Travis Kelce Deletes His Old Controversial Tweets From 2010 and 2011: ‘Ugly Girls,’ Fat Shaming

Travis Kelce Deletes His Old Controversial Tweets From 2010 and 2011: ‘Ugly Girls,’ Fat Shaming
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Travis Kelce is under a mixed bag of reactions from Swifties as they went on a mission to unearth his history through his social media.

While the media has been covering Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's courtship nonstop, some Swifties have discovered the NFL star's older tweets. While some are rather wholesome, Swifties don't like what they see in others.

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Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Chris Unger
Image Source: Getty Images | Chris Unger


Internet detectives have found Kelce's 2010 and 2011 tweets containing some ableist, sexist, and fat-shaming remarks, The Daily Beast reported. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is feeling the heat of this backlash as he or someone close to him keeps deleting these posts. However, a gossip subreddit r/FauxMoi recorded these before deletion, and they've been swirling around online since then on X (previously known as Twitter).

“As a man, You have something wrong with you if you go for girls that weigh more than you!!” Kelce wrote in a tweet from 2010, while another tweet jokes about fat persons. “haha when fat people fall, it's like slow motion entertainment, cuz they never JUST fall, they always tumble n gradually hit the deck #comedy,” reads the tweet.


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Kelce is under fire for using a derogatory term for someone with an intellectual disability. “they slow as hell cuz their parents have been talkin' to them like they were re**rded since they were babies,” Kelce said in a 2011 response to a user.

Kelce made comments about "ugly" women on many occasions. “damn the Clippers girls gotta be the shitty girls that don't make the Lakers girls team, cuz they all were ugly,” he tweeted in 2010, following up a month later, "I gotta get outta here, it's too weak!!! I'm getting attacked by ugly girls."

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He wrote another one about raising standards of beauty for cheerleaders since he keeps seeing "ugly" cheerleaders. “I feel like if u wanna be a cheerleader you have to pass a beauty test.... there’s too many ugly cheerleaders out here smh,” he wrote.

Other Swift fans, however, are drawn to Kelce's older posts, such as one from 2011 in which he misspelled the word squirrel, BuzzFeed reported. “I just gave a squirrel a piece of bread, and it straight smashed all of it!!!! I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy,” Kelce wrote in the adorable tweet.



A lot of people were likewise ready to defend or ignore Kelce's crude remarks. “y'all can repost and look at Travis’ old tweets all you want... but that doesn’t make it his truth now,” one Kelce defender fumed on X. “Do some research on Travis Kelce 10 years ago to now. If we’re going to bring up his old tweets let’s celebrate the fucking character development this man has had.”

However, some X users felt that he was being defended too much. “Travis Kelce is being defended a little too much considering some of his old tweets are ableist-send tweets,” an observer wrote. “3 cheers for toxic masculinity,” another posted with vomiting emoticons.


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