Facebook, Spotify Among The Latest Companies Siding With Fortnite In Its Feud With Apple

Fortnite creator Epic Games might be feuding with Apple, but it’s far from the only big company that has a problem with how the tech giant handles its app store policies. Nicolas Vega of the New York Post reported on Friday that several other tech titans joined the fray on the side of Fortnite, just […]

70,000 Female Tinder Users Had Their Pictures Dumped Onto A Cyber-Crime Forum

Popular dating app Tinder has reportedly had more than 70,000 pictures from female accounts dumped to an online cyber-crime forum, according to Gizmodo. As the photographs were only of women, many experts believe that the hackers are hoping to use the photographs and data to set up catfishing accounts to scam male users. Another possibility […]

Today Is Known As ‘Singles Sunday,’ AKA The Biggest Day Of The Year For App Dating

Today, January 5, is being called “Singles Sunday” by dating specialists. According to experts, the first Sunday of every year sees a huge spike in single people looking for love — particularly online — and dating apps are preparing for a surge of activity as people begin their relationship New Year’s resolutions. According to Daily […]

WWE News: Newly Single Former World Champion And Current Superstar Set Up Date On Twitter

It isn’t often that people see WWE as something of a place to set up two single people together, but stranger things have happened. Former WWE Champion Dave Bautista — aka Batista to wrestling fans — recently revealed that he was single again and he made the big announcement on Twitter. Well, current superstar Dana […]

Russia Demands Tinder Provide User Data To Intelligence Agencies

Tinder has been added to a list of online services that is required by the Russian government to hand over all user data to intelligence agencies, according to The Associated Press. The popular dating app, which has over 50 million users worldwide, will join a list of over 175 apps and websites that are required […]

George Zimmerman Blocked From Tinder For Using A Fake Profile To Meet Women

George Zimmerman has been kicked off a second dating website after it was determined that he was not only using a fake name, but also a phony profile. Zimmerman is widely known as the man who stood trial for fatally shooting an unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, in Florida. Zimmerman was eventually acquitted in the case. […]

Tinder Height Verification Could Be A Joke — But Here’s Why So Many People Hope It’s Not

It seems the world of online dating and hookups is going to become a bit tougher for guys — at least if Tinder’s new announcement proves to be true. The ever-popular social search mobile app has recently announced that it would be introducing height verification on its platform, per a blog post on the official […]

There’s Now A Tinder ‘Dating’ App For Cows Called Tudder

When social media began to take off a decade (or so) ago, it was only a matter of time before some insightful developer would mix the convenience and addictive nature of socializing online with a dating platform. There is a handful of dating apps on the market today, but arguably, the most famous and widespread […]

This New Kitchen Appliance Wants To Help You Find Love

The eyes have been called windows to the soul, but your next fridge just might be a window to your heart. A new refrigerator, the Samsung Family Hub, includes a touchscreen interface, a shared family calendar, an “ingredient-tracking” camera, and other technology, but the standout feature just might be the integrated dating app known as […]

YouTuber Erich Stelzer Tased To Death After Brutally Attacking Tinder Date

Twenty-five-year-old Erich Stelzer brought his small hometown of Cohasset, Massachusetts media attention with his fitness related videos. A passionate bodybuilder, he hoped to gain a name for himself by inspiring others to reach their physical health goals. Now, he is bringing Cohasset into the limelight for committing a brutal crime that led to his death, […]

Emily Ratajkowski Is Teaching Lessons On Tinder

27-year-old model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is not generally someone you’d think of as ever using dating services such as Tinder. The model is currently at a good place in her own love life, having married her husband — 31-year-old actor Sebastian Bear-McClard — earlier this year. But that doesn’t mean that she can’t help […]

Pensioner Launches Legal Battle To Identify As A Younger Man And Improve His Prospects On Tinder

Age may be just a number, but one Dutch pensioner is taking legal action to reduce his, because he believes being a gentleman of more advanced years is ruining both his job prospects and luck with the ladies. Emile Ratelband is nearly seven decades old, but the self-proclaimed “young god” said he has the body […]

Some Hurricane Florence Evacuees Are Turning To Tinder To Find Love, Housing

Hurricane Florence is certainly causing a lot of worry and stress. Evacuees are leaving their homes behind, unsure of what they will return to. However, some are making the best of it. Fox News reports that some of those impacted by the Category 1 storm are turning it into an opportunity to meet someone new. […]

Natasha Aponte Accused Of ‘Bachelorette’ Tinder Scam, Duping Dozens Of Men

A New York City woman is accused of using to Tinder to pull off a Bachelorette-esque scam, luring dozens of men to Union Square, only for them to find out that they were competing for her love. Just about everybody who has ever used Tinder, or any other dating app, has been duped at one […]

Tinder Co-Founders Sue Dating App’s Owners For $2 Billion

NPR reported Tuesday that the co-founders of Tinder and eight other executives are suing the dating app’s current owners for more than $2 billion for allegedly swindling the plaintiffs out of money they believe they were owed. Tinder’s co-founders, Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, and Jonathan Badeen, are suing InterActiveCorp (IAC) and its subsidiary Match Group […]

Dating App ‘Strangler’ Could Be A Serial Killer Linked To Six Other Murders

Samantha Stewart was a registered nurse and beloved daughter, and the unfortunate alleged victim of Danueal Drayton. The situation unfolded after Steward “swiped right” on his Tinder profile. They met for a few dates before Drayton allegedly tortured and killed her in her Queens home. Her body was discovered on July 17, when her teenage […]

Tinder Picks Will Offer An Alternative To Endless Swiping

Online dating can be a time consuming experience. Numerous websites and apps out there seek to play match maker, many with a subscription fee attached. Tinder is one of those, in case some readers are not up to speed with the world of virtual love. The model serves as a location-based mobile application, allowing users […]

Women Use Tinder For Positive Self-Affirmation, Men Use It For Casual Sex, New Study Shows

A recent study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has determined the difference in the motivations of men and women when using Tinder. According to the research’s findings, which were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, women primarily use dating apps in order to affirm their attractiveness and self-esteem, while […]

Woman Allegedly Stabs Boyfriend With Samurai Sword After Finding Tinder App On His Phone

A woman who reportedly thought her boyfriend was cheating on her via Tinder purchased a samurai sword at a local shopping mall and then allegedly attacked him with the weapon while he was sleeping, according to law enforcement officials. The incident occurred on March 3 in Camas, Washington, near Vancouver and in the Portland, Oregon, […]

Sydney Loofe: Community Mourns Loss Of Woman Whose Body Is Found Weeks After Going On Tinder Date

Sydney Loofe, 24, vanished three weeks ago after going on a date with a woman she met on Tinder. Her Neligh, Nebraska community is now reacting to the announcement made by authorities Tuesday that Sydney’s remains had been located and evidence of foul play was found. Sue Meyer, one of Sydney’s former teachers, told The […]

Worst Tinder Date Ever? How A Poop Incident Got A Woman Stuck Upside Down And Rescued On A First Date

In what might possibly be the worst Tinder date of all time, a woman had a poop incident that snowballed into her being stuck upside down and having to be rescued by emergency personnel, BBC News is reporting. Now, at this point it bears noting that the story The Inquisitr is about to tell you […]

Jared Leto Reveals His Personal Life Is ‘Called Tinder’

It has been a very busy and newsworthy week for Jared Leto. First his music group, Thirty Seconds to Mars, released their first single in four years, “Walk on Water.” Then it was announced that the DC extended universe would be moving forward with a Joker and Harley Quinn movie, with Jared Leto and Margot […]

Houston Man Says ‘Nightmare’ Tinder Date Accused Him Of Rape, Blackmailed Him For $10,000

A Houston man claims his life has been derailed by a woman he met on Tinder, who went on to accuse her date of raping her prior to demanding to be paid for her silence on the man’s “crime.” The New York Post reports that Joseph Lazarus has now taken the jilted Jane Doe to […]

How Far Would You Travel For A Tinder Date? One Women Flew 1,000 Miles, Now She’s Getting Married

Tinder now brings together people from different U.S. states! The dating app that is meant to help you hook up with people in the nearby vicinity brought together two women living in two different states. Katie Shaffstall, from Las Vegas, Nevada, swiped right on Kelley Johns, from Denver, Colorado, via Tinder and ended up traveling […]

Tinder Could Change The Way People Talk About Politics

Tinder is a popular hookup app. It’s the last place where you consider talking to someone about politics, but it turns out that Tinder could change the way we talk about politics. In data pulled from the British election, the New York Times revealed that the app’s user base is willing to talk about politics […]

Tinder’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Swipe Right For White Rhino

Many a new love has been born on the dating app Tinder. But users may find a proposition of a different kind when they open Tinder today as they meet the world’s most eligible bachelor nervously waiting to see which way he’ll be swiped. Meet Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino. Once you […]

‘Library Girl’ Kendra Sunderland Spotted On Tinder

There is a reason why you won’t see celebrities and other rich beautiful people on Tinder. There’s reportedly a version of the popular dating app that’s specifically for the elite. It could be one of the reasons why you can’t find celebrities on Tinder. According to TechCrunch, Tinder has a members-only version of the dating […]

White Tinder User Goes On Racist Rant After Asian Woman Takes Too Long To Reply

UPDATE (6:32 PM ET): Reps for Tinder have stated in an open letter that Nick Vevodi, the white man in this story, has been banned from the service for life following his crude, racist diatribe. This post has been edited to reflect this development. A white man looking for love on Tinder has now possibly […]

Tinder Introduces New Snapchat-like Video Feature, Will Users Love It?

Tinder is catching up with the updates of messaging apps as they introduce their newest feature: video chat. According to Maxim, Tinder has become one of the world’s most popular dating apps. Because of its simple interface and “rule,” it has attracted millions of users from different countries. Though it has been made as a […]

Tinder Stabbing Victim Knifed 11 Times And Doused In Gasoline By Former Suitor

A doctor in Australia has recalled in graphic detail the day she nearly died after a user of Tinder stabbed her multiple times following the end of their relationship. Gynecologist and OB/GYN trainee Dr. Angela Jay says she was at her Magnolia Close home near Port Macquarie off of Sydney last year on November 6 […]

OkCupid Wants To Be More Like Tinder, But Political Rather Than Sexual

OkCupid is revamping itself to be more like Tinder, but with a political twist. The redesign includes new questions and a revamped look. OkCupid launched a new version of its mobile app that asks users about politics and ethical beliefs so that users will find “deeper connections,” according to the company’s blog. “2017 brings a […]

Javi Marroquin Girlfriend: How ‘Teen Mom’ Experienced His Time On Tinder

Javi Marroquin hasn’t hidden the fact that he didn’t want to get a divorce from Kailyn Lowry. Javi revealed that he really wanted to stay married, keep building on their relationship and continue having children. Marroquin was ready to become the sole provider for his family, while Kailyn stayed at home to take care of […]

Tinder Introduces ‘Multi-User Virtual Reality Headset’ At Consumer Electronics Show, But It’s Not What It Seems [Video]

Tinder debuted its new ‘Multi-User Virtual Reality Headset’ at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the biggest electronics trade shows in the world, in Las Vegas this week. If an online dating app releasing a “multi-user virtual reality headset” sounds curious, if not enticing, be forewarned that there is a catch. It is not […]

Online Dating Company ViDA Uses Ghostwriters To Trick People Into Falling In Love

An company called ViDA is offering assistance to men, and apparently only men, with online dating by using ghostwriters to chat with the women on their clients’ behalf. ViDA, the “Virtual Dating Assistants” company, targets “men who are cash rich but time poor” and does all the work of online dating for them. Basically, when […]

Tinder Transgender Options, Anti-Bullying Updates Aim To Make Dating App More Inclusive

The popular dating app Tinder is making a “big change” after facing criticism for not providing gender options for trans and gender non-conforming people in its profiles. On Tuesday users in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada were given a choice between 37 different gender options to self-identify in their profiles, CNNMoney reports. Tinder previously […]

Taylor Swift’s Dating Secrets: From Using Tinder To Making Out

Taylor Swift certainly looks like she’s ready to jump back into the dating world shortly after her split with Tom Hiddleston. Earlier this week, the couple reportedly ended their three-month relationship after they discussed their future together, reports Us Weekly. Basically, Tom was more into Taylor than she was into him, and she didn’t like […]

That Awkward Moment Zac Efron Was Ignored On Tinder, Here’s Some Other Places He Should Check Out To Find Love

For all of you who are on Tinder and thought that Zac Efron profile you came across was merely a catfish attempt can now rest assured even someone as good looking as Zac Efron can get left-swiped on a dating site. For celebrities, dating is a larger minefield than for regular people. After all, they […]

Zac Efron Speaks About Sobriety And The Challenges Of Dating, Even Tried Tinder?

Zac Efron recently got candid in an interview during which he shared about his sobriety and the challenges he faces as someone seeking love. Attention ladies: If it’s your dream to date Zac Efron, we have some bad news. https://t.co/zKheMEet9W pic.twitter.com/yMTzZ0suDc — E! News (@enews) August 2, 2016 The Times interviewed the former teen heartthrob, […]

Swipe Right For Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte: He Says He’s Available On Tinder

No more can you say that there are no cute guys on Tinder because Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has just admitted that you can find him there. Lochte says that he is a huge fan of Tinder and has had great luck matching up with many beautiful and smart women. Lochte, a five-time gold medalist, […]

Ashton Irwin Risks Relationship With Bryana Holly By Checking Out Tinder?

Ashton Irwin just revealed that he has checked out Tinder, the app famous for casual hookups with a simple swipe to the right and left. Seeing how he is supposedly dating Bryana Holly right now, being on Tinder might raise a red flag or two for his girlfriend. “5 Seconds Of Summer musician Ashton Irwin […]

Tinder To Discontinue Service To Under 18 Users

Tinder is shutting down all the accounts of users who are younger than 18 years of age starting next week. The dating app has previously allowed anyone over 13, which is the youngest age that a person can sign up for Facebook, to sign up and use the app. Users between the ages of 13 […]

‘Tinder Social’ Feature Provokes Outrage On Social Media

Tinder is in the midst of releasing its newest feature, “Tinder Social,” reports Gizmodo, and social media users are accusing the new capabilities of simply being an easier way of coordinating group sex, in addition to other embarrassing side effects it will bring with it. Tinder new feature, called Tinder Social, encourages group messaging and […]

Think Your Partner Is Cheating On Tinder? A New App Will Help You Find Out

Perhaps Tinder gets a bad name, but it seems that it is often a go-to for those who are up to no good, or already attached to someone else. Enter Swipe Buster, which could shake up the world of cheaters everywhere, and provide punishment to those who didn’t get caught up in the Ashley Madison […]

Tinder Adds Share Option So You Can Get Your Friends A Date

Tinder, the matchmaking app, is reportedly taking things to a whole new level, including a “share” button that allows you to text a profile to a friend that might not even be on Tinder. The term “matchmaker” has been bandied about in the unveil of this new option, reminding Tinder users that they can identify […]

New Tinder Features: GIF Messaging, STD Testing Locator

Communicating just got a little more exciting on Tinder. The popular mobile dating app is rolling out some new features on Thursday, Jan. 28. If you’re obsessed with sending GIFs to your friends, then you’ll be happy to hear that you can send those nifty little animated images to your matches on the dating app. […]

Tinder’s Secret ‘Desirability Algorithm’ Is Not Just About The Swipe

Tinder is a popular location-based dating app that was launched in 2012. Since then, the app has grown in popularity, and according to CEO Sean Rad, on Tinder it’s about more than the swipe. CNET reports that Rad explains the desirability algorithm that helps users make date suggestions. While users want other users to swipe […]

Tinder, Grindr Crime Study In UK Shows Rape, Assault, Grooming Up 650 Percent Since 2013

New analysis of statistics complied from police reports across England and Wales is showing an increase in Tinder/Grindr crime: said to be up sevenfold since 2013, according to the Daily Mail. The data obtained under the British Freedom of Information Act showed that police departments in the United Kingdom filed reports that mentioned Tinder and […]

Tinder Helps Raise Awareness For Organ Donation

Tinder just partnered with the NHS to raise awareness about organ donations, which is awesome. I thought the popular app had already slipped into oblivion because of the increasing number of fake profiles, but recent news suggests they are indeed thriving. BBC News reports that the app is designed to find you a good personality […]

Tinder CEO Sean Rad Controversial Comment On Sodomy Causes Match To ‘Distance Itself’

Comments made by Sean Rad, the co-creator and chief executive officer of Tinder, with regard to “sodomy,” have been called into question by a number of media outlets and called “silly and unfortunate” by Match Group Chairman Gregory Blatt, according to CNBC. Tinder is owned by Match Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MTCH), which was spun-off from […]

Rumblr Is The Tinder For Fighting

Rumblr is an app that is billed as Tinder, but you use it to set up fights instead of casual encounters. According to the creators, users can also find nearby fights to spectate, and even communicate, via a built-in chat function. If that sounds too ridiculous to be true, keep reading. Rumblr may have actually […]