Japanese Aquarium Asks Public To Video Call Eels During Lockdown

Sumida Aquarium, which is currently closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, has taken to social media to people to video call their garden eels as a reminder to the animals that humans do not pose a threat. The aquarium — housed in the Tokyo Skytree, Japan’s tallest structure — has been closed to the public […]

Tokyo Olympics President Says Cancellation Is Still An Option For Games If COVID-19 Persists

The 2020 Olympics have already been postponed, and cancellation is not off the table. The president of those games, which were originally set to be held in Tokyo this summer, said that the Olympics could be totally canceled if the coronavirus persists into next year. In an interview with Nikkan Sports, the president discussed preparing […]

Kourtney Kardashian Rocks Patent Leather Bell Bottoms As She Visits Tokyo

On Instagram, two days after Thanksgiving, Kourtney Kardashian showed up in Tokyo, the location of her last few updates. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been doing a lot of traveling this year, including a meaningful trip to Armenia a couple of months ago during which time she was baptized. Meanwhile, the popular […]

Heidi Klum Nails The Bottle Cap Challenge In Japan With Tim Gunn’s Trusty Guidance

Heidi Klum executed a perfect cap removal for the Bottle Cap Challenge that has been going around the world and back again. Her partner in crime, Tim Gunn, literally had Heidi’s back as the fashion expert held onto the slender blonde while she attacked a bottle that once held water. The former Project Runway colleagues […]

Watch Alexis Ren’s Mesmerizing Tokyo Video Collage On Instagram, Including Clips From Light Museum

Alexis Ren shared an amazing video collage from her adventures in Tokyo, Japan, and it’s definitely worth a watch for any fan. The video includes mesmerizing scenes from the world’s first-ever digital art museum, which uses lights, colors, graphics, and mirrors to create surreal spaces. Called the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson teamLab Borderless, […]

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Meet Up With Artist Takashi Murakami After Extravagant Boeing 747 Flight

For hours, fans patiently waited to find out where Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West were heading to after she posted several videos of them boarding a private Boeing 747 flight. And it’s now been revealed that their secret destination was, in fact, Tokyo, Japan, as pictures emerged of the couple posing with contemporary […]

Japan Executes Last Living Aum Shinrikyo Cult Members Responsible For Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas Attack

Following the execution of cult leader Shoko Asahara earlier this month as reported on by the Inquisitr, the final members of Aum Shinrikyo have been put to death as penance for their crimes against innocent Japanese civilians, according to the BBC. On March 20, 1995, members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult released a nerve gas […]

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Look Back Together In Tokyo

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd split up back in November 2016, but lately, they appear as if they could be back together, but there’s the possibility they may just be incredibly close friends. According to a People report, The Weeknd shared several pictures of Bella Hadid with him in Tokyo on Sunday prompting a lot […]

Bella Hadid Flaunts Her Curves In Underwear Then Wears A Surgical Mask For Shopping

Bella Hadid hit the headlines after a photo of her in a see-through top emerged while she was recently sight-seeing in Japan. Then when Hadid covered her mouth with a surgical mask for a walk along the city streets of Tokyo, this too was a picture that became a headline topic. This wasn’t the end […]

Ivanka Trump ‘Humiliated’ In Tokyo At Women’s Empowerment Event By Empty Seats, Non-Believers Of Cause

If crowd size is an indicator of public support and acceptance, Ivanka Trump may have been snubbed, according to a new report that suggests the first daughter is not walking the talk as the de facto voice of women’s rights. Ivanka Trump traveled to Tokyo on Friday as part of her White House role as […]

‘Twitter Serial Killer’ Stored 9 Dismembered Bodies In Coolers Covered In Kitty Litter

It was a house of horror, in every sense of the term, when police entered an apartment of a suspect they had traced down while investigating just one missing woman. They got more than one missing person case solved when the body parts of nine people were discovered. The eight females and one male had […]

World War 3 Tensions Continue To Escalate As Japan Prepares For North Korean Nuclear Missile Attack

As tensions in northeast Asia continue to escalate, Japan has reportedly seen a surge in demand for nuclear bomb shelters and air purifiers capable of eliminating radioactive and chemical toxicity from breathable air, as reported by the Telegraph. Officials in Japan have begun preparing their citizens for a potential missile strike initiated by North Korea. […]

Tokyo Comic-Con Lifts Ban On Men Crossdressing During Cosplays

Did Tokyo Comic-Con just ban men from cosplaying women characters? Well apparently, they did. But not for long. Cosplay has become a huge part of anime and gaming conventions and, most of the time, not only members of the LGBT take this opportunity to dress up as the opposite gender. How many men have we […]

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Shows Up As Super Mario At Rio Olymipics

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe almost didn’t make it to the Rio Olympics’ closing ceremony. Luckily, he had a solution — thanks to Nintendo. He slid down a green pipe into the arena dressed as the famous character, Super Mario. Well, he had on the character’s famous red hat and blue overalls. Although, he plumber’s […]

First Female Governor Of Tokyo Set To Lead Japan Into The 2020 Olympics

Tokyo’s first female governor is set to lead the city into the next Olympics in 2020 with a moral mandate to redeem its honor marred by the disgraceful exits of the last two occupants of the post she is about to occupy. Yuriko Koike made history in Tokyo to become the city’s first female governor […]

Tokyo, Japan Knife Wielding Suspect Satoshi Uematsu In Custody After One Of Worst Single-Perpetrator Mass Murders

After an attack at a disabled facility outside Tokyo, Japan, by a knife-wielding suspect earlier today, at least 19 are dead and questions continue to mount. According to the Guardian, the suspect was quoted as saying that he wanted to “get rid of the disabled from this world,” while the New York Times Tokyo bureau […]

More Rio Olympics Weird News Emerges: Free Tickets, Odd Athlete’s Quarters

As the Rio Olympics approach, there have been many strange news headlines, but not all of them are related to the Zika virus or the fact that some of the British royal family refuse to attend because of it. Instead, on the eve of the Rio Olympics, part of the weird news is that in […]

Anthony Bourdain Dishes On His Favorite Travel Destination

Anthony Bourdain has a favorite solo travel destination that he calls both thrilling and challenging, and not only is it his favorite place to travel alone, but it also inspired his latest graphic novel, according to Travel + Leisure. The celebrated chef, author, and unconventional host of travel TV has a serious love relationship with […]

Hanako The Japanese Elephant Dies Aged 69 After Inspiring Petition On Living Conditions [Video]

Hanako the elephant died Thursday afternoon at the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo at the age of 69 years. She was the oldest Asian elephant in Japan. According to Tokyo officials, the aging elephant was found lying on the floor of her cage at around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, and zoo workers tried to get […]

Mega Earthquakes In Major Population Centers ‘Highly Imminent,’ Experts Renew Warning

Experts have once again raised an alarm and warned governments to prepare for mega earthquakes in major population centers that could cause major devastation and loss of millions of lives worldwide. The latest warnings come after the recent series of earthquakes in the Pacific Ring of Fire, with Japan and the Latin American country of […]

New 2020 Olympic Emblem Criticized For Being ‘Dull’

The 2020 Summer Olympics, which is set to take place in Tokyo, released a new logo, as the first one had issues related to plagiarism. According to reports, the event’s organizers revealed a new logo, and people are hoping that this time around, the design is original. The new design is called the Harmonized Checkered […]

Japanese Teen Escapes Two Years In Captivity — Kidnapper, 23, Slashes Neck With Box Cutter

A Japanese teen has escaped an apartment in Tokyo where she was held captive for two years. Her alleged kidnapper was later found standing in the road, bleeding from the neck with a box cutter in his hand. Kabu Terauchi, 23, is now facing kidnapping charges, and the girl is in protective custody, the Japan […]

Now Hiring: Japan Actively Recruiting Full-Time Ninjas

Remember practicing your ninja moves in the garage until your mom would tell you, “You can’t really be a ninja when you grow up?” She was wrong. Japan has an active job posting for ninjas. Obviously, this is not a job opening you see every week, so if you happen to possess ninja skills, you […]

Airbnb Japan May Be Shut Down By Insanely Strict Laws: Sharing Economy Battle Rages On

Japan is the fastest-growing Airbnb market in the world; a shortage of visitor accommodations in the densely-populated country means that affordable, private places to stay are in high demand. The current boom in tourism exacerbates that shortage — in Japan’s capitals, body-sized, bed-only pods have been installed in lieu of uneconomically spacious rooms — and […]

‘Flipper’s’ Trainer Ric O’Barry Kicked Out Of Japan During Dolphin Slaughter

Flipper’s trainer Ric’ O’Barry was deported today after spending 19 days in a Tokyo jail. In a breaking news update, The Dolphin Project reports that immigration officials cited O’Barry’s trip to Futo on August 27, 2015 as the official reason for his deportation, claiming he did not inform them of his travel plans. O’Barry claims […]

Japan, South Korea Settle ‘Comfort Women’ Issue With ‘Heartfelt Apology’ And 1 Billion Yen Compensation

Japan and South Korea may have settled their long-running dispute about “Comfort Women.” Tokyo issued a “heartfelt apology” with 1 billion yen to the elderly former sex slaves. A personal apology from Japan’s prime minister and a pledge of 1 billion yen has been offered to South Korea to resolve a decades-long impasse about the […]

‘Comfort Women’ Issue Continues To Plague Relations Between South Korea And Japan — Countries To Meet And Discuss Compensation

Officials from South Korea and Japan are expected to discuss the issue of “Comfort Women.” Senior diplomats of South Korea and Japan met on Saturday ahead of another round of talks that will be attended by their foreign ministers to discuss the issue of Comfort Women, a shameful legacy of Japan’s wartime past that has […]

Tokyo Unveils New Olympic Stadium Design – Old One Was Scrapped For Being Pricey?

Japan unveiled a new stadium design meant for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The country had to go for a new design amidst criticism for the earlier one that would have been very expensive to construct. This compelled Japan to come up with a new design within five months of scrapping the old one. Japan’s government […]

A Man Dressed As A Christmas Tree Runs Around Tokyo [Video]

A British man is running around Tokyo dressed as a Christmas tree. It’s quite the unique scene, and he’s causing quite a buzz around the area and in news outlets around the world, according to CNN. “There are many areas of the city that are beautifully illuminated with Christmas decorations, but there are also areas […]

Explosion At Army Base In Tokyo

The explosion at Army base in Tokyo sparked a large fire but caused no injuries, according to a Fox News report. The explosion at the Sagami Depot happened around midnight in Japan on Monday, the Defense Department says. The base is located in the city of Sagamihara, which is about 25 miles southwest of Tokyo. […]

Toshiba CEO Quits ‘House Of Cards’ Inflated By $1.2 Billion

Toshiba CEO Hisao Tanaka resigned Tuesday after securities regulators uncovered fraudulent numbers on the company’s balance sheet. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Japanese industrial and electronics company overstated profits to the tune of $1.2 billion (152 billion yen) over a seven-year period. Eight other executives quit their posts along with Tanaka in acceptance […]

WWE News: Hall Of Famer To Appear During Upcoming Tour Of Japan?

WWE is set to hold two huge events in Japan in just under one month’s time. On July 3 and 4, WWE will present two live events in Tokyo at the famed Sumo Hall (Ryogoku Kokugikan), the site of many famous Japanese wrestling events over the years. The July 4 show will even be broadcast […]

WWE News: Finn Balor Set To Win NXT Championship From Kevin Owens In Tokyo, Japan WWE Network Special

WWE NXT star Finn Balor has come a long way since joining WWE officially last year. He has become a massive star in America, but before all of this he was a massive star in Japan when he was part of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Balor mentioned on WWE NXT last night that he has won […]

Phantom Ejaculator Arrested After Terrorizing Over 100 Women

A man in Tokyo, Japan, who has been dubbed the Phantom Ejaculator by the press, has finally been apprehended. His diabolically grotesque reign of terror ended when Tetsuya Fukuda, 40, was taken into custody and his DNA matched that of a sperm sample taken from a school girl’s skirt. Since 2011, for almost four years, […]

Lily James ‘Cinderella – Shinderera’ Racist Accusations Crushed Following Instagram Post

Accusations of racism come fast and furious these days, some justifiably, some not so much. But having the racist label hurled your way, fairly or not, seems to have a way of sticking and is difficult to defend against, something Cinderella and Downton Abbey star, Lily James, is finding out the hard way. According to […]

Angela Merkel Asks Japan To Confront Its War Time Actions ‘Openly And Squarely’ – Just As Germany Did

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the step of using a speech delivered in Tokyo to give a diplomatic suggestion to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The Guardian reports that Merkel’s remarks urged Japan to continue to acknowledge its actions in World War II in order to aid proper healing and progress. The German Chancellor […]

Restaurant Serves Live Shrimp Covered In Ants As The Start To A 3-Hour-Long Feast

Many people around the world love shrimp, but it takes a real dedicated palate to appreciate live jumbo shrimp covered in little black ants. In order to experience this unique dish, you would have to travel to Tokyo and visit a pop-up version of Noma, Rene Redzepi’s vision of a successful version of his Noma […]

Wrap Your Gifts In Just 12 Seconds With The Help Of This Viral Video

A video filmed in a Japanese department store has gone viral, showing frustrated holiday gifters how to wrap their presents in an astonishingly short period of time. The wrapping technique is incredibly simple and fast, using only a sheet of paper and two pieces of tape. According to the Daily Mail, video of the gift […]

See Kate Middleton Take Brain Test: Duchess Healthy As She Greets Britain’s Teen Olympic Hopefuls

Kate Middleton volunteered to take the same test of her brain’s abilities as the aspiring Olympic athletes she met on Wednesday afternoon. The test consisted of reacting quickly to moving dots on an HD screen, in order to measure how fast a subject — in this case, the Duchess of Cambridge — processes information in […]

Typhoon Vongfong Hits Okinawa, Heads For Japanese Mainland

The dreaded Typhoon Vongfong has finally made its way to the islands of Japan, striking the coast of Okinawa. Arriving shortly after the immense Typhoon Phanfone, Japan is enduring a second wave of powerful winds and water. According to AccuWeather, Vongfong means “the wasp” in Cantonese. The typhoon began its path of destruction in the […]

No One Wants To Host The 2022 Winter Olympics

Only two options — two very bad options — remain for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, now that every other city that put in a bid has since run screaming for the exits. Since the Norwegian government effectively pulled Oslo’s bid by refusing any government money to offset the cost of hosting the 2022 Winter […]

Do You Know How To Eat Sushi Correctly? This Video Will Show You How

Sushi has become one of the most popular dishes to be enjoyed in the United States since it was first introduced as a mainstream meal back in the last decade. Originally a culinary delight in Japan, Americans have enjoyed the raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed in both its traditional Japanese form as well […]

Malaysia Airlines Faces Another Scare As Flight MH70 Forced To Turn Back

A Malaysia Airlines jet bound for Tokyo was forced to turn back on Saturday, after the crew faced problems maintaining the pressure inside the aircraft. As The Daily Mail reports, Malaysia Airlines flight MH70 had been in the air for close to an hour before it was forced to return to Kuala Lumpur. Azharuddin Abdul […]

Tokyo Earthquake Registers Mag 6 On The Richter Scale

A massive earthquake in Tokyo on Monday rocked the city, rattling windows and buildings. Fortunately, damage was not reported to be major, and there were only a few injuries. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the quake hit at 5:18 am local time and had a magnitude of 6.0. It was centered 160 kilometers (99 […]

Sony: CEO Jack Tretton Steps Down

Sony makes headlines today because Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton has announced he will be stepping down, and his last day will be on March 31st. Shawn Layden is the executive Vice President and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International, and he will be the one to take Tretton’s place starting April 1st. Layden was the […]

Elderly Shoplifters On The Loose In Tokyo

The number of elderly shoplifters on the loose in Tokyo is currently on the rise. For the first time since authorities began keeping written record of criminal activity, more elderly adults have been busted for stealing than teenagers. While the number of shoplifting arrests has fallen overall across the country, the number of grown-ups getting […]

Xbox One Will Have ‘Something For Everyone’ In Tokyo? Yeah, Right. [Op-Ed]

Microsoft says the Xbox One display at the Tokyo Game Show will have “something for everyone.” Given their track record for shows, I’m not getting my hopes up. Let’s recap, shall we? Microsoft tried to keep a lid on the details around the Xbox One, even to the point of not confirming or denying any […]

Japanese Troops To Train With US Military Off California Coast

Japanese troops are scheduled to begin a military training exercise with US soldiers this week. The joint exercise is designed to increase the strength of Japan’s amphibious capabilities. The exercise will also help both countries better prepare for natural disaster and other crisis. Colonel Grant Newsham, who is the Marine liaison to the Japanese military, […]

World War II Bomb Discovered In Tokyo, Detonated Near Busy Train Station

An unexploded World War II bomb was discovered and detonated near a busy train station in Tokyo on Tuesday. Officials from Tokyo’s bomb squad were called in to deal with the World War II relic, and it took experts 10 feet of sand bags and a detonator to ensure the device’s safe removal. According to […]

Japan’s Sasago Tunnel Collapses On Highway, At Least Five People Trapped

At least five people are feared trapped inside a collapsed motorway tunnel about 80 kilometres west of the Japanese capital. The incident took place at around 08:00 am Sunday (local time). Multiple news services say that a “100m (328ft) section of the tunnel caved in on the Tokyo-bound lanes on the Chuo Expressway, in Yamanashi […]