‘Destiny 2’ Xbox One X And PlayStation 4 Pro Updates Worthless Unless Bungie Creates More Content Say Gamers

Recently, Bungie announced a slew of news about Destiny 2 on its official blog page. Most of the announcements in the blog post concerned upcoming changes to the game. One of the most talked about announcements in the post is the game coming to the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X. The news was met with mixed reactions by Destiny 2 gamers.

According to Bungie, Destiny 2 has been modified specifically for the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro to take advantage of the consoles’ upgraded hardware. Based on the wording of the blog post, it seems like Bungie is betting on increasing the number of Destiny 2 players this Christmas with the modification.

The modified version of the game promises to enhance gameplay by introducing high-dynamic-range lighting and 4K resolution when played on the new consoles. Destiny 2 for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will be released on December 5 with the Curse of Osiris and Season Two.

While most Destiny 2 gamers fully support Bungie’s efforts in reaching the game’s full potential by modifying it for the new consoles, a high number of players feel that the video game developer should concentrate on making more content for the game instead. Most complaints about the upcoming Destiny 2 rollout concern its content, particularly on levels between 290 to 350. Both casual and devoted Destiny 2 players have shared their thoughts on the matter through social media and online forums such as Reddit.

One Destiny 2 gamer, StraightedgexLiberal, started a subreddit thread on the game’s official Reddit page, suggesting that dedicated fans of the game should stop playing to get Bungie’s attention. So far, a number of the subreddit’s members have stated that they have already stopped playing the game.

“It’s happening. I found the stats on daily players. They lost about 800,000 in the last week. I think there’s going to be a big drop this week as they’ve run out of new things to keep people going week to week,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m getting on the stop playing train. Played D1 for a few hours on 98 percent of nights for the past three years, find myself five weeks into D2 staring at my milestone list with 3 x 305 characters and just deciding to log off. The combination of lack of endgame, pointless endgame loot, token system and static rolls simply makes it pointless to play anymore,” wrote another.

From most of the comments on social media, it seems like gamers think Destiny 2 lacks direction, specifically regarding world-building and expansion. Other than the game’s direction, gamers expressed their frustration at how difficult it is to level up once they reached level 290. According to some players, leveling up between 290 to 305 is grueling and finding items is difficult.

“I played this game almost daily since launch. After getting my only hunter to 290+ (all without completing nightfalls or raids), the grind just stopped making sense. However, I did enjoy the journey until this point. Destiny as a franchise just feels like it still doesn’t know what it wants to be while trying to be everything to everyone. It never goes far enough in any direction. This game just doesn’t have guts and that becomes quickly apparent when any amount of devotion is applied,” one commenter wrote on the subreddit thread.

“No lie. I’ve been at 304 for the last two weeks, and it’s grueling. It’s seriously about just waiting for RNG drops. Everything I have is at 305 except a helm and legs. The last raid I got three… three chest pieces from token drops all in a row. The salt is real,” another commenter wrote.

“I’ve been playing since launch about 6 hours a day and still be stuck at 304 for two weeks now. It’s completely RNG based. I need legs but I got 5 Lincoln Green pulse rifles in luminous engrams this week,” wrote another.

Overall, gamers seem unhappy with how the game’s content is progressing. Bungie’s upcoming updates don’t appear to address the concerns players have with the game. For now, at least, gamers will have to wait a bit more to see if their concerns are ever addressed in the future.

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