'The View' Ana Navarro Heavily Criticizes 'Nepo Kids' Culture Calls Them "Talentless Dolts" On Live TV

'The View' Ana Navarro Heavily Criticizes 'Nepo Kids' Culture Calls Them "Talentless Dolts" On Live TV
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The View host Ana Navarro went ballistic while discussing the privileges the 'nepo kids' enjoy. In the recent episode of 'hot topics' Navarro was unrelenting in her denunciation of 'nepo kids', calling them "talentless dolts" and "entitled toxic brats" who are never "grateful" for the opportunities bestowed upon them. Gwyneth Paltrow, an A-list mother of two, recently defended nepotism and condemned the "judgment that exists around kids of famous people." The political strategist had some hard choice of words about Paltrow's remarks. Navarro alleged that celebrity children were the only ones who "won the ovarian lottery" and that their position or good job was the reason their lives were "everybody's hell."


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However, Navarro could not gather enough support on the subject from her fellow panel of co-hosts. As per The Daily Mail, Paltrow, who shares daughter Apple, 19, and son Moses, 17, with her ex-husband Chris Martin, had stated in an interview with Bustle: "Nobody rips on a kid who’s like: 'I want to be a doctor like my dad and granddad'." Navarro began the discussion with some strong words: "Let me talk about nepo babies," Ana said, as Joy Behar tried to lighten the mood with a joke: "Release the Kraken!"

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Paras Griffin
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Paras Griffin


"Look, I don't think anybody questions Gwyneth Paltrow," Ana said. "There is no doubt that having rich, connected parents gives you a leg up in life - whatever the profession may be. And I think parents often work to be able to be that connected. Nobody has an issue with a Gwyneth Paltrow or a Liza Minnelli or Mitt Romney... these are people who may have started off as a nepo baby, who may have started with doors opening because of who their mother or father was, but who worked, who've earned it, who've shown talent, who've had merit, who've risen up because of what they've done."


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The political co-host continued: "The people who give nepo babies a bad name are the people who start every sentence with "my father" or "my mother", are the people who are talentless dolts and instead of being humble and grateful for the opportunities they are given because they won the ovarian lottery, are toxic brats! They're entitled and privileged, who make everybody's life hell because they know they can't be fired because of who they are!" Following Navarro's unapologetic comments co-host Sara Haines said: "Okay, can I piggyback off Ana? Some nepo babies act like that, and then some nepo babies come in and they work twice as hard because they know they have that leg up. Those people are some of the best in the room because they need to prove themselves and I've worked with some of those people occasionally, they're amazing, it's the other ones."

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Co-host Alyssa Griffin added: "I was going to say Allison Williams is an example too... Brian Williams' daughter. Amazing actress, she was in Girls, but she acknowledges the doors that were opened and then actually used her own talent and rode that. I think if you acknowledge the privilege that comes with nepotism and then you work twice as hard, that's really all that matters, it's the entitlement that is the problem." Co-host Sunny Hostin had her own suggestions for the topic at hand: "Don't you want every generation of your family to do better than the last? My father always taught me that... [he said] "You did better than I did. Your kids should do better".' Determined to have the last word, Joy ended the discussion by saying: "Don't pretend you hit a home run when you're born on third base!"

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