Westboro Baptist Church Holds Nothing Back, Says God Sent Hurricane Harvey To Those ‘Rebellious People’

As the damage, death, and destruction of Hurricane Harvey continues to be a problem, and will be for a very long time, there are those who feel as if they know who caused it all. As expected, the Westboro Baptist Church has had something to say regarding all that has taken place in the last […]

What The Westboro Baptist Church Did To Pokemon Will Make You Cringe [Opinion]

The Westboro Baptist Church and Pokemon have done battle this year. It seems the church, known for “preaching” by picketing the funerals of soldiers and being extremely anti-gay, decided to lash back at Pokemon one more time before 2016 closed. The images they’ve altered of Pokemon will make anyone who loves either the game or […]

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Called ‘Serial Whores’ By The Westboro Baptist Church: Blake Fires Back

Shots were recently fired in Blake Shelton’s ongoing war with the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), and this time, the fundamentalist church, which is widely regarded as a hate group, decided to drag Gwen Stefani into the middle of one of its social media spats with Shelton. The WBC occasionally picks fights with celebrities in hopes […]

Westboro Baptist Church Heads To Cleveland For The Republican National Convention

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church are reportedly on their way to Cleveland, Ohio, for the 2016 Republican National Convention. According to their “picket schedule,” members of the controversial church will be protesting the convention from 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on July 19 and from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on July 20. Although […]

Westboro Baptist Church Tweets About Attack In Nice, France, Photoshops WBC Signs Into Crime Scene Photos

When something tragic happens in the United States, the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is usually on it right away and letting everyone know their thoughts on it. The majority of the time, those thoughts aren’t the same compassionate thoughts as most everyone else have. Now, they have turned their attention to the terrorist attack in […]

‘Pokemon GO’ User Expertly Trolled Westboro Baptist Church, The Church Is Lamely Fighting Back

A Pokemon GO user has used the insanely popular game to troll Westboro Baptist Church, and the church is making a valiant attempt to fight back, WFLA (Tampa) is reporting. If you’re not aware of Pokemon GO — and really, you have to have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of weeks […]

Westboro Baptist Church Announces Plans To Visit Dallas After Police Killings, Saying ‘God Sent The Shooter To A City Full Of Proud Hard-Hearted Merciless Sinners’

The Westboro Baptist Church is headed to Dallas after praising the shooting that left five police officers dead. In a message posted to Twitter on Saturday morning, the church announced that it was headed to Dallas in the wake of this week’s shooting. “WBC currently winging to Dallas!” the church wrote, adding the hashtag #AmericaIsDoomed. […]

Westboro Baptist Church Mocks The Victims Of The Dallas Police Shooting In A Series Of Bizarre Tweets — They May Already Be On Their Way To Dallas

The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. The church, which is a controversial group based out of Topeka, Kansas, is widely known for its hate speech against numerous groups of people, notably soldiers and members of the LGBT community. As usual, members of the church were quick to take to Twitter in order to […]

Westboro Baptist Church: ‘Equality House’ Neighbor Repaints — With Transgender Flag Colors

Across from the Westboro Baptist Church sits the Equality House. Painted in a rainbow to represent the LGBT pride flag, it’s a direct response to the church, which is known for its signs declaring that God hates gay people – though the signs tend to use a certain anti-gay slur, rather than the word “gay.” […]

Westboro Baptist Church Attacked By Kirk Franklin, Dared To Protest His Concerts

Westboro Baptist Church has been at the center of controversy in the wake of the highly-publicized Orlando shooting and now they’re facing a new battle. Apparently, Kirk Franklin is fed up with the hateful propaganda Westboro has labeled as Christianity. According to Christian Post, the Grammy Award-winning gospel artist strongly opposes the idea of associating […]

Westboro Baptist Church: Hundreds Form Human Chain To Block Protesters

Westboro Baptist Church, known for being a vicious hate group, has been in the news frequently since the massacre at the gay night club called Pulse in Orlando took place. While the rest of the world mourned the lives of those lost at the nightclub, Westboro Baptist Church celebrated. According to USA Today, the Westboro […]

Orlando Funerals For Pulse Victims Marred By Westboro Baptist Protests, Reckless Driver

Two funerals for victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando were marred by ugly incidents Saturday, with Westboro Baptist Church protesters bringing their message of hate to one victim’s funeral, and another funeral the scene of a reckless driver running over two sheriff’s deputies, Fox News is reporting. Christopher Leinonen was one of 49 […]

Westboro Baptist Church Criticized By Christians As They Protest Orlando Shooting Victims’ Funerals

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, Westboro Baptist Church has come under fire yet again. As expected, many Americans have taken to social media to criticize the cult-like church, but now another group has voiced concerns about the beliefs of Westboro members. According to Charisma News, Christians are making it clear that absolutely nothing […]

Orlando Shakespeare Crafts ‘Angels’ Against Westboro Baptist Church Protests At Victims’ Funerals

Westboro Baptist Church shared plans for members to protest Saturday when the funeral for two victims of the Orlando shooting massacre is held. A representative for the church informed USA Today that the protests were directed at the gay community. “It’s not about that person, it’s about that whole societal phenomenon,” asserted Westboro spokesman Steve […]

Westboro Baptist Church Arrives In Orlando To Protest Funerals Of Shooting Victims, But Counter-Protesters Have An Awesome Idea To Stop Them

The Westboro Baptist Church has arrived in Orlando to protest the first wave of funerals for victims of last week’s shooting massacre, but counter-protesters will be ready with an ingenuous plan to block out the famously anti-gay church. Church members were quick to capitalize off last week’s killing, when gunman Omar Mateen opened fire inside […]

Westboro Baptist Church Members Plan Protest At Orlando Shooting Victims’ Funerals: ‘It’s Never OK To Be Gay’

After celebrating the ghastly Orlando shooting that left 49 people dead and 53 people injured, the Westboro Baptist Church has now declared that its members would be protesting at the funeral sites of two of the victims on Saturday. The move has understandably drawn widespread criticism from several quarters, but even the fierce backlash has […]

Westboro Baptist Church Protests At Funerals For Orlando Terrorist Attack Victims, But Counter-Protesters Were There To Meet Them

Westboro Baptist Church has arrived in Orlando to picket outside memorials for victims of this weekend’s shooting, but the controversial church has some company waiting for them outside the funerals. After the anti-gay church announced on Twitter that they were “headed to Orlando,” a number of counter-protest groups began forming in an effort to block […]

Westboro Baptist Church: Orlando Massacre Has Bikers, Counter-Protest Protecting Shooting Victims’ Funerals

The Westboro Baptist Church is once again becoming a headache for funeral-goers. They have been known to protest the mourning rites for everybody from celebrities to victims of national tragedies, all in the name of God. True Christians can attest that the WBC is little more than a religious hate group no better than the […]

‘Fifty Perverts Killed’: Turkish Newspaper Sparks Outrage With Offensive Headline About Orlando Nightclub Shooting

The Pulse nightclub shooting that unfolded in Orlando, Florida, on June 13 has received numerous mixed opinions, despite the fact that an overwhelming number of innocent people were killed. Unfortunately, there are many people who have reacted to the senseless killings with callous comments about the victims simply because of their sexual orientation. Now, a […]

Westboro Baptist Church Say ‘God Sent The Shooter’ To Terrorize Orlando Gay Nightclub, Sing ‘Shooters Keep Comin’ Around’

The Westboro Baptist Church has outdone its usual outpouring of hate-filled rhetoric in the wake of the Orlando terror attacks. The Orlando terror attack took place at Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning, and it resulted in the shooting deaths of 53 people. Fifty more were injured in the terror attack, which happened during a three-hour […]

Westboro Baptist Church Celebrates Pulse Nightclub Shooting In Orlando: ‘God Sent The Shooter’

The largest mass shooting in the history of the United States took place overnight, and it is now known that gunman Omar Mateen is responsible for at least 50 deaths and some 53 others wounded at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. As the world sympathizes with the victims and mourns this tragic situation while trying […]

Sam Hyde: Gunman Possibly Identified In Mass Shooting At Pulse Nightclub In Orlando Being Ruled A Hoax

The country woke up to the tragic news this morning of a mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which police are saying is being seen as “an act of terrorism.” So far, 20 people have been confirmed dead and 42 were taken to area hospitals with gunshot wounds and other injuries. Now, reports […]

Muhammad Ali Funeral Protesters Drowned Out, Fans Engulf Louisville Streets

Muhammad Ali’s funeral took place on June 10 in Louisville, Kentucky, with fans present from across his hometown and around the world, but the procession also had some Islamophobic protesters. Many top celebrities were at Muhammad Ali’s funeral but also included local celebrities from Kentucky. For example, Reverend Kevin Crosby of Louisville stated at Muhammad […]

Prince’s Funeral, Family Threatened By Westboro Baptist Church: ‘Purple Rain’ Music Artist’s Cause Of Death Investigated

https://phoenix.playwire.com/en/publishers/1013074/videos/4822655 Prince’s funeral is already under threat of picketing before the ink off the presses has started to dry. The news of music artist Prince’s death came as quite the shock to the music-loving world this afternoon, when it was announced that Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota. […]

Blake Shelton Fires Back At Westboro Baptist Church Amid Protest Threats

Blake Shelton has a few choice words for Westboro Baptist Church members — again. The feud between the country singer and the controversial church that pickets funerals of American soldiers began several years ago when the group protested him over his first divorce and marriage to Miranda Lambert. The Westboro Baptist Church is threatening to […]

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani: Westboro Baptist Church Attacks Blake Over New Relationship, He Fires Back

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s new relationship is making their fans feel all warm and fuzzy, but members of the Westboro Baptist Church think that Shefani is an abomination. The protest-happy hate group has been at war with Blake Shelton ever since he divorced first wife, Kaynette Gern, and married second wife Miranda Lambert. The […]

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s Funeral Attended By Westboro Baptist Church, But Not Barack And Michelle Obama

Antonin Scalia’s funeral is coming up, and as expected, many a famous face will be in attendance. Strangely enough, President Obama will not be there to honor the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia even though odd ducks like the Westboro Baptist Church plan are attending. Of course, the hate group plans on protesting […]

Westboro Baptist Church Targets Carnegie Hall: Planting Peace Raises Cancer Money In Honor Of David Bowie’s Death

The Westboro Baptist Church was hoping to protest David Bowie’s funeral in public, but fortunately their plans have been foiled by the Starman’s last dying wish. The singer was quietly cremated on Sunday, making it impossible for the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest to happen, but they still may attend the planned memorial concert in New […]

David Bowie’s Funeral Set In NYC By Wife Iman Abdulmajid? England Upset, Westboro Baptist Church Thrilled

David Bowie’s funeral may be set in America based upon the latest reports. The news indicates that Bowie’s wife, Iman Abdulmajid, may be planning to hold the funeral procession somewhere in New York City. The Bowie family has maintained a Manhattan apartment for years, so the reported funeral plans make practical sense, but some fans […]

Westboro Baptist Church: David Bowie Funeral Protest Planned — WBC Attacks ‘Problematic’ Child Rape Allegations

David Bowie’s funeral date and location are not even known yet, and the Westboro Baptist Church is already attacking the death of the iconic musician. While their comments are fairly nasty as might be expected, they are actually feeding into a new popular trend on Twitter, which has some searching for the phrase “David Bowie […]

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Funerals Of San Bernardino Shooting Victims

It was only a matter of time until they were heard from, and it took less than 24 hours for their faces to be shown. After the San Bernardino shooting on Wednesday, 14 people were killed and at least 17 were injured, but that doesn’t matter to one group. The Westboro Baptist Church has announced […]

Westboro Baptist Church Protests Entire Nation Of Canada

The infamous Westboro Baptist Church has hatched a brand new hate-based campaign, and this one is a doozy. Now, the picket-happy church is out to protest the entire nation of Canada. Yes, the group has decided to go over the top this time by targeting an entire country. Apparently, Canadians are “depraved” and they must […]

Westboro Baptist Church To Protest Kim Davis For Being A ‘Fake Christian’ And ‘Self-Righteous Hypocrite’

The Westboro Baptist Church have announced that they are going to protest Kim Davis, calling the Kentucky native a “fake Christian” and “a self-righteous hypocrite.” The hate group took to their Twitter account on Friday to confirm their plans to picket Davis, who entered the news last month over her refusal to issue marriage licenses […]

Westboro Baptist Church Protests Weather Center, Days After Kansas City High School Embarrassed Them

On Thursday, the Westboro Baptist Church focused their attention on the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, where they’ve been protesting weather science, meteorology, and homosexuality. This comes just a few days after a Kansas City High School embarrassed the church, and drove them away before the hate group could begin their protest.. Westboro Baptist […]

Westboro Baptist Church: ‘Kim Davis Caused F*g Marriage!’

Westboro Baptist Church isn’t exactly known for their spirited support of the gay community’s fight for equal marriage rights. Yet jailed Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has found herself at odds with the group despite her refusal to issue gay marriage licenses. For Westboro Baptist Church, Kim apparently just isn’t sinless enough. On Friday, Westboro […]

Foo Fighters Rickroll: Dave Grohl And The Rest Of The Band Troll Westboro Baptist Church In Protest

The Foo Fighters Rickroll is making rounds on the internet as the band retaliated after the Westboro Baptist Church, which is notorious for their anti-gay views, planned a protest against a Foo Fighters concert on August 21 at the Kansas City Sprint Center. Westboro Baptist Church protesters weren’t aware that they were going to get […]

Bobby Jindal Threatens Westboro Baptist Church: ‘We’re Going To Lock Them Up’

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed an executive order that allows police to arrest any Westboro Baptist Church members who attempt to protest at the funerals of two victims of the Lafayette movie theater shootings. The ACLU warns that the mandate risks undermining freedom of speech, but the governor seems determined the prevent the Church’s “nonsense.” […]

Louisiana Shootings — Right-Wing Terrorism? Shooter ‘Hated Liberals,’ Called America ‘Filth Farm’

Though the Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater shootings Thursday sparked speculation by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that the attack was the work of Islamic extremists and possibly ISIS, by late Friday afternoon the reality of what may have motivated 59-year-old gunman John Russell “Rusty” Houser — who killed himself at the scene after slaying two […]

Westboro Baptist Church, Anonymous Activists To Face-Off At Charleston Victims’ Funerals

The Westboro Baptist Church — known for its hate speech — is vowing to picket the funerals of the Charleston, South Carolina, shooting victims, but the hacker group, Anonymous, threatened to counter attempts to disrupt the services. As if the tragedy of last week’s Charleston shooting wasn’t enough for the families of the nine victims […]

U.S. Marine Loses Temper As Westboro Baptist Church Disrespects American Flag During Beau Biden’s Funeral

The American flag holds a sacred spot in the hearts of many United States citizens, as is evident by the feedback of NASA’s support of an international flag project. It is not surprising that a veteran of the armed forces would become infuriated when someone disrespects Old Glory intentionally and uses it to further their […]

Veteran Who Threw Coffee On Westboro Baptist Church Members Says ‘I Have No Regrets’

A U.S. veteran arrested for throwing coffee on members of the Westboro Baptist Church explained this weekend that he has no regrets over his actions. Although he was arrested for the incident, he says he would do it again. The New York Daily News reports that Richard Pierce, a 64-year-old veteran who served with the […]

Man Arrested For Dumping Hot Coffee On Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Outside Beau Biden’s Funeral

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church were doused with hot coffee outside Beau Biden’s funeral, where members of the extremist church were protesting with their iconic signs. The anti-gay church had vowed to show up at the funeral for Beau, the son of Vice President Joe Biden and the Delaware State Attorney General. The response […]

Westboro Baptist Church Announces Plans To Picket Beau Biden’s Funeral, But History Indicates They Won’t Show Up

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket a funeral for Beau Biden, but if history is any indication, then it’s likely the hate-spewing Kansas church won’t show up. The anti-gay church, known for its past picketing at funerals of celebrities and of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, this week said it would […]

J.K. Rowling Defends Her Westboro Baptist Church Tweet

J.K. Rowling has defended her tweet against the Westboro Baptist Church, despite critics saying that it has helped the “God hates f**s” message. Many of her fans supported her decision to attack the church’s view, and commended her on her efforts. She regularly battles against trolls on the social media site, and Rowling only really […]

Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Omaha Officer Kerrie Orozco’s Funeral, Community Lashes Back In The Best Way Possible

Westboro Baptist Church attempted to picket Officer Kerrie Orozco’s funeral, but were met with backlash from the community. On Tuesday, the city laid to rest Officer Orozco after she was shot last week by a violent criminal. The famous church, known for their hatred of gays, showed up to picket the ceremony. However, the citizens […]

Westboro Baptist Church Protests At Omaha Officer Kerrie Orozco’s Funeral – Doesn’t Go As Planned

Westboro Baptist Church is known for controversial protests and they’ve reportedly crashed yet another funeral by picketing. According to Omaha.com, members of the non-affiliated baptist church gathered at the funeral service for slain Omaha Police Officer Kerrie Orozco on Tuesday, May 26. Although they planned to make their presence known, things definitely didn’t go as […]

J.K. Rowling Helps Westboro Baptist Spread Its Gospel Of ‘God Hates F**s,’ Church Says

J.K. Rowling learned a valuable lesson about doing battle with the Westboro Baptist Church on Wednesday. To paraphrase Tyler Durden, the first rule about defeating Westboro is you don’t talk about Westboro. Unfortunately for the Harry Potter author, she talked about them. The exchange came via Twitter, where the surprisingly savvy social media team for […]

Westboro Baptist Church Fail: Attempt To Protest Ireland ‘YES’ On Gay Marriage Vote Heckles Ivory Coast Instead

The Westboro Baptist Church, not known for being a particularly delightful church congregation, has been left with a great mess of embarrassing egg on its face while doing its Westboro Baptist Church-best to heckle Ireland for legalizing Gay Marriage on Saturday. The problem was, the Westboro Baptist Church anti-gay-protester contingent couldn’t figure out how to […]

Bill Maher Defends Westboro Baptist Church: ‘They Protest Me Every Week, And It Never Ends In A Gun Battle’

Bill Maher doesn’t usually say nice things about the Westboro Baptist Church — or as he refers to them, “the God Hates F**s People” — but when it comes to WBC and radical Islam, there is no comparison for the TV host and funnyman. Maher voiced his preference on a recent episode of Real Time, […]

Westboro Baptist Takes On ‘Tranny’ Bruce Jenner With Hate-Filled Music Video

The Westboro Baptist Church is taking on Bruce Jenner, releasing a music video in which the group calls the Olympic hero-turned-reality television star a “tranny.” The group sent a preview of the music video on Twitter, showing an altered picture depicting Jenner in makeup. The video goes on to insult Jenner, who announced plans to […]