When ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards’s Girlfriend Amanda Lost Her Cool on ‘Jerry Springer Show'

When ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards’s Girlfriend Amanda Lost Her Cool on ‘Jerry Springer Show'
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Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards is dating single mother Amanda Conner, whom he met during his stint at the rehab over the summer. The 35-year-old, who was released from prison nine months ahead of schedule to receive treatment, was directed to check into Oasis halfway home after spending 28 days in CADAS rehab. As per The US Sun, Conner, who has a long history of criminal records once appeared on the Jerry Springer Show on October 29, 2010. Conner lost control of her temper when confronting her closest friend about having an affair with her ex-boyfriend during the epic episode.


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Jerry back then introduced Amanda as “Mandi” on the show: “My next guest Mandi was completely spooked to learn that her best friend stole her man, please welcome Mandi!” Amanda, then 20, is seen saying: “Well, I’m pissed Jerry, very pissed. I just found out my best friend is sleeping with my boyfriend. We have been together for six years, on and off. We have been together since I was 13, on and off, until now. Two months ago, we broke up because he was smothering me. I moved to Florida and I made a mistake. I got married and divorced within the same month.” Given that she got married during their breakup, Jerry stated it appears "reasonable" that her ex-boyfriend Jesse went on with her buddy. However, Amanda answered: “Not with my man. I’m the boss of him. He doesn’t sleep with nobody but me. Even when I’m married to someone else.  “I came back because I wanted Jesse back. I came to find out he told me that he slept with my best friend. She wants to be with him, I’m sure.”



Security had to hold the two ladies back as they started fighting and yelling at her closest friend as she came out. Amanda cried out: “I helped you with your kids and you’re going to stab me in my back? I have been with him for six years.” Her friend in return said: “Six years and you run off to Florida and marry someone else! “You left Jesse and you were using Jesse, for what? His money? You went to the club and stayed out three nights at a time.” Mandi shot back vehemently: “It don’t matter, I’m the boss of me and I’m the boss of him. What I say goes.” When Jesse came out, Amanda begged for him back, but he responded: “You want me back? But you left me to go to Florida and you end up getting married to somebody. That kind of says you don’t want me.  “I’m not allowed to be with nobody when we’re not together? It seems unfair on my part. You treat me like s**t.” 


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Then the bell rang, and the two pals tried to attack each other again. Amanda once threw her friend to the ground. Amanda screamed: “That’s my man. I’m going to fight for my man!” Jesse then said: “It would be a lie to say I don’t have feelings for you Mandi. But you prove through your actions that you really don’t love me.  “How are you going to prove through your actions that you do when every time before you have proven that you don’t?”Amanda got tearful: “When we leave here, let me take you home and show you that I love you.” Jerry then gave Jesse advice on the situation, telling him that picking Amanda would give him a “ride” home. A close source told the publication that Conner is not a "good influence" on Edwards. The source alleged: "They met and started seeing each other at rehab. He doesn’t take anyone on his bike unless it’s a thing. No friends are allowed.” The source continued: “Choosing to use your time on and the type of people you’re surrounding yourself with is not okay. This girl is dangerous.” 

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