Winston Churchill’s London Statue May Have To Be Moved To A Museum, Says His Granddaughter

A statue of Winston Churchill that has stood for decades in London’s Parliament Square may have to be moved to a museum for its own safety, his granddaughter told BBC News. In the wake of the George Floyd protests, which have taken place not just in the U.S. but in the U.K. and elsewhere across […]

Kayleigh McEnany’s Comparison Of Donald Trump To Winston Churchill Slammed By Author

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany compared President Donald Trump’s Monday evening stroll to St. John’s Church to Winston Churchill on Wednesday, the AP reported. However, the author of a book on Churchill, Erik Larson, slammed the press secretary’s comparison as almost obscene. “Through all of time, we’ve seen presidents and leaders across the world […]

Solid Gold Toilet Stolen From Winston Churchill’s Birthplace

Just two days after it was installed, the solid gold toilet was stolen from Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill. The toilet, which is the work of Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, was previously being shown at the Guggenheim Museum in New York with no issues. The Daily Beast reported that one man, 66, is […]

Tory MP Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill’s Grandson, Votes Against Boris Johnson On Brexit

Conservative Sir Nicholas Soames, the grandson of famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill explains that he has voted against his party just three times in his 37-year political career, but he felt compelled to defect and vote against Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week when he cast his ballot with 21 other Tory MPs […]

Princess Diana Was Related To Winston Churchill Through The Spencer Family Tree

While Princess Diana may have married into the royal family, it turns out her lineage was impressive even prior to her marriage to Prince Charles. In fact, her family is related to many prominent people in history. Princess Diana, from the Spencer family, is actually one of the most distinguished aristocratic families in the United […]

Donald Trump Complimented Business Leaders On Their ‘Great Bloodlines’ At Dinner During United Kingdom Trip

President Donald Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom this past summer had many bizarre moments, but one of them that hasn’t been reported on until recently seems to suggest the president sought to compliment business leaders on their great genetic traits. Trump was speaking at a black-tie business event at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of […]

Piers Morgan Slams Professor For Branding Winston Churchill A Racist And Claiming Britain Was Built On Racism

Piers Morgan was incandescent with rage after a professor of black studies branded Winston Churchill a “clear racist” and described Britain as a county “built on racism.” Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill has long been regarded as a great and inspirational leader by many but not in the eyes of British born Kehinde Andrews. […]

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Posted Fake Winston Churchill Quote About Anti-Fascists

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took to Twitter in the wee hours of the night to warn against the dangers of anti-fascism, known as Antifa, by sharing a supposed Winston Churchill quote. “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.” In the now-deleted tweet posted on Tuesday, the Republican governor accompanied the quote by noting […]

The 90th Academy Awards : Oscars 2018

Let’s start with Best Picture, according to The Academy official rules, when voting takes place, the voter must take into consideration “the effectiveness, creative substance and relevance to the dramatic whole, and only as presented within the motion picture.” Typically, The Academy votes within their branch, directors vote in the best director category, actors vote […]

Winston Churchill Movie ‘Darkest Hour’ Viewers Find Strange Smoking Warning At The End

Sir Winston Churchill, former prime minister of Great Britain, was almost never without a lit cigar. Recently a new movie, Darkest Hour, was released depicting the wartime leader during WWII. With so many scenes involving Churchill puffing a cigar, the movie makers believed it necessary to warn the public about the dangers of tobacco smoking. […]

A Reconstructed Roman Temple Dedicated To Mithras In 240AD Will Be Opening Its Doors In London

The remains of a Roman Temple dedicated to Mithras in 240AD have been painstakingly reconstructed, and the London Mithraeum will be opening its doors to the public so that history enthusiasts can gaze in wonder at the remnants left behind from a long-gone civilization who once looked to this mysterious religion for truth. Much of […]

Princess Margaret And Peter Townsend: The Truth Behind Their Romance In ‘The Crown’

Millions of people have been transfixed over Netflix’s royal drama The Crown, but is the romance between Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend totally faithful to real life and historically accurate? Captain Peter Townsend was a brilliant war hero who proposed to Princess Margaret in 1953, but in The Crown, we see England’s Prime Minister Anthony […]

Winston Churchill UFO Files: Did Prime Minister Cover Up An RAF Report Of ‘Metallic UFO’?

Sir Winston Churchill was very much aware of and concerned enough about the growing phenomenon of UFO sightings that he wanted “flying saucers” investigated. Declassified documents and the dying words of a bodyguard to famed prime minister are now shedding more light on what appears to have been a top secret investigation into the “UFO […]

Hitler’s Paintings Bring $440,000 At Controversial Auction

Experts consider Hitler’s paintings to be mediocre at best, but that doesn’t mean anonymous bidders won’t pay big money at an auction for them – leaving many in Germany queasy at the thought of profiting from the Nazi leader. According to the New York Times, there were 14 paintings in a recent auction collection that […]

What Of Winston Churchill’s Is Up For Auction?

People put a lot of different things up for auction, such as old gowns, furniture, artwork. But this has to be the most interesting thing that has ever been put up for auction — Winston Churchill’s blood. Duke’s auction house in Dorchester is auctioning a small vial of Churchill’s blood. Churchill must have really meant […]

Johnny Cash, Winston Churchill and Jimi Hendrix’s Greatest Love Letters Will Melt Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

Love is such an overriding theme in art that it’s no surprise some of its most iconic figures created their best work because of it. Of course, musicians like Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix or famed writers Ernest Hemingway or John Keats have penned a long list of work that echoes the bliss of feeling […]

Winston Churchill Wanted To Convert To Islam, But His Family Stopped Him

Winston Churchill once seriously considered becoming a Muslim, according to a recently discovered letter. However, his family entreated him to “fight against” the desire to convert to Islam. Churchill served as an officer of the British Army in Sudan, and this gave him the opportunity to closely observe Islamic society. He wrote to Lady Lytton […]

FBI Memo Reveals Churchill Wanted U.S. To Nuke Russia To Win Cold War

A newly unveiled memo from the FBI’s archives has revealed that Winston Churchill urged the United States to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia in an attempt to win the Cold War, believing that such an act could be the only way to stop the spread of communism to the west. The memo details […]

Did Winston Churchill Enter World War II Because Of His Height? London Mayor Boris Johnson Thinks So

London Mayor Boris Johnson has recently written a book, where he makes a claim about one of Britain’s most iconic figures that might ruffle a few feathers. Churchill, usually a symbol of stalwart determination and courage, is described as a having “short man syndrome,” and is compared to dictators like Adolf Hitler by Mayor Johnson, […]

Prince George Looks Like Winston Churchill Says Uncle Harry

It used to be said quite often in the U.K. that all babies looked like Britain’s wartime leader, Winston Churchill. But, with the passing of the years, the comparison is heard less and less. Indeed, many Brits were horrified to discover that new generations of schoolchildren did not even know who he was! But Prince […]

Roger Daltrey Sings To Congress: ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ [Video]

Roger Daltrey, of The Who, performed for the US Congress at the Capitol building on Wednesday, singing “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Stand By Me”. Daltrey was invited to perform in a ceremony to unveil a bust honoring former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, one of the United States’ staunchest allies and instrumental in defeating […]

‘OMG’ About 100 Years Old, Appeared In Letter To Winston Churchill

Internet shorthand, or “lolspeak,” is sometimes credited as one of the more recent landmarks on the road to the end of civilization. But what if we told you that the seeds of our text abbreviations are much older than you think? Particularly, we’re talking about ‘OMG’ here. The now-ubiquitous text abbreviation is nearly 100 years […]

Nazis Planned To Kill Churchill With Exploding Chocolate

A possible plot by the Nazis to use exploding chocolate to kill Winston Churchill during World War II has recently been discovered. As the Telegraph reports, the plan called for Adolf Hitler’s bomb makers to coat explosive devices with a thin layer of chocolate wrapped in fancy expensive looking black and gold paper in order […]

Did Winston Churchill’s Lopsided Face Win World War Two?

Okay, so Winston Churchill’s asymmetrical face obviously didn’t directly win the Second World War, but it may have contributed to him being a better leader. A new study published in the Harvard Business Review argues that those with lopsided faces make superior leaders. Symmetry has long been held up as a sign of strength and/or […]