Roseanne Barr Reveals She Uses Backup ‘Troll’ Twitter Accounts So She Can Tweet Anonymously

Roseanne Barr is still speaking her mind on Twitter — you just don’t know it’s her. The fired Roseanne star recently told TMZ that she has set up multiple troll Twitter accounts which she uses to post about controversial topics. Barr’s verified Twitter account is still up and running, buts she’s careful what she posts […]

Former Pool Boy Implicated In Jerry Falwell Jr. Scandal Denies Involvement With Racy Photos

When it was reported earlier this week that Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University and a staunch supporter of President Trump’s, had paid Trump attorney-turned-inmate Michael Cohen to suppress some embarrassing photos, some speculation centered on another story about Falwell from last year. In that story, per The Inquisitr, Falwell and his wife […]

Tom Arnold Calls Former ‘Roseanne’ Co-Star Sara Gilbert A ‘Jinx’

Comedian and actor Tom Arnold has been making headlines lately saying that he has seen videotapes of President Donald Trump, who he does not like, doing inappropriate things that would devastate him if they ever got released, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The former Roseanne star has also made public comments about his ex-wife, […]

Tom Arnold Reacts To Ex-Wife Roseanne Barr’s Plans To Move To Israel Ahead Of ‘The Conners’ Spinoff

Tom Arnold sounds like he’s ready to see Roseanne Barr make good on her promise to move to Israel just in time for the premiere of the Roseanne spinoff that she won’t be starring in. Barr, who recently announced she’ll be living in Israel by the time the new ABC sitcom The Conners premieres on […]

Tom Arnold Ready For Donald Trump To Resign, Tells Him ‘Tweet The F-ing Pee Pee Tape’ And Get This Over With

Tom Arnold is ready to cut to the chase — finally seeing Donald Trump’s “pee pee tape” and likely ending his presidency. The actor took to Twitter on Sunday to call out Trump, one of his favorite targets, and taunt him about releasing the infamous alleged video showing him in some strange acts with a […]

Tom Arnold Tells CNN He Has Tapes Of President Donald Trump The Public Has Not Heard

Tom Arnold told CNN that he secured tapes of President Donald Trump that the public has yet to hear. According to a CNN report, the actor appeared on the network’s Erin Burnett OutFront, and Poppy Harlow interviewed him about his upcoming TV show, Viceland: The Hunt for the Trump Tapes, which will focus on tapes […]

Comedian Tom Arnold Says He’s ‘Teaming Up’ With Michael Cohen To ‘Take Trump Down’

Comedian Tom Arnold, who is currently working on a show with Vice that features him hunting for unflattering videos of Donald Trump, told NBC News that he and the President’s personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, are working together to “take Trump down.” “We’ve been on the other side of the table and now we’re […]

Tom Arnold Says Roseanne Barr Was A ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Who Self-Sabotaged Her Hit Show

Tom Arnold has been making the rounds in the aftermath of his ex-wife’s racist Twitter tirade that resulted in the sudden cancellation of her self-titled ABC sitcom. Now, in a new interview with People magazine, Arnold, who was married to the former ABC star from 1990 to 1994, reveals he wasn’t at all surprised by […]

Roseanne’s Ex Tom Arnold Says ‘I Warned Everybody’ That She Was Racist

Tom Arnold says his ex-wife Roseanne Barr is “obviously” racist, and he reveals he tried to intervene before something disastrous happened with the sitcom star. In a new interview with Good Morning Britain, Arnold addressed the inflammatory tweet that caused the cancelation of Barr’s self-titled ABC sitcom and resulted in the loss of hundreds of […]

Tom Arnold Says He Warned ‘Roseanne’ Crew To Take Roseanne Barr’s Phone Away From Her

Tom Arnold says he knew Roseanne Barr’s sitcom reboot would not end well. The actor, who was married to the Roseanne star from 1990 to 1994 and also worked as a writer and actor on the original incarnation of her show, believes his ex-wife self-sabotaged when she posted offensive tweets and that she no longer […]

Tom Arnold Calls ‘Roseanne’ Cancellation A ‘Tough Decision,’ But Thinks It Was ‘Right For America’

Tom Arnold – known for many things, including being the ex-husband of Roseanne Barr – joined the string of celebrities reacting to his ex-wife’s racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett. According to PEOPLE, Arnold not only slammed his ex-wife for her racist comment, he applauded Disney CEO Bob Iger for the decision to cancel the Roseanne […]

Tom Arnold Pokes Fun At His Investigative Journalism Credentials With Anti-Trump Series

Tom Arnold is ready to take Trump down. The actor-comedian will headline the new docu-series The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold. The eight-episode series will premiere later this year on Viceland, according to People. Arnold, whose acting resume includes roles on Trailer Parks Boys and The Stupids, admits he is not an […]

Roseanne Barr Throws Shade At Wendy Williams On Her Talk Show By Clapping Back In Husband Showdown

Roseanne Barr and Wendy Williams have both earned reputations for their sometimes jaw-dropping honesty in interviews. And while it’s Wendy who has made a name for herself as a controversial talk show host, Roseanne just proved in a visit to Williams’ talk show that she’s capable of creating her own controversy. Barr’s visit to The […]

Tom Arnold Gives His Opinion On The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot — And His Ex-Wife Roseanne Barr

Tom Arnold is speaking out after screening the first episode of the highly anticipated Roseanne reboot, “Twenty Years to Life.” In a review of the episode posted to the Hollywood Reporter, Arnold, who was married to series star Roseanne Barr from 1990 to 1994, revealed that the Roseanne revival works, but that he is disappointed […]

‘Roseanne’ Reboot: Pop-Up Lanford Lunch Box To Feature The Conners’ Loose Meat Sandwiches And More

Roseanne fans are about to get a taste of the past via the Conner clan’s favorite cuisine. Just ahead of the premiere of the long-awaited Roseanne revival series, a pop-up version of the ABC sitcom’s famous eatery will pop up during South by Southwest in Austin. A recreation of Roseanne Conner’s iconic Lanford Lunch Box […]

Remembering Chris Farley: Celebrities Pay Tribute 20 Years After His Death

It’s been 20 years since Chris Farley overdosed in 1997 and shocked the world with the news of his death. The comedy world was deflated as it lost one of the most talented men in the business. Farley was known for his outrageous comedy sketches, and possibly more for his strong group of comedic friends. […]

‘Roseanne’ Revival: Estelle Parsons and Sandra Bernhard Join ABC Reboot—Will Tom Arnold Be Next?

The Roseanne revival will welcome back two more iconic characters. According to TV Line, Estelle Parsons and Sandra Bernhard will reprise their roles as Roseanne’s mom, Beverly Harris, and family friend Nancy Bartlett, respectively. Parsons, 90, will appear in two of the ABC reboot’s nine episodes, while Bernhard will appear in one. The news comes […]

Hillary Clinton ‘Begged’: Tom Arnold Reboots His 15 Minutes Of Fame With Claim?

Did Hillary Clinton really stoop so low as to ask comedian Tom Arnold for help during the election, as he recently claimed? Once realizing there was a very good chance that Donald Trump would walk away from the election a winner, did Hillary resort to begging Arnold for his help? Could this manipulative move, which […]

Racist Trump Tapes Could Soon Surface, Comedian Tom Arnold Threatens To Release Footage

Comedian Tom Arnold earlier revealed that he’s in possession of Apprentice outtakes that will put President-elect Donald Trump in an embarrassing predicament. Now, the True Lies actor is promising to release the said tapes that show the billionaire throwing one racist remark after another. Tom Arnold says he’s got recordings of #Trump using racial slurs […]

Tom Arnold Claims He Could Take Down Donald Trump

Tom Arnold claims he has offensive and racist The Apprentice recordings of Donald Trump saying the N-word, according to The Daily Beast. But none of the show’s staffers have confirmed that such racist outtakes even exist. Tom Arnold is apparently trying to steal some attention from the media by smearing Trump, who’ll become sworn-in as […]

Tom Arnold On Trump N-Word Tapes: ‘Watergate Level Journalists’ Are Reviewing Controversial ‘Apprentice’ Footage [Video]

Tom Arnold recently interjected himself into the historic level of controversy surrounding President-elect Donald Trump. Over the course of the Trump campaign, the former reality TV star’s television past came back to haunt him when an old Access Hollywood “hot mic” conversation with Billy Bush was leaked to the press. In the tape, which featured […]

Donald Trump Russian Orgy Video: Tom Arnold Hints Release Of Long-Rumored Russian Blackmail Video

Donald Trump could soon see a Russian orgy video revealed, one that has long been rumored to be used as blackmail against him by the Russian government and Vladimir Putin. For many months, the video has been part of the deep rumor mill surrounding Donald Trump, and the allegations resurfaced this week thanks to a […]

Tom Arnold: #TrumpTapes Bring Defamation Lawsuit Threat Over KIRO Radio Interview – But Discovery Could Expose N-Word Claims [Video]

The saga between Tom Arnold and President-elect Donald Trump continues on, with Arnold tweeting that the Trump Camp has threatened to sue Tom in a defamation lawsuit. Instead of shrinking back in fear, Arnold tweeted that a lawsuit would be great so that the #TrumpTapes Tom has been tweeting about will be forced to be […]

Tom Arnold Claims To Have Donald Trump Caught On Tape Tape Using N-Word And Other Offensive Language

Actor and comedian Tom Arnold claims to have a copy of The Apprentice outtakes featuring Donald Trump using the N-word and other offensive language. Arnold made the claim on the Dori Monson show on KIRO radio on Friday and if true, it could spell trouble for Trump. Trouble, or one more annoying instance of Donald […]

Roseanne Barr Lets Loose On America’s Far Left: ‘Naked Bigots’ With No Interest In Peace Between Israelis And Palestinians

Roseanne Barr returns to the stage and is set to perform at the Club Regent Event Centre later this year, according to Winnipeg Free Press. The 63-year-old actress, who started out as a standup comedian, is famous for her role on ABC’s 1990s sitcom Roseanne. Who used to watch Roseanne on TV? So many stars […]

‘I Am Chris Farley’ Trailer Debuts, Documentary Offers Moving Peek Into The Turbulent Life Of The Late Comedian

The trailer for a new documentary about the life of comedian Chris Farley — called I Am Chris Farley — debuted on BuzzFeed Monday. The two-minute trailer features snippets of his most memorable Saturday Night Live sketches, as well as interviews with his friends, cast members, and fellow comedians, like Bob Saget, who asks “everyone […]

Henry Rollins Robin Williams: Rocker Slams Actor For Committing Suicide

Henry Rollins called out Robin Williams for committing suicide, and now he’s taking heat for his comments. According to the Mail Online, the former Black Flag frontman thinks that Robin was incredibly selfish for committing suicide and traumatizing his children. “How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children… choosing to kill […]

Bear Grylls Is ‘Running Wild’ With Celebrities In New Reality Show

Bear Grylls has built his TV career on being able to survive in the wild against seemingly impossible odds. Now, NBC has decided to launch a six-episode celebrity-survival series “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” The gimmick is that Grylls will not be alone; in each episode he will be accompanied by a different well-known celebrity. […]

Tom Arnold Weight Loss Revealed During SXSW Appearance [Photo]

Tom Arnold showed off his dramatic 89-pound weight loss during a recent appearance at SXSW. The annual music and film festival in Austin, Texas is a good place for bands and filmmakers to introduce their wares to the masses. Tom Arnold, meanwhile, used a recent red carpet event for director Mike Myers’ documentary Supermensch: The […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Helped Tom Arnold Improve His Sex Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new accomplishment under his belt: Improving True Lies co-star Tom Arnold’s sex life by making his penis look bigger. In case you haven’t heard, Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband recently lost a substantial amount of weight following the birth of his son. Although the guy reportedly put in a lot of hard work […]

Tom Arnold Drops 89 Pounds For A Good Little Reason

We will be seeing a lighter version of Tom Arnold, who has dropped a whopping 89 pounds recently. Throughout his career, Tom Arnold’s weight has fluctuated almost as much as his roles have, but something changed in the 54-year-old comedian last April. Tom Arnold and his fourth wife, Ashley Groussman, 38, became parents to a […]

Tom Arnold Baby Boy: Comedian And Wife Welcome Baby Son

Tom Arnold and wife Ashley Groussman have welcomed a baby boy after overcoming years of fertility issues. The 54-year-old comedian and his wife welcomed Jax Copeland Arnold at 9.53am on Saturday, April 6. Arnold’s rep confirmed the new arrival to Us Weekly, saying the tot was a healthy 8 pounds, 12 ounces, and measured 21 […]

Tom Arnold To Be A Dad For First Time [Video]

Actor Tom Arnold is going to be a dad for the first time at age 53. Arnold and his fourth wife, Ashley Groussman, will welcome a son together in March of 2013, and the actor/comedian es plenty excited about becoming a dad. Arnold announced his baby news during his guest co-hosting gig on The View […]

Tom Arnold Won’t Be Voting For Ex-Wife Roseanne Barr

Today is Election Day, and though actress Roseanne Barr is running for president, she can’t count on a vote from ex-husband Tom Arnold. Just in case you’re late to the table, Roseanne Barr of Roseanne fame is indeed running for president and will appear on the ballot in some states. According to OTRC, she’s running […]

Tom Arnold Admits That Getting A Tattoo Of Roseanne On His Chest Was A Pretty Dumb Idea

Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr didn’t have the greatest of marriages. Their relationship was mired by problems with drug and alcohol addiction and it was probably one of the two that lead the actor to get a tattoo of his estranged wife on his heart. Arnold spent 12 hours sat in a tattoo parlour as […]