Katie Holmes, 41, Enjoys Steamy Make-Out Session With New Beau, Emilio Vitolo Jr., 33, At Manhattan Restaurant

Katie Holmes appeared to publicly confirm her new relationship with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr. as the pair indulged in a hot and heavy make-out session at a Manhattan restaurant, The Daily Mail reported. The intimate moment came one year after the actor’s purported secretive relationship with Jamie Foxx came to an end. The reportedly loved-up […]

Tom Cruise Is Going Into Space For His Next Movie

NASA announced on Tuesday that they’re working with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise to film a movie that takes place on the International Space Station (ISS), The Hill reported. The agency confirmed the new movie it will take place on the actual ISS, not a Hollywood set. They also told the publication that Cruise will stay […]

Will Smith Joked About Being Better Than Tom Cruise Until He Found Out That He Wasn’t

Superstar Will Smith is currently on a press tour for his upcoming Bad Boys For Life film, and the actor is breaking down everything that happened behind the scenes. The action-packed sequel had plenty of stunts for Smith to perform alongside his longtime costar Martin Lawrence. The 51-year-old thought he was going to be able […]

Nicholas Hoult Cast In Next ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movie, Possibly As A Villain

Tom Cruise confirmed two more sequels for the Mission: Impossible franchise last year, and it looks like one or possibly both of the films have just landed their villain. Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed the news on his Instagram page yesterday by sharing a portrait photo of X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Nicholas […]

Jack Reacher Creator Says Tom Cruise Is ‘Too Old’ For Action Movies

One of the biggest action movie stars in the world was seemingly poked at by an action book author. To make things more interesting, it was author Lee Child who suggested that Tom Cruise was “too old” for action movies, which is odd considering Cruise has played one of Child’s characters in two different movies. […]

Katie Holmes Admits She’s ‘Worried’ About Bad Influences On Her 13-Year-Old Daughter, Suri

Katie Holmes gave birth to daughter Suri when she was 27-years-old, and while she says that she loves that she got to grow up alongside her daughter, who is 13 now, she says that she worries about the “terrifying” atmosphere in a world that is filled with bad influences. The famously reticent actress recently opened […]

Tom Cruise Surprises Comic-Con By Dropping ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer

The new trailer for the sequel to Top Gun is making fans feel the need for speed. Actor Tom Cruise made an unexpected pit stop at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday to drop the trailer to the crowd of fans at the tail-end of the panel for the new film Terminator: Dark Fate. “Ladies […]

Tom Cruise Conspired Against Nicole Kidman With Church Of Scientology, Says Former Scientologist

Along with his starring roles in movies like Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher and Top Gun, actor Tom Cruise is known for his outspoken support of the Church of Scientology. However, both Cruise and Scientology have come under fire for their questionable methods in the past. Now, they are again under the spotlight after former Scientologist […]

Justin Bieber Calls Out Tom Cruise Again With Bottle Cap Challenge

Justin Bieber is reigniting his online rivalry with Tom Cruise after the singer called out the movie star with a Bottle Cap Challenge throwdown. According to TMZ, Bieber still wants the opportunity to go face-to-face with Cruise, and he’s looking for new ways to make it happen. Bieber posted an Instagram video on Sunday, in […]

Justin Bieber Backtracks On Challenge To Fight Tom Cruise

On June 9, Justin Bieber seemed to get up to some weekend hijinks. He took to his Twitter account and decided to share his desire to face off with Tom Cruise in a physical fight, saying that he wants to challenge the actor to a “fight in the octagon.” Bieber also tagged Ultimate Fighting Championship […]

Nicole Kidman Credits Hugh Jackman For Helping Through Tom Cruise Divorce

As the second season of Big Little Lies gets ready to make its debut, actor Nicole Kidman is talking about the pain of her divorce from Tom Cruise and the secrets to a happy marriage with country singer Keith Urban. Page Six says that Kidman talked about her 2001 divorce from Cruise after 10 years […]

Nicole Kidman Shares Rare Update On Adopted Children Connor and Bella Cruise In New ‘Vanity Fair’ Interview

Nicole Kidman is opening up about a topic that she doesn’t usually shed too much light on — her adopted children, Connor and Bella, whom she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise. As fans know, Kidman has moved on since her divorce from Cruise, and is now married to country music star — and fellow Australian […]

Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Allow Daughters To Have Phones Or Social Media

Nicole Kidman graces the front page of May’s Vanity Fair, inviting a rare look into her family life in a new interview with the publication, reports The Daily Mail. The actress sat down for an insightful discussion about relationships, parenting methods, and her HBO series Big Little Lies. Kidman spoke candidly about her quiet family […]

Tom Cruise Is Considered By Members Of The Church Of Scientology To Be A ‘Deity’

Tom Cruise is seen by many as one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, but his private life in Scientology have some questioning exactly how high-ranking the actor is in the church. As Page Six shared, Cruise is considered by members of the church to be a deity, and he is second in command […]

Tom Cruise Bans Nicole Kidman From Attending Son’s Scientology Wedding, Per ‘Radar Online’

Tom Cruise has allegedly banned Nicole Kidman from attending son Connor’s wedding, as he is a practicing Scientologist and she is not, states a new report from Radar Online. The actress is a practicing Catholic. Kidman, who split from Cruise after 11 years of marriage, gave up full custody of her children, Isabella and Connor, […]

Tom Cruise’s Daughter Speaks Out About Her Life As A Scientologist

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s oldest adopted child Isabella or “Bella” Cruise was recently mentioned in an email newsletter for Scientology London, where she gave a very positive testimonial for the organization, reports Page Six. Cruise recounts her experiences on the road to becoming an auditor for the Church of Scientology in an article that […]

‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Sequel Adds New Screenwriter As Tom Cruise Film Drags On

It’s been almost five years since Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow graced the big screen. Based on the novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the film was a massive hit with action movie fans. Starring alongside superstar Emily Blunt, Cruise portrayed Major William Cage, a public relations officer turned soldier, who fought […]

Tom Cruise Confirms Two More ‘Mission: Impossible’ Films In Instagram Teaser

Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible films make up one of the best and biggest movie franchises in history. No one suspected back in 1996 that Mission: Impossible would become a worldwide phenomenon which would spawn five more movies that grossed over $3.5 billion total. That number will likely increase by 50 percent by the time 2022 […]

‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Almost Killed Off A Major Character

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol almost had an entirely different ending, which may not have sat too well with fans. In a new interview with Light the Fuse, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie explained how the fourth M:I installment could have been dramatically different if he didn’t come along to do the rewrites. According to his interview […]

Leah Remini Demands Answers About Missing Scientology Leader’s Wife On Latest Episode Of A&E Series

Leah Remini is demanding answers about the missing wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, Shelly, in the latest episode of her A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. It is a question that has haunted the ex-Scientologist turned whistleblower for over a decade, ever since Shelly Miscavige was missing from one of the biggest […]

Tom Cruise Wants Movies To Look Better On Your TV

Tom Cruise has been a movie star for over 30 years, but he still cares a great deal about how his movies look when you watch them at home. That’s one takeaway from a video that was shared on Cruise’s Twitter account on Tuesday. In the 90-second video, Cruise and his director friend Christopher McQuarrie […]

Nicole Kidman Shuts Down Reporter Who Asked About Ex-Husband Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman is done talking about her former marriage to Tom Cruise. The actress recently shut down a reporter who asked about their romance – which ended in divorce in 2001 after 11 years of marriage – while speaking to the Guardian’s Observer magazine, citing that she prefers not to speak about the Mission: Impossible […]

Tom Cruise’s Girlfriends Were ‘Absolutely’ Auditioned By The Church Of Scientology, Claims Ex-Member

Tom Cruise allegedly had girlfriend “auditions” hosted for him by the Church of Scientology before he entered into his high-profile relationship with Katie Holmes more than 10 years ago. Valerie Haney, who was a member of Scientology’s Sea Org for 22 years before she defected from the church, told Tony Ortega’s The Underground Bunker that […]

Tom Cruise ‘Personally Punished’ Disobedient Scientology Members, Says Former Member Leah Remini

Tom Cruise is so high-ranking — and so well thought of in the Church of Scientology — that he personally inflicted corporal punishment on disobedient members, says former member Leah Remini. As the Daily Beast reports, Remini, former star of King of Queens, is one of the more famous people to have left Scientology. Few […]

Nicole Kidman Looks Back On 11-Year Marriage To Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman does not often talk publicly about her 11-year-long marriage to actor legend Tom Cruise. However, the actress is now speaking out about the marriage and how she believes it helped boost her career in Hollywood. According to Today, 51-year-old Kidman decided to move to Hollywood shortly after falling in love with Cruise while […]

Tom Cruise Bans All Non-Scientology Members From His Home, Reported ‘Radar’

Tom Cruise is allegedly banning anyone who does not practice the Scientology religion from entering his new home in Florida, according to a new report by Radar Online. The actor is also rumored to be only recruiting church members to appear in his latest film project titled Top Gun: Maverick, stated the Radar report. Cruise […]

Nicole Kidman Makes Rare Statement About Two Oldest Kids And Their Scientology Beliefs

Sometimes people forget that Nicole Kidman shares two kids with ex-husband, Tom Cruise. Over the past few months, the Oscar winner has been very candid about her past relationship with Tom Cruise, a far cry from normally choosing not to comment on their marriage as she sees it disrespectful to her current husband, Keith Urban. […]

Nicole Kidman Says She Didn’t Go Out A Lot During Marriage To Tom Cruise: ‘I Was Pretty Much At Home’

Nicole Kidman’s marriage to Tom Cruise recedes into the river of time, but recently the actress has been talking about her time with Tom — and the details are surprising to many. Most recently, Kidman shared that since she was married at such a young age, she didn’t really go out and party a lot […]

Nicole Kidman Says Being Married To Tom Cruise Prevented Her From Getting Sexually Harassed

It’s not every day that Nicole Kidman gets to open up about her relationship with ex-husband Tom Cruise. In a recent interview with NY Magazine, the actress got candid about her past marriage to Cruise. The couple wed in 1990 when Kidman was just 22-years-old. They were married for 11 years before calling it quits […]

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Hold Hands As They Arrive At Party Together, Per ‘Us Weekly’

When will actors Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx finally admit that they are a couple in love? Despite being seen together numerous times over the last five years, the Hollywood stars have yet to confirm their seemingly serious relationship. In their latest sighting, the former Dawson’s Creek star and the Beat Shazam host appeared to […]

Tom Cruise ‘Chooses Not To See Daughter Suri’ Because She’s Not A Scientologist, Per ‘Us Weekly’

A new report by Us Weekly alleges that Hollywood icon Tom Cruise can see the daughter he shares with ex Katie Holmes, Suri, up to 10 days a month, but chooses not to. A source close to the situation claims that that the actor does not spend the allotted time with his daughter because she […]

Leah Remini Spills Katie Holmes Could ‘Lose Custody Of Suri’ For Speaking Against Scientology

Leah Remini revealed that if former pal Katie Holmes spoke to her regarding any aspect of the Church of Scientology, she could potentially lose custody of the daughter she shares with Tom Cruise, Suri. Cruise and Holmes were married for six years. He was a practicing Scientologist, she was not. They share custody of their […]

Cher Reveals All About Ex-Boyfriends, Including Tom Cruise & Val Kilmer

Cher has been in several high-profile relationships with the entertainment elite over the years and had no fear in telling everyone about it during a revealing interview with the Daily Mail. In a sprawling interview that covers much of her career and the boyfriends that came with it, including her romance with Tom Cruise, who […]

Tom Cruise Demands Hotel Staff To Avoid Looking At Him As He Recovers

Tom Cruise has always been known as a quirky star, but a new rumor about how he is healing from a recent injury tops most stories which have made the rounds about the action star. Cruise is said to be healing from an injury sustained on the set of the most recent Mission Impossible movie, […]

Box Office: ‘Mission: Impossible’ Crosses $500 Million Worldwide

Mission: Impossible – Fallout made more than $500 million worldwide after ticket sales were tallied on August 19, and it brought in about $180 million after 24 days of its North American release, according to Box Office Mojo. Mission: Impossible II was the quickest film to reach that milestone domestically but if Fallout’s popularity remains […]

Tom Cruise Reportedly Trying To Win His Way Back Into Suri’s Life With Concert Tickets And Clothes Per ‘Radar’

Tom Cruise is hoping to win back his daughter Suri after years of separation. While the actor seemed to be an amazing father to his daughter during the very beginning of her life, posing with the tot on magazine covers and appearing to be a super dad, his relationship with her has become estranged — […]

Tom Cruise Is Desperate To Curtail Son’s Vaping Habit, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Tom Cruise is really not a fan of his son Connor’s new cigarette smoking alternative, vaping, and he wants him to stop. But Connor Cruise, 23, is an adult and isn’t interested in being told what to do. But within the realm of Scientology, this might not be up to Connor. Radar Online says that […]

Tom Cruise Didn’t Know There Were ‘Adult Films On The Internet,’ According To Judd Apatow

He may be one of the most well-known actors in the world but that doesn’t mean that he’s very well-versed in the internet. In a recent interview on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Page Six shares that Judd Apatow recalled a rather funny experience with actor Tom Cruise. In 2006, Apatow met with […]

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Soars To $153 Million Weekend

Mission: Impossible – Fallout had a stellar weekend at the box office, earning over $153 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. This makes Fallout the highest earner in the franchise, blowing away the first three films, as well as the more recent Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation. The Christopher McQuarrie-directed film earned a respectable […]

‘Mission: Impossible’ Director Christopher McQuarrie Is Ready To Return To Independent Films

In an interview with IndieWire, the director of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Christopher McQuarrie, revealed that he wants to start making independent films now that he has a successful and established career as a filmmaker. McQuarrie, whose first big break was winning the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for The Usual Suspects, claims that […]

James Corden’s Terrifying First Skydiving Experience With Tom Cruise

On Thursday, Tom Cruise appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and took Corden on the thrill of a lifetime, Mission Impossible style. Cruise was promoting his latest film of the franchise – the sixth one to be exact – Mission Impossible: Fallout. “It’s 110 degrees and today I’m about to jump out […]

Tom Cruise Confirms Jennifer Connelly Will Appear In ‘Top Gun’ Sequel, ‘She’s Perfect For It’

While there were reports that Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly would be on board for the Top Gun sequel, now it has been confirmed — by Tom Cruise himself, reports ET Online. The actor spoke with Carly Steel in Washington, D.C., over the weekend. “Look, she’s a great actress, obviously….When you see the film, you’ll see […]

Vanessa Kirby Denies Tom Cruise Romance Rumors After On-Set Kiss, ‘None Of It Is Real’

Rumors were rampant after photographers caught The Crown actress Vanessa Kirby kissing Tom Cruise on the set of their new movie, Mission: Impossible – Fallout last spring. The tabloids went wild that the two were in a relationship, reports Page Six, which came as a shock to Kirby and her boyfriend, War & Peace actor […]

Miles Teller To Star Alongside Tom Cruise In ‘Top Gun’ Sequel As Goose’s Son

Miles Teller has caught the need—”the need for speed” to be exact. Teller, 31, has been cast in the role of a lifetime alongside seasoned vet Tom Cruise in the Top Gun sequel. The Whiplash actor is set to play the son of original Top Gun iconic character, Goose, played by Anthony Edwards in 1986. […]

Katie Holmes Confirms Split With Jamie Foxx, Says She Had ‘Trust Issues’

After five years of secretive bliss, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have called it quits on their relationship. According to the Daily Mail, the couple — who prided themselves on keeping their relationship under wraps — have officially split up. They went public with their relationship for the first time last September. It was Katie […]

Scarlett Johansson Denies Having To ‘Audition’ To Date Tom Cruise

Ex-members of the Church of Scientology have revealed some strange things that go on behind the closed doors of the organization. Now, a member is laying claim to a strange dating arrangement when it came to actor Tom Cruise. Brendan Tighe claims that actress Scarlett Johansson “auditioned” to date Tom Cruise after his split with […]

Suri Cruise Sets Up Lemonade Stand At NYC Pride Parade, Complete With Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, set up a lemonade stand at the Pride Parade in New York City. The 12-year-old ran the stand, complete with Rice Krispies Treats decorated with rainbows on June 24, according to an Us Weekly report. The tween had her nanny supervising her at the event. […]

Val Kilmer Is Back As Iceman For ‘Top Gun’ Sequel, Kenny Loggins Wants To Re-Invent ‘Danger Zone’

In 1986, Top Gun hit theaters and brought forth a collection of what would be some of the biggest stars in all of Hollywood. Now, it has been more than three decades since that high-flying epic film was released and the sequel is finally happening. Fans already knew that Tom Cruise was going to be […]

Val Kilmer Seen With Tom Cruise During ‘Top Gun 2’ Filming, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Calling all Top Gun fans! Filming for the highly-anticipated sequel started this week and Val Kilmer has been spotted with Tom Cruise. Could we be seeing Kilmer reclaim his role as Cruise’s competitive nemesis, “Iceman”? Radar Online reports that Kilmer has been staying in the same San Diego hotel as Tom Cruise while filming has […]

Suri Cruise, 12, Spotted At Hamptons Party Without Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ pre-teen daughter, Suri Cruise, was living it up in the Hamptons, sans parental supervision. The 12-year-old was spotted partying at a recent bash for DuJour magazine, reported the New York Post. The shindig took place at Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina, a luxurious seaside establishment. Sources told the […]