Is CVS Open On Christmas Day 2019?

CVS stores and pharmacies will be open on Christmas Day 2019, according to Newsweek. However, it should be noted that hours may be limited and will differ by location. Those needing something from the store should call ahead to find out whether or not the closest store will be open during regular hours on Christmas.

As a place where people go for last-minute shopping, CVS can generate a decent amount of business during the holiday season. Many people like the idea of having somewhere they can go for last-minute medication if need be, often when older family members are in town for a visit.

Stores in highly populated regions are more likely to stay open for longer during the holiday because they will probably have more business. Folks living in a smaller town should be prepared for the local CVS to be open for limited hours.

However,Good Housekeeping reports that the majority of CVS stores will stay open for their usual hours, stating, “most CVS locations will be open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., even though many regularly stay open 24/7. Call ahead for pharmacy hours.”

The weekly ad section on the official CVS website offers the company’s statement on the matter.

“Most stores open Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Pharmacy hours may vary.”

For those with shopping needs specific to the pharmacy, it’s best to ask about store hours ahead of time as pharmacies may close earlier than the rest of the store. The pharmacy generally operates independently from the surrounding store.

For folks who are in need of some truly last-minute Christmas shopping, there might be some surprising deals to be had at a local CVS store. They’re offering Christmas deals all week, including the day of, according to their website.

Gift cards make great stocking stuffers, so those in a pinch can get up early on Christmas Day to grab some from a range of different retailers.

“Whether they love to eat, travel, relax or binge, our massive in-store selection of gift cards includes brands like GameStop, Domino’s, Uber, Netflix, Spotify and more,” the store states.

CVS stores will also offer free shipping and discounts on holiday photo gifts ranging from prints to canvas bags and more.

Those who visit the weekly ad website for CVS will find that the store is offering buy-one-get-one-half-off deals on select gourmet chocolates from brands such as Ghiradelli, Lindt and Ferrero. Similar deals extend to cosmetics, cold relief medicine, toothpaste, certain beverages and various other products.

The CVS Christmas clearance sale will begin on December 26.