Instagram Top 9 Lets You Share Your Most Popular Photos From 2020, Here’s How To Create It

While 2020 isn’t likely to be a year that is full of highlights for anyone, it is undeniable that it won’t be one that is easily forgotten. With protests, a presidential election and the deaths of icons occurring in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic that brought the world to a halt, it felt like every few weeks, life changed completely. For a year that saw so many people stuck at home, the Instagram Top 9 is offering the opportunity to remember just exactly what you were up to during this historic year.

The images that typically dominate Instagram were nowhere to be found in 2020, with traveling, concerts and music festivals, and even dinners at restaurants lost due to the spread of COVID-19 and restrictions put in place to contain it. However, that doesn’t mean life didn’t happen, and Instagram was there to track it all. People uploaded the hobbies they picked up during the lockdown, from cooking pies to running at-home marathons. They took part in the memes and discussion of the entertainment that was available, from the Tiger King hysteria that dominated the early days of the pandemic to the return of sports without fans. And for many, news and politics became more central to their lives than ever before as they breathlessly followed every coronavirus update, stood against racism in the wake of the death of George Floyd and backed their candidate in the hotly contested 2020 presidential election. Without traditional face-to-face socializing, Instagram became one of the premier mediums of communication between friends and family. So while dream vacations and raucous parties are unlikely to mark your Top 9, that doesn’t mean the entire year was a waste.

So how do you create your 2020 Top 9? Thankfully, putting together your most popular moments of the year is as simple as remembering your Instagram handle. CreatorKit is the service that is behind the popular year-end tool, crafting a simple website that allows you to continue the annual tradition. All you have to do is enter your handle into the website and press continue to receive a collage of your nine most popular posts from this strange year. For the more active Instagram user, the service can also be done through the CreatorKit app, which allows for extensive customizing and editing options for your social media posts.

So for a year that saw great difficulty while also a growing appreciation for what one has, the Top 9 offers a chance at reflection. It also signals the end of 2020 and the opportunity to look forward to a 2021 that can’t possibly be worse, right?

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