Frightening Video Shows Commuters Rushing To Save A Woman Who Fell On Subway Tracks As Train Approaches

In what can only be described as one of the most bizarre news stories of the day, a woman in Argentina was saved by fellow commuters after she fell onto subway tracks just as a train was approaching. The woman, who has not yet been named, was simply standing with other commuters waiting to board […]

Subway Will Begin Selling Milkshakes

For years, Subway has been known as a healthy and affordable alternative to other fast food joints. Rather than having a burger and fries at McDonald’s or Wendy’s, you could pick up a veggie sub at Subway for $5 or less. They take pride in their fresh ingredients and low-calorie options. Now they are considering […]

Artsy, Viral Short Film Is Actually A Subway Commercial

A video from 2016 that suddenly went viral this week features many years in the life of a young man, from his birth to what appears to be his 20s – and then turns out to be an advertisement for Subway. Video director Ryan Simmons posted the video to his Twitter account Thursday, describing it […]

Diners Disgusted By Viral Photo Of Subway Worker With Bare Feet Next To Prep Area

When Tara Williams, 46, and her family popped into an Ann Arbor, Michigan, Subway to grab a bite to eat, they couldn’t believe what they saw happening in the food prep area. The family had been at Williams’ niece’s basketball tournament and finally caught a break in the games, so they zipped out to enjoy […]

Cortlandt Street Station Reopens Two Decades After Damage From 9/11 Attacks

The Cortlandt Street Station was once one of Manhattan’s most heavily trafficked subway stops, given that it was right outside the World Trade Center and the bustling Manhattan streets surrounding it. It has been closed ever since the attacks that destroyed the twin towers and affected good portion of lower Manhattan. CBS News reports that […]

Los Angeles Subway To Install Mandatory Full-Body Scanners For Passengers

For the first time ever in the U.S., a subway system will be installing full-body scanners for its passengers. Although people can opt out of being scanned, those that don’t go through the full-body scanner will not be allowed on the train. Authorities say that this move is a good one, and will help ensure […]

A Recent Survey Shows Which State Has The Most Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food is loved by many and hated by others. It’s typically referred to as cheap and convenient. In fact, close to a quarter of adults in America eat fast food on a daily basis, says a study from Datafiniti, which also found that one state above all has more fast food restaurants than any […]

Japan Executes Last Living Aum Shinrikyo Cult Members Responsible For Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas Attack

Following the execution of cult leader Shoko Asahara earlier this month as reported on by the Inquisitr, the final members of Aum Shinrikyo have been put to death as penance for their crimes against innocent Japanese civilians, according to the BBC. On March 20, 1995, members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult released a nerve gas […]

‘Minor Explosion’ At London’s Southgate Tube Station Under Investigation By Police

Just after 7 p.m. in London, a battery short-circuited and exploded in a North London tube station, forcing an evacuation of the station and an order to local residents to stay indoors. Sniffing dogs were brought to the location in an attempt to determine the source of the explosion. Initial reports indicated a “suspicious package” […]

Convicted Pedophile & Former Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle Wants Trump To Help Him Get Out Of Prison

Ever since Jared Fogle was sentenced to prison, he has had a legal team trying virtually everything to get him out of serving his time. The former Subway spokesman and convicted pedophile has found his time behind bars to be traumatic, and he is convinced that the conspiracy charges to which he pleaded guilty were […]

Woman In China Goes Through Baggage X-Ray With Purse After Refusing To Part With It

A small train station in central Guangdong, China unexpectedly became the center of media frenzy during the Lunar New Year when a woman decided to accompany her handbag through a baggage scanner — literally climbing in and kneeling among the items — with the express intention of safeguarding the money inside. X-ray images reveal a […]

Violent ‘Manspreader’ Arrested In NYC After Allegedly Punching Female Subway Rider In The Face

A New York woman, who claims to have been the victim of a violent “manspreader” on the N train subway through Bensonhurst, can sleep a little easier this weekend. That’s because the man who allegedly verbally attacked and even allegedly physically assaulted 37-year-old Sam Saia by punching her in the face on Thursday has been […]

National Sandwich Day 2017 Deals: Subway, Arby’s & Quiznos Among Day’s Deals

This Friday is National Sandwich Day 2017 with deals available at several popular sandwich shops and fast food establishments. Among the places where customers can pick up deals on tasty sandwiches will be Subway, Arby’s, Quiznos, and Firehouse Subs. Here are the latest details on how to participate in deals at nearby establishments offering incentives […]

London Subway Bomb Shot Fireball Through Packed Car, Burning Faces And Hair Of Victims

It was at the height of morning rush hour on Friday when an explosion sparked panic in a packed London tube train. 22 people are reported injured, many of them burned after a fireball created by this explosion shot through the tube car. Victims are suffering from “flash burns,” on exposed skin, along with the […]

Current Champion On ‘SmackDown Live’ Planned To Open A Subway Franchise After WWE Release Three Years Ago

All superstars have their ups and downs during their careers in WWE, but there is one current champion on SmackDown Live who almost opened a fast food restaurant as recently as three years ago. Jinder Mahal is sitting on top of SmackDown Live as the WWE Champion, and he is seen as one of the […]

McDonalds Drops Olympics Sponsorship: Here Is A List Of Possible Replacements

McDonalds has officially ended their 41-year sponsorship deal with the International Olympic Committee. The organization broke the news last Friday and revealed that both parties mutually agreed to end their decades-old partnership. According to the official statement posted on the IOC’s website, the fast-food giant’s decision stems from its desire to focus more on its […]

NYC Train Rider Gets Head Stuck Between Subway Doors As Passengers Pass On By [Video]

A New York City train rider became an instant viral star after somehow managing to get her head stuck between two closing subway car doors. Even worse for the unnamed woman, who the New York Post says was inconveniently delayed at the Bronx-based Woodlawn IRT No. 4 train station early Wednesday afternoon for an undisclosed […]

Subway Swastikas In New York Taken Down By Passengers In Act Against Racism

On Saturday evening, a man called Gregory Locke boarded a subway train in New York City only to find that all of the windows and advertisements in the car had been vandalized. Swastikas, marked in black Sharpie, covered the whole car, and on the glass covering a subway map, someone had written down the words, […]

Historic New York Subway Line Reopens For The First Time Since The 1920s On Sunday, Jan. 1, New York’s historic Second Avenue subway line reopened to riders. According to Fox News, the nearly two-mile line opened at noon, adding three new stations along Second Avenue at 96th, 86th, and 72nd streets and a new connection to an existing subway line at 63rd Street. The route is an […]

Mom Who Exposed Subway Pedophile Jared Fogle Warns ‘There Are More Victims’

The mother of two who exposed Subway spokesman Jared Fogle as a predatory pedophile fears there are other victims and encourages them not to be afraid to come forward and go to the police. Radar Online sat down for an exclusive interview from Rochelle Herman-Walrond at her Florida home. “I do believe there are […]

Ex-Wife Of Confessed Pedophile Jared Fogle Sues Subway

Fast-food chain Subway was sued by Kathleen McLaughlin, the former wife of Jared Fogle, for allegedly looking the other way after hearing that Fogle was having sex with underage kids. McLaughlin filed for divorce from Jared Fogle after he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography as well as having intercourse with minors. She claims […]

Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Sues Subway, They Knew He Was A Pedophile

Jared Fogle’s ex-wife, Kathleen McLaughlin, says that Subway knew for more than a decade before his arrest that her now ex-husband was a pedophile, and that is why she is suing. She also claims that Subway decided to paint Jared as a family man and used her likeness as well as the likenesses of their […]

Jared Fogle: Ex-Wife Says He Had Sex With 9-Year-Olds, Claims Subway Knew About Spokesman’s Pedophilia

Jared Fogle’s ex-wife has accused the Subway spokesman of having sex with 9-year-olds in a shocking new lawsuit. The pedophile was fired from Subway after he was arrested on charges of child pornography last year, but his ex-wife claims that Subway knew all about Fogle’s pedophilia. Jared Fogle is serving his more than 15-year prison […]

Jared Fogle Adds Insult To Injury By Suing Parents Of One Of His Child Porn Victims [Video]

Jared Fogle fell from his Subway pitchman pedestal last August when he was charged with violating multiple federal child porn and child sex abuse charges. Ultimately, Jared Fogle pleaded guilty to crossing state lines to pay children for sexual acts and receiving at least 400 videos featuring child porn. All in all, as NPR reports, […]

Subway’s Jared Fogle Wants To Sue Victim’s Parents, Says They Are To Blame For Molestation

Jared from Subway seems to be using his time in prison to find anyone and everyone to blame but himself for his child molestation and child pornography conviction. Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesman, pleaded guilty to the charges which have placed him in prison for fifteen plus years, but he wants it made public that […]

Subway Worker Spikes Cop’s Drink With THC, Meth

A uniformed cop in northern Utah probably had an inkling that the Subway worker had spiked his drink on Monday when he felt strange after taking three sips of the lemonade. It turns out he had been served much more than a cooling drink – a worker at the restaurant is now accused of spiking […]

New York City Subway Map Sees Historic, Permanent Changes

The New York City subway map received a big update in May. The famous facade saw bigger, more permanent changes than it had in years. Several new stops were added to the subway map, and a previously retired line returned. The changes represent several billion dollars of new infrastructure beneath the nation’s largest city. MTA […]

Jared Fogle Defense Attorney Argues Talking About Having Sex With Minors Isn’t A Crime

Jared Fogle might have thought about having sex with minors, but the former Subway pitchman never acted on those thoughts. Not acting on his fantasies is one of the reasons Fogle’s defense attorney believes his client should have his sentence of 16 years reduced by an appellate court. The defense’s arguments are not ones based […]

Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Sends Letter From Prison To Former Mistress

It seems that former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle might have figured out that there is nothing private when it comes to prisons, but that hasn’t stopped him from sending and receiving personal notes while in prison. A woman who claims to have had a relationship with Fogle says she began writing the former Subway pitchman […]

Newly Revealed Texts Detail Former Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle’s Perverted Desires: ‘It’s What I Crave’

Disgraced pitchman Jared Fogle, the one-time spokesperson for Subway, wants out of prison. But prosecutors who are fighting to keep the fallen pseudo-celebrity behind bars are reminding the court, as well as the public at large, why Fogle was incarcerated in the first place. In doing so, they are providing some harrowing insight into the […]

Transit Advocates Rally For MetroCard Discounts For Low-Income New Yorkers

On Sunday, a transit group called on the city of New York to give low-income New Yorkers a break to ride subways and buses. The Riders Alliance, joined by City Controller Scott Stringer and Public Advocate Letitia James, launched a “Fair Fares” campaign in hopes to persuade Mayor de Blasio and lawmakers to create a […]

Kate McKinnon Nails ‘New Yorker’ Hillary Clinton

Kate McKinnon once again nails Hillary Clinton in one of her over-the-top impersonations on Saturday Night Live. Hillary has frequently been a target for the political skits on Saturday Night Live, but this is nothing new for political candidates. Some of SNL’s most famous comedians have gotten their start by learning and copying the facial […]

Prison Officials Thwart Possible Death Threat Against ‘Subway’ Jared Fogle

It seems that the attack on Jared Fogle was more than just an isolated incident because reports from the Colorado minimum security institution reveal that prison officials have thwarted yet another attempt on former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s life. The man who attacked Jared Fogle before, Steven Nigg, made it clear that given the opportunity, […]

‘Subway’ Jared Fogle Prison Irony, His Job Was Serving Cafeteria Sandwiches

In “isn’t it ironic” news, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has gotten beaten up in prison partially for being a child molester, but also for getting a cushy prison job making sandwiches. Since everything old is fresh, or new again, Fogle is on sub duty. Perhaps the prison thought they’d put Jared Fogle in a […]

Jared Fogle Prison Beating Just The Beginning Of His Problems, New Lawsuit

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s time in prison is going to feel like longer than his 15 years, between weight gain and beatings by other inmates who don’t like child molesters. But today, a lawsuit was filed by a minor who could make life even worse for Fogle. According to the Inquisitr, Jared Fogle got […]

Jared Fogle Attacked And Beaten In Prison Altercation

Jared Fogle was attacked and beaten in an altercation with another inmate. Fogle suffered a bloody nose, contusions, facial swelling, and abrasions on the neck from the beating. The incident occurred in the recreation yard of Colorado’s low-security Englewood Federal Correctional Institution. The attack apparently happened on January 29, but TMZ only recently received documents […]

‘Subway’ Jared Fogle Object Of Beat Down In Prison Yard [Breaking News]

Jared Fogle, former Subway pitchman, was beaten bloody in a prison yard skirmish allegedly by someone with a real issue with child molesters. Child molesters are considered the lowest of the low in prison, and are often beaten before the guards can intervene. According to the Inquisitr, Jared Fogle has been packing on the weight […]

Subway Jared Fogle Has Already Put 30 Pounds Back On In Prison

In today’s ironic message, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, famous for his 200-pound weight loss from eating Subway subs, has put on 30 pounds in two months while in prison for possessing child pornography. Fogle’s representatives blame the extreme weight gain on stress eating, as his life in prison has been unpleasant, as he is […]

Antibiotic Free Chicken: Subway Introduces Options On Its Menu For Nutrition Conscious Customers

Subway is introducing antibiotic free chicken sandwiches on its menu, without any price changes. Nutrition being the restaurant’s priority, the service wants to reward its customers with the new changes. Representatives of the Milford, Connecticut-based sandwich chain announced at a press event that Subway will be introducing the new chicken to its 27,014 domestic restaurants. […]

Convicted Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Challenges His Sentence

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is back in the news, as he is dissatisfied with his sentence for child pornography. He says he should not have been prosecuted for his “sexual fantasies.” The yuck factor increases when Fogle acknowledges that he had fantasies of sex with minors, and even discussed these fantasies on the phone, […]

Man Slashed On NYC Subway: Sixth Slashing Attack For 2016

On Sunday, January 31, a man was slashed in the face on a Manhattan subway platform. According to police officials, this was the sixth attack this month. Man slashed on New York subway platform in sixth attack this year — Fox News (@FoxNews) January 31, 2016 Police say it all began when the 27-year-old […]

Subway Hopeful Rob Kardashian Will Become Next Spokesperson

After Rob Kardashian’s recent health scare, several people are saying that they want to help Rob to get healthy once again. Hollywood Life shared that Subway is hoping that they can get Rob to become their new spokesperson. Now that Jared is gone, they are going to need someone great to replace him. Rob Kardashian […]

Rob Kardashian: After Health Scare, Could Kardashian Brother Become The Next Subway Spokesman?

Could Rob Kardashian become the next Subway spokesman? The idea seems a bit far-fetched, but that’s what one media outlet is reporting in the wake of Rob’s health scare. According to Hollywood Life, Subway is discussing the possibility of bringing on Rob Kardashian to replace former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle. “We all know the days […]

Prison Transfer: Subway’s Former Pitchman Jared Fogle Is Moved to Colorado

A prison transfer is in store for Jared Fogle, the former public face of the Subway restaurant franchise, just one month after he was convicted on various counts of child pornography. After 15 years as the spokesperson for the chain, the 38-year-old Fogle will now officially begin his new decade-and-a-half-plus inmate stint at an FBI […]

Jared Fogle To Appeal 15-Year Sentence For Child Pornography, Sex Charges

Jared Fogle has appealed his 15-year sentence for child pornography and child sex charges, ET Online is reporting. In November, the 38-year-old former Subway spokesman was sentenced to 15 years and eight months after pleading guilty to one count of distributing and receiving child pornography and one count of traveling across state lines to have […]

Subway Jared Fogle Is Called Child Porn Mastermind By Former Employee

It is a fact that Jared Fogle, former Subway spokesman, is heading to prison, but he had claimed that he was a pawn, and just following the lead of his employee, Russell Taylor, who was under arrest at the time that the Fogle was under investigation. Taylor has now put out a statement where he […]

Will Subway Jared Fogle Face New Temptations Behind Bars?

They don’t use the saying “there are no turkey subs where you are going” too often, but it must be on the mind of former Subway pitchman, Jared Fogle. Though prison is not known for it’s delicious food, it might provide the junk food temptations that caused Fogle’s weight to balloon while he was in […]

Weight Loss Faulted For Jared Fogle’s ‘Hypersexual’ Tendencies

Jared Fogle’s weight loss may have been the reason why he turned from food to sex, according to Dr. Rick May, who treated Fogle over the course of 100 hours. Mic reported that the Colorado-based psychologist told the judge that while Fogle was remorseful, he still had work to do. Business Insider reported that Dr. […]

Did Jared Fogle’s Lawyers Blame His Subway Weight Loss For His Pedophilia?

Jared Fogle of Subway weight loss fame was sentenced today over the sentencing recommendations, but that isn’t the big news. What was remarkable is that Fogle’s lawyers blame for his erratic sexual behavior — his drastic Subway weight loss. The Inquisitr reported that Jared Fogle was on an ankle monitor while awaiting sentencing for his […]

Jared Fogle Sentenced To Over 15 Years For Child Porn

Jared Fogle was sentenced today after striking a plea deal related to charges of possession and distribution of child pornography and traveling across state lines for commercial sex with a minor. The former Subway pitchman got a bit more than he bargained for when Judge Tanya Walton Pratt announced his sentence in an Indianapolis federal […]