‘The View’ Hosts Criticize Jada Pinkett for Embarrassing Will Smith by Revealing Their Secrets

‘The View’ Hosts Criticize Jada Pinkett for Embarrassing Will Smith by Revealing Their Secrets
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Jada Pinkett Smith is in the spotlight with the release of her new book, Worthy. In her book, she brought forth details about her marriage to Hollywood powerhouse Will Smith that are making headlines and sparking diverse opinions. Joy Behar, a co-host on The View, delved into Jada's revelations during a recent interview. Jada shared that she and Will have been separated since 2016, surprising many who had assumed the couple was together during that period. Joy recounted various scandals the Smiths have faced, such as the incident where Will slapped comedian Chris Rock over a joke aimed at Jada and rumors of romantic entanglements.

Image Source: Getty Images |  Amy Sussman
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Amy Sussman

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In the post-show podcast, The View Behind the Table, hosted by executive producer Brian Teta, Alyssa Farah Griffin offered her perspective on Jada's revelations. Describing the couple's life as "amazing," Alyssa expressed bewilderment at why they wouldn't want to protect that image. She underscored her commitment to avoiding anything that could harm her husband, rebuking Jada and suggesting that she needs to be more attuned to Will's feelings. Alyssa further proposed that if the marriage is as challenging as portrayed, they should consider getting a divorce.

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Alyssa isn't the only one sharing opinions on Jada's revelations. Co-host Ana Navarro to expressed fatigue, stating, "I feel like I know more about their marriage than I do about my own damn marriage," per E! News. She characterized the situation as a "cash grab" for Jada, implying a focus on financial gains rather than genuine relationship revelations. Sara Haines also weighed in, expressing concern for Jada and Will's children, Willow and Jaden Smith, who reportedly "feel bad for their dad with all the recent headlines about their parents."


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Meanwhile, Will Smith himself has entered the conversation, describing Jada's efforts in their marriage as a "sloppy public experiment in unconditional love," according to an article in The Baltimore Banner. The unfolding dynamics of the Smiths' marriage have sparked curiosity, empathy, and critique from various quarters. As Jada continues to share insights from her book, the public remains captivated by the intimate details of a high-profile marriage that is both admired and scrutinized. The co-hosts of The View, along with audiences, navigate the complexities of celebrity relationships and the fine line between private struggles and public disclosure.


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Meanwhile, Pinkett Smith is strongly asserting that she did not engage in infidelity with her husband, Smith, even though the couple has been separated for seven years. The 52-year-old actress addressed the issue during an appearance on Talkshoplive, where she discussed her new memoir, Worthy. "I just need people to know, OK, I did not cheat on Will Smith. No matter how sad he looked at that table," Jada asserted, hinting that the details surrounding the infamous Red Table discussion would become clearer in her upcoming book.

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