Ed Sheeran Breaks U2’s Tour Record, Now Has Highest-Grossing Concert Tour Of All Time

Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” tour has officially become the highest-grossing concert tour ever, surpassing U2’s 2009-2011 “360°” tour for the title, The Guardian reports. Sheeran’s tour still has 12 dates to go, as of this writing. With a dozen dates still left on the calendar, the “Shape of You” singer’s tour has already raked in £607 […]

Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Performances Of All Time

The Super Bowl halftime show is almost as big as the big game itself, but it wasn’t always that way. During the first two decades of the Super Bowl, college marching bands, drill teams, and the traveling troupe Up with People were the featured halftime entertainment. Carol Channing, Andy Williams, and Mickey Rooney later provided […]

Bono Thanks Congress For Rejecting Trump’s Request To Cut HIV/AIDS Funding

Bono, best known as the front-man for the rock band U2, thanked Congress for standing firm on funding for HIV/AIDS programs, CNBC is reporting. While Bono was first recognized as a musician, he has become very politically active over the years — and particularly has a heart for the HIV/AIDS crisis. He created the (RED) […]

U2’s Bono Completely Loses His Voice, Stops Berlin Concert When Voice Suddenly Fails

Bono, the lead singer of the legendary Irish rock band U2, had to stop a concert in Berlin’s Mercedes Benz Arena on Saturday after just a few songs because of voice issues. He struggled through some songs until the end of the band’s song “Red Flag Day” when he stopped and apologized to the crowd. […]

Taylor Swift Gushes On Instagram Over Roses From U2, Her ‘Irish Fan Club’

Taylor Swift took to Instagram to gush over a bouquet of roses she received from the Irish band U2 as she prepared for her concert at Croke Park, Dublin as part of her Reputation tour for Friday and Saturday night. Taylor took a close-up picture of the roses bouquet which included a snapshot of the […]

U2 Dedicate Song To The Late Anthony Bourdain At Apollo Concert

At U2’s gig at New York City’s famed Apollo Theater Monday night, June 11, frontman Bono dedicated a song to Anthony Bourdain, the late chef and TV personality who committed suicide last week at the age of 61. “It’s hard to lose a friend, to lose a mate. This band has been through that, and […]

Taylor Swift Spotted In Rare Outing With Boyfriend Joe Alwyn For Lunch Date In London

Taylor Swift is clearly on cloud nine as life couldn’t possibly get any better. The 28-year-old’s Reputation Tour is smashing a whole lot of records right now, and to top it off, the “Delicate” singer’s got a sweet love-thing going on with actor boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. The duo have been dating for over a year […]

Bono Apologizes For Bullying At His ONE Anti-Poverty Charity

Bono has apologized for the way employees at the ONE charity in Johannesburg, South Africa, were mistreated by onsite management there from 2011 to 2015. Bono co-founded the international charity in 2004 that fights poverty and disease primarily in Africa and which receives much of its funding from high-profile celebrities. One former staffer described the […]

‘Kesha, Who Cares?’ Ben Shapiro Slams #MeToo Sex Abuse Performance In Hilarious Roast

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has laid into Kesha, U2, and pretty much everyone at the Grammys, criticizing the “Tik Tok” singer in particular for her emotive performance. Ben Shapiro is a rising star in the young conservative movement and is sometimes compared to Milo Yiannopoulos, who he has feuded with and is rumored to dislike. […]

U2 Falls, But Taylor Swift Remains Relevant

It’s hard to stay relevant in the music industry. U2 has stayed on top of the music industry probably longer than any act today. They ruled the 1980s, most of the 1990s, and the 2000s. But the band’s 2014 album Songs of Innocence marked a turning point. The album, which was force-fed to all owners […]

U2’s ‘Songs of Experience’ Receives Mediocre Reviews, But Concert Ticket Album Bundle Disguises Poor Sales

With the exception of great ticket sales for U2’s recent the Joshua Tree Tour 2017, the band has had a difficult time since the release of Songs of Innocence in 2014. The album, which was forced on all owners of iOS devices, received an extreme backlash and turned U2 from a worldwide phenomenon to the […]

Saoirse Ronan, U2 Announced As ‘Saturday Night Live’ Host And Musical Guests For Dec. 2 Episode

Fresh off a much-talked about starring role in the coming-of-age film Lady Bird, Irish actress Saoirse Ronan will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 2, when the long-running show returns after taking Thanksgiving weekend off. Keeping with the Irish theme, she will be joined by iconic rockers U2, who were announced as SNL’s musical […]

U2 Cancels St. Louis Concert Due To Riots

U2 has announced the cancellation of their scheduled concert this weekend in St. Louis. The cancellation comes hot on the heels of increasing violence following protests that swiftly turned into riots. The protests were initially a reaction to the acquittal of a police officer charged with first-degree murder, an incident that culminated in the fatal […]

U2 Issues Refund & Cancels St. Louis Concert Due To Stockley Riot: Safety Concerns For Fans As 10 Officer Hurt

U2 is cancelling their St. Louis concert tonight September 16 2017 and issuing a full refund for their fans. Live Nation and U2 have stated that the St. Louis Police Department has told them that they have their hands full due to ongoing protests in the city. Live Nation issued a statement regrettably cancelling the […]

U2 Bassist Adam Clayton Thanks Bandmates Bono, The Edge, And Larry Mullen For Helping Him Battle Alcoholism

U2 bassist Adam Clayton was honored at MusiCares Tuesday night and, as he accepted the award, he couldn’t help but to share one of the hardest periods in his life, because the rest of U2 were there to get him through it. Clayton, of course, was talking about his struggle with alcoholism in the late […]

U2 And Bono Give Shoutout To Steve Scalise [Video]

U2 frontman Bono passed along his best wishes to U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise during a concert Tuesday night at FedEx Field in the D.C. suburb of Landover, Maryland. On June 14, a Bernie Sanders supporter shot the Louisiana congressman on a softball field in Alexandria, Virginia. Two Capitol Hill police officers neutralized the gunman; otherwise, […]

Miranda Lambert Had The Best Date Night While Ex-Husband Blake Celebrates Birthday

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have experienced probably one of the most unforgettable weekends in their lives. The 33-year-old songstress went out on a date with her boyfriend Anderson East while her ex-husband celebrated his 41st birthday with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani. It seems that the two may have finally moved on from each other […]

U2 ‘Joshua Tree Tour’ Dates For September & October Revealed, From New York To Brazil

U2 has announced even more dates for “The Joshua Tree Tour 2017,” touring throughout the United States and the world at large. U2 is touring in North America through the beginning of July before heading off to Europe. The tour will then return to U.S. in September for a series of dates that were announced […]

Bono And George W. Bush Are Friends? New Photo Has Internet Buzzing Over This Odd New Friendship

In news that will shock most people, it appears that Bono and George W. Bush are friends. Yes, you read that correctly. Both gentleman shared a photo of them hanging out at Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, and the internet was buzzing. Bono was in Texas for a sold-out show at nearby Richardson with his […]

U2 Vs. Bruce Springsteen: The Battle Of Rock’s Most Critically Acclaimed Acts

Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna may have sold the most records in the 1980s, but — as anybody who lived though the decade can tell you — these acts were controversial at their peaks. Therefore, although they were huge superstars, neither of these acts were universally loved. The same can’t be said about Bruce Springsteen […]

Bono’s Haters Strike Again: ‘Stop Trying To Save The World And Get Back To Being A Rock Star’

Bono may have done some amazing things in this world, but he certainly has his share of haters. News Australia reports that it was announced last week that U2’s “Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour” might bypass Australia, and the simple announcement unleashed a tirade of hate. Today #DavidBowie would have turned 70 years old! We […]

U2 Album Release To Be Delayed Over Trump Victory, Some Songs May Be Rewritten For ‘World That Is A Different Place’

By the end of 2016, legendary rock band U2 had completed their fourteenth studio album; now its release will be delayed because Donald Trump pulled off an Electoral College win. According to Bono, The Edge and the rest of U2, Songs of Experience, can’t be released as planned because it was written in early 2016, […]

U2 Continues Anti-Trump Sentiments, Stresses Importance Of Mental Health

U2, the Irish rock group, has always produced music with powerful messages; messages that address issues affecting the global community. U2 first started in 1976, when four Irish teenagers, Paul Hewson (Bono), David Evans (The Edge), Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. decided to cover popular songs. Happy 55th birthday to the founding member of […]

Bono Pleads With America’s ‘Wise people Of Conscience’ Not To Vote For Donald Trump

If you happen to meet one of America’s “wise people of conscience” anytime soon, tell them not to vote for Donald Trump, because Bono said so. Renowned for his big mouth and even bigger bank balance, U2 frontman Bono has often tried to save the world from the myriad evils of modern life, but can […]

U2 Among All-Star iHeartRadio Music Festival 2016 Lineup, Garth Brooks Determined To Beat U2’s Touring Record

U2 have been included in the lineup for the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2016, according to the Los Angeles Times. Organizers of the event have announced the lineup for the annual event. Each year, the lineup of the iHeartRadio Music Festival includes musicians who are most heavily rotated on the FM radio dial. And this year […]

Can A Christian Band Be Hiding In Plain Sight?

Can you be a Christian band even if you are not marketed as one? According to Christian Today, being labeled as a “Christian musician” or “Christian Band” can have “devastating effects on the artist’s exposure and sales” and for some artists, the labeling of “Christian” is harmful to their brand. And so, some Christian bands […]

Calvin Harris Climbs Britain’s Richest List

Calvin Harris has been named one of Britain’s richest musicians, according to Your EDM. The 32-year-old DJ/producer topped the list of the Sunday Times’ Young Music Rich List for 2016, which is part of the newspaper’s Music Billionaires Top 50 List. Exactly how rich are Calvin Harris + Taylor Swift? Could they buy the moon? […]

U2’s The Edge Makes History At The Sistine Chapel With First Ever Rock Concert

U2’s The Edge made history when he became the first rock musician to play at the Sistine Chapel on April 30. The 54-year-old rock star, whose real name is David Evans, performed at what he called “the most beautiful parish hall in the world.” “The most beautiful parish hall in the world” – In epic […]

Bono To Release Film ‘The Psalms’ — A Collaboration With Bible Translator Eugene Peterson [Video]

Bono, the frontman for the rock group U2 who is a Christian and has publicly talked about Jesus, has teamed up with Eugene Peterson, who wrote The Message, a translation of the Bible. According to an article posted on Christian Headlines, Bono and author Peterson teamed up to make a film about the Psalms. The […]

Noel Gallagher Reacts Angrily To Bono’s Speech About Spreading Love To Terrorists: ‘I’d Prefer To Kill Them All’

Bono’s latest speech about spreading love to terrorists has angered former Oasis man Noel Gallagher, who has stressed he’d “prefer to kill them all” instead. The U2 frontman Bono has often been accused of harboring a messiah complex the size of a small country, but his Christ-like stance to love terrorists until they give up […]

Bruce Springsteen Proves Age Is No Barrier: Crowdsurfs At L.A. Sports Arena

Bruce Springsteen is a perfect symbol of the glorious rock and roll era and he is one of the few musicians whose songs and music are the true representations of the emotions and feelings of millions of people. Despite the acclaim of his previous albums, The River was the album that catapulted Bruce Springsteen to […]

U2 Offers Stage To Eagles Of Death Metal, Who Had Been Playing When Paris Attacks Occurred

U2 has always been known for their humanitarian efforts. Last Monday night, they rose to the occasion once again, holding a concert at the Bataclan, the venue at which ninety people were gunned down in the terrorist attacks that happened just weeks ago. CNN reports that at the concert, U2 graciously welcomed Eagles of Death […]

‘Game of Thrones:’ Bono & RED AIDS Campaign Offer Chance To Win Tour Of Season 7 ‘GOT’ Set For World AIDS Day

To raise awareness on World AIDS Day, Bono of U2 has started a unique campaign giving donors a chance to win a visit to the Belfast sets of the popular TV series Game of Thrones, along with all sorts of other goodies. With Season 6 of the popular HBO show Game of Thrones set to […]

U2 Reschedules Concert Dates In Paris After Terror Attacks, ‘Nothing Will Stop Us’ Says Bono

U2 will be heading to Paris for two performances in early December, despite the recent terror attacks in that city. U2 postponed their tour dates in Paris after the November 13 terror attacks on the city but are now scheduled to return to the French capital for two performances on December 6 and 7. According […]

Bono To Launch A Star-Studded Campaign Against AIDS On World AIDS Day

U2 frontman Bono is launching an all-star campaign against AIDS as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of his organization (RED), a group dedicated to helping people afflicted with HIV-AIDS. The campaign features “once-in-a-lifetime experiences” that can only be won after donating at least $10 to the organization. The campaign launches on Tuesday, December 1 […]

Bono Says Paris Attacks Are A ‘Direct Hit On Music’

Friday’s sudden and horrific terrorist attacks in Paris have left over 100 dead, with the number steadily increasing as the days go by. Bono, frontman for the Irish rock group U2, says that this tragic event is the first “direct hit on music” since the war on terror, according to CNN. “If you think about […]

U2 Concert Evacuated Over Security Breach Involving A Gun

U2’s concert was evacuated on Sunday night following a security breach involving a gun. According to the Irish Mirror, the band was getting ready to perform at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, when an announcement was made that all fans needed to be evacuated from the building. The police were apparently searching for […]

U2 Singer Bono Turns Billionaire From Savvy Facebook Investment, Now World’s Richest Rock Star

U2 singer Bono made a savvy investment in Facebook back in 2009, and he has now overtaken Sir Paul McCartney to become the world’s richest rock star and a billionaire to boot. It is lucky indeed that rock group U2 singer Bono made investments in Facebook and, apparently, the review site Yelp, as apparently his […]

‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen Joins U2 Onstage In An 80s Music Fan’s Dream Come True [VIDEO]

Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen was part of the audience for U2’s final performance at Madison Square Garden this week until U2’s Bono invited him onstage to join in on a couple of songs. Springsteen and former U.S. President Bill Clinton and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were in the audience for the last of a […]

Scarlett Johansson Steps Out With New, Flaming Red ‘Do

Scarlett Johansson has been out and about with a bold new hairstyle, and was photographed in New York with bright red locks, People is reporting. She’s a Black Widow, baby! Scarlett Johansson has dyed her pixie red. http://t.co/CT8aYEbLYE pic.twitter.com/Zj4zAD6dRZ — People StyleWatch (@StyleWatchMag) July 23, 2015 The 30-year-old Scarlett was spotted heading into New York’s […]

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Surprise Appearance With Bono At Madison Square Garden

Fans were pumped at U2’s concert at Madison Square Gardens as Bono invited surprise guest Jimmy Fallon on stage to jam. Time reports that Fallon, a host from The Tonight Show, held a sign in front of his face that said “Singer with a broken finger” before his surprise appearance on stage with U2, where […]

U2 Proves The Critics Wrong With Incredible Box Office Results

It seems that ever since U2 forced people to listen to their new album last September, there has been a huge backlash against the Irish band. Right before U2 started their tour, the Irish Times wondered why there were “so many” tickets left to see U2. “There may be no shows listed for the 15,000 […]

Apple Wants Kanye West’s Troubled ‘Swish’ Album: What About Rihanna’s ‘R8’?

Kanye West‘s album campaign for SWISH hasn’t gone well so far. The critically acclaimed, but publicly despised performer hasn’t scored a decent hit from the album, despite the fact that the first single “Only One” was released on January 1. However, according to Buzzfeed, Kanye West is in official talks to debut his new album […]

Bono Leaves $150 Tip After Getting $20 Sandwich And Fries At Late-Night Diner

Bono is apparently very grateful for his late-night meals, as proven by a $150 tip the U2 frontman recently left. The singer went to a late-night diner after his band played a show at the famed Los Angeles venue, The Roxy, and there he ordered a Reuben sandwich with french fries and onion rings. Though […]

U2’s Tour Manager, Dennis Sheehan, Found Dead

U2’s tour manager, Dennis Sheehan, has been found dead. According to the Associated Press, the longtime tour manager was found hours after U2 started their Los Angeles leg of their tour. Sheehan, who was in his late 60s, was found at the Sunset Strip hotel located in West Hollywood. U2’s right hand man was at […]

Dennis Sheehan, U2 Tour Manager, Dies Hours After Concert

Dennis Sheehan, a longtime tour manager for the band U2, reportedly died in Los Angeles Wednesday. U2 Tour Manager Dennis Sheehan Dead — Dies in L.A. Hotel Room http://t.co/PpJNGLTos5 — TMZ (@TMZ) May 27, 2015 TMZ reports that Sheehan was found unconscious early Wednesday morning inside of a Sunset Marquis hotel room. “Paramedics were called […]

Noel Gallagher In Awe Of U2 Concert Experience

Noel Gallagher does not hand out compliments lightly. However, the Mancunian rock star was completely awe-struck after attending U2’s concert in San Jose. The 47-year-old had nothing but praise for his peers. Speaking to U2’s official website, Noel stated, “It was theatre.” “It starts off as a punk rock gig but then it gets intimate, […]

The Edge From U2 Falls Off Stage In Vancouver

The Edge from U2 fell off the stage during a concert in Vancouver. Promoting their latest album, Innocence Plus Experience, the band has seen its share of falls. Following the band’s impromptu performance in a New York City subway, it looks like they’re not letting anything stop them from entertaining their fans. This year, they’re […]

‘American Idol’ Finalist Nick Fradiani Tackled Rock Classic When He Sang ‘Because The Night’

Nick Fradiani has been a quiet horse in this year’s American Idol race. The musician from Connecticut has escaped elimination all season and is now headed to the final rounds with Jax and Clark Beckham. Wednesday night, Fradiani performed the rock classic “Because the Night,” which the judges said was the best performance of that […]

U2 Tour 2015 Schedule: Legendary Band Sells Out 24 Dates Already, Adds New Denver Show

U2, with a 10-city, 32-date North American tour, plans to have a much better 2015 than they had in 2014, when lead singer Bono suffered serious injuries in a bicycling accident and the band was embarrassed over a botched promotional event with Apple. When Apple’s iTunes gave users a digital copy of the new U2 […]