Donald Trump Potentially Being Investigated For Bank And Insurance Fraud, ‘NYT’ Reports

Prosecutors with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office indicated that they are investigating President Donald Trump and his businesses for bank and insurance fraud, as The New York Times reported. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. issued a new federal court finding to obtain Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns, something that the president has pushed back on. […]

Stormy Daniels’ Epic Roast Of Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has The Internet In Splits

The last few years in American politics have thrown us a lot of curve balls. One of the most interesting sagas of the Trump era has been the president’s relationship with adult star Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford), and its subsequent breakdown. Propelled into international stardom, Daniels has since used her newfound popularity to great […]

Michael Avenatti Charged With 36 New Counts, Including Perjury, Ripping Off Mentally Ill Paraplegic Client

Michael Avenatti, the attorney who famously represented adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her cases against Donald Trump, has been charged with 36 criminal counts in California, CNBC is reporting. These new criminal charges are in addition to ongoing criminal cases he faces in other states. U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna and IRS officials in Los Angeles […]

Stormy Daniels ‘Not Shocked’ By Avenatti Charges And Hints There Is More To Come

Stormy Daniels is not surprised that Michael Avenatti has been arrested and hints that there is more to come about her former lawyer, once an integral member of “Team Stormy.” Daniels’ loaded statement came via Twitter. “Knowing what I know now about Michael Avenatti, I am saddened but not shocked by news reports that he […]

Michael Avenatti Charged With Wire And Bank Fraud

Michael Avenatti, the attorney who gained notoriety after being retained by adult film star Stormy Daniels in her legal battle against President Donald Trump, has been charged with extortion, per Reuters. Avenatti has been charged with extorting more than $20 million from Nike. A criminal complaint was filed by federal authorities in New York on […]

Former Fox News Editor Ken LaCorte Explains Why He Killed Stormy Daniels Scoop: ‘We Practiced Good Journalism’

Fox News had their hands on a major scoop in the closing days of the 2016 presidential campaign — Republican candidate Donald Trump had an affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels after the birth of his youngest son, then paid her $130,000 to keep quiet about it. But instead of running the story and […]

With Judge Tossing Out Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit, She Is Free To Talk About Trump Affair As Much As She Wants

With a federal judge tossing out Stormy Daniels’ (real name: Stephanie Clifford) lawsuit against President Trump, the former adult star is now free to talk about her alleged affair with him as much as she wants, according to Vice News. Donald Trump’s former personal fixer, Michael Cohen, has been indicted for violating campaign finance law […]

Fox News Had Stormy Daniels Story In 2016 And Killed It, ‘New Yorker’ Says

A Fox News reporter, during the 2016 campaign, uncovered the story of President Trump having an alleged affair with adult actress Stormy Daniels and engaging in a purported hush money scheme to cover it up. But the story never ran, and the reporter who authored it says that Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News’ […]

Michael Cohen Apologies To Melania For Lying About Stormy Daniels

On February 27, President Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, provided his testimony before Congress. Cohen was Trump’s longtime attorney, working to protect and guide Trump from 2006 until charges were brought against Cohen in May of 2018. The special counsel investigation had been underway for about a year at that point, and it was that […]

Stormy Daniels To Michael Cohen: ‘Thank You For Having The Courage’

In his testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen admitted to helping the president allegedly commit various bad acts, including some things he referred to as crimes. Among other things, Cohen admitted, as he previously had in court, to paying hush money payments to multiple women with whom […]

Donald Trump Jr. Signed Stormy Daniels Cover-Up Check, Michael Cohen Testifies: Experts Say That’s A Crime

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen pleaded guilty last year to violating campaign finance laws in connection with his “hush money” payoffs to adult film star Stormy Daniels. He claims that Trump himself — identified in court documents as “Individual 1” — ordered him to commit those crimes. But for the first […]

Michael Cohen Is Ready To Spill Who Signed Stormy Daniels ‘Cover-Up’ Checks

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is testifying this week, prepared to share details about the payment to Stormy Daniels in advance of the 2016 presidential election. Today, Cohen is testifying behind closed doors, but tomorrow will see the ex Trump lawyer testifying publicly live before the House Oversight panel, and he will reportedly be bringing […]

Congressman Tweets At Michael Cohen, Threatens To Expose ‘Girlfriends’

On the eve of the public Congressional testimony by former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen, a Trump-allied member of Congress has sent a tweet in which he appears to threaten Cohen with exposing alleged extramaterial affairs. Cohen is scheduled to testify Wednesday, in public and on national television, before the House Oversight Committee, following closed-door […]

Michael Avenatti Won’t Face Criminal Charges For Domestic Violence Arrest

Michael Avenatti won’t be charged with a crime in connection with his 2018 domestic violence arrest. According to the Los Angeles Times, the California lawyer who rose to fame after battling against President Donald Trump for his client Stormy Daniels will instead attend an informal hearing by the L.A. City Attorney to determine what happened […]

Melania Trump’s New Look Draws Comparisons To Ivanka & Stormy Daniels

First lady Melania Trump is trying out a dramatically different look, and it’s causing quite a stir. According to E! News, Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Hannity on Wednesday, while aboard the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush. Although she was there to discuss her work with military families, most of the focus was […]

Donald Trump Jr In Prosecutors’ Crosshairs, Likely ‘Executive-2’ In Michael Cohen Charges, ‘Politico’ Reports

When prosecutors filed a document detailing their charges against former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in the Southern District of New York federal court, as reported by the Washington Post they identified a Trump Organization executive, named only as “Executive-2,” who signed off on payments to Cohen that included the $130,000 in “hush money” paid […]

Michael Avenatti Responds To Sentencing of Michael Cohen

The sentencing has been announced for Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, and Michael Avenatti was quick to weigh in on the matter. Stormy Daniels’ attorney held a press conference outside New York’s Southern District Court just minutes after Cohen’s sentencing was announced, and made it clear where he stood on the matter. According to […]

Judge Orders Stormy Daniels To Pay Trump Legal Fees

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles judge determined that adult actress Stormy Daniels must pay Donald Trump’s legal fees after her defamation suit against him was thrown out. According to KUSI News, Daniels is being ordered to pay nearly $293,000 in attorney fees as well as another $1,000 in sanctions. Charles Harder, Trump’s attorney, had previously […]

Donald Trump Thinks It’s A ‘Real Possibility’ He Will Be Impeached Over Stormy Daniels Payment, Report Claims

Donald Trump has publicly scoffed at the Russia investigation as “fake news” and a witch hunt, but in private is growing fearful that he could actually be impeached over his hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels and the lies that followed in an attempt to cover it up, a new report claims. […]

Donald Trump Is ‘First President In Quite Some Time To Face Real Prospect Of Jail Time,’ Says High-Ranking Dem

After Donald Trump was accused by United States Justice Department of taking part in a felony in filings Friday by the U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, as New York Magazine reported, Trump now faces the prospect of a criminal indictment on the very day he leaves office. That prediction came Sunday […]

Donald Trump Should Be Indicted For Felonies Designed To Help Him Get Elected, Michael Avenatti Says

Michael Avenatti took to his Twitter account on Saturday to call for an indictment against President Donald Trump. Avenatti, the embattled attorney for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, also declared that it was time for the Supreme Court to intervene on the issue and that the US constitution does not protect the president from an […]

Mueller’s Cohen Filing Proves Donald Trump Committed Two Felonies, Says Democratic Congressman

Friday filings by federal prosecutors and Mueller’s team showed that Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former fixer, had informed him about the two election-related crimes he had committed back in 2016. Experts on either side of the political spectrum appear increasingly convinced that Mueller has got Trump cornered, with California congressman Ted Lieu saying the Friday […]

Michael Avenatti Will Have To Sell His Luxury Cars & Private Jet Shares To Pay $2 Million Divorce Debt

Michael Avenatti, the California lawyer representing Donald Trump accuser Stormy Daniels, will have to sell off some of his more higher-priced possessions in order to raise money to make right a $2 million divorce settlement, Business Insider is reporting. Avenatti, a former professional race-car driver, is in the middle of a split from his second […]

Michael Avenatti Officially Announces He Won’t Run For President In 2020

Donald Trump critic — and Stormy Daniels’ attorney — Michael Avenatti announced on Tuesday that he won’t be running for president in 2020. CNBC reports that the controversial lawyer ended months of speculation that he might challenge Trump in the election. On his Twitter account, Avenatti posted a statement saying that he had spoken with […]

Stormy Daniels Criticizes Michael Avenatti, Her Own Lawyer, In New Statement

Stormy Daniels, the famous porn actress who says she had an affair with President Trump in 2011, has been represented in a wide variety of legal actions for most of this year by attorney Michael Avenatti. Avenatti has, in turn, parlayed his work for Daniels into nearly endless cable news appearances and even talk of […]

Mareli Miniutti Pictures: Woman In Michael Avenatti Domestic Violence Allegation Had Role In ‘Ocean’s Eight’

The woman involved in last week’s allegation of domestic violence against attorney Michael Avenatti has allowed her name to become public by filing for a restraining order against Avenatti, according to a report Monday by the celebrity news site the Blast. Mareli Miniutti is an aspiring actress who is reportedly in her 20s and originally […]

Michael Avenatti Denies Violence Allegations, ‘No Bruises On A Face,’ Warns TMZ ‘Better Get Checkbook Ready’

Two days after Michael Avenatti’s arrest in Los Angeles on suspicion of domestic violence, an incident first reported in a graphic TMZ online article that contained numerous sensational and still-unconfirmed details, the lawyer and prominent Donald Trump critic issued a denial of several of the allegations contained in the article. On his Twitter account Friday […]

Republican Party Jumps Into Michael Avenatti Case Demanding Arrest Records, Jacob Wohl Claims No Link To Bust

After Michael Avenatti, the 47-year-old California-based lawyer who emerged this year as an outspoken foe of Donald Trump, was arrested Wednesday and booked on domestic violence charge, the 20-year-old Trump supporter and Twitter “troll” Jacob Wohl — who just two weeks ago was part of an attempt to falsely accuse Special Counsel Robert Mueller of […]

Stormy Daniels Will Fire Lawyer Michael Avenatti If Abuse Allegations Are True

Stormy Daniels said that she will get rid of her lawyer Michael Avenatti if the domestic abuse allegations against him turn out to be true. The adult film star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, said that she is taking the claims very seriously, but that it is also important to “reserve judgement” until they […]

Michael Avenatti’s Wednesday Arrest Is Not His First Brush With The Law

Michael Avenatti has made a name for himself as a celebrity lawyer by representing Stormy Daniels, but he’s also solidified a strong reputation as a Trump opposer and potential 2020 Presidential candidate. On Wednesday, people saw a glimpse of a possible dark side to Michael Avenatti when the lawyer was arrested on charges of domestic […]

Jacob Wohl Appears To Take Credit For Michael Avenatti Arrest, Reportedly Tried To Frame Robert Mueller

Jacob Wohl, the 20-year-old Donald Trump mega-fan and conspiracy theorist who on November 2 reportedly attempted to stage a hoax accusing Russia Investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller of sexual assault, as NBC News reported, appeared on Wednesday to claim credit for the arrest of Michael Avenatti. Avenatti, who skyrocketed to fame earlier this year as […]

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti Arrested Following Domestic Violence Report

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story reported that the woman involved in the incident was Michael Avenatti’s estranged wife. The TMZ report that information was based on has since been corrected to exclude her as the alleged victim. Michael Avenatti, the mercurial lawyer representing adult film star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against […]

Democrats Plan To Examine Trump’s Involvement In Hush Money Payments

Democrat Party members of the House Oversight Committee say that when the party takes control of the House of Representatives this January, they plan to look into alleged hush money payments that were made to women President Donald Trump paid to stay silent about supposed affairs he had with them. Democrats on the committee can […]

Michael Avenatti Calls For ‘Immediate Indictment’ After Explosive Trump Payoff Story In ‘WSJ’

Controversial lawyer Michale Avenatti is calling for an “immediate indictment” of President Donald Trump after a Wall Street Journal report revealed that Trump may have had complete knowledge about the payoffs made to Avenatti’s client Stormy Daniels and to Karen McDougal. Shortly after the story was released, Avenatti took to Twitter to blast the president. […]

Trump Was Involved ‘In Nearly Every Step’ Of Hush Money Payments To Stormy Daniels, Report Says

Before winning the election in November 2016, President Donald Trump was involved in “nearly every step” of hush money payment arrangements to women he allegedly had sexual affairs with, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal published on Friday. What’s more, the report from the WSJ indicates that federal prosecutors themselves have obtained […]

Stormy Daniels Refuses To Pay Donald Trump For His Legal Bills

Stormy Daniels is refusing to pay Donald Trump $340,000 a judge says she owes in legal bills to Donald Trump, The Blast is reporting. It’s not uncommon for judges to rule, in a civil lawsuit, that the loser must pay the legal bills of the winner. And such is the case with Stormy (real name: […]

Trump Seeks $342,000 In Attorney Fees From Stormy Daniels Following Failed Suit

Her lawsuit was dismissed, and now Stormy Daniels will have to pay the price. In this case, the price is over $340,000. Yowzah. Stormy Daniels filed suit against Donald Trump for defamation after he tweeted about her. She alleged that she and Trump had a sexual relationship, which he says did not happen. When he […]

Michael Cohen To Give Deposition To Avenatti In Stormy Daniels Case

Michael Avenatti, best-known for being the lawyer who represents Stormy Daniels, announced Thursday that he will be taking a deposition from longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Avenatti will ask questions about the nondisclosure agreement signed by Stormy Daniels following her alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump. Daniels, a former adult film star, says that she […]

Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Tweet

Yesterday, President Donald Trump tweeted in victory after a federal judge dismissed Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against him. According to a Deadline report, Jimmy Kimmel took on the situation in a bit during his Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night. After the President of the United States repeated a Fox News quote about the judge dismissing […]

Michael Cohen Ready To Campaign Against Trump, Source Claims

Michael Cohen, considered at one time as the ultimate Donald Trump loyalist as his longtime “fixer” and lawyer, is reportedly now prepared to campaign against him, a Democratic source told CNN this week. Cohen, most recently tied to orchestrating a hush-money agreement with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, pleaded guilty to eight federal charges in […]

Donald Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview Drew Half As Many Viewers As Stormy Daniels’ Appearance

President Donald Trump’s interview on 60 Minutes this past weekend was viewed by about half as many people watching the program compared to when adult film actress and director Stormy Daniels appeared on it back in March. Trump made comments earlier on Tuesday lamenting his as-for-now judicial win over Daniels, who had attempted to file […]

Stormy Daniels Hits Back At Donald Trump After He Called Her ‘Horseface’

Stormy Daniels had some fiery words for President Donald Trump after he called her “horseface” on Twitter. “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your president,” Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford wrote in a tweet. “In addition to his…umm…shortcomings, he has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self control on Twitter AGAIN! And […]

Donald Trump Gloats Over Stormy Lawsuit Being Tossed, Says He’ll Go After ‘Horseface’

On Monday, news emerged detailing that adult film star Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti were dealt a blow in court when a federal judge tossed out their defamation case against President Donald Trump. Tuesday morning, the president celebrated the move via Twitter and he didn’t mince words in his tweet. As the Inquisitr […]

Stormy Daniels Case Against Donald Trump Dismissed

Stormy Daniels was not able to successfully Donald Trump for defamation, as a federal judge recently ruled that Trump’s tweet about her is a First Amendment right, reports NBC News. Trump’s tweet said that the story Stormy Daniels was telling about her encounter with him was “a total con job, playing the Fake News Media […]

Stormy Daniels Says Her Allegations Against Trump Has Inspired Other Women To Speak Out

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels said in a recent interview that she’s regularly approached by fans at her public engagements who tell her she’s inspired them to speak out about abuses they’ve endured in the past. Women are approaching Daniels at her events, she said, describing to her incidents in their lives of sexual harassment, […]

Melania’s Press Secretary Slams ‘The View’ Co-Host Over Claims The First Lady Is A Trump Mistress Herself

Melania Trump’s press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, defended the first lady online on Friday after hearing disparaging comments from one of the panelists on The View. During the program, comedian Yvette Nicole Brown, who was on as a guest co-host (substituting this week for regular Joy Behar), took liberties with how she herself would describe the […]

Michael Avenatti Lashes Back At Susan Collins: ‘Should Be Ashamed’ For Attack On Julie Swetnick In Speech

In her speech on the Senate floor Friday, announcing her intention to vote yes on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins took aim at the allegations leveled by Julie Swetnick, who is represented by Michael Avenatti. In a sworn affidavit, as The Daily Beast recounted, Swetnick alleged that she was drugged […]

Stormy Daniels Said She Shared Embarrassing Details To ‘Humiliate’ Donald Trump For Calling Her A Liar

Stormy Daniels says she is not normally one to “kiss and tell,” but the adult film star felt motivated to share embarrassing details about her alleged tryst with Donald Trump after the president publicly called her a liar. Daniels has released a memoir that touches on her alleged affair with Trump, writing some very unflattering […]

Sarah Paulson Approves Of Stormy Daniels Spanking Donald Trump, But Not Of What Was Found In His Bathroom

It was always going to be an interview that would poke fun at Donald Trump, but with Sarah Paulson sitting alongside Stormy Daniels, things got decidedly hilarious. During a recent interview that Stormy Daniels did on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, actress Sarah Paulson was present. Seemingly in awe of Stormy, Paulson immediately commented that she […]

Stormy Daniels Bans Selfies At Book Signings, Fears For Her Safety

Thursday, Stormy Daniels will be signing copies of her new book Full Disclosure at Barnes & Noble at The Grove, Los Angeles. However, TMZ reports that she has one seemingly strange request of her fans — no selfies are to be taken with the author at the event. Daniels will have higher security than usual […]