Taylor Swift Using Phone App To Make Sure She Avoids Harry Styles

Taylor Swift has a few famous ex-boyfriends and it turns out that she will do anything she can to avoid Harry Styles of One Direction. Of course, these two are going to run in the same circles, some since they are both in the music business. They also have a few mutual friends. Taylor doesn’t want to end up at a party with her new boyfriend Calvin Harris and actually run into Harry Styles while she is there. Celeb Dirty Laundry is sharing that Taylor Swift is actually using a phone app to make sure that she doesn’t accidentally run into Styles. This is one way of avoiding your ex.


SUP is an app that lets you know when your friends are close by and this is what Taylor is using to avoid Styles. A lot of people use this app so that they can hang out with people, but Taylor Swift is using it for the opposite reason. She doesn’t want to end up running into Styles and so she stalks him on this app to make sure it doesn’t happen. A source spoke out to Life & Style to explain exactly how Taylor is using this app.

“[She is] using it to let her know when she’s close to Styles so she can run the other way. Although the app doesn’t show her Harry’s exact location, it does send Taylor an alert when he is nearby.”

This would work if they were eating the same place or headed to the same party. Swift won’t know exactly where he is at, but will know enough to realize that maybe they should head somewhere else for dinner that night. You have to wonder if Calvin Harris is okay with her doing this or if he even knows about it. At least Taylor isn’t using the app to track down her ex-boyfriend and instead is using it to avoid him at all costs.

Harry Styles has hinted that the group’s new song Perfect might be about Taylor Swift. Of course, her new boyfriend Calvin Harris isn’t thrilled to hear this and Taylor doesn’t want the two to run into each other on accident. Taylor doesn’t want to run into Harry at all, but the source makes it clear that she really doesn’t want to have an issue of running into them when Calvin is with her.

Right now, things are going great for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Calvin Harris. Us Magazine shared that Taylor and Calvin spent some time together today building a snowman. Taylor shared the photo and it looks like her little brother Austin joined them for the fun. Along with the post, Taylor captioned it “Really proud of ourselves over here.” It does look like Taylor and Calvin took some time off for the holidays.

Taylor and Calvin snowman
[Image Via Instagram]

Even though Taylor Swift did date Harry Styles, the two were not public with their relationship the way that she is with Harris. It is very obvious that these two are a great match and are very happy with each other. It would take a lot for Harry to split them up, even though there are a few rumors that he still has feelings for Swift. Taylor is obviously all about Calvin right now.

Are you shocked to hear that Taylor Swift is using an app to make sure she doesn’t run into Harry Styles at all? Do you think that this is a good idea for Swift? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Swift and the new way she has found to make sure avoids Harry Styles of One Direction.

[Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images]