NFL Reporter Jane Slater Sparks Fitbit Cheating Spouse Monitoring Movement

During a conversation with a fellow NFL reporter named Albert Breer, correspondent Jane Slater inadvertently sparked a movement involving cheating spouses and Fitbit monitoring.

It was a few days ago that Peloton’s new holiday advertisement for their stationary bike went viral for all the wrong reasons. After watching the advertisement, many took to social media to crucify the company for suggesting such a sexist gift.

For those who haven’t seen the advertisement, it featured a husband giving his wife one of the bikes as a Christmas present. She proceeds to document her progress with the bike over the next year using selfie videos. The following Christmas, she gives him a video thanking him for the bike.

As Yahoo Lifestyle reported, Breer took to Twitter a few days ago to respond to the outcry against the company.

“Got my wife a Peleton three years ago. She was not offended.” Albert penned in his tweet.

Roughly a day later, Jane responded to the tweet. For the most part, she agreed that exercising equipment wasn’t an offensive or sexist gift to receive from your significant other. Her response, however, caught attention and quickly went viral for other reasons.

She penned in response: “An Ex Boyfriend once got me a Fitbit for Christmas. I loved it. We synched up, motivated each other… didn’t hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4am and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app wish the story wasn’t real.”

About a minute later she published a follow-up tweet in an attempt to silence those questioning if she overacted. Jane noted that she confirmed he wasn’t at a gym working out at four in the morning.

Her tweet went viral accumulating just shy of 500,000 likes with nearly 50,000 people responding to it.

In a separate follow-up tweet, Jane even admitted to calling the police. She explained it was “out of character” for her boyfriend to not be home at 4 a.m. She added that the following day was his birthday and she’d showed up to surprise him with balloons. When it happened, Slater found no humor in the situation. Today, however, she finds it to be a hilarious story to share with people.

In response to her story, one Twitter user noted that they were sorry for what Jane had experienced. They, however, couldn’t help but point out the fact that she had sparked a movement that would encourage all spouses to use Fitbits to monitor their significant others.

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