Democrats Accuse Republicans Of ‘Sabotage’ In A Key North Carolina Race

Democrats in North Carolina are accusing Republicans of sabotage after an outside contestant for the Democratic senate nomination has threatened the chances of the establishment candidate, reports Politico. The brouhaha began a week ago when numerous advertisements for three-term state senator Erica Smith began hitting the airwaves. The media blitz came as a shock to […]

Barack Obama Called Donald Trump A ‘Fascist,’ Says Tim Kaine

Hillary, an upcoming biographical series about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s life, made the headlines earlier this week when Clinton repeated the criticism directed at Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. In the film, she states that “nobody likes” Sanders, slamming members of his campaign as well as his supporters. New details about the documentary […]

Outraged Republican Senator Calls Trump Administration Iran Briefing ‘Insulting’ And ‘Worst’ He Has Ever Seen

A classified briefing for senators — in which Donald Trump administration officials were supposed to offer evidence to justify the drone attack that killed top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani — left a pair of conservative Republicans outraged, with one saying that the briefing was “insulting.” Utah Republican Mike Lee called the session “the worst briefing” […]

Bernie Sanders And Ro Khanna Introduce Bill That Will Block Funding For War With Iran Without Congress

As congressional Democrats continue to pile on the criticism over President Donald Trump‘s decision to authorize a drone strike that killed Iran’s top military commander, General Qassem Soleimani, several of them are taking action in an effort to prevent further military action without running it through Congress first. According to The Hill, Sen. Bernie Sanders […]

Sen. Tim Kaine Introduces War Powers Resolution That Would Block Donald Trump From Warring With Iran

In the wake of the U.S. drone strike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s top military commander, Sen. Tim Kaine introduced a privileged war powers resolution on Friday in an effort to block President Donald Trump from taking further actions against Iran that would escalate already-high tensions in the Middle East. According to The Hill, […]

Barack Obama Surprises Campaign Workers With Donuts, Says ‘Character Of The Country’ Is On The Ballot [Video]

Former President Barack Obama has been doing everything he can to support Democrats in this week’s election. On Monday, that meant bringing donuts to campaign workers in Virginia. As Obama spoke to those who were gathered at Senator Tim Kaine’s office, he passionately shared his thoughts on just how important the midterm elections are this […]

Republican Senate Nominee Embarrassed As Audience Breaks Out Laughing For Saying Trump ‘Stands Up To Russians’

A GOP Senate nominee had the audience in splits when he claimed that President Donald Trump was “standing up to Russians” in a debate against incumbent Virginia senator Tim Kaine, reports The Hill. Corey Stewart, the controversial chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, was responding to Tim Kaine’s reminiscences of former President […]

Bannon Presence No ‘Coincidence’ As DHS Ignores Judges, Jews Omitted In Holocaust Statement

Although there are many negative headlines currently being instigated by Trump, the Muslim ban is not the only reason Trump’s administration is raising eyebrows. For example, the presence of Steve Bannon as Trump’s sidekick has at least one senator questioning the judgment used surrounding the Holocaust Remembrance Day White House official statement. On Saturday, January […]

Final Vote Count 2016: Donald Trump’s Popular Vote And Electoral College Votes Win Election Over Hillary Clinton Claims Viral Twitter Rumor [Debunked]

The final vote count for 2016 has many scrutinizing Donald Trump’s popular vote since Hillary Clinton’s popular vote is currently highest in the 2016 recount. While some Americans have all but placed President Trump in the White House, others believe there is still a chance that Hillary’s electoral college votes could rise enough to make […]

Now That Hillary’s Done, Let’s Talk About Why Kaine Is Not A Valid Replacement

Update: Two separate FBI sources have told Fox News that an indictment is likely. We need to be thunderously clear that Tim Kaine is absolutely not an option. Bret Baier reports — Clinton Foundation FBI probe is more expansive than previously understood, indictment likely — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) November 3, 2016 Yeehaw! At the […]

Give Us Bernie — Now

Update: What’d I tell you? This Chicago Tribune article is getting lots of traction, calling for Hillary to drop out and be replaced by, guess who? Tim Kaine. We must not allow this, America. We cannot allow this. There is only one man who has any business in that slot, and it ain’t Tim Kaine. […]

Tim Kaine Says He’s Not Worried About WikiLeaks Threat Of A ‘Surprise’ [Breaking]

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President, shrugged off concerns over an ominous tweet from WikiLeaks earlier today in which they said they had a “surprise” for him. “We have a surprise in store for @TimKaine and @DonnaBrazile.” But according to the Chicago Tribune, the candidate for VP said that he’s not concerned. In […]

WikiLeaks Provides More Evidence That Kaine Was Awarded VP Slot For Stepping Down As DNC Chair To Install Wasserman Schultz

A short email from the latest dump by WikiLeaks (who reminded us in a recent tweet that they’ve had a perfect record of accurately-vetted releases for a decade now) is getting some much-deserved attention today. In an email dated July 15, 2015, a public affairs specialist named Erick Mullen wrote to John Podesta, Chairman of […]

Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick: Who Is Tim Kaine? Bio From Youth To Present Day – Everything We Know About Him

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine could be the next vice president of the United States. But what do we know about the man Clinton has chosen to run alongside? In this article, we’ll take a look at everything we know about Tim Kaine, the man who could be the next vice president and help […]

Second Presidential Debate: Moderators, How To Watch, And Potential Topics

The second presidential debate of 2016 airs tomorrow, with candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump taking the stage at Washington University in St. Louis at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The presidential debate moderators will be Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC. Clinton and Trump return to the stage for The Second […]

Hillary Clinton’s Latest Ad Hilariously Destroys Mike Pence’s Poor Attempts At Defending Donald Trump Less Than 12 Hours After The Vice Presidential Debate

Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, might have won over many Americans with his calm demeanor during his debate with Hillary Clinton’s second-in-command, Tim Kaine. However, Hillary Clinton’s campaign quickly picked up several snippets from the vice presidential debate to create an ad campaign that reinforced all the damaging quotes from Donald Trump which Pence […]

Latino Victory Fund Declares Tim Kaine Clear Winner Of VP Debates After ‘That Mexican Thing’

Minorities are clearly going to be a tipping point in the 2016 elections. Pew Research Center reports that one in three voters will be Hispanic, black, Asian, or another ethnic minority. As such, the Hispanic vote is considered a potential “game changer” by VOA News. In a separate report, Pew Research tells us that Hillary […]

Fact-Checking The Vice-Presidential Debate: Who Exaggerated, Who Told The Truth, Who Lied

The one and only vice-presidential debate between Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine occurred on October 4, 2016, giving both candidates for vice president the opportunity to showcase their stuff and defend their running mate’s positions. There’s no doubting that during any debate, there will be some exaggerations made on both sides of the […]

Watch 2016 Vice Presidential Debate Live Online: Start Time, Streaming Video For Tuesday’s VP Debate

Voters can watch the 2016 vice presidential debate live online and see if the showdown between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence can generate the giant media attention that the first presidential debate brought. The vice president picks from the Republican and Democratic parties will be squaring off in the one and only vice presidential debate […]

Vice Presidential Debate Questions For Kaine And Pence Could Include Trump Taxes, Clinton Health Problems, Alicia Machado And That Porn Video

The job of any vice president is to stand by his or her president, and the upcoming vice presidential debate is no exception to this. While there might be many other interesting topics that Tim Kaine and Mike Pence could discuss during their upcoming battle for the vice presidency, the simple fact is that both […]

Watch Vice-Presidential Debate Full Replay, Highlights: Pence, Kaine Take Stage To Defend Trump And Clinton

After the fireworks of last Monday’s first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Tuesday’s first and only vice-presidential debate turned out to prove a sharp contrast as Democrat Tim Kaine, 57, and Republican Mike Pence, 58, took the stage to defend their top-of-the-ticket running mates at Longwood University in Kaine’s home state of […]

The First Presidential Debate With Trump And Clinton Is Exciting, But What About The Vice Presidential Debate Between Tim Kaine And Mike Pence?

With all the talk about the first presidential debate featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, from its lead up to its aftermath, people seem to be forgetting the vice presidential debate between Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Even though the main event between Trump and Clinton gets all the glory, the […]

Mike Pence Doing Public Relations For Donald Trump

Mike Pence was interviewed Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, where he was asked about Donald Trump putting an end to the birther controversy. The Mike Pence interview was conducted by co-anchor Martha Raddatz, who pushed for him to respond as to why he didn’t admit to the president’s birth sooner. Before Raddatz […]

Nevada Election Fraud, Intimidation Allegations: Dan Rolle Explains Accusations

More shocking allegations of Nevada election fraud, including accusations of Democrats using a preferred technology provider that can override state voter registration data files and collusion with the Nevada Democratic Party by persons supporting Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, were explained in a video message by a former congressional candidate in Nevada’s fourth district, Dan […]

Bernie Sanders Is Next In Line

Let it be known — if Tim Kaine or Joe Biden are nominated in place of Hillary Clinton, there should be unmitigated and furious indignation and outrage. There will never have been a more appropriate place for world-changing anger and meaningful peaceful dissent if this should occur. Outrage is the only sane response to 13 […]

Will Bernie Sanders Replace Hillary Clinton Over Health Problems? DNC Emergency Meeting Talks Joe Biden, Tim Kaine And Ignores Bernie

Will Bernie Sanders replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, now that the presumptive nominee’s health problems (including a potential seizure by Hillary) are starting to become an issue? Based on a DNC emergency meeting, the answer to that question appears to be, “No,” as any talk within the Democratic National […]

What If Hillary Clinton Did Have A Seizure? Who Becomes The Democratic Candidate If Clinton Drops Out?

Hillary Clinton’s health is now a very real concern. After the Democratic candidate appeared to collapse whilst leaving a 9/11 memorial event, there’s been further speculation surrounding the state of Clinton’s health going into the 2016 presidential election. According to the Financial Times, Hillary Clinton’s doctor swiftly confirmed that the candidate is suffering from pneumonia […]

Tax Returns Coming From Mike Pence, Donald Trump Reported To Follow [Video]

Tax returns are coming from the Republican presidential ticket, but only from the running mate, Mike Pence. Tax returns have been something of sticking point for the GOP ticket this year, with Donald Trump refusing to release them to American voters. This is directly contradictory to an assertion that he had made in the past. […]

Tim Kaine Defends Hillary Clinton On Emails: Promises Transparency

Hillary Clinton’s controversial private email use has been a dark cloud throughout her campaign and vice president hopeful Tim Kaine has addressed the issue. Kaine spoke about Clinton’s emails on NBC’s Meet the Press, saying she has learned from her mistake and will not repeat them while in the White House as president, according to […]

Donald Trump Ripped For Throwing Crying Baby Out Of Rally ‘Get That Baby Out Of Here’ [Video]

Some presidential candidates earn brownie points for making nice with infants, but apparently Donald Trump is not one of them. The Republican presidential nominee raised eyebrows and hackles when it was reported that he actually had a crying baby thrown out of his rally in Ashburn, Virginia, on Tuesday. Why you should care that Donald […]

Hillary’s Inevitability And The Death Of Democracy

I’m scared. Is this checkmate for the human race? Years ago, when the giant conspiracy that has been revealed through the DNC email leaks was only a theory, I’d read about it on these technicolor blogs with all these hilarious details added for effect: “They must be aliens! No, no — they’re actually reptiles!” All […]

Hillary Clinton Administration Wants To Legalize Illegal Immigrants In ‘First 100 Days’ Of Office, According To Tim Kaine

Democratic nominee for United States president Hillary Clinton plans to introduce a bill that would effectively legalize illegal immigrants in the “first 100 days” of her potential tenure in office, according to Democratic vice presidential candidate United States Senator Tim Kaine. As The Washington Times reports, Kaine told this to Telemundo in an interview yesterday. […]

Annella Kaine: Five Facts About Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine’s Daughter

Annella Kaine is the only daughter of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Now that the former Virginia governor is in the spotlight, his family is also taking center stage. The public is hungry to learn more about this family who might be a part of the next president’s term. It was […]

President Obama Approval Rating Down: Bad News For Hillary?

The President Obama approval rating has been performing well amid the chaos of the 2016 election cycle — something that has been largely seen as a plus for Hillary Clinton since the Democratic frontrunner has aligned herself with the President’s policies as much as possible. However, Clinton has had difficulty connecting with voters and overcoming […]

Clinton-Kaine ’60 Minutes’ Interview With Scott Pelley, Candidate Says RNC ‘Sad’

Earlier this evening, CBS news magazine 60 Minutes aired the first interview with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her recently chosen vice presidential running mate, U.S. Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine. The Clinton-Kaine 60 Minutes interview with host Scott Pelley was broadcast at 7 p.m. E.T. Sunday. “Why Tim […]

Michael Moore On Tim Kaine: Progressives Will Stay Home

Don’t expect Michael Moore to climb aboard the Kaine train. In a tweet, the liberal documentarian suggested that progressive-oriented voters may stay home on Election Day rather than vote for Hillary Clinton and her newly named vice presidential running mate Tim Kaine. On his social media feed that has about 2.6 million followers, the Michigan […]

Nat Kaine: Five Facts About Tim Kaine’s Eldest Child, An Active Duty Marine

Nat Kaine is the eldest child of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine. Now that Hillary Clinton has officially named the Virginia senator as her vice presidential pick, the nation is interested in learning more about his entire family. Tim Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton, have two sons, Nat and Woody, and a daughter, […]

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Rally With Tim Kaine Live Online: Full Streaming Video As Clinton Introduces Her Running Mate

Viewers can watch live online as Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine appear together for the first time, with live streaming video of their rally Saturday from Miami. Clinton announced her pick of Kaine on Friday, calling the Virginia Senator a man of “relentless optimist” who “devoted his life to fighting for others,” ABC News noted. […]

Wall Street Wasn’t Kidding When They Forbade Warren As A Running Mate

When Wall Street calls, Hillary listens. And when rumors abounded a few months ago that Clinton was considering the Bernie-friendly, enemy-of-the-banks Elizabeth Warren, Wall Street made it clear in the mainstream media that Warren was not an option. While Hillary was throwing up her hands in exasperation at the mere suggestion that all the money […]

Clinton and Kaine Website Domain—Cybersquatter Posts ‘Hillary Potter’ Fan Fiction with Hilarious Illustrations

On Friday evening, Hillary Clinton announced Senator Tim Kaine as her vice presidential running mate. A cybersquatter has since created a Clinton and Kaine domain, and the website hosts some creative fan fiction that is starting to make waves. Rachel Maddow mentioned the site live on MSNBC during The Rachel Maddow Show on Friday evening. […]

Who Is Anne Holton? Wife Of Tim Kaine, Hillary’s VP Pick, Revealed

Who Is Anne Holton? Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has officially announced her VP pick. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine will be her running-mate. After a great deal of speculation that Kaine would be her pick, Clinton verified it on Friday afternoon — first via text message to her followers, then more formally later at a […]

VP Decision Coming Soon From The Clinton Campaign

All signs point to a VP decision coming soon from the Clinton campaign. The Dallas Morning News puts Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia at the top of Clinton’s list. Following the stormy Republican National Convention in Cleveland and Donald Trump’s acceptance of the Republican presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton will certainly want to shift at least […]

Watch Hillary Clinton Tampa Rally Stream Live: VP Pick Announcement At Friday Event — Will Tim Kaine Join Her On Stage?

Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her pick for vice president at a rally in Tampa, Florida, today (July 22). The historic moment will stream live online as speculation runs wild as to exactly who that selection will turn out to be — or even if Clinton will actually follow through and make her announcement […]

Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Favorite ‘Goes To Bat’ For Wall Street, Pushes For Deregulation

Throughout the 2016 primary process, Hillary Clinton has been forced by her opponent, Bernie Sanders, to repeatedly attempt to ward off concerns that her extensive ties to Wall Street compromise her ability to regulate the financial industry and to hold its powerful players to account. Now, leading up to the Democratic convention, similar questions are […]

Is Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate Tim Kaine? VP List Includes Tom Vilsack, Julian Castro

Who is Hillary Clinton’s running mate? Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack are the most likely to emerge as vice president for the Democratic party after a scrupulous vetting process in the search for VP. Hillary Clinton is going to be looking for a running mate that has national security experience. Tim […]

Tim Kaine Avoids Gay Marriage Questions

Tim Kaine, a former Virginia governor who is running for U.S. Senate, was pressured on Tuesday to reveal his stance on gay marriage. This pressure has been directed at numerous Democratic candidates following Vice President Joe Biden’s comment over the weekend that he is “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage. Kaine told reporters on Tuesday that: […]