Megan Thee Stallion & Wiz Khalifa Spark Dating Rumors After Creating An Instagram Video Together

Megan Thee Stallion and Wiz Khalifa recently had their fans wondering if they are an item after their latest outing together. The “Big Ole Freak” rapper posted a video on her Instagram page for her 7.4 million followers to see. In the video, Megan is sitting in the backseat as Wiz is driving a car. […]

Amber Rose Wishes Wiz Khalifa & Alexander Edwards Happy Father’s Day: ‘Y’all Have The Coolest Baby Mama Ever’

Amber Rose is spreading the love between both of her baby daddies for Father’s Day. The model posted a photo of her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa and her current boyfriend Alexander Edwards partying together on her Instagram page. Under the post, Rose left a lengthy caption about the two men. She shared how both men have […]

Wiz Khalifa’s Home Broken Into, Thieves Scared Off By Housesitter

Would-be burglars broke into Wiz Khalifa’s Los Angeles home Saturday morning, but made off with nothing. They are “would-be” burglars because they were scared off by the presence of a housesitter before they managed to get their hands on any of Khalif’s belongings. TMZ reports that the only known damage is some broken glass. The […]

Wiz Khalifa Happier With His Weight Gain

Rapper Wiz Khalifa packed on a few pounds and isn’t sad about it! He talked to the Bleacher Report and discussed how he gained 35 pounds thanks to his latest passion: mixed martial arts. The known skinny rapper didn’t mind being skinny but prefers his bigger build now. “I was cool with being skinny before,” […]

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage To Kanye West On The Rocks Due To Cheating Rumors According To ‘Celeb Dirty Laundry’

It seems Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have shared a recent selfie. Curiously, not only have they shared a selfie, but also Kanye. Kanye West recently disclosed that the photograph was taken at Kris Jenner’s home. According to Entertainment Tonight, Kanye had been lashing out during an ongoing tweet rampage towards his former girlfriend, actress […]

Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Like Chris Martin And Gwyneth Paltrow, Model Reports Dating 21 Savage On IG

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa got to be the ex-couple with the least amount of drama, especially in the hip hop world. In fact, their cordial post-marital life and the sensible sharing of the responsibility for their son has the onlookers surprised. While most ex-husbands get jealous when their ex-partners start dating other people, it […]

Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Fans Vow To Beat Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again’ To Rule YouTube Again

Several fans of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video did not like it that it had been dethroned on YouTube. According to them, the YouTube classic that “blew the world up” must remain on top. Fans have stated that they will get more likes for the South Korean video so that it can reclaim its top position. […]

Wiz Khalifa Takes The Top YouTube Video Spot With ‘See You Again’

Two years after it was uploaded, Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” surpassed Psy’s “Gangnam Style” as YouTube’s most-watched video of all time. Khalifa’s video surpassed the South Korean pop-sensation’s video by more than 2 million views at approximately 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 11, when the official count was 2,897,619,778 versus 2,895,111,556, according to Hip Hop […]

Wiz Khalifa Is Apparently Fine With His Ex-Wife’s New Relationship

Amber Rose and rapper 21 Savage have been involved in a high-profile relationship recently that has been an ongoing topic throughout the world of social media. Recently, TMZ caught up to Amber’s baby father Wiz Khalifa and asked him his thoughts on his ex’s new man and their relationship. Wiz, of course, had a response, […]

Has Amber Rose Just Revealed Secrets About Her Sex Life With Val Chmerkovskiy In Instagram Picture?

Amber Rose may have been flaunting her body on social media. But, that’s only because she is confident about her body. Sebastian’s mother has dismissed a so-called popular notion about her sex life. During the process, she might have revealed a secret about her earlier relationship with Dancing With the Stars pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy. […]

Wiz Khalifa’s Pablo Escobar Grave Visit Causes Outrage In Colombia

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has ignited controversy after his recent trip to Medellin, Colombia, where he visited the gravesite of infamous drug trafficker Pablo Escobar. Khalifa was in the city to perform at a concert with Puerto Rican rapper Tego Calderon, and during his stay in the capital of Antioquia, the 29-year-old took the opportunity to […]

Amber Rose Says She’s Not Dating NBA Player Kevin Durant

Rumors flew that Amber Rose was dating Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant when the two were spotted at the same Los Angeles celebrity hotspot on Tuesday night. As TMZ reports, however, the model and actress denied any romance with the basketball player when she was spotted out in Los Angeles again on Wednesday night. […]

Amber Rose, Kanye West’s Ex Girlfriend Met Kim Kardashian After Twitter War

Kim Kardashian recently posted a selfie with Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose. After a heated confrontation between Kanye and Amber over Twitter, it seems that the former’s spouse Kim Kardashian moved in to diffuse the tension. There is a whole story behind this picture. It all started with a discussion featuring the rappers Kanye West […]

Get A Room! The Amber Rose And Val Chmerkovskiy Passionate Kiss That Is Too Hot To Handle

Amber Rose shared a passionate kiss with Val Chmerkovskiy proving to anyone who had any doubts that the two have no problem with public display of affection. In the Amber Rose and Val Chmerkovskiy passionate kiss photo which the radio host shared, the 33-year old model is seen dressed in a green top that is […]

Amber Rose Is In An ‘Absolutely Amazing’ Relationship With Val Chmerkovskiy [Pics]

Amber Rose is in an “absolutely amazing” relationship with her new boyfriend Val Chmerkovskiy. The Dancing with the Stars alumna recently divulged to her podcast cohost Dr. Chris Donaghue that she is basically head over heels for Chmerkovskiy, whom she met on the hit dancing show. “It’s amazing. It’s so good,” Rose told Donaghue on […]

Wiz Khalifa Approves Of Amber Rose’s Alleged New Beau

Things are heating up between Amber Rose and Val Chmerkovskiy, and her former husband Wiz Khalifa reportedly approves of the relationship. According to Hollywood Life, Rose and Chmerkovskiy, the brother of her Dancing with the Stars partner Maksim, are getting really serious after realizing that they have a lot in common. “Amber and Val are […]

Kanye West Needs My Kush In The ‘Institution,’ Says Wiz Khalifa As Kardashians Reportedly Continue Filming ‘KUWTK’

Wiz Khalifa offered Kanye some of his kush while he is being hospitalized in Los Angeles after a mental breakdown. Meanwhile, the Kardashians are back to business as usual, filming for their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. TMZ reported that Wiz Khalifa was close to burying the hatchet with Kanye West after […]

Ken Bone, Presidential Debate Breakout Star, Invited To Smoke Weed With Snoop Dogg

Sunday’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the perfect reminder of how far the United States has fallen when it comes to politics. Even with all of the yelling and name-calling, however, there was at least one feel-good story to come out of the Anderson Cooper hosted session. Unfortunately, it wasn’t either […]

Call Of Duty XP Will Feature Snoop Dogg And Whiz Khalifa Peformance

Call of Duty XP attendees prep your eye drops. Rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa will be at the Los Angeles convention to celebrate all things Call of Duty past, present, and future with a special performance to close out the event, Activision announced Friday. The convention kicks off on Friday, September 2, and runs […]

Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa Sued: Fractured Spine Injury Listed By Railing Collapse Lawsuit Victim

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are being sued by “High Road Tour” attendees who suffered major injuries at the hip hop duo’s New Jersey concert, according to TMZ. The crowd barrier at BB&T Pavilion completely gave out without warning. The collapsed railing made concertgoers fall 10 feet below onto concrete. The collapse occurred due to […]

Railing Collapse Injuries At Live Nation Venue Stops Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa Concert, But Not Fifth Harmony’s A railing collapsed at a concert featuring Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in New Jersey on Friday, injuring 42 concertgoers, one critically, reports NBC News. Snoop was performing with Wiz Khalifa in Camden at the BB&T Pavilion when the railing collapsed at about 10:30 p.m., EST, causing dozens of people to fall several feet […]

Amber Rose Says Wiz Khalifa ‘Put His Sperm’ On Her Face

Amber Rose wants another baby with Wiz Khalifa and it’s no secret. The model, actress, and talk show host just received her own show on VH-1, The Amber Rose Show, and Amber told a pretty amusing little story about visiting her ex Wiz over the weekend, though she may have ultimately given the audience a […]

‘F**k Apologies’: JoJo Begins Her Brazen Return To Music Prominence With First Single From ‘Mad Love’

Most have not heard a note from pop music phenom Joanna Levesque, better known as JoJo, since her 2006 album, The High Road. However, that’s not necessarily her fault, nor does it mean she hasn’t continued to sing her absolutely gorgeous face off. Despite holdups in her career that came from faulty dealings with former […]

Amber Rose Inspired By Wiz Khalifa To Comment On Taylor Swift Situation

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa may have the strangest and healthiest relationship in Hollywood. Although they are divorced, they still hold a lot of love for each other in a way that’s not as New Agey as Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow while keeping the idea of reunion still open. In fact, there is a […]

Kanye West, Taylor Swift Feud Intensifies

Kanye West is a famous celebrity who is also well-known for his controversial statements, massive rants and the wide variety of celebrity friends and foes he invariably seems to attract. Kanye West has been known to lock horns with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Bob Ezrin, and perhaps most famously, Taylor Swift. However, the rapper’s recent […]

‘Suicide Squad’ Ready To Rock With Star-Studded Album Soundtrack, Including Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Plus New Exciting Poster!

DC Comics’ Suicide Squad is releasing very soon and they are not keeping secrets from their fans. The production just released another poster for the movie and it might be what everyone would expect from this unusual crew of anti-heroes. The poster is very colorful and it features all the main cast of the movie […]

Amber Rose Wants Wiz Khalifa To Have More Kids With Her: ‘Just Give Me Your Sperm’

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa seem to get along really well, even though they’re exes. But they may be taking that post-divorce friendship to a whole new level if Amber gets her way, People Magazine reports. According to People Magazine, Amber has revealed that she wants to have more children with Khalifa. The two already […]

One Direction’s Sixth Month Vacation Does Not Bring News For Band’s Reunion Date

One Direction has been on vacation for the past six months, and Niall Horan stated in an interview that he cannot believe how the time has flown by. According to Channel 24, Niall Horan told Global Radio that “It doesn’t feel like it [but] we’ve been off six months already… it feels like it was […]

Wiz Khalifa Reps Taylor Gang So Hard In New Music Video

Taylor! Gang! Taylor! Gang! TAYLOR! GANG! Calling all Taylor Gang faithful, Wiz Khalifa delivers a tribute to you by way of his new track, “So Much.” About a week or so ago, the Pittsburg rapper previewed an unnamed track from his upcoming record, Rolling Papers 2, on his Instagram. Over a very ’80s inspired hip-hop/R&B […]

‘Hello, Hello’ By Z.TAO: Wiz Khalifa Featured On Track By Former K-Pop Idol Of EXO

In both K-pop and C-pop today, one of the most popular boy groups if not the most popular boy group presently is EXO. Such a prestigious title is not puffed-up propaganda, as EXO has the accolades to back up such a claim. In 2015 alone, they accounted for over one million album sales, about a […]

The ‘Less Captivating’ Aspect About Wiz Khalifa’s Revolutionary Cannabis Beer

Wiz Khalifa is one rapper who has really embraced the whole cannabis culture. Currently 28, he has in the past referred to Snoop Dogg as his mentor. Snoop, like Wiz Khalifa, has always loved weed and features it in his songs and videos. Moreover, they both have their own cannabis brands with the former’s going […]

Kanye West-Wiz Khalifa Feud: Ye Is Still Apologizing For Tweeting About Amber Rose’s Son

Just when you thought we’d moved on from the Kanye West-Wiz Khalifa Twitter feud of January, someone brings it back up. This time, it was Yeezy himself, who said in an interview on Steve Harvey’s radio show that he feels worse every day for bringing the son of Wiz and Amber Rose into the beef. […]

Kanye West Blames His Taylor Swift VMA Outburst On ‘Closet Racism’ & Britney Spears

Kanye West is blaming his 2009 MTV VMA stage storm during Taylor Swift’s speech on “closet racism” and Britney Spears. Once again speaking out about the now-infamous incident on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Kanye claimed that the 2009 Video Music Awards incident wasn’t about him or Taylor and was actually just a way for […]

One Direction’s Liam Payne Is Super Cool, Not ‘Snobby And S**t’

One Direction star Liam Payne is currently on hiatus, and it seems that Payne has been making friends in hitherto unimagined places. As one-quarter of One Direction, Payne has become used to having millions of adoring fans across the world, but who would have thought that Liam would be making a stir in the hip-hop […]

Amber Rose Makes Peace With Scott Disick, Wiz Khalifa And Blac Chyna

Amber Rose is known for drama. But, this weekend, she was full of generous spirit as she made her rounds. Looks like she is making amends with Blac Chyna, Scott Disick, and her baby daddy Wiz Khalifa. While the two have been very busy in the recent months, “Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa spent some […]

4/20 Rally: Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa Performance Postponed, Vendors Unhappy

Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa have postponed their 4/20 rally performance at the Civic Center in Denver, Colorado. According to 9News, the event is being postponed and rescheduled due to weather and “circumstances beyond its control.” While a forecast is in place for days in advance, it’s understandable that certain conditions can cause events to […]

Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa’s Son Sebastian Sings ‘See You Again’ With Daddy

There’s a new star in the famous Rose-Khalifa family, and he’s a special kind of cute. The son of Wiz Khalifa and his famous lover Amber Rose is clearly his father’s son, and is showing his natural talent off for anyone and everyone to see. Sebastian has shown the world he’s going to be just […]

Charlie Puth: ‘I’m Not Knocking Any Artists, But Some Shows Are So Loud And Blaring, The Focus Is Not On The Music’

Charlie Puth, a singer and songwriter, has had a lot going on recently. The 24-year-old has enjoyed success from moments like being featured on the soundtrack of the latest installment of the blockbuster action franchise Fast and the Furious, Furious 7, all the way to getting Grammy nods here and there and making it to […]

Celebs Queue Up To Mock Kanye West As ‘Life Of Pablo’ Bombs

Hip-Hop star Kanye West will be needing plenty of his legendary self-belief right now. West is often mocked for his complete belief in himself, and when it comes to Kanye, no one worships him more than Kanye himself. Some may accuse West of arrogance, but the truth seems to be that Kanye truly believes that […]

Amber Rose & Damien Dante Wayans Get Cozy, As Kanye West Disses Her In ‘Father Stretch My Hands: Part I’

Does Amber Rose have a new man in her life? Just days ago, it was reported that Amber Rose and her ex-husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, could be reconciling their relationship, but now, amid her trip to Trinidad, the model has been spotted with another famous face: Damien Dante Wayans. Are Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa […]

Kanye West And Wiz Khalifa Patch Things Up

Kanye West is known for putting in his two cents, so when a heated Twitter battle started brewing between West and Wiz Khalifa, it got pretty ugly on both sides. Time reports that it all began when Khalifa criticized the name of Kanye West’s new album, Waves, on Twitter. A heated battle soon erupted, and […]

Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa’s Son Brings Them Back Together, But They’re ‘Not Banging,’ Just BFFs

At Wiz Khalifa’s new album release party on February 5, all the romance signs starting pointing in the same direction. It looked like there was a relationship revival going on between Khalifa, 28, and his ex, Amber Rose. New Post: Friendly exes? Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa get really cosy on Snapchat! Via @Spells_music […]

Kim Kardashian Unfollowed Amber Rose After Shocking Instagram Photo — Publicity Stunt For New Wiz Khalifa And Kanye West Albums?

Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose posed together for a shocking Instagram photo last week, and fans thought the former enemies had finally squashed their beef. It turns out that might not be the case though, after the Shade Room reported that Kim and Amber’s mutual Instagram follow wasn’t so mutual after all. It turns out […]

Are Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Separating? ‘Enraged’ Kim Is Keeping Kanye Out Of Bounds

It appears Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are staring at difficult times ahead. Recent reports suggest the celebrity couple might be considering divorce after Kim was left embarrassed by Kanye West’s public meltdown with former flame Amber Rose. A source close to the Kardashians revealed to Life & Style magazine (via Radar Online) that Kim […]

Kanye West Talks Wiz Khalifa In First Interview Since Twitter Beef

In his first interview since his infamous Twitter rant, Kanye West confirms that his beef with Wiz Khalifa has been “chopped” up and “squashed.” In speaking with the Real 92.3 radio show, West talked about why he went off on Wiz, admitting that he misunderstood something Khalifa tweeted. During their exchange, Wiz referenced “KK,” which […]

Wiz Khalifa And Kanye West Are Waving The White Flag To End The Fued

Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West appear to have to come to a resolution with regard to their feud. The recent Twitter war that happened between the two gave the impression that the feud was going to continue for a long time. Khalifa has, however, confirmed that the weapons of war have been placed down, and […]

Is The Feud Between Kanye West And Wiz Khalifa Finally Over?

In what some star watchers might regard as a sign of the impending apocalypse, Kanye West appears to have patched things up with longtime rival Wiz Khalifa. During a Wednesday morning appearance on New York City’s Power 105, Wiz told radio personality Angie Martinez that he recently spoke with Yeezy. He added that Kanye apologized […]

Kanye West And Wiz Khalifa Settle Beef As Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Bury The Hatchet

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa have decided to act like grown adults and put their differences aside after their Twitter feud. Shortly after Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose buried the hatchet, on early Tuesday (Feb. 2), Kanye West revealed on Twitter that he finally made peace with Wiz Khalifa following their iconic Twitter feud that […]

Kim Kardashian Spotted With Amber Rose After Kanye West Drama — What Were They Talking About?

Making amends? Kim Kardashian was just spotted with Amber Rose just days after the model took serious aim at Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, on social media. Kim took to Instagram on February 2 to show off a photo of herself out with Amber, where the two were wearing even matching in all-black ensembles. Kim captioned […]

Wiz Khalifa Shows Kim Kardashian Sex Tape After Concert? Wiz Reveals The Truth

Recently, a rumor originated that Wiz Khalifa projected part of Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape with rapper Ray-J to his crowd after Wiz performed in Chicago this past Saturday night. No one is sure exactly how or why the rumor started, says VIBE. Just yesterday, though, Khalifa’s DJ dispelled the rumor. If you hadn’t heard, […]