Princess Diana’s Crash Site Recreated At A Tennessee Theme Park, Her Former Associates Are Not Amused

The creator of a Tennessee theme park attraction that seeks to recreate the site of the crash that killed Princess Diana insists that the attraction is not in poor taste, The Independent reports. The mother of Princes William and Harry died on August 31, 1997, at the age of 36. Having been hounded by paparazzi […]

Lawsuit Claims Young Boy Had Leg And Foot Crushed On E.T. Attraction At Universal Orlando

Rides and attractions at theme parks have warning signs posted with employees often spouting out even more safety instructions. Still, it’s very possible that accidents are going to happen and injuries may occur, but some are worse than others. A lawsuit has now been filed against Universal Orlando with claims that an 11-year-old boy had […]

The Future Of Theme Parks May Be In Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City Utah, amusement park fans will find what is being referred to as a star attraction, which as it turns out is not a thrill ride but is instead a tavern known as the Crooked Lantern, located in Evermore. What does this have to do with theme parks and amusement rides? Well […]

Amikoo Theme Park In Mexico Receives Government Approval

A new theme park is soon to open in Mexico now that the Mexican government has issued all necessary permits and approved the construction plans for the new Amikoo Park in Riviera Maya, reports MSN. This park will be Maya-themed. The Mayans were a large group of indigenous people of Mesoamerica, inhabiting southern Mexico, Guatemala, […]

Disney World Has Changed Its Ticket Prices

Disney World recently unveiled their new ticketing system, and for those who enjoy saving money, the Happiest Place on Earth might be putting a damper on a vacationing budget during peak seasons. Travel and Leisure predict that this change to ticketing at the Disney parks could be linked to the preparation for next year’s opening […]

2017 Walt Disney World Christmas Hours: Expect Big Crowds & Sunshine At WDW On December 25

What time does Walt Disney World open on Christmas and when will the theme park close on December 25? If you are traveling to Orlando, Florida to visit WDW during the long holiday weekend, you won’t be alone, so expect big crowds and long lines on Christmas Day. Thousands of families are expected to head […]

Great America Brawl: Teens Rob, Beat, Terrorize Guests At California Theme Park’s Halloween Party

A group of a dozen or more youths robbed, beat, and even used Tasers to terrorize party-goers at a California theme park’s Halloween event. As The San José Mercury News reports, California’s Great America theme park in Santa Clara became a real-life horror show this weekend, as unruly teenagers descended on the park’s annual Halloween […]

Family Brutally Attacked At Six Flags ‘Fright Fest’ In Illinois After Complaining To Teens Cutting In Line

A family was sent to the hospital on Saturday after a group of teens brutally attacked them because they (the family) complained about the teens cutting in line at a Halloween event at Six Flags in suburban Chicago. As WBBM (Chicago) reports, Six Flags Great America, in the Chicago suburb of Gurnee, was the scene […]

Walt Disney World, Other Orlando Theme Parks Reopen Post-Hurricane, Some Attractions Still Dark

Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and other central Florida theme parks have re-opened after Hurricane Irma passed through, although some attractions are still dark, The Orlando Sentinel is reporting. The venerable Disney theme parks closed down on Saturday, as did most other attractions in the area in advance of the monster storm, which was expected […]

Universal’s Volcano Bay Removes 28 Unique Food Items From Menus, Replaces Them With Four Common Choices

Ever since the Volcano Bay water park opened at the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando in mid-May, there have been all the normal issues that come with a brand new opening. Well, as guests deal with the heat, long lines, and some attraction breakdowns, they’re now going to have to contend with a lot fewer […]

Disneyland Will Charge You More To Ride New Star Wars Land Attractions — Kind Of, Mayb,.

Disneyland will charge customers extra to ride attractions in the upcoming Star Wars Land, currently being built. OK, that’s not exactly true; more like, Disneyland is currently implementing a system that may result in such long lines at Star Wars Land attractions that the only you can enjoy them is to pay extra money. Confused? […]

WWE Rumors: New Concept Art Shows That A WWE Theme Park With Superstar-Themed Rides Could Be In The Works

Harry Potter, Disney movies, marine life, and even Nintendo have or will have theme parks and rides modeled after them and their characters, but WWE? It would not be beyond the range of Vince McMahon’s mind to want to dive into the world of theme parks, and it seems as if a WWE theme park […]

Top 8 Stephen King Theme Park Rides That Need To Happen: The Petition [UPDATED]

Unite, Stephen King enthusiasts, for a petition that will make reading or watching King’s works an even more immersive experience! Yesterday, Bloody Disgusting published a report about how, on multiple occasions, theme parks like Orlando Studios Florida and Disney MGM Studios were close to creating Stephen King-themed rides to attract guests. Both times, the attempt […]

‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ Leaves Magic Kingdom, Returns To Disneyland

Disney’s favorite “Electrical Parade” is on the move again. “The Main Street Electrical Parade” will perform its last show at the Magic Kingdom in Florida on October 9 of this year. It will then be packed up and shipped to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, for a return appearance in early 2017. ICYMI: Main Street Electrical […]

Disney Florida Theme Parks Welcome More Muppets, MIA In Disneyland

Disney Parks Blog has announced two new Muppets-themed attractions are coming to the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme parks, both in Orlando, Florida. The first, “The Muppets Present … Great Moments in American History,” sounds like what the furry ones do best – put on a show! The new show, led by patriotic […]

Scotland Rollercoaster Accident: At Least Seven Injured As Coaster Flies Off Track At Theme Park

At least seven people have been injured after a rollercoaster at a Scotland theme park flew off of its tracks and landed on another ride below, Sky News is reporting. At about 3:40 p.m. local time (about 10:40 a.m. Eastern Time), the Tsunami rollercoaster at the M&D Park fell about about 20 meters (about 65 […]

Disneyland With Distinctly Chinese Flavor Opens In Shanghai

The first Disneyland that is customized to the culture and taste of its host country officially opened on June 9, one week before it opens to the general public on June 16. Dubbed Shanghai Disneyland, the resort boasts of the biggest castle ever built by the Walt Disney Company, in addition to the biggest Disneyland […]

Las Vegas’ Next Big Attraction: Free R-Rated Outer Space Park Will Awe Guests

Plans for the next big Las Vegas attraction, Mars World, have recently been released. Unlike many Vegas attractions, though, the project is not just some small tourist trap. Rather, it is a $2 billion futuristic enterprise headed by a powerful group of huge-name scientists and businesspeople that will be a huge step forward in terms […]

Legoland Theme Park Will Pay To Play With Their Lego Toys, College Degree Not Required

Legoland jobs are available at the Lake Wales, Florida, theme park, and they are looking to hire someone to build their Lego toy models. This would indeed qualify as a dream job, and for local Floridians, this could be a dream come true. Of course, a relocation is an option for those willing to do […]

Alton Towers Opens Virtual Reality Roller Coaster ‘Galactica’

Alton Towers, a popular resort in the United Kingdom, plans to open up a roller coaster where passengers don a virtual-reality headset. The park is based in Staffordshire, according to the BBC, and it’s the first debut of a bigger ride since one of Alton Towers’ coasters crashed in June, seriously injuring five people. “Galactica […]

‘Harry Potter’ Theme Park Opens In April Of 2016 In Hollywood

J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter novel series have sold over 400 million copies worldwide, and the film franchise adaptation of the series has earned over $7 billion in worldwide receipts. The series will continue its streak of popularity when Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” opens next year on April 7, CNN reports. Actress […]

Walt Disney World Announces Fireworks Dessert Cruise Beginning In October

Walt Disney World has announced a new way to enjoy the nighttime fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. According to the Disney Food Blog, guests will be able to purchase tickets for a dessert cruise that will offer great views of the “Wishes” fireworks (or sometimes other firework displays on given themed nights for Halloween and […]

Teen Injured In Alton Towers Roller Coaster Accident Has Leg Amputated

Leah Washington, 17, one of several people severely injured in the Alton Towers roller coaster crash, has had her leg amputated, BBC News is reporting. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a malfunction last week on The Smiler, a 14-loop roller coaster at the Alton Towers theme park in Strattfordshire, England, led to a train […]

‘Fast & Furious’ 3D Ride Coming To Universal Studios: Take A 120 MPH Street Race Through L.A.

Die-hard fans of this year’s blockbuster movie Furious 7 may want to book a flight to Los Angeles this summer. The Fast & Furious: Supercharged 3D theme park ride will make its debut on June 25 at Universal Studios Hollywood. The brand-new attraction replaces the now outdated Fast & Furious: Extreme Close-Up car stunt show […]

Orlando Most Visited Tourist Destination In the U.S., 62 Million People Visited The City In 2014

Where is the most visited tourist destination in the United States? If your answer was anything other than the city of Orlando, Fla., you would have been wrong. Visit Orlando, the city’s official tourism association earlier today announced that Orlando has become the most visited tourist destination in the U.S. with over 62 million people […]

Fury 325, World’s Tallest And Fastest Giga Coaster, Debuts In North Carolina – Would You Ride It?

Fury 325, called “The World’s Tallest and Fastest ‘Giga Coaster’” by its creators, debuted Wednesday at North Carolina’s Carowinds theme park. The awe-inspiring coaster is 325 feet high, reaches speeds of up to 95 miles per hour, and according to the brave souls who took the first rides, it didn’t disappoint, NBC News is reporting. […]

Disney Price Hikes Bring Ticket Prices Into The Triple Digits

In the latest round of price hikes, The Walt Disney Co. increased admission prices to their theme parks, bring some tickets to over $100, according to the Chicago Tribune. Disney has raised the cost of a one-day ticket to both Disneyland and California Adventure, their theme parks located in Anaheim, California, to $99, up from […]

Walt Disney World Finds Way To Eliminate Long Wait Lines — You’ll Never Believe How Simple the Solution Is

Walt Disney World is the childhood milestone of many as the first “happiest day of their life” — or at least half of your day at the park is. During the other half of a trip to Walt Disney World, you’re waiting in line. But a new ride is demoing a system that Walt Disney […]

Power Outage At New Jersey Six Flags Great Adventure And Safari Park Leaves Riders Stuck

A power outage at the Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari theme park in New Jersey led to some anxious moments as hordes of people were left stuck on various rides. According to ABC News, the incident happened earlier today (September 14) and did cause some panic. However, no injuries were reported. While the cause […]

Hollywood, Bollywood Themed Parks And Legoland To Come-Up In Dubai Before The World Expo

The Arab world’s global commercial hub is planning a substantial expansion to its present plethora of amusement and entertainment attractions. In order to boost its hotel and tourism offerings, Dubai will soon feature theme parks based on Hollywood and Bollywood. Moreover, the city will also boast of a giant Legoland before the next year ends. […]

Disney To Unleash Drones On Theme Parks, Mankind’s Future In Doubt

The happiest place on earth might become the birthplace for the inevitable robot uprising. Unmanned drones could eventually be used at Disney’s theme parks instead of old fashioned balloons and fireworks. No word yet on whether said drones will be equipped with artillery or programmed with independent thought. The Walt Disney Company revealed plans to […]

Disneyland Fire Visible for Miles, Trash Fire ‘Looked Pretty Scary,’ Says Park Goers

A Disneyland fire that broke out this weekend at the popular park in Anaheim, California, scared quite a few visitors in attendance. Although the burning trash fire was limited to a loading dock area behind Disneyland and did not cause any damage, park goers admitted that the smoke could be seen for miles and “did […]

Disney’s “Frozen” Won’t Slow Down, Boosts Norway’s Tourism

Although Disney’s smash hit Frozen hit theaters half a year ago, it still won’t slow down. The film, which is now the fifth-highest grossing film of all time ($1.2 billion worldwide) has swelled Disney’s second-quarter earnings to four times their 2012 worth. Frozen merchandise is selling so fast, Disney had to ration its products to […]

Diggerland USA: Construction-Based Theme Park Opens For Your Amusement Next Month

When it comes to vacations to a theme park, Orlando probably has everyone beat. They have Disneyworld (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), Universal Orlando (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure), Sea World of Orlando (Sea World, Discovery Cove), along with a theme park of your preference (Holy Land Experience, Wet n’ Wild, etc.). […]

Hong Kong Disneyland In The Black And Fighting To Expand

While it’s taken a few years to hit their stride, Hong Kong Disneyland signed off on their second consecutive fiscal year in the black. Hong Kong Disneyland is currently the smallest Disney theme park in the world, dwarfed by France, Japan, and the daunting United States Disney theme parks. While excitement flooded the Disney family […]

Robotic Jurassic Park Planned By Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer

Brisbane, Australia – An Australian billionaire is planning to build a robotic dinosaur park containing 165 life-size animatronic dinos. Clive Palmer, whose other hobbies include building and launching a Titanic doppelgänger (coming 2016), has already ordered more than 100 life-size dinosaur robots from China to strut and growl around his dino resort in Brisbane, Australia. […]

Harry Potter coming to Universal Orland Resort [PICS]

The march of Harry Potter continues with what has to be one of the largest expansions for the franchise yet with the announcement and details of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that is set to launch in the spring of 2010. Working closely with J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. theme park giant Universal Orlando […]