Bruno Mars Oakland ‘Controversy’ Is Much Ado About Nothing [Video]

Bruno Mars recently performed a show in Oakland, California, a performance that reportedly included an expletive-laden rant.

Although the Hawaiian singer is known as a nice guy, that image received a bit of tarnish after video surfaced of Mars swearing at a female fan. Reports about the whole situation are a little sketchy, but NBC News claims that the attendee refused to join the singer at the front of the stage during one part of the concert.

The outlet explains that Bruno Mars asked the female fan twice to have some fun at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. When she refused to cooperate, the singer apparently tossed a four-letter word in her direction.

“Get your a** to the front of the stage, girl!” Mars reportedly said.

Video of the incident soon started making the rounds on YouTube, though his record label allegedly forced the website to remove the clips due to copyright violations. However, there’s still one video available for consumption. If you have a look, then keep in mind that the footage contains some foul language. It may not last long, so enjoy it while you can.

Now, let’s do some damage control for poor Bruno Mars. While websites like Breitbart would like you to believe that the singer was savagely attacking the fan, it’s obvious that the guy was just having a bit of fun. Nobody seemed offended, shocked, or horrified by his behavior. Mars got shot down, and he jokingly responded with a few expletives. Even when he sang “F**k you,” the girl is clearly seen dancing along.

Bruno Mars’ fans even jumped to his defense. Some people might take offense to his coarse language, but at the end of the day he was simply having some fun with the girl who somehow managed to refuse his advances.

Nicky Vicente commented:

“Much ado over nothing; Bruno does not invite audience members to come onstage…him and his band deliver their pickup lines while the girl remains in the audience…who knows why the girl refused to play along, it’s all harmless fun…what a party pooper, but then of course, that’s her prerogative, however weird…i’m not surpised if Bruno was really pissed about it, but I saw the clip, everything was in good fun.

Let’s go ahead and squash this controversy before it gets out of control, shall we? Bruno Mars was just having fun. If you think the guy is a jerk, then you may have missed the joke. Keep doing your thing, Bruno. We’ve got your back.

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