WWE News: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Throws Shade At The Undertaker For Criticizing Modern Wrestlers

The Undertaker came under fire from some WWE superstars after criticizing their locker room etiquette in his recent interview with The Joe Rogan Experience. The legendary superstar claimed that wrestlers back in his day were real “men,” and accused today’s performers of being too soft. Xavier Woods subsequently responded on Twitter, and he didn’t agree […]

WWE Rumors: New Reports Share Details On Plans For Possible New Day Split

If the latest rumors are to be believed, there might be a possibility that WWE will be splitting up The New Day at some point in the future, though not necessarily putting an end to the fan-favorite gimmicks shared by stable members Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. The first report on the rumored […]

WWE News: Xavier Woods Comments On Suggestions That Big E Should Quit The New Day

Friday Night SmackDown superstar Xavier Woods reacted on Monday to the recent comments from CM Punk and Booker T suggesting that his longtime New Day stablemate, Big E, should ditch the faction and drop his erstwhile comedy gimmick as a singles wrestler. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co on Monday, the second part of Woods’ interview on […]

WWE News: Injured Former Champion Gives Update On Possible Return

The New Day is one of the most successful stables in WWE history, but they have not been at full strength for quite a while. Xavier Woods suffered a torn Achilles and underwent surgery back in October. Fans have been hoping that he would be back with Big E and Kofi Kingston before too long, […]

WWE News: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Hacker Suspect Explains Why He Isn’t The Culprit

The WWE Friday Night SmackDown hacker struck again on this week’s show again. During the episode, he once again revealed that “The truth will be heard,” followed by a video montage featuring clips of close allies and tag team partners on the blue brand. The mysterious hacker also mentioned that some people keep their friends […]

WWE News: Xavier Woods Provides Positive Update On His Return

WWE superstar Xavier Woods has been out of action since October, 2019. The New Day member injured his Achilles tendon during a match on an Australian tour, and he isn’t expected to return to the squared circle for a while yet. However, during a recent interview with The Bump, by the way of Sportskeeda, the […]

WWE News: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Superstar Reveals Future Retirement Plans

WWE superstar Xavier Woods is currently out of action with a torn Achilles tendon, which has given him plenty of time to contemplate his future outside of wrestling. In the latest edition of the New Day: Feel the Power podcast, by the way of 411Mania, the former Tag Team Champion opened up about his career […]

WWE Rumors: Former Champion Expected To Be Out Until Summer Of 2020

Xavier Woods is expected to be out of action for several months as a result of injury. There are many different characters and personalities in WWE, but there are some who fans immediately start to miss. The New Day has become one of the most popular stables in wrestling history, and all three members play […]

WWE News: ‘SmackDown’ Star Shares Injury Update As New Report Claims He Might Miss Up To A Year

Although previous reports on the injury Xavier Woods suffered during WWE‘s recent Australian tour suggested that he tore an Achilles tendon, it was also expected that he might be ready to return in time for WrestleMania 36 in April. However, the latest updates hint that the Friday Night SmackDown star’s injury might have been even […]

WWE Rumors: New Day Member May Be Out For Several Months With Achilles Tear, Per Dave Meltzer

Although it seems as if WWE is trying to downplay the Achilles injury Xavier Woods reportedly suffered during a live event in Australia, the latest backstage updates suggest that the New Day member is more seriously hurt than what has been claimed by the company. As recalled by WrestlingNews.co, Woods went down with the apparent […]

WWE News: ‘SmackDown Live’ Star Explains Why He Uses His Real First Name On Social Media

Although most WWE superstars are known by their WWE-owned ring names on social media, where they interact with fans and colleagues alike, there seems to be a growing trend where the company’s performers opt to use their real names instead. But with an industry veteran recently questioning this practice, Xavier Woods of The New Day […]

WWE Superstars Comment On All Elite Wrestling’s ‘Double Or Nothing’

History was made on Saturday night when All Elite Wrestling had their first-ever pay-per-view event with Double or Nothing. The Inquisitr recapped the full results and it included appearances by Awesome Kong, Bret “Hit Man” Hart, and Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose. Not only were former WWE superstars on the event, but many current WWE stars also […]

WWE News: New Match Randomly Added To ‘Fastlane’ And One Superstar Learned About It Via Twitter

On Sunday evening, the superstars of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live will come together for WWE Fastlane, which is the final pay-per-view before WrestleMania 35. After the two TV shows this week, the card seemed finalized and complete, but one more match was randomly added on Friday. It was actually so random that one […]

WWE News: Xavier Woods Breaks Guinness World Record, And He Addresses Rumors Of A New Day Split

Xavier Woods is riding high as of late, not only because The New Day are the new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but Woods recently broke a Guinness World Record. As seen in the video below, WWE superstar Xavier Woods and his YouTube video game show and channel, UpUpDownDown, recently broke the Guinness World Record […]

WWE News: Xavier Woods Returning To Single’s Competition In Hopes To Win The United States Championship

Charismatic member of The New Day and trombone extraordinaire Xavier Woods has his sights set on solo competition now. After being a part of the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history, and one of the best tag teams of the current era, the four-time champion is briefly stepping aside from his trio to become […]

WWE News: Triple H Attacks ‘SmackDown Live’ Superstar After Funny In-Ring Moment

With the WWE on tour in Chile this past weekend, wrestling superstar Triple H joined in on the fun, and also shockingly attacked a member of the SmackDown Live roster. The multiple-time champion, who was last seen in the ring at April’s WrestleMania 33, bounced back from his loss to Seth Rollins with a win […]

Big E Requests Cease And Desist Letter From WWE For Popular Cereal Brand Design

It looks like WWE may be handing out another cease and desist letter soon. Recently, the bold moves of Bullet Club members the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, and Adam Page – during an episode of “Being the Elite” – of “invading” Raw(in actuality, it was simply making noise and controversy at a nearby […]

WWE Rumors: Yet Another Member Of The New Day Injured During Live Event In Hawaii

The injury bug continues to make its way through the WWE roster and it has now bitten another one of the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions. The New Day are already without Xavier Woods who suffered a knee injury a few weeks ago, but it looks as if they may be short one more member […]

WWE News: Paige Says She Wanted To Do ‘Physical Harm’ To Herself Over Nude Leaks

WWE Superstar Paige recently had private, nude pictures leaked to the internet along with sex tapes, and now she’s opening up big time about what happened and how she dealt with it. Clearly, it was a horrific situation for Paige to see her nude body leaked all over the internet without her permission. Some originally […]

WWE Hall Of Famer Claims She Received Nude Photo Of Current WWE Superstar

With current and former WWE superstars victimized by leaks of private photos and videos in the last week, additional names reportedly face an invasion of their privacy. Former WWE valet and Hall of Famer Tamara “Sunny” Sytch shared a distributing story on Facebook last night, stating that she’s aware of another current female WWE superstar’s […]

Paige-Xavier Woods Video Scandal: No Spanking From WWE For Now

The Paige-Xavier Woods video scandal is causing a wide array of reaction as the wrestling stars get no punishment for the hacked and leaked explicit images and footage from the wrestling mania for now. According to the Bleacher Report, Wrestling Observer Radio‘s Dave Meltzer revealed WWE’s decision on Tuesday, saying that the wrestling stars might […]

WWE News: Paige Scandal The Topic Of Backstage Meeting In WWE Prior To ‘RAW’

Paige continues to be positioned in the middle of the latest firestorm involving WWE superstars, despite not having wrestled a match for the company since June of 2016. It’s been covered ad nauseam that illicit photos and videos of Paige were leaked onto the Internet recently after someone had stolen her private property. It appears […]

WWE News: Family Worried About Former Champ’s Mental Health After Sex Tape Leak

Over the course of the past week, many celebrities have fallen victim to another huge online hack, which has exposed their private photos, videos, and information. Many of those involved in this massive breach of privacy have been WWE superstars, and the one that appears to be the most affected by it is a former […]

WWE News: New Day Appears On ‘Raw,’ Jokes About Paige & Xavier Woods’ Sex Video

On the latest episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw, a lot of fans were wondering if Xavier Woods and New Day would even appear. While the comedic trio wasn’t involved in any matches for their second-straight week, the official hosts of WrestleMania 33 still made an appearance on the show. With Raw taking place live […]

WWE News: Xavier Woods’ ‘WrestleMania 33,’ ‘Royal Rumble’ Odds After Video Leak

Does WWE superstar Xavier Woods have a chance at winning a big match in the near future? Woods, who has always been a popular figure on Monday Night Raw, has had his name dragged through the mud quite a bit recently. The WWE star, who makes up one-third of the power trio The New Day, […]

WWE News: New Day Unlikely To Miss WWE RAW Despite Xavier Woods Nude Video Leak

Major news came out this weekend when nude videos and photos of WWE Superstar Paige hit the web, but New Day member Xavier Woods was caught up in it all, which led to speculation that New Day would be held off television for a while. The video he was part of, like all of the […]

WWE News: Xavier Woods’ Online Video Distinction Receives Vince McMahon Comment

In the latest WWE news, a recent Xavier Woods online video accomplishment has the boss talking or tweeting rather. Woods recently made headlines due to not only a video leak involving a former superstar and current Raw women’s superstar, Paige, but also has achieved something unique online that not many others reach. While news from […]

New Day May Be Absent From Next Week’s ‘Raw’

WWE found itself in a bit of a pickle when WWE superstar Paige had her nude photos and other explicit videos leaked online. They are unlikely to fire her, though. Much like Seth Rollins, and much more recently, commentator Tom Phillips, things were leaked from their private lives, which WWE has no control over. As […]

WWE News: The New Day Announced As The Official Hosts Of WrestleMania 33

As a WWE tag-team, the New Day is an enigma. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods took chicken scratch and turned it into chicken salad. Before their meteoric rise, the New Day was a sad excuse for a WWE stable. The three men entered together to a choir as their entrance music, proclaimed the […]

WWE News: Real Reason Why WWE Won’t Break Up The New Day Revealed, Big E Getting Singles Run Soon

The New Day have peaked as a group, but WWE officials don’t seem to have any plans to break up the stable anytime soon. The trio made WWE history after holding the WWE World Tag Team Championship for four hundred and eighty-three days, which broke the previous record held by Demolition. In the process, Xavier […]

WWE Rumors: The New Day Could Be Turning Heel After ‘Wrestlemania 33’

For over 483 days, The New Day ruled WWE’s tag team division as heels and as faces. It is important to note that the group held the titles for two separate runs. Their first title lasted for forty-nine days before being interrupted by a seventy-day reign by The Primetime Players. This was followed by The […]

WWE News: WWE Teases New Day Vs The Club Vs The Shield At WWE ‘Tribute To The Troops’

For those unaware, WWE taped their annual Tribute to the Troops special after taping WWE SmackDown Live last night, and there is at least one thing from this show that fans will want to see. SmackDown Live was not actually live last night due to the taping of TTTT, as WWE did not want to […]

WWE News: Jim Ross Sounds Off On The New Day Breaking WWE Tag Team Record For Longest Reign

It’s finally official. Yesterday, The New Day broke a WWE tag team record, reaching the 479th day of their championship reign and beating the record once held by 1980s and 1990s legends Demolition. That was a record that stood for a good 28 years, and with two big wins on this week’s Monday Night RAW, […]

Booker T Wants To Team Up With The Golden Truth To Take On The New Day At ‘WrestleMania 33’

It’s been over four years since WWE Hall of Famer Booker T last competed in a WWE ring, and since his last match — which as against Cody Rhodes — took place, he has been content with being retired, as he’s said on multiple occasions that he’s not planning on coming back for one last […]

WWE News: Kofi Kingston On What Was Missing Before The Brand Split & Who The New Day Has Their Eye On

When the WWE announced the return of the brand extension earlier this year, fans got a little worried that some of their favorite tag teams might get split up. After all, it happened before and could certainly happen again. But as it turns out, the only pure tag team to get divided was the Lucha […]

WWE News: Kofi Kingston’s Favorite New Day Moment And Interesting Booty-O’s Revelation

The seeds were planted for the formation of what would become The New Day more than two years ago. Kofi Kingston and Big E were lost in the mid-card shuffle just as Xavier Woods was trying to find footing on the WWE’s main roster. The three appeared in the ring together for the first time […]

WWE News: The New Day Just Made WWE Record-Breaking History

WWE tag team champions The New Day (composed of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E) debuted two years ago, and since then, audiences have gone from chanting “New Day sucks,” to booming chants of “New Day rocks.” Often, the trio is the highlight of WWE Raw or they steal the show at a pay-per-view. […]

WWE News: Big E Announces New Day’s Booty O’s Cereal Has Now Become A Real Thing

If you have ever watched The New Day on WWE television, you know that their promos are typically can’t-miss television. Everyone loves watching them, and for good reason. They are fun and exciting. Their matches have also been impressive and now they have made history as they will be becoming the longest reigning WWE Tag […]

Kenny Omega Talks Potential NXT Debut, Shinsuke Nakamura In WWE

Current New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring of Honor (ROH) superstar Kenny Omega has developed into a unique character in the pro wrestling with his love for video games and passion for the business. “The Cleaner” is currently the leader of the Elite, a subgroup within the popular Bullet Club stable and a former […]

If the WWE Draft Forces The New Day to Split Up, Kofi Kingston Should Be Elevated to WWE’s Main Event

The New Day has been a phenomenal stable for WWE programming over the past two years. Few stables in WWE have that longevity, especially for a gimmick that was universally hated when it began. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods were three WWE superstars without purpose on WWE television despite having so much talent. […]

WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Leaning Towards Breaking Up The New Day

WWE has a unique problem to deal with before the WWE draft and brand split next week. The current WWE World Tag Team Champions, The New Day, are not only in danger of losing their championship to The Wyatt Family at WWE Battleground, but the trio is at risk of being separated by the WWE […]

WWE Rumors: Big E May Turn Heel, Xavier Woods Could Be Red Herring

The WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day are currently deadlocked in a feud with The Wyatt Family, whose mantra has been “New Day Falls” since the stable’s return to WWE programming a few weeks ago. It hasn’t been announced yet, but it is only a matter of time before WWE sets a match […]

WWE News: Wyatt Family To Take WWE Tag Team Titles Off Of The New Day?

The New Day and The Wyatt Family are involved in a very interesting rivalry as of late. Both teams are known for being great together, and the ability of the trio or sometimes foursome of each group has allowed them to have great success. The difference between The New Day and The Wyatt Family is […]

WWE News: New Day Possibly Splitting Up Due To Backstage Concern Over Group Not Working As Well As Before

The New Day happen to be one of the most popular factions WWE has had in recent years. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. have been one of the best parts of each show they were part of more often than not, and even as heels their entertainment factor was key for the WWE […]

WWE News: Big Superstar Nearly Squashed The New Day Gimmick Before It Debuted

You were in the minority if you envisioned The New Day becoming what it is today after it’s WWE inception back in late 2014. In fact, The New Day wasn’t even supposed to be The New Day when WWE officials originally decided to align Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods together as a faction. […]

WWE News: Stone Cold’s ‘WrestleMania 32’ Appearance ‘Might Have Been The Last Time’

One of the highlights from WrestleMania 32 came when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Mick Foley made their collective appearances at the conclusion of the match between The New Day and the League of Nations. The League winning came as a bit of a shock, but it had been reported that it was […]

Xavier Woods Has Ultimate Answer For ‘Wrestling Is Fake’ Trolls

Xavier Woods of The New Day has come a long way since getting squashed by Rusev and under consideration for release in 2014. Thankfully, the WWE saw potential in the young man and kept him around, and he recently served as a sports entertainment ambassador to one of those “wrestling is fake” trolls that pop […]

WWE News: Has The New Day Been Punished By Vince McMahon?

When WWE re-packaged Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods to form their new group, The New Day, the trio was originally designed to be babyfaces enforcing the power of positivity. Their vignettes foreshadowing their arrival centered around gospel music and baptist-like encouragements. However, the group did not go over well with the WWE Universe, […]

WWE Rumors: Feud Building Between The New Day And Bullet Club — NJPW And WWE Teams Challenge One Another

The New Day are indeed one of the most dominant teams in the history of WWE, and they’re also one of the most popular. They are two-time WWE Tag Team Champions and have held the belts since August of 2015, but there are always challengers from all walks of life. Now, the Bullet Club Elite […]

WWE News: John Cena Scheduled To Appear At ‘WrestleMania 32’

It’s been reported recently that former fifteen-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena will be out of in-ring action until July, due to a shoulder injury he suffered toward the end of last year. But, that doesn’t mean that he’ll be missing next Sunday’s WrestleMania 32, as Cageside Seatsis reporting that the former WWE Champ […]