Microsoft To Reveal Xbox One Slim With No Blu-Ray Drive This October [Rumors]

Rumors the Xbox One will finally get its first variation this coming October at Microsoft’s major hardware event are going around. Since Microsoft is known for releasing several variations of its previous Xbox consoles, it is by no means an impossible feat for the Xbox One. In fact, a new model could be a welcome, new addition to the Xbox One family. Xbox One Slim rumors were first spotted on Gaming Bolt.

I remember the Xbox 360 also came in an Xbox 360 Slim version; although, all it did was improve a few features and provide a sleeker-looking console. GDN9 reports this is not the case with the new Xbox One console. The Xbox One Slim will be smaller and thinner, yes, but to pull it off it is dropping the Blu-Ray drive completely. I can’t say if this is a good thing altogether, but it is rumored the upcoming Xbox One Slim will be an all-digital model, made especially for those who aren’t into going out of their way to buy physical copies of their Xbox games.

Surely, since Microsoft should be saving on manufacturing costs for the Xbox One Slim, the new model will be cheaper than the normal Xbox One. But, since we are expecting some upgrades with the Xbox One Slim apart from its size — it could be quieter than the Xbox One or use less power — there is little room for the price point to decrease.

Other Microsoft products rumored to be released with the Xbox One Slim console this October are the Lumia 940, the Lumia 940 XL, a Surface Pro 4, and a Band 2.

In June, another rumor leak stated Microsoft is gearing up for an Xbox One Elite console to go with the new Xbox One Elite controller. While new light still hasn’t been shed on this mystery, a report came in this August stating Microsoft has registered a domain for “Xbox Elite Series 2016.”

Will the rumors about the Xbox One Slim end up like the rumors for the Xbox One Elite console? Or, is it possible Microsoft will actually release the new Xbox One console this October? In the meantime, look out for confirmed Xbox One hardware releases such as the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition bundle to come out next week and the limited edition Forza 6 skinned Xbox One scheduled to come out in September.

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