Creepy Canadian Beach Has Had Dozens Of Disarticulated Feet Wash Up On Its Shores

The beaches along the Straight of Georgia in Canada are gaining notoriety for a very creepy reason: dozens of feet in shoes have washed up on its shores over the past one and a half decades. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Company, the bizarre mystery began at least 14 years ago, in August 2007 when […]

Jordan Peterson’s New Book Stirs Controversy At Penguin Random House Canada

Canadian clinical psychologist and commentator Jordan Peterson is releasing a new book through Penguin Random House Canada, which is causing pushback from some of its staffers. As reported by Vice News, the publisher announced on Monday that it would be releasing Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life in March 2021. In response, some staffers […]

Patrick Mahomes Suggests New Home For Toronto Raptors: ‘Bring Them To KC!’

NFL superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes publicly pushed for the Toronto Raptors to relocate temporarily to Kansas City, the same place the Chiefs reside, after reports claimed that the NBA team was looking for a new location. The Raptors are allegedly searching for a new place to call home due to the fact that Canada has […]

Google Searches For ‘Move To Canada’ Spike After US Presidential Debate

The first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Tuesday evening led to a spike in Google searches about how Americans could move to Canada, The Independent reported. According to data from Google, “how to apply for Canadian citizenship,” “move to Canada,” and other similar queries surged following the fiery 90-minute […]

Toronto Blue Jays Won’t Be Allowed To Play Their Home Games In Canada

Assuming the Major League Baseball season goes on as scheduled this summer, the Toronto Blue Jays won’t be able to play their home schedule in their usual stadium. According to the Associated Press, the Canadian government ruled on Saturday that the Blue Jays won’t be able to stage any matchups in Canada. Immigration Minister Marco […]

Laura Ingraham Slammed For Saying Joe Biden Won’t Uphold Religious Freedom While Citing Blog Post About Canada

Fox News host Laura Ingraham stepped into a Twitter controversy on Friday after sharing a link to an article that falsely claimed the city of Toronto is banning communion in Catholic churches and bringing Donald Trump and Joe Biden into the discussion. As The Wrap reported, in a tweet Friday afternoon, the host of “The […]

Police Arrest Man Wearing Blackface Who Attended An Anti-Racism Protest In Toronto

Police arrested a man wearing black face paint — also known as blackface — in attendance at an anti-racism protest held in Toronto, Canada, TMZ reported. A white man decked out in black makeup on his face and hands arrived at a protest held in Nathan Phillips Square earlier today. Considering the protests are being […]

Justin Trudeau May Have Accidentally Banned Black Rifle Coffee In Assault Weapon Prohibition

Canada‘s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, appears to have accidentally banned Black Rifle Coffee in a new order that prohibits 1,500 semi-automatic guns. “Say it ain’t so @JustinTrudeau did you really ban our Fresh Roasted Freedom in Canada eh?” the company tweeted in response to the bill, which bans Black Rifle Company BRC15B in the document […]

U.S. And Canadian Aircraft Intercept Russian Military Jets Flying Near Alaskan Coast

Aircraft from the United States and Canadian military intercepted two Russian jets flying near the coast of Alaska for several hours, military officials announced this week. As CBS News reported, a Russian Tu-142 reconnaissance aircraft flew over the Beaufort Sea near the coast of Alaska on Monday, prompting responses from both the American and Canadian […]

Donald Trump’s Election May Have Resulted In Fewer Boys Born In Canada, Study Says

Donald Trump‘s election in 2016 has had many effects on the landscape of politics and elsewhere. As reported by CTV News, one surprising result of his election was recently touched on in a study published in the journal BMJ Open on Monday — a decline in the number of boys born in Ontario, Canada. According […]

Canada To Cut Security For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle, Mounties Have Been Guarding Soon-To-Be Ex-Royals

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been serving as security detail for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry since last November, and Canadian taxpayers have been picking up the tab, the government revealed on Thursday, according to a CBC News report. The free ride for the soon-to-be former royal couple is about to come to an […]

Canadian Teenager Kylie McDonald Finds Bag Containing $30,000 In Cash, Gives It To Police

A Canadian teenager is being praised for doing the right thing after finding a bag containing $30,000 in cash and promptly turning it over to the police, CP24 reports. Kylie McDonald, 17, was at a nail salon in Milton, Ontario when she noticed a white mesh bag on the ground. She picked it up, not […]

Jordan Peterson Reportedly Has Neurological Damage, In Addiction Recovery

A recent update on the health of Canadian author and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson reveals that he is in recovery from his previously reported addiction to benzodiazepines and is suffering from neurological damage, National Post reports. According to Peterson’s Daughter, Mikhaila, Peterson entered a rehabilitation center in New York in November, after which his condition […]

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Protection Officers Are Reportedly ‘Fed Up’ With The Pair

Though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be enjoying themselves in their $14 million hideaway in Vancouver, Canada, their protection officers are not quite as jovial. In fact, many have anonymously complained that they were “fed up” and “have lost all respect” for the duke and duchess due to their treatment from the formerly-royal couple. […]

Canadian Man Allegedly Claimed He Burned $1 Million In Cash So He Won’t Have To Give Any To His Ex-Wife

A Canadian businessman recently claimed he burned over $1 million in cash in order to keep it from his ex-wife, the Ottawa Citizen reports. The judge isn’t 100 percent convinced and sent the man to jail for 30 days to rethink whether or not his claim is true. Bruce McConville has been involved in a […]

Canadian School Board Refuses To Move A Bus Stop 160 Feet To Accommodate A Disabled Student

A school board in Canada is refusing to move a school bus stop about 160 feet in order to accommodate a disabled student, his family says. The lad has prosthetic limbs and has difficulty walking on snow. As CTV News reports, the Webster family has been trying, and failing, for months to convince Durham Student […]

Canadian Teenager Calls Police To Report The Fake ID They Purchased Never Came

A teenager from Ontario, Canada called the police to complain that a fake ID they ordered never came, CTV News reports. Canadian police are using this incident as a teachable moment to underscore the dangers of not only trying to acquire fake IDs, but also of sending personal information to strangers over the internet. The […]

Juul Will No Longer Sell Its Popular Flavored Pods In Canada Due To Increasing Backlash

It’s only been weeks since President Donald Trump announced his plan to ban flavored vaping products in the United States. Now, Canadians won’t be able to purchase flavored vaping products either, at least the ones produced by the controversial vaping giant Juul. Juul has decided to cease its sales of pod flavors like fruit medley, […]

Canadians Say Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Must Pay Their Own $780,000 Yearly Security Bill, New Poll Shows

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II announced on Saturday that her grandson Prince Harry and granddaughter-in-law Meghan Markle will renounce their royal titles, pay back the $3 million in British taxpayer cash they used to renovate their home, and give up taking any more public money at all. The now couple intends to relocate to Canada — […]

Meghan Markle Is Allegedly Looking Into Purchasing A $27 Million Mansion In Canada

Meghan Markle has just spent six weeks in Vancouver, and it appears that the American actress turned royal might be looking to stay a little bit longer. The Duchess of Sussex has reportedly “expressed” an interest in a $27 million dollar mansion, according to The Sun. The property in question can boast 6,900 square feet […]

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Can Likely Escape Paparazzi In Canada, Vancouver Attorney Says

Moving to Canada may be the key to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry getting a break from media scrutiny for a while. An attorney based in Vancouver — Roger McConchie of McConchie Law — explained to Fox News that certain privacy laws in British Columbia may save the former royal couple from paparazzi after their […]

Meghan Markle Spotted For The First Time Since Bombshell Decision To Step Back From Royal Duties

Meghan Markle has been spotted in Canada. The Duchess of Sussex was photographed boarding a seaplane from Vancouver Island to the mainland, The Daily Mail reports, dressed in dark pants and an oversized olive-green parka with fur trim on the hood. The American royal carried a large black purse over one shoulder and wore a […]

Uber Passenger Who Feared For Her Life As Driver Drove At Breakneck Speeds Offered $5 Voucher

An Uber passenger who says she “feared for her life” after a harrowing ride at breakneck speeds along the highway and city streets — a ride that included running at least three stop lights — is furious that she was offered only a $5 voucher in compensation, CTV News reports. Alanna Moness says that in […]

Justin Trudeau Might Have Known About The Sussex Abdication Before The Queen

Though the recent announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step down from being full-time royals may have shocked the royal family and public at large, there is allegedly one person who was not entirely surprised. According to The Daily Mail, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was told about the couple’s decision to […]

Video Shows Missile Apparently Shooting Down Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 Over Iran, ‘New York Times’ Reports

U.S. officials on Thursday said that a Ukrainian Airlines plane with 176 people on board that crashed in Tehran, Iran on Wednesday was, in fact, shot down by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile. The allegation was initially made by unnamed sources, and it quickly went public when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed the information in […]

Iranian-Canadians Celebrated The Death Of Qassem Soleimani, Says Report

The assassination of top Iranian military Gen. Qassem Soleimani has sparked fears of war between the United States and Iran, and public threats have been exchanged between Donald Trump and leaders of the Western Asia country. Within this chaos, several dozen Iranian-Canadians reportedly celebrated the death of Soleimani in Toronto on Friday, chanting “regime change […]

Meghan Markle Surprises Hikers With Low-Key Moment On New Year’s Day

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave a Canadian couple a New Year’s Day surprise when they stopped to help take a picture. Asymina Kantorowicz, a producer for CTV News, told People that she and her boyfriend, Iliya Pavlovic, share a New Year’s Day tradition of bringing a picnic to Vancouver Island. As they were finishing […]

Canada Police Were Reportedly Prepared To Shoot Indigenous Activists Using Snipers

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canada‘s national police force, was prepared to shoot Indigenous Wet’suwet’en activists that were defending land in northern British Columbia, The Guardian reports. According to documents viewed by the publication, RCMP commanders argued that “lethal overwatch” was required, referring to the deployment of snipers. The commanders also reportedly told officers […]

A Canadian Good Samaritan Is Waging A One-Man War Against Phone Scammers, And He’s Winning

A Canadian private investigator is waging a one-man war against Indian call center scammers, and he’s winning. To date, he’s saved his fellow Canadians millions of dollars they would have otherwise been swindled out of. As Toronto’s CFTR-AM reported, “Devan” (whose name has been changed to protect his identity), knows how Indian call center scams […]

Dog Found On The Side Of The Road Sheltering Five Kittens From The Cold

When rescuers were alerted to a stray dog laying on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada, they quickly went to help. What they ended up finding was much more than they bargained for, however. The stray dog, which has since been named Serenity, was keeping five tiny kittens alive by shielding them with […]

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Preview, Odds: 107th Grey Cup, CFL Championship Game In Calgary

The 2019 Canadian Football League season comes to a conclusion on Sunday. That’s when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats meet the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at 46,000-seat McMahon Stadium in Calgary in the 107th playing of North America’s longest-running football championship game, the Grey Cup. For the Blue Bombers, the game will mark their record 25th appearance in […]

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders Preview And Odds: Canadian Football League Western Final

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers look to advance to their 11th Grey Cup, the first since 1990, in Sunday’s Canadian Football League Western Conference Final. But to get there, they will have to neutralize the CFL’s leading passer, Saskatchewan Rough Riders signal-caller Cody Fajardo, who threw for 4,302 yards in his first year with the Roughriders, […]

Barack Obama Endorses Justin Trudeau Amid Canadian Election

Canada’s federal election takes place October 21, with early voting having just concluded over the country’s Thanksgiving weekend. As of now, polls show a close race between Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party and Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party. In addition, the New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Jagmeet Singh, is showing impressive numbers, and he has suggested […]

Two New Justin Trudeau Blackface Pictures Emerge Hours After His Apology

Just hours after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued an emotional apology for a picture showing him in brownface at a party in 2001, two new pictures emerged of the Canadian leader wearing blackface in his teenage years. As The Daily Mail noted, the pictures came out amid the ongoing controversy from a picture showing […]

Woman Survives Falling More Than 5,000 Feet After Her Parachute Fails To Open

A 30-year-old woman who was skydiving Saturday survived a plunge of over 5,000 feet when both of the parachutes she was wearing failed to open. The incident happened near Trois-Rivières, Quebec, where the unnamed woman was participating in a jump with the skydiving facility Parachutisme Adrénaline, CBC reported. The women landed on trees in a […]

‘How To Move Out Of America’ Google Searches Spike As Some Americans Consider Fleeing From Trump-Era Policies

The search phrase “how to move out of America” has spiked on Google in the past couple of weeks, as some Americans, fearful of mass shootings and Trump administration policies, are looking for a way out. As Yahoo News reports, the search phrase has had two peaks in the past few years. The first spike […]

Kam McLeod & Bryer Schmegelsky’s Bodies Believed To Be Found, Ending Manhunt For Canadian Murder Suspects

The bodies of two Canadian teens, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, who are also suspects in a murder investigation, are believed to have been found near a river in Manitoba, effectively bringing an end to the weeks-long manhunt for them. As Yahoo News reports, the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced Tuesday that the […]

A Canadian Hiker Played A Metallica Song To Scare Off A Wild Cougar — And It Worked

Metallica’s music is often associated with darkness and death, but a Canadian woman is claiming that the music of the iconic heavy metal band saved her and her dog from a ravenous cougar. The Independent reports that Dee Gallant and her dog, Murphy, were hiking through the wilderness of Vancouver Island in British Columbia last […]

Almost 8 In 10 Canadians Would Vote Against Donald Trump In 2020

President Donald Trump would have a tough time in the 2020 election, if Canadians had any say. CTV News reports that almost eight in 10 Canadians would choose one of the five leading Democratic candidates over Trump if they could vote in the United States election. The data comes from an Abacus Data online survey, […]

Top 10 Amazon Prime Day Canada Deals 2019

In only a few short years, Amazon’s Prime Day has become one of the biggest days in retail all across the world. According to Global News, Amazon has revealed that it sold 100 million items across the globe last year, smashing the sales of the traditional retail holidays Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The 2019 […]

Insane Video Shows Motorhome Fly Off Ramp Onto Ferry In Quebec

An RV driven by a 40-year-old man from Quebec went airborne, crashing onto a ferry which runs between the towns of Tadoussac and Baie-Sainte-Catherine. On YouTube, the moment of the crash is captured as Éric Belec from Laval, Quebec speeds onto the ferry terminal ramp, landing on the departing ship’s deck as passengers scramble. The […]

Toronto Raptors Team Visit To Trump White House, ‘It’s A Hard No,’ Says NBA Champions’ Star Danny Green

On June 13, the Toronto Raptors defeated the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors to win the first NBA championship in the Raptors’ 24-season history, as Reuters recapped. The championship was the first for an NBA team in Canada, and the first for a Canadian franchise in any of the four major North American professional […]

Watch Canada Vs. Cuba CONCACAF Gold Cup Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Group A Match Online

Canada, one of only three teams ever to win the CONCACAF Gold Cup, employed a risky strategy to, they hope, ensure their advancement to the knockout stage of the 2019 tournament. According to MLS, Canada Coach John Herdman prioritized Sunday’s game against the last-place team in Group A, Cuba, over Wednesday’s showdown with the […]

Watch Mexico Vs. Canada CONCACAF Gold Cup Live Stream: Start Time, Preview, How To Watch Group A Match Online

Group A in the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup appears to be a two-team group, with both Mexico and Canada cruising to victories over Cuba and Martinique in their opening matches. Now, these two top teams will square off for the top spot in the group (not to mention North American bragging rights) in what will […]

Toronto Raptors Championship Parade Shooting Sees 2 Suffer ‘Serious’ Injuries

Global News reports that two people were shot near Nathan Phillips Square in the midst of the celebration of the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Title over the Golden State Warriors. The shooting took place near the southeast corner of the Square at Bay and Albert streets shortly before 4 p.m. Toronto police took to […]

Canadians Apologize To Kevin Durant On ‘SorryKD’ Website

It was a shocking moment Tuesday night when the Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant, making his return to the court after nearly a month, suffered what was likely an Achilles injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Even more shocking was that some fans of the Toronto Raptors, Golden State’s opponent in the series, […]

Canada Announces Plans To Ban Harmful Single-Use Plastics In The Next Two Years

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday that the country has put measures in place to ban most single-use plastics by the year 2021, reported CNN. In his statement, Trudeau declared that plastic pollution is a problem that can no longer be ignored and that it’s time to get serious about the issue. “Plastic […]

Vancouver Airport Workers Strip-Searched Woman After Guard Got Angry He Couldn’t Find Any Drugs

A Canadian woman shared her experience with security personnel at Vancouver International Airport, alleging that a security guard got angry because he couldn’t find any drugs on her, CBC News reports. Jill Knapp, a Sunday School teacher, recalled that on January 9, 2016, she arrived at the Vancouver airport from Mexico City, where she had […]

A Canadian Museum Couldn’t Unlock A Safe For 40 Years, Until A Tourist Opened It On His First Try

For four decades, a Canadian museum offered anyone who wanted to take a crack at it, the chance to open up an old safe, and for four decades, no one could. That is, until a tourist got it on his very first try. As CNN reports, the Vermilion Heritage Museum in Alberta, Canada, kept a […]

Expedia Charges Canadian Man $200 For Room At Holiday Inn, Plus $6,000 In ‘Taxes And Fees’

A Canadian man says Expedia charged him $6,200 for a $200 hotel room after tacking on thousands of dollars worth of unexplained “taxes and fees,” CBC News reports. And it took days for him to get anywhere with Expedia, only getting a refund after sharing his plight with the news. Experienced travelers know that finding […]