Prince Harry Makes Surprise Appearance On The BBC To Pay Tribute To Veterans

Prince Harry‘s face has not been seen in the U.K. for months. On Monday evening, though, the former royal took part in a BBC broadcast that was designed to highlight efforts being made to support injured veterans, People reports. Harry was speaking live from his home in Los Angeles and brought together two sets of […]

‘Dangerously Uninformed’ Donald Trump Did Not Know What Happened At Pearl Harbor, Authors Of New Book Report

When Donald Trump visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial in November, 2017, he asked his then-Chief of Staff John Kelly, “What’s this all about? What’s this a tour of?” In fact, Trump knew the name “Pearl Harbor,” but seemed ignorant regarding what had happened there. He did not appear to know that the memorial commemorated the […]

13,000 People Evacuate German City After ‘Unexploded’ World War II Bombs Discovered

Mass evacuations are hitting the city of Dortmund in Germany after a number of unexploded bombs were discovered in four locations throughout the city. Experts believe that the bombs, which were described as “unexploded,” were originally dropped during the Allied invasion of Germany during World War II. According to The Daily Mail, Dortmund city hall […]

Awkward Videos Show Donald Trump Having Trouble Reading Teleprompter In Veterans Day ‘Something Speech’

Donald Trump gave a speech annual New York City Veterans Day parade on Monday which was met with loud protests and angry exchanges between the president’s supporters and opponents, as The Independent reported. But it was the mispronunciation and slurring of words during the president’s outdoor address in a heavily-guarded Madison Square Park that sparked […]

Donald Trump Cancels Trip To Poland After He Had Already Shortened It Twice

The White House announced on Thursday afternoon that President Donald Trump would not travel as planned to Poland, sending instead Vice President Mike Pence, following reports that Hurricane Dorian is heading toward the United States. The trip to the Central European country was planned to allow the president to participate in a World War II […]

Donald Trump Signs D-Day Proclamation In The Oddest Possible Place

President Donald Trump’s notoriously bold signature has exploded on social media, not because of how it was written so much as where it was written, Business Insider reports. Trump was joined by other world leaders in observing the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on Thursday, with each signing a proclamation vowing to always remember […]

Man Charged With Attempted Theft Of Part Of Auschwitz

An American tourist visiting the internationally infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp has been charged with attempted theft, officials from the site said Sunday, according to The Associated Press. The man allegedly attempted to steal part of the historic train tracks where prisoners were unloaded upon arrival to the camp. The man, who is 37-years-old, and whose […]

Auschwitz Forced To Ask Visitors To Stop Posing For Selfies On Its Railway Tracks

It should be a fairly safe assumption to make that most everyone visiting the site of Auschwitz extermination camp in Poland would know the terrible history that encompasses the buildings and grounds there. From 1940 until the end of World War II in 1945, over 1.1. million people lost their lives in Auschwitz, making it […]

WWII ‘Kissing Sailor’ Dies At 95

George Mendonsa, the U.S. Navy sailor immortalized in a photo kissing a woman during a celebration of the end of World War II, has died at age 95. TMZ reports that Mendonsa died Sunday after falling and suffering a seizure at an assisted living facility. He had been living at the facility with his wife […]

Audrey Hepburn Led A Secret Life As A World War II Resistance Fighter

Glamorous actress Audrey Hepburn was a resistance fighter in World War II, Page Six is reporting. A new book by Robert Matzen titled Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War II will chronicle her experiences growing up in a Nazi-occupied country. The book will be released in its entirety in April 2019. Hepburn was a […]

Joachim Ronneberg Dead At 99, Hero Of Telemark Leaves Legacy Of Nazi Resistance Behind

Norway’s Joachim Ronneberg, who led a daring covert operation to destroy a Nazi nuclear arms factory during World War II, died on Sunday at age 99, according to The Guardian. Ronneberg was a 23-year-old agent of Britain’s Special Operations Executive agent during World War II. The SOE was Britain’s intelligence and sabotage agency during the […]

Freddie Oversteegen, Who As Teenager Lured Nazis Into A Forest To Make Out Then Had Them Killed, Dies At 92

Freddie Oversteegen, a true World War II hero, passed away on September 5, one day short of her 93rd birthday, reports the IJmuider Courant. Oversteegen was part of the Dutch Resistance and lured Nazis into the woods under false pretenses. The men thought that they had struck it lucky and that they would soon be […]

Rowlett, Texas, Sees Evacuations And Road Closures After WWII-Era Bomb Discovered

Rowlett, Texas, in suburban Dallas, is under partial evacuation after an un-detonated World War II bomb was found in the city, WFAA-TV is reporting. At 11:11 a.m. local time, the city of Rowlett tweeted that a bomb had been found in the city, and that evacuation orders were in place. “A World War II mortar […]

London City Airport Shut Down After 1,100-Pound World War II Bomb Was Discovered Nearby

An unexploded bomb, reportedly weighing more than 1,100 pounds, was recently discovered by workers who were excavating an area near the River Thames. The bomb itself was uncovered at the George V Dock on Sunday while laborers were beginning their pre-planned work just east of the London City Airport. Authorities immediately called for a 700-foot […]

The 90th Academy Awards : Oscars 2018

Let’s start with Best Picture, according to The Academy official rules, when voting takes place, the voter must take into consideration “the effectiveness, creative substance and relevance to the dramatic whole, and only as presented within the motion picture.” Typically, The Academy votes within their branch, directors vote in the best director category, actors vote […]

Kate Middleton & Prince William Shattered While Walking Path Once Used By Hundreds Of Nazi Camp Victims

On their first royal tour as a family, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Stutthof Concentration Camp during the second day of their Poland visit. Kate Middleton and Prince William visited the former Stutthof camp in northern Poland, where 65,000 people are estimated to have died during Germany’s occupation during World War […]

‘Comfort Women’ Provide No Comfort To Japan As Hong Kong Refuses To Take Down The Sex Slave Statues

The Hong Kong government has made it clear to Japan that the “comfort women” statues depicting the Japanese wartime sex slaves hoisted in front of the Japanese Consulate in the Chinese territory is there to stay. The fiber glass statues, each weighing 32 kilograms, were placed on the bridge near ­Exchange Square on the morning […]

Bataan Death March: The History You Need To Know

Survivors of the Bataan Death March gathered in San Francisco to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the infamous event. The Saturday ceremony featured speeches from the survivors who shared their experience and offered a 21-gun battery salute to thousands of American and Filipino soldiers who lost their lives in the march. While people commemorate the […]

Hitler’s Nuclear Bomb: Docs Reveal Mushroom Cloud, Possible Nazi A-Bomb In 1944

Declassified documents have come to light that show that Adolf Hitler and the scientists working on a German atomic bomb may have come closer to developing a workable nuclear weapon than had been previously thought. In fact, credible eyewitnesses say they saw a mushroom cloud rise over northern Germany in 1944 that very well could […]

Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown Mom: World News Watched Her Royal Parenting

When Queen Elizabeth II became the official crown royal, she was already a mother of two children, and would have two more after she ascended the throne. Of course, at the age of 26, when Queen Elizabeth took the crown, the world was watching her in the post-world War II era. For this reason, when […]

HMS Queen Elizabeth Almost Finished, But Has Odd Problems

The U.K. has been excited about a new Royal Navy ship called the HMS Queen Elizabeth II — but is there a reason it is still docked and no one wants to work there? This ship is worth £3 billion ($3.75 billion) and will put Her Majesty’s military on the map because the HMS Queen […]

Shout! Factory To Bring ‘In This Corner Of The World’ To North America

Shout! Factory, a multi-platform media company, will bring Japanese animated feature film In This Corner of the World to North America. The company has entered into an agreement with Animatsu Entertainment for the film that’s based on the award-winning manga by Fumiyo Kouno. Shout! Factory has secured a film deal to bring animated feature film […]

Queen Elizabeth Approves New Gay ‘Turing Law,’ Has LGBTQ Rights Ally History

Queen Elizabeth is currently getting a lot of negative press for inviting President Donald Trump to England for a state visit, but Her Majesty may partially redeem herself in the eyes of her people after officially giving Royal Assent or “approval” to a new pro-LGBTQ motion by the U.K. Parliament informally called the Alan Turing […]

Government Is Considering Disclosure About Tall White Aliens, Whistleblower Claims: U.S. Signed Technology Transfer Treaty With ET Species After World War II

Inside sources are warning that the U.S. government is considering a partial or limited disclosure of information about an extraterrestrial species it concluded a secret technology transfer treaty with in the late 1940s, a self-proclaimed government whistleblower has claimed. The move is allegedly part of efforts to ward off increasing pressure for a full disclosure. […]

Sales of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Are Soaring After German Reprint

Sales of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf in Germany are soaring after a special new reprint edition of this book was released one year ago. The latest edition of Hitler’s political treatise was put out in January 2016 once a 70-year copyright had expired on the text in late 2015. Unlike previous editions of this book […]

‘The Man In The High Castle’ Bosses Tease A Break From The Novel

With the return of The Man in the High Castle for Season 2, many alternate history fans are curious to know how the story will continue to unfold and how different the series will be in comparison to the Philip K. Dick source material. The future of The Man in the High Castle is of […]

‘Enlisted’ Game Release Date Aims For ‘Call Of Duty’ Fan Base With Massively Multiplayer World War II Campaigns

The Enlisted game release date is set to take on Call of Duty with its promise to turn World War II into a massively multiplayer battlefield. The campaign site claims that Gaijin Entertainment is making this ambitious first-person shooter the way its backers want, not the way they think gamers want it. If successful, the […]

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary: Oldest Survivor Ray Chavez Attends Commemorative Event

Pearl Harbor survivors and their families watched the premiere of the Remember Pearl Harbor documentary film together at the Pacific Aviation Museum on December 4. The survivors, who included several Medal of Honor recipients, were honored during the event organized to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the gruesome World War II attack in Hawaii. Remember […]

World War II Kissing Nurse Dies: Greta Friedman Became Part Of History Due To Iconic Photograph

The World War II kissing nurse has died at the age of 92, says her son. Greta Friedman was the nurse seen being kissed by a sailor in a photograph taken at the end of World War II. The photo of the kiss went viral before the internet was even invented and has become an […]

The Dark Controversy Behind The World War II Times Square Kissing Photo

Greta Friedman, the woman being kissed by a sailor in the iconic photo taken on V-J Day in Times Square, has passed away. Friedman, 92, passed away on Thursday, and son Joshua reported her death to CBS News today. Friedman, who had spent the past two years living in Maryland in an assisted living facility, […]

Just How Historically Accurate Are Second World War Movies?

There have been more films made about the Second World War than any other, but which ones are accurate and which aren’t? The hell and horror of the Second World War has provided film makers for decades with a wealth of material to base engaging and dramatic movies upon. Yet for every gritty and harrowing […]

Remember That ‘Nazi Gold Train’ Story That Looked Like A Hoax? Researchers Will Begin Looking For It This Week!

Do you remember around this time last year, when a couple of Polish men claimed to have found evidence of a famed “Nazi gold train” and everyone thought it was a hoax? Searchers are planning to start looking for it this week, and the world may soon know whether or not the lost treasure is […]

Building Of Berlin Wall Begins On This Day In 1961

When the citizens of Berlin went to sleep on August 12, 1961, they were unaware of just how their world was going to change when the sun rose on August 13. A city divided by political ideologies was about to be physically divided by a wall that would divide the world. The division that impacted […]

Tunnel Discovered Under Holocaust Massacre Site

A tunnel has been discovered beneath a Lithuanian camp that served as a dumping site for bodies of Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust. The tunnel is 100 feet long and was dug with spoons found on the bodies that captives were forced to exhume. The passageway is between five and nine feet below the surface. […]

Female WWII Pilots Finally Allowed Burial At Arlington

The ashes of Female WWII pilots are finally to be allowed internment at Arlington National Cemetery. The change is the result of a bill that President Obama signed into law on Friday, writes CNN. The bill, introduced by Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, allows for “the ashes of woman (sic) who flew in the Women […]

Christie’s Sells Disturbing Adolf Hitler Sculpture For $17.2 Million

Adolf Hitler is making news again, but this time he’s inspiring curiosity instead of fear. Christie’s auction house has just sold a sculpture of Hitler, earning $17.2 million for the unusual piece of World War II memorabilia. The likeness of Adolf Hitler represents the leader of the Nazi party in a kneeling stance and is […]

Marines Probe Photo Of Flag Raising At Iwo Jima To Unearth Name Of Misidentified Soldier

When the now-iconic photograph of the Iwo Jima flag raising was released to the American public in 1945, its impact was powerful, recalled retired Associated Press news photo editor Hal Buell. “People were just tired of the war, and all of a sudden out of nowhere came this picture that encapsulated everything. It showed that […]

John Kerry Won’t Apologize For Bombing Hiroshima – Will Visit Peace Memorial Park During G7 Meeting To Pay Homage Though

John Kerry won’t apologize for America’s bombing of Hiroshima during World War II. The United States Secretary of State will, however, visit the Peace Memorial Park to pay homage to those who died during one of the only two instances when an atomic bomb was used. John Kerry’s arrival to Hiroshima for a G7 meeting […]

Austria To Seize Hitler’s Birth House, Turn It Into Something That Will Keep Neo-Nazis Away

Outside a rather ordinary house in Braunau, Austria, there is a memorial stone with a curious inscription: “For Peace, Freedom and Democracy/Never Again Fascism/Millions of Dead Warn.” This stone gives a hint about its role in world history as the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. And after decades spent trying to buy it from the owner, […]

April Fools’? Six WWII Anti-Tank Rockets Found At U.K. Bus Stop

While at first many thought it was an April Fools’ day joke, it turned out to be true. Six WWII anti-tank rockets were left behind a bus stop in Coopersale in Essex on March 29. Police in Essex were concerned when the six live anti-tank rockets, dating back to World War II, were discovered behind […]

Former Auschwitz Guard On Trial For Role In Round-The-Clock Gassings That Killed 300K

In a German court right now, a 94-year-old man named Reinhold Hanning will listen to the testimony of survivors from the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz, where the former guard allegedly helped kill 170,000 people. Hanning’s trial for his involvement in the genocide started Thursday. In his youth, he was an SS sergeant and helped to […]

Learn The History of Japan In 9 Minutes — Be Prepared To Laugh Hysterically As You Do

This video titled “History of Japan” lays out the entire course of the eastern nation in just nine minutes. But after watching it, you’ll wish that it was longer because it is probably the most entertaining video on YouTube this year so far. True fans of musician/artist Bill Wurtz are already familiar with his quirky […]

World War II Vet To Reunite With Long-Lost Wartime Girlfriend After 72 Years Apart

At 93, World War II vet Norwood Thomas is still pretty darn romantic. His wartime girlfriend, Joyce Morris, 88, remembers him as a “scalawag,” a dashing paratrooper with a warm Southern drawl who she met on the banks of the Thames in 1945. When they were reunited via Skype two months ago, he cooed sweet […]

Trial Set For Hubert Zafke, One Of The Last Surviving Nazi War Criminals To Face Justice

Time is running out for the last surviving Nazi war criminals to be brought to justice. Hubert Zafke, 95, is one of them, among perhaps a dozen more cases in various stages of investigation. For Holocaust survivors and their children, that men like Zafke have waited decades for their role in the murder of 1.1 […]

‘The Man In The High Castle’ Season 2 Spoilers And A Deeper Look Into That Nazi Leader

The first season of The Man in the High Castle was released in one day by Amazon Prime, as Internet streaming now allows studios to do with new shows. However, viewing the alternative history series one episode at a time leaves followers off at Episode 6, which seems to be a significant turning point for […]

‘Mein Kampf’ Reprint: Hitler’s Propaganda Bestseller Sells Out Amidst Mixed Reactions

Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler’s bestseller which outlines his ideology and formed the basis for Nazi Germany, was republished and released to bookstores on Friday. This is the first time since the Second World War that the book, the Nazi leader’s propaganda inflammatory racist tract, is being reprinted and published in Germany. During 70 years since […]

Japan, South Korea Settle ‘Comfort Women’ Issue With ‘Heartfelt Apology’ And 1 Billion Yen Compensation

Japan and South Korea may have settled their long-running dispute about “Comfort Women.” Tokyo issued a “heartfelt apology” with 1 billion yen to the elderly former sex slaves. A personal apology from Japan’s prime minister and a pledge of 1 billion yen has been offered to South Korea to resolve a decades-long impasse about the […]

This Day In History December 7: Pearl Harbor Attacked By Japan, Forces The United States Into World War II, Did President Roosevelt Know The Base Was Going To Be Attacked? [Video]

December 7, 1941, is a day that has lived in infamy. At 7:55 a.m., Pearl Harbor was attacked by 350 Japanese warplanes, bringing the United States into World War II. The sneak attack by the Japanese was intended to cripple the Pacific Fleet of the United States and make sure the United States was unable […]

Amazon Pulls Ads For ‘Man In The High Castle’ On New York City Subway

Amazon pulls ads for Man in the High Castle from New York City subways. The new original series is based on an “alternative ending” for World War II. NYC subway commuters were upset by the Nazi symbols they saw when getting on the train. An “altered” version of the American Flag is shown on the […]

Mal Whitfield, Famed Olympic Gold Medalist And Tuskegee Airman, Dies At 91

Mal Whitfield, the famed African-American Olympian who won a total of three gold medals as a middle distance runner in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics, including one while serving as a Tuskegee Airman during the Korean War, has died from heart disease and prostate cancer, according to his daughter, Fredricka Whitfield. He was 91-years-old. Mal […]