‘Transformers’ Love Stories To Be The Next Big Thing After ‘Bumblebee’?

The latest film in the Transformers franchise was the Travis Knight-directed Bumblebee, which has become one of the most critically acclaimed films of the entire franchise currently holding a 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. With the film being received positively, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is looking to revamp the Transformers franchise, with lessons learned from […]

Megan Fox Reveals Why She Is Hesitant To Reveal Industry Abuse Despite #MeToo Era

Megan Fox has spoken out about why she hasn’t added her name to the #MeToo movement. The Jennifer’s Body actress opened up as to why she’s chosen to stay quiet about her specific experiences in an article with the New York Times last Friday. “I just didn’t think based on how I’d been received by […]

‘Bumblebee’ Early Reactions Are In And They’re Stellar

One of the biggest movies of December will hit theaters in two weeks, but those lucky enough to get an early screening are already boasting about its greatness. Reactions to Bumblebee have been fantastic and critics just can’t seem to get enough of the Travis Knight-directed film. It’s been a year and a half since […]

New ‘Bumblebee’ Trailer Brings Back More Old-School Transformers: Shockwave, Soundwave, Optimus Prime [Video]

On Monday morning, longtime fans of the Transformers were given a true treat even though they’ve long since thought the live-action movies had disappointed them one final time. This Christmas season, though, the franchise is going back in time with the Bumblebee movie and the newest trailer that dropped is giving hope to many. Not […]

First Trailer For ‘Bumblebee’ Brings Back The ’80s Version Of ‘Transformers’ And An Old-School Starscream

Through five different films, Michael Bay has brought forth a Transformers franchise that has made a lot of money, but it’s also angered a great number of fans. While it may have taken numerous years to get it right, it finally appears as if they’ve done just that with the spinoff. Bumblebee is a stand-alone […]

Netflix Series: ‘The Toys That Made Us’ Reveals Fascinating Story Involving Transformers And Marvel Comics

The Toys That Made Us continues to be one of the most insightful and entertaining series on Netflix. The nostalgic Netflix series has captured the hearts and minds of many subscribers, and the nostalgic trip down memory lane is very entertaining. The first season of The Toys That Made Us featured four episodes focusing on […]

Megan Fox Says She Regrets Being Fired From ‘Transformers’: ‘All I Had To Do Was Apologize And I Refused’

Megan Fox recently opened up about being sacked from the blockbuster movie franchise Transformers. The actress confessed that losing her role in the hit film was a “low point” in her acting career. In the third sequel of the movie, the 31-year-old did not appear anymore and was replaced by model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She admitted […]

Megan Fox Says Buying Into Sex In Advertising Is ‘Not Wrong’: ‘I’m Happy To Buy Some, Too’

Megan Fox, who has topped countless sexiest woman alive charts over the past decade, has opened up about negative sexual ideals about women that currently exist in the world. Earlier this week, Fox made her fans’ jaws drop when she stripped down to lingerie in the latest smoking hot photoshoot for underwear brand Frederick’s of […]

Once Again, WWE Teases That John Cena’s Loss At ‘No Mercy’ Was The Last Match Of His Career

After John Cena lost to Roman Reigns at No Mercy, there were a lot of rumors swirling around that the torch had been passed and that the legend’s retirement was imminent. Cena hasn’t been heard from since and no one really knows what the future may hold for him, but is he really done? Instead […]

Major Update About John Cena’s Long-Term Future With WWE

For the past few years, John Cena has been splitting his time between performing for WWE and his outside commitments to Hollywood. His star continues to rise, and big movie offers are making his wrestling career harder to maintain. Cena will be starring in the new Transformers spin-off, Bumblebee, that is expected to take him […]

WWE News: John Cena Lands Lead Role In Transformers Spinoff ‘Bumblebee,’ Is WWE Career Winding Down?

John Cena has appeared in a number of B-movies over his WWE career, but recent success as a minor character in major Hollywood films has finally opened a big door for Cena. The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Monday that Cena will play the lead role in the upcoming Transformers spinoff movie titled Bumblebee. John Cena […]

Shia LaBeouf Exposes Himself While Peeing On The Set Of ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’

Actor Shia LaBeouf was photographed relieving himself in the ocean with his male parts exposed while on the set of his new movie The Peanut Butter Falcon. LaBeouf was filming the new movie on location at Tybee Island in Georgia when nature called, and despite the fact that the place was swarming with paparazzi snapping […]

Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Transformers’ Tops ‘Cars’ With Weak Returns

Early weekend reports from the box office indicate that even though Transformers: The Last Knight topped all other films, it did so with weak returns and a disappointing turnout. That is not to say the box office returns were bad, but they failed to come even close to the production budget, which is never a […]

The First ‘Transformers 5’ Movie Reviews Are In — And No One Really Likes The Film

To call the first batch of official opinions regarding Michael Bay’s Transformers 5, officially titled Transformers: The Last Knight, scathing might be putting things mildly to say the least. The upcoming fifth installment of the 1980s-era animated series film adaptation that centers on hero-saving “robots in disguise” and their interactions with the human race has […]

Michael Bay Claims That After ‘Transformers: The Last Knight,’ He’s Done With The Franchise

Many have wondered just how long the Transformers movie franchise will continue, and as long as it is making money, they’ll keep making more of them. The only thing is that from this point forward, they may be doing it without the man who made the five films possible. Michael Bay is now saying that […]

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Plot Revealed, Hinting At Optimus Prime’s Fate

Transformers: The Last Knight may introduce the fans of the series to a new leader for the Autobots as the official Facebook page for the movie revealed the plot for the upcoming film as well as hinted at a potentially dire fate for Optimus Prime. The plot — a part of the writer’s log line […]

Michael Bay Quits As ‘Transformers’ Director, Again

Michael Bay has announced his departure from the Transformers franchise. The blockbuster director has overseen all five installments to the series, but he’s decided to bow out after his work on the upcoming fifth film The Last Knight. The problem is, it’s impossible to tell if Michael Bay’s decision to quit is actually going to […]

‘Masters Of The Universe’: McG Wants To Make The Movie Very Soon And Has A Name In Mind For He-Man

There is a huge nostalgia rush as of late, and that has become evident with shows like Stranger Things and the fact that the Transformers franchise just keeps on growing. For years, there has been talk of another He-Man and the Masters of the Universe becoming a reality, but it appears closer now than ever […]

Is ‘Fast Formers’ Real? Why ‘Fast 8’, ‘Transformers’ Crossover Film Is Not As Far-Fetched As It May Seem

Is Fast Formers, a crossover between Fast 8 and Transformers, driving into a theater near you? Now-viral movie posters promoting a movie that combines these two blockbuster movie franchises together have made waves online this week. Perhaps a major reason why these posters have generated so much buzz is because of none other than actor […]

Michael Bay Reveals Onslaught’s Addition To ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ — Will We See The Combaticons?

Michael Bay is continuing to bring in a large number of characters to the Transformers franchise and has now introduced yet another. On Wednesday, Bay took to Twitter to confirm that there would be nothing to prepare everyone for Onslaught who has now been added to the cast of bots in Transformers: The Last Knight. […]

Megan Fox Opens Up About Her Status As A Sex Symbol, Admits Acting Isn’t Her ‘Ultimate Passion’

Megan Fox may not be a fan of her sex-symbol status in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean the actress is ready to start downplaying her looks. In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Megan Fox opens up about her frustrations with the media’s portrayal of her as a sex symbol in addition to […]

‘‪‪Transformers’: Prepare For Three More Films, Including Bumblebee Spinoff, Says Hasbro

Transformers has been a very successful money making empire, even while the films themselves have been ripped apart by critics and even a fair percentage of fans of the original ’80s cartoon and toys. Hasbro has just announced that there will be three more Transformers films that will be released over the course of the […]

Is ’13 Hours’ Michael Bay’s Best And Most Accurate Film To Date?

The story of what happened in Benghazi, Libya, is one for the American history books. This is a tragedy that has lots of unnecessary casualties, in addition to putting many American politicians on the spot. Author Mitchell Zuckoff wrote 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi, which is a behind-the-scenes account […]

‘The Force Awakens’ Not Strong In Chinese Market

While theories continue to bounce around the internet about who, exactly, Supreme Leader Snoke might be in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the realization has hit that The Force Awakens is not performing as well as people had hoped in Chinese markets. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, of course, is the seventh in the much-lauded […]

Hasbro Cinematic Universe: Toy Company Studio Pairs With Paramount, Connects G.I. Joe Franchise

Hasbro’s G.I. Joe is joining the Micronauts, Visionaries, M.A.S.K., and ROM toy brands. Paramount already has its Transformers franchise moving forward, and Hasbro has announced that its Allspark Pictures will integrate G.I. Joe with the aforementioned brands, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Oooo. Hasbro is developing its own shared movie universe to rival that of […]

‘Transformers’ Movies Will Continue For Another 10 Years — Starting With ‘Transformers 5’

The Transformers series has received a mixed reception since its big-screen introduction in 2007. Despite this, the films have performed consistently at the box office and, as all film fans know, big money means more sequels. When Transformers: Age of Extinction made its bow last year, many thought that it was the final film in […]

Four ‘Transformers’ Films Planned Over Next 10 Years, Cohesive Story Planned Like Marvel?

Hasbro and Paramount have found box office gold with the Transformers franchise, despite reviews that have largely panned the last three efforts from director Michael Bay. The formula appears to be changing somewhat, as Hasbro Vice President Stephen Davis announced during a MIPJunior 2015 keynote with plans to borrow from Marvel Studios’ playbook by planning […]

‘Splatoon’ Splatfest Gets Transformers Treatment

In collaboration with Hasbro, Nintendo is asking its Splatoon player base to settle the ultimate Transformers feud. Which bots reign supreme: Autobots or Decepticons? The second Splatfest this month has an official Transformers theme, where players can represent their favorite robots in disguise on the ink-filled battlefield. The fourth inktastic turf war begins Friday, August […]

Shia LaBeouf Tries To FaceTime Megan Fox After Drunken Fight With Girlfriend Mia Goth

Shia LaBeouf is making headlines for his erratic behavior after engaging in a heated altercation with longtime girlfriend Mia Goth while in Tübingen, Germany, over the weekend. The eyebrow-raising clip of the couple’s fight was released by Entertainment Tonight and shows LaBeouf arguing with Goth on the street before locals intervene to break up the […]

‘Transformers’ Shared Universe: Writer Akiva Goldsman Reveals The Franchise Is Borrowing From The Best

Every day, it seems like the Transformers franchise is taking on a new life of its own. Rather than work on the franchise on a film-by-film basis, as they’ve been doing for the past four Transformers flicks, they’ve opted to open up a writer’s room to help plan out sequels, prequels, and spinoffs to the […]

‘Transformers’ News: Paramount Locks Down Serious Writing Talent For Movie Series

Say what you will about the Transformers movies, regardless of how many feel about their quality (or lack thereof), the mainstream audience sees a lot to love. Each Transformers film to date has made over $700 million worldwide, and the last two in the series brought in over $1 billion apiece. Love it or hate […]

Transformers Ruin Your Favorite Movies [Video]

Dang it Michael Bay, staaahp!

Megan Fox: ‘I’m Not Your Typical Music Video Model’

Megan Fox is well known for her beauty, but Ms. Fox wants fans and critics alike to know that there’s much more depth to her personality than many people presume, reported US Weekly. Megan told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, which also features Ms. Fox on the cover of their April 2015 issue, that she’s aware that […]

‘Transformers 5’ To Begin Filming Soon, Mark Wahlberg Says

To say the Transformers series has its haters would be an understatement. The series has never been a darling of the critics, and with a current rating of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, the franchise’s most recent entry, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, is currently also the lowest rated. But the folks over at Paramount keep churning […]

Will ‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ Be Nominated For Best Picture Of The Year?

Even though it was panned by critics and moviegoers, Transformers: Age of Extinction brought in more than $1 billion worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. And with Oscar season getting underway, Paramount Pictures has submitted the summer blockbuster for consideration in numerous categories, including Best Picture. According to its official website, the studio also submitted […]

Black Friday: Target Toy Book Released

Black Friday Target deals will include scores of toys which will likely be at the top of Christmas wish lists of many children. Like Toys ‘R’ Us and Kmart, Target has released its big toy book ahead of the highly anticipated Thanksgiving Day sale and annual Black Friday 2014 extravaganza. The Target Toy Book 2014 […]

Black Friday: Toys ‘R’ Us Great Big Christmas Book Of Toy Deals Released

Toys ‘R’ Us Black Friday 2014 deals will soon be announced, but discount diggers will not have to wait any longer to score great deals and help Santa fill the wish list created by excited little boys and girls. The Toys ‘R’ Us Great Big Christmas Book 2014 was just released, and the special prices […]

Japanese Engineers Create Real Life Transformer That Turns From A Robot Into A Car! [Video]

It is possibly every movie buff’s dream to own a Transformer – you know, the kind that you have seen in the famous Transformers series of movies. The dream to own your personal walking and talking robot sidekick that when required, can also transform into a car is compelling. To recreate the high quality animation […]

Actor Shia LaBeouf Has Stalker Woman Who Thinks He’s Einstein

Celebrities often have the occasional fanatic who tries to invade their personal life and offend their right to privacy. Shia LaBeouf seems to be facing more than his fair share of interference from a fan who thinks he is Albert Einstein. Graciela Nahle has been stalking Shia LaBeouf and has traveled to the actor’s Los […]

Shia LaBeouf Pleads Guilty To ‘Cabaret’ Disturbance, Jury Still Out On His Acting Ability

Shia LaBeouf, best known for his role as Louis Stevens on Even Stevens, recently caused a disturbance during a showing of Cabaret at Studio 54 in June. On Wednesday, while in court, he pleaded guilty to the charges and barely dodged jail time. Many were hoping that Shia LaBeouf would transform his demeanor after previous […]

Is Hasbro Studios The Next Marvel Studios?

Hasbro isn’t exactly the first company that comes to mind when you think of movies. However, only a few years ago, Marvel wasn’t the first name that came to mind when you thought of movies, either. Now that’s all changing. The success of Marvel Studios over the last few years has been nothing short of […]

Michael Bay: ‘TMNT’ Honcho Livid Over Film’s Australian Premiere

Michael Bay, director of the Tranformers films and producer of the latest reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, was furious yesterday over a poster advertising the TMNT Australian release. What had Bay so upset? Michael didn’t give final approval for the poster created for the film’s premiere, and it was a poster that […]

Megan Fox To ‘Transformer’ and ‘TMNT’ Haters: ‘F*** Off!’

Megan Fox is clearly not mincing words when it comes to movie-goers that bash her new film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Michael Bay franchise she helped kickstart, The Transformers. On Friday, according to The Guardian, Megan Fox attended a press conference in Los Angeles where Fox guaranteed that viewers would line up in […]

Everything Is Awesome For ‘The LEGO Movie’ DVD & Blu-ray Sales

Animation owns home video sales on the latest Nielsen Top 10 List for DVD and Blu-ray purchases. Warner’s The LEGO Movie remains in the top spot; no doubt, thanks in part to the uber-catchy anthem, “Everything Is Awesome,” that can be heard in many variations throughout the film. Music plays, perhaps, an even larger role […]

Shia LaBeouf Is Getting Sober And You Won’t Believe Which ‘Oceans 11’ Star Is Helping Him!

Shia LaBeouf has had more than his fair share of legal problems recently, and it all came to a head earlier this month when, as reported by the Inquisitr, Shia rudely interrupted a stage show of Cabaret at Studio 54 in New York City. According to reports, the Transformer star used obscene language, and became […]

Universal Monsters: Architects Behind ‘Spider-Man’ & ‘Transformers’ To Reboot Frankenstein, Dracula & More!

The classic Universal Monsters are about to be reborn with some very interesting creative architects behind the scenes. In recent years, Universal Studios has been living off the successes of the Bourne, Jurassic Park, Despicable Me, and The Fast and the Furious franchises, but their roots have always been about horror, namely, the Universal Monster […]

Aziz Ansari: ‘Stop Watching ‘Transformers’ Movies’

Aziz Ansari has pleaded with moviegoers across the world to stop watching Transformers movies. The comedian/actor took to his Twitter account to make the statement, writing: With all due respect, people of China, stop seeing Transformers so much, you’re making movies worse for everyone! — Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) July 8, 2014 As you can see […]

British Military Building ‘Transformer’ Plane

British military manufacturer BAE Systems has unveiled a series of innovative concepts for futuristic technologies, including a plane straight out of Transformers that separates into several smaller vehicles when it reaches its target. Io9 reports that the transformer plane is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to BAE’s high-tech designs. Under previous […]

‘Transformers’ Might Battle ‘G.I. Joe’ In Movie Crossover

Transformers: Age of Extinction dominated a weak 4th of July weekend box office and recent comments from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura suggest the direction that at least one more movie could take. However, the comics have a history of crossing over with another Paramount Pictures produced franchise, G.I. Joe. Bonaventura hinted that there’s at least […]

‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ Producer: ‘Critics Do Not Understand This Kind Of Movie’

It’s no secret that Transformers: Age of Extinction is a massive hit with audience members. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, the latest in the Transformers franchise has surpassed the $400 million mark worldwide, and is anticipated to hit $600 million by the end of the weekend. But while audiences are willing to shell out some […]