John McCain Biopic In The Works Which Will Document The Life Of The Late Arizona State Senator

A biopic of the late Arizona State Sen. John McCain is in the works. It will document the life of the man known as a “maverick” for his willingness to break with his own Republican party on certain issues. The project reportedly has the blessing of his wife, Cindy McCain. The Wrap reported that Mark […]

Meghan McCain Calls For ‘Intellectual Consistency’ From Republican Party On Actions Of ‘MAGA Supporters’

The View panelist Meghan McCain has called for “intellectual consistency” from the Republican party regarding the actions of MAGA supporters who stormed the Capitol building and caused the death of five people and multiple injuries of others. In an Instagram post seen here, Meghan demanded her party hold the president and those involved with the […]

Meghan McCain Responds To Donald Trump’s Attack On Her Dad: ‘You Have Disgraced The Office Of The Presidency’

Meghan McCain is striking back after President Donald Trump’s latest attack on her long-deceased father, saying that he has “disgraced the office of the presidency.” This week, the president took to Twitter to share a story from Breitbart News that claimed new evidence undermined the allegations that his campaign had colluded with Russia during the […]

Meghan McCain Says She’s ‘Relieved’ To Have A President Who Respects POWs

New mom Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain and co-host of ABC’s The View, took to Twitter shortly after news organizations officially projected that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. “Only a very personal note – I am relieved and look forward to having a president who respects POW’s who […]

Meghan McCain Shares Her Belief In Democracy: ‘No President Or Time Or Political Party Will Ever Change That’

Meghan McCain shared her belief in democracy and her trust in the democratic process via an Election Day Instagram post that asked for unity over divisiveness as the citizens of the United States cast their ballots. Her post and its subsequent caption was a hit with her 439,000 followers who hit the “like” button over […]

Meghan McCain Predicts ‘Insane Level Of Meltdown’ And ‘Hysteria’ From Donald Trump’s Family If He Loses

Meghan McCain recalled the grace with which her father accepted defeat in the 2008 presidential race. She doesn’t expect the same from Donald Trump and his family. The daughter of former Arizona senator and Republican presidential candidate John McCain shared a story from the election night in 2008, when her father realized that he would […]

Donald Trump Was Reportedly Furious When Flags Were Lowered For John McCain, Demanded They Be Raised Again

Donald Trump was furious when he learned that the Department of Homeland Security ordered flags lowered around the country following the death of late Arizona Sen. John McCain, with a former official claiming he had aides call in the middle of the night to order them to be raised again. Miles Taylor — the former […]

Roberta McCain Dead, The Late Senator John McCain’s Mother Passed Away At Age 108

Roberta McCain has passed away at the age of 108, according to the Associated Press. The Oklahoma native lived a long life, as the centenarian is mostly known by younger generations as the mother of the late Senator John S. McCain III, as well as the wife of the well-known Navy Admiral John McCain Jr. […]

John McCain’s Widow Cindy McCain Endorses Joe Biden For President

Cindy McCain, the widow of late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, has endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president, CNN reported. She joins a growing list of Republicans who, dissatisfied with President Donald Trump, have publicly come out in support of his Democratic opponent. Rumors that McCain’s widow would throw her support behind Biden have been […]

Donald Trump Declines Opportunity To Retract Infamous Attack On John McCain As ‘Not A War Hero’

Donald Trump declined the chance to take back a controversial attack on John McCain as the White House continued damage control following a story claiming the president repeatedly denigrated the sacrifices of U.S. service members. On Thursday, a report from The Atlantic claimed that the president had repeatedly made statements to top aides expressing confusion […]

Donald Trump Denies He Called John McCain A Loser, Despite Calling Him That Publicly In 2015

Donald Trump took to Twitter to publicly deny a report that he called the late Arizona Senator John McCain a loser, a claim that had been included in a bombshell report alleging Trump repeatedly disparaged members of the U.S. military. But as Buzzfeed News pointed out, the president has publicly used the word “losers” when […]

Donald Trump Reportedly Questioned Why US Sought Soldiers Missing In Action, Said They Deserved What They Got

Donald Trump questioned why the U.S. government put such strong efforts into finding soldiers who went missing in action, saying that they deserved what they got for failing in their mission and being captured, a new report claims. On Thursday, a report from Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic stated that the president repeatedly expressed disdain […]

Meghan McCain Honors Late Father John On The Second Anniversary Of His Death: ‘742 Days’

Meghan McCain honored her late father, Sen. John McCain, on the second anniversary of his death with a favorite photographic memory posted to Instagram. She reflected on the past two years since his passing. The View panelist shared “742 Days,” the number of days she has mourned her loss. Meghan also shared how much she […]

Meghan McCain Shares Emotional Instagram Post Honoring Husband Ben Domenech

Meghan McCain appeared to become emotional in a touching Instagram share which honored her husband of almost three years, Ben Domenech. The View host, who will expect her first child later this year, celebrated Ben’s first Father’s Day as a father-to-be with a series of statements. The compliments showed her appreciation for the positive attributes […]

Twitter Celebrates Donald Trump’s Birthday With #AllBirthdaysMatter And Obama Appreciation Tweets

June 14 was President Donald Trump’s birthday, but instead of sending him birthday wishes, thousands of Twitter users decided to roast him by tagging posts with #AllBirthdaysMatter and writing Obama appreciation posts, Variety reported on Sunday. Early Sunday morning, a few hashtags started trending including #AllBirthdaysMatter, #ObamaAppreciationDay, and #ObamaDayJune14th. By early afternoon, each of the […]

‘The View’ Star Meghan McCain Shares Tender Throwback Photo With Father John

The View star Meghan McCain shared a tender photo featuring late father John McCain and her first experience at an election day polling site. She posted the image in honor of Super Tuesday, when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses. The black-and-white snapshot was a throwback to a time when […]

Donald Trump Falsely Took Credit For Veterans Choice Bill 56 Times In 2019, Barack Obama Signed Bill In 2014

In one of his final tweets of 2019, Donald Trump falsely took credit for a veterans health care bill that was actually signed in 2014 by President Barack Obama and co-sponsored by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and the late Arizona Republican John McCain. But according to CNN fact-checking correspondent Daniel Dale, on his own Twitter […]

Donald Trump Criticizes John McCain For Spreading Christopher Steele’s Claims

Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday to fire another shot at the late John McCain, who he has long squabbled with in the public eye, Breitbart reports. “Now that wasn’t very nice, was it?” Trump tweeted in response to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, who shared a report on McCain. The report revealed that Christopher […]

Christopher Steele Used John McCain To Funnel Claims To James Comey, Says Report

The controversial report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz into the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign revealed many concerning details. One was that Christopher Steele’s dossier was used in the case to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to secure a wiretap on former Donald Trump campaign official Carter Page after the DOJ […]

Cindy McCain Says Democrats Can Win Arizona In 2020

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Saturday, late Senator John McCain‘s widow, Cindy McCain, said that Democrats can win Arizona in 2020, reports Raw Story. CNN host David Axelrod started the discussion by noting that there has been speculation that Arizona, a state McCain represented, could turn blue come 2020. “Is that a real […]

Cindy McCain Says Her Late Husband Would Be ‘Disgusted’ With Current Republican Party

Cindy McCain, wife of the late Republican Sen. John McCain, reportedly said during a CNN interview set to air on Saturday evening that her husband would be “disgusted” at what’s happening within the Republican party at the current time. According to The Hill, McCain hinted that the current turmoil within the ranks of the GOP, […]

Meghan McCain Talks Heartbreaking Miscarriage On ‘Good Morning America’: ‘I Felt Very Alone’

The View star Meghan McCain spoke about her heartbreaking miscarriage in an interview for Good Morning America. She hoped that telling other women her story would help them by making them feel less alone, as Meghan did while going through the experience. The conservative panelist on the ABC daytime talk show explained on GMA that […]

Meghan McCain Condemns ‘Disgusting’ Fake Donald Trump Video Showing Her Dad Being Gunned Down

Meghan McCain condemned the violent doctored video that was aired at a pro-Trump event showing the president killing his opponents, including her father, the late John McCain, and other media figures. According to Mediaite, The View host addressed the shocking video that has been garnering criticism from people on both sides of the aisle. At […]

Todd Palin Filed For Divorce From Wife Sarah Citing ‘Incompatibility Of Temperament’

Todd Palin, husband of former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, has reportedly filed for divorce. The Anchorage Daily News reports that Todd Palin cited “incompatibility of temperament between the parties.” The motion also states that their incompatibility makes it “impossible to live together as husband and wife.” According to the report, Todd filed the papers […]

Meghan McCain Shares Heartbreaking Post Marking The One-Year Anniversary Of Her Dad’s Death

Meghan McCain is still hurting at the loss of her father and took to Instagram this weekend to share a heartbreaking post marking the one-year anniversary of his death. The 34-year-old co-host of The View shared an Instagram picture of herself sitting beside her father on a bench as the two enjoyed the Arizona landscape. […]

Meghan McCain Suffered A Miscarriage ‘A Few Weeks Ago’

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Senator John McCain, opened up about her miscarriage in a poignant op-ed written for The New York Times. In the article, the View co-host confessed that the miscarriage took place a “few weeks ago” and that she is done “hiding” her pain and sorrow. The op-ed opens with McCain’s […]

Meghan McCain Rips Lindsey Graham, Her Father’s Close Friend, For Trump Defense

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, for many years, was known for his close friendship with Sen. John McCain. When McCain ran for president in 2008, both Graham and Senator Joseph Lieberman were known as his “kitchen cabinet.” During the 2016 election, both during and after Graham’s brief presidential run, Graham agreed in public comments […]

Meghan McCain Shares Heartbreaking Photo With Late John McCain On Social Media: ‘308 Days, Dad’

It’s been almost a year since John McCain passed away, but his friends and family are still reeling from the loss. Meghan McCain has made it no secret that the death of her father has weighed heavily on her this past year. The View host has taken to social media a few times to share […]

Veterans Group Plans To Hand Out USS John McCain T-Shirts At Donald Trump’s Fourth Of July Celebration

Donald Trump may get an unwelcome reminder of his biggest political foe at his Fourth of July celebration. Trump announced plans for a massive celebration on the National Mall on Independence Day, one that breaks the tradition of keeping the celebration bipartisan by including a speech from himself. So a group of veterans organizations is […]

#JohnMcCainDay Trending On Twitter As Users ‘Celebrate’ President Donald Trump’s Birthday

Friday is President Donald Trump’s birthday, but thousands of Twitter users have been focusing on making June 14 known for something else, at least temporarily. In honor of the president’s history of ill will and negative comments regarding deceased Arizona senator John McCain, a number of left-leaning social media users are banding together to get […]

Meghan McCain Cheers ‘Brilliant Troll’ Projection Of USS John McCain In London

A guerilla protest group projected an image of the USS John McCain on a London building while Donald Trump was visiting the UK this week, and Meghan McCain is all about it. The conservative commentator cheered the “brilliant troll,” saying that the British people protest so much better than Americans do. According to The Hill, […]

The Pentagon Tells Trump Administration To Stop Politicizing The Military

In the wake of a controversy surrounding the United States Navy having been ordered to keep the warship U.S.S. John S. McCain out of sight (in an apparent effort to avoid upsetting the president), the Pentagon has expressed frustration with what is being described as the politicization of the military, ABC News reports. As The […]

Meghan McCain Claps Back At Donald Trump, Says The President’s Actions ‘Have Consequences’

The View panelist Meghan McCain clapped back at President Donald Trump for once again making negative comments regarding her father — John McCain — by stating that his “actions have consequences.” McCain, daughter of the late Arizona Senator John McCain, made her remarks after Trump said, in a statement, that he had nothing to do […]

Read The Letter Ordering The Navy To Hide The USS John S. McCain From Donald Trump During Japan Visit

President Donald Trump indicated that whoever took the initiative to obscure the USS John S. McCain during the president’s trip to Japan was “well-meaning,” and a copy of the recently infamous email detailing the orders has now been obtained, as CNBC reports. “I was not a big fan of John McCain in any way, shape […]

President Trump Claims He Had Nothing To Do With Hiding McCain’s Name During His Trip To Japan

President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that he didn’t have anything to do with the military’s decision to obscure the name of the Navy ship USS John McCain during his trip to Japan. He said he wouldn’t have requested that, but he’s sure whoever did it was “well-meaning.” According to The Hill, the president […]

The Navy Had To Figure Out How To Hide The USS John McCain So It Wouldn’t Offend Donald Trump In Japan

According to an email obtained by The Wall Street Journal, during President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Japan, White House staffers worked to ensure that the United States Navy warship named for the late Senator John McCain stayed out of sight, The Hill reports. The email, which is dated May 15, included a general outline […]

Meghan McCain Roasted For Telling Amy Klobuchar Not To Mention Her Father

The latest in the seemingly endless series of controversies involving The View co-host Meghan McCain involves a Democratic presidential contender, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. Earlier this week, Klobuchar relayed an anecdote involving Meghan McCain’s father, the late Senator John McCain, with whom Klobuchar served in the Senate for many years, prior to McCain’s death […]

John McCain Read A List Of Names Of Dictators During Trump’s Inauguration, Amy Klobuchar Claims

John McCain read off a list of the names of dictators during Donald Trump’s inauguration, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar told a crowd of supporters at a campaign rally. As Huffington Post reports, Klobuchar and her Senate colleague McCain were friends when the former Arizona Senator was alive, and as such, they sat next to each […]

McCain Family Will Support Biden’s Run For President

The late Senator John McCain was a lifelong Republican, as is most of his family. His daughter, Meghan McCain, usually takes Republican positions in her capacity as co-host of The View. However, a report Wednesday says that the McCains will be supporting a Democrat for president in 2020. According to the Washington Examiner, McCain’s family […]

Trump Challenger Bill Weld Says McCain Could Provide Blueprint To 2020 Victory

Trump challenger Bill Weld knows that he’s the biggest long-shot to win the 2020 primary, but the former two-term Massachusetts governor suggests that the late Senator John McCain could provide a blueprint for his victory. In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Weld suggested that McCain’s two New Hampshire primary victories were the result […]

Meghan McCain Pens Heartbreaking Post Following Loss Of Her Late Father John McCain’s Dog In ‘Tragic Accident’

It’s never easy to lose a pet, especially when one was so close to a late family member. Last night, Meghan McCain took to her Instagram account to let her followers know that her father’s beloved dog, a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Burma, had crossed the rainbow bridge. Along with a lengthy and heartfelt post, […]

Meghan McCain Calls This ‘View’ Co-Host Her ‘Ride Or Die’

Meghan McCain took to her official Instagram to call this View co-host her “ride or die” in a poignant social media post, alluding to their long friendship both on and off camera. McCain took a pic with Abby Huntsman after one of the show’s tapings and called her the sweet quote, which alludes to the […]

Lindsey Graham Flies To Mar-A-Lago For Weekend With Trump After Trump Spends The Week Trashing John McCain

Lindsey Graham is reportedly flying to the Mar-a-Lago report in Florida for a weekend with Donald Trump, even after Trump had spent the majority of the week publicly trashing Graham’s longtime friend, John McCain. Trump began launching attacks against McCain last weekend, targeting the now-deceased Arizona senator on a number of fronts, including his decision […]

Lou Dobbs Defends Trump’s Comments Against John McCain, Says It’s ‘Not An Exhumation Of His Body’

On Thursday, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs again offered his take on President Donald Trump’s recent series of attacks against John McCain, explaining why he will continue to defend the president, despite the negative nature of many of his comments about the late senator. This came one day after he called out Republican lawmakers who […]

Donald Trump Keeps Attacking John McCain Because He’s ‘Acting On Instinct,’ Per ‘Bloomberg’

Over the past week or so, President Donald Trump has issued a series of attacks against the late Arizona senator and former Republican presidential candidate John McCain. These included, but have not been limited to, remarks about McCain’s “disgraceful” decision to vote against the repeal of Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, as well as claims […]

Trump Intensifies Attack On McCain, Says He Used The Steele Dossier For ‘Evil Purposes’

Donald Trump continued his week-long attack on the late Senator John McCain on Friday, saying that McCain turned over the Steele dossier to the FBI “for very evil purposes.” In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Business, via YouTube, the president also explained that it was the media’s fault that he was forced […]

‘Fox & Friends’ Co-Host Slams Donald Trump For Continued Attack On Late John McCain

Sen. John McCain has been dead for almost seven months, but that hasn’t stopped President Donald Trump from leveling continued complaints and insults at him. Last weekend, Trump set off a tweet storm, sending out over 30 tweets in just 12 hours. Some of them were aimed at McCain, and he has continued that tirade […]

Meghan McCain’s Sister Bridget Calls Donald Trump ‘A Child’ In Passionate Twitter Post

Meghan McCain’s youngest sister Bridget McCain alleged in a statement on Twitter that the President of the United States Donald Trump is acting like a “child” after his pointed and critical remarks about her late father, Arizona Senator John McCain, over the past week. Bridget McCain does not speak publicly, remarked The View panelist Meghan […]

‘The View’s’ Ana Navarro Blasts Donald Trump, Fact Checks Him Over John McCain ‘Lies’

Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist who worked on Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, blasted President Donald Trump as a “liar” for statements he made over the past week about the late Arizona senator, who died of brain cancer in August 2018. The president took to Twitter with several pointed comments directed at McCain over […]

Donald Trump Claims McCain Family Never Thanked Him For ‘Giving’ John A Funeral, But Video Shows Otherwise

Donald Trump claimed that the McCain family never thanked him for “giving” John McCain a funeral at the National Cathedral in Washington, but video shows otherwise. Trump has been locked in a one-sided feud with the long-dead Arizona Senator, attacking McCain several times over the course of the last week. Trump has taken aim at […]