players will be living in this season. Days after a long-awaited cast announcement was postponed for the upcoming 22nd season of the hit reality show, diehard viewers are frustrated that host Julie Chen Moonves’ traditional house tour hasn’t […]

‘Big Brother’ Producer Reveals If Houseguests Will Be Given Updates On COVID-19

Big Brother is a one-of-a-kind social experiment that locks 16-17 people away in a house with absolutely no connection to the outside world. While these houseguests battle it out for $500,000, they are without their cell phones and computers and have no contact with anyone but each other and a few producers. They are not […]

‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Posts Cryptic Tweet Using Only The House Emoji In Different Patterns

Julie Chen is at it again. The longtime Big Brother host has shared a new cryptic tweet to her timeline, which was posted around 6:00 p.m. EST on Friday. The tweet has BB fans going wild in the comment section as they speculate about what she might mean by the bizarre emoji pattern she shared. […]

‘Big Brother’ Producer Explains First Ever Live Move-In Episode

Big Brother producers are always trying to throw new twists and turns at their houseguests and viewers, and Season 22 is no different. This summer, fans will be treated to a live move-in episode, something never done before on the hit competition series. Traditionally, the move-in episode is pre-recorded with a studio audience and is […]

‘Big Brother’ To Get New Set & Backyard Changes Ahead Of All-Stars Season

Big Brother is one of the few reality shows filming during the ongoing health crisis, with Season 22 debuting this coming Wednesday. Producers had to make a plethora of changes when it came to the series this summer, despite the show revolving around quarantined cast members. Executive producer Allison Grodner caught up with Entertainment Weekly […]

‘Big Brother’ All-Stars Cast List Leaked Hours After CBS Delays Official Reveal Until Season 22 Premiere

Big Brother fans are reacting to a leaked cast list that was posted by TV Guide hours after CBS announced that the official roster of players won’t be revealed until the show’s live premiere on August 5. In a shocking – and confusing – apparent faux pas by the entertainment magazine, a link about Big […]

‘Big Brother’ All-Stars Cast To Be Revealed On Premiere Date

Big Brother fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer before the All-Stars roster reveal. The houseguests on Season 22 were originally going to be revealed this past Monday, but CBS went silent regarding their newest lineup, much to the disappointment of loyal viewers. Hours turned to days as the Big Brother […]

‘Big Brother’ Alum Claims Producers Wrote Diary Room Scripts, Fed Information To ‘Favorite’ Players

Big Brother veteran Christine Varner is delivering some shocking allegations about her time on the CBS reality show six years ago. Days before the 20th-anniversary All-Stars game is set to debut, the Big Brother 16 veteran — known as Christine Brecht at the time she was a houseguest in the reality competition — expressed annoyance […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Furious After Promised All-Stars Season 22 Cast Reveal Doesn’t Happen

Big Brother fans are reacting online after a promised Season 22 cast reveal didn’t happen for CBS All Access subscribers. With just one week until the previously announced two-hour Big Brother move-in episode is set to premiere, viewers are still in the dark about which past players will be competing in the recently announced All-Stars […]

Julie Chen Posts Cryptic Photo Of 3 House Keys That Hint Celebrities Could Be Part Of ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’

Big Brother fans are reacting online after host Julie Chen Moonves shared a cryptic photo on social media teasing the upcoming all-stars season of the CBS reality show, with a possible celebrity twist. Days after the longtime host confirmed that Big Brother 22 will debut on Aug. 5 and feature a lineup of past players, […]

‘Big Brother: All Stars’ Confirmed, Julie Chen Announces Premiere Date For Long-Overdue Season 22

Big Brother fans are rejoicing over the news that the long-awaited 22nd season has finally been confirmed. Days after a rumored partial cast list for the long-running reality show hit the web, host Julie Chen Moonves shared the premiere date and the confirmation that past players will indeed return to the Big Brother house for […]

‘Big Brother 22’ Cast Leaked As All-Star Players Reportedly Begin Two-Week Quarantine In L.A.

Big Brother producers have reportedly sequestered a group of all-star contestants as well as alternates ahead of the show’s 20th anniversary season. The cast for the delayed CBS reality show has arrived in Los Angeles, where they will be tested for COVID-19 as their first challenge this summer, TMZ reported. Production sources told the outlet […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Freak Out As All-Stars Merch Is Leaked On CBS Website, Quickly Removed Ahead Of Season 22

Big Brother has seemingly confirmed that its upcoming season will feature returning players, but viewers had to be quick to catch the clue. On Monday, CBS’ online shop was temporarily populated with themed gear ahead of the new season of the summertime reality show, but after eagle-eyed viewers spotted it, the merchandise was promptly taken […]

‘Big Brother 22’ Crew Will Quarantine In RVs During Production For Upcoming Season

Big Brother will take extra precautions for its 22nd season by quarantining the entire production crew on site while filming the upcoming round of the CBS reality show. Insiders close to BB22 said staffers will exist in a bubble when the show resumes with its rumored cast of all-stars from past seasons. Crew members will […]

‘Big Brother’ Season 22 Premiere Date Revealed, Here’s Who Has Reportedly Been Contacted For All-Stars Cast

Big Brother will reportedly return to CBS next month for its second ever All-Stars season. On the Watch With Us podcast, an insider said Big Brother’s filming schedule has been pushed back amid the global health pandemic but that it’s expected to premiere in mid-July, about three weeks later than the summertime reality show usually […]

‘Big Brother’ Season 22 Could Premiere In July With All-Star Cast Based On This Rumor

Big Brother could return to CBS sooner than expected. The summertime reality show, which celebrates its 20th anniversary on July 5, could return to TV in time to mark that milestone if the buzz about a recent tweet turns out to be true. Plans for Big Brother’s anniversary season — which is rumored to be […]

‘Big Brother 22’ Cast Leak Reveals All-Stars Season Will Reportedly Include At Least Two Past Winners

Big Brother will reportedly feature a cast of familiar faces for its upcoming 22nd season—including at least two past winners. On the heels of the news that the CBS reality competition will feature an all-stars season in honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, an insider said past Big Brother champs and a two-time runner-up are […]

‘Big Brother 21’ Alum Posts Cryptic Tweet That Hints She Could Return For Rumored All-Stars Season

Big Brother fans are reacting to a cryptic tweet posted by a former cast member that could be a hint that she’s been asked to return for a possible all-stars season. On the heels of rumors that some Big Brother alumni have been contacted for an all-stars season for the CBS reality show’s 20th anniversary […]

‘Big Brother’ Winner Andy Herren Calls For Zero-Tolerance Discrimination Policy For Season 22

Big Brother Season 15 star Andy Herren is calling out CBS for casting racist houseguests on the long-running summertime reality show, and he is calling for a “zero tolerance” policy going forward. On Twitter, Herren, who was part of one of the most controversial seasons ever on the CBS reality show, gave the Big Brother […]

‘Big Brother’ Fans Demand Season 22 Update As Teaser Post Pops Up On Instagram

Big Brother fans want an update on Season 22. One month before the CBS reality show traditionally kicks off, fans freaked out over a post on the official Big Brother Instagram page after nearly two months of inactivity. In a post that has absolutely nothing to do with the status of BB22, former Celebrity Big […]

‘Big Brother’ Casting Director Hints That Season 22 Is Still On Despite COVID-19 Shutdowns

Big Brother may still see the light of day this summer. The casting director for the long-running CBS reality show says it’s business as usual as she holds applicants to a strict deadline for the upcoming season. Big Brother casting calls were canceled last month across the country as the COVID-19 health pandemic began to […]