Aerosmith Founding Member Joey Kramer Sues Bandmates After They Force Him To Re-Audition For His Job

Aerosmith’s original drummer is suing his longtime bandmates. Founding member Joey Kramer, who first formed the Boston based music group with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, and guitarist Ray Tabano in 1970, claims he has been stopped from returning to the band as a drummer following a temporary disability leave he took last year. […]

Aerosmith Post Video Showing Rehearsals For Las Vegas Residency

In just three weeks, Aerosmith will begin a highly anticipated residency, Deuces Are Wild, in Las Vegas at the Park MGM resort. To show fans that they are “getting ready to take Sin City by storm,” the band posted a brand-new video featuring footage from rehearsals on YouTube. The 78-minute black-and-white clip, shared on Saturday, […]

Axl Rose Does Not Want Guns N’ Roses Music Played At President Donald Trump’s Events

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has been talking about politics a lot lately on Twitter, and he has made it very clear that he is not a fan of President Donald Trump. On October 28, he tweeted a picture of his absentee ballot envelope and urged his followers to “vote blue,” proving that just […]

Steven Tyler Sends ‘Cease And Desist’ Letter To Trump Demanding He Stop Playing Aerosmith Songs At Rallies

Steven Tyler has warned Donald Trump to stop using Aerosmith songs at his rallies. the Aerosmith frontman is worried that Trump gives the impression that Aerosmith is endorsing him by playing the band’s songs at his rallies. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Tyler’s attorney Dina LaPolt. The singer has consequently […]

Aerosmith Announces Latest Gig With 2019 ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Las Vegas Residency

Just add Aerosmith to the list of celebs who will be taking Las Vegas by storm next year. Earlier today, Steven Tyler and co. took the stage of the Today Show with an electrifying performance as part of Today’s Concert Series. But it wasn’t just the band’s performance that took their fans by storm, it […]

Aerosmith’s Original Tour Van Found in Massachusetts by ‘American Pickers’

Aerosmith’s original tour van has been found after more than four decades. The 1964 International Harvester Metro van was found abandoned in the woods outside of a small Massachusetts town. It was discovered by Mike Wolfe and Frank Frtiz, best known as from the History Channel’s American Pickers. In the CBS News story detailing the […]

Steven Tyler Celebrates His 70th Birthday

Steven Tyler is celebrating the big 7-0. The Aerosmith frontman, who was born on March 26, 1948, in Manhattan, New York, is now a septuagenarian. After living what seems like nine lives, Steven Tyler is past retirement age, but he doesn’t seem to have any plans on slowing down. In fact, the rock legend is […]

Steven Tyler Sets Aging In Reverse In Kia Super Bowl Ad

Steven Tyler looks younger than he did 45 years ago, thanks to a time-traveling Kia and a CGI makeover. The Aerosmith frontman starred in a 2018 Super Bowl commercial for the Kia Stinger set to his 1973 rock anthem, “Dream On.” In the high-profile 60-second spot, Steven goes into reverse to roll back the clock […]

WWE News: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Says That Ric Flair Is ‘Full Of Sh*t’

Ric Flair has been in the news a lot lately with his recent return to WWE television and his highly talked about special on ESPN, but not everyone is being so positive. During the 30 For 30 special, there was a big-time look at the life, struggles, and accomplishments of “The Nature Boy.” One of […]

Steven Tyler Speaks Up Amid Heart Attack Rumors After Aerosmith Tour Cancellation

Steven Tyler has finally decided to set the record straight about rumors suggesting he suffered from a heart attack after the Aerosmith’s tour was cut short because he had to seek medical help. Before September ended, a handful of Aerosmith’s tour dates were cancelled as the band’s frontman was reportedly recovering from undisclosed “unexpected medical […]

Aerosmith Cancels Tour Dates As Steven Tyler Returns To U.S. To Seek Immediate Medical Care

Aerosmith has cut their Aero-Vederci Baby! tour short. The remaining dates on the South American leg of the iconic rock band’s tour have been canceled due to frontman Steven Tyler’s “unexpected medical issues.” Aerosmith released a statement to Tyler’s official Twitter account, promising fans that “with proper rest and treatment,” the 69-year-old rock singer will […]

Steven Tyler Says Aerosmith Farewell Tour Is Far From Final

Steven Tyler seems to be having a hard time saying goodbye to Aerosmith. The longtime rock ‘n roll frontman says that despite his band’s upcoming farewell tour, he’s not sure that it will be the end of the road for the Boston-based rockers. Tyler admits that the band has had some major ups and downs, […]

Steven Tyler Talks Moving To Nashville, Finally Releasing Country Album

Steven Tyler sat down for an interview recently and talked a little about his feelings regarding the release of his new solo album, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere. The Aerosmith frontman says that despite the feeling that people have been waiting for him to fail with the solo project, he wanted to do something different […]

Steven Tyler On Joe Perry’s Disappearance After Collapse: ‘I Want Joe To Live’

Last Sunday, Joe Perry collapsed while on stage during a Hollywood Vampires performance in Brooklyn, New York. The fall was scary enough for fans and for friends, but one of Perry’s oldest friends, fellow Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, says his inability to contact Joe since the incident has him that much more worried. Tyler says […]

Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler’s New Solo Is The New Anthem Of PBR [Video]

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has agreed to become the voice of PBR. The singer’s new solo song “Hold On (Won’t Let Go)” has been named as the official anthem of the Colorado based Professional Bull Riders, Inc., the organization announced on Friday. The organization’s television broadcast on CBS and CBS sports will now open to […]

Steven Tyler Stars In Horror Movie: See The Trailer For ‘Happy Birthday’

Steven Tyler is adding something new to his resume—and it’s not a country music album. Just ahead of the release of Steven Tyler’s first solo album, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere, the Aerosmith frontman appears in a trailer for the upcoming horror movie, Happy Birthday. You can see the full trailer below. Steven Tyler plays […]

Steven Tyler Says No One Will Return His Calls About Joe Perry’s Health Condition

Steven Tyler has been making music with Joe Perry for nearly 50 years, but now he’s in the dark on what’s going on with his longtime bandmate’s health. Days after Perry collapsed backstage during a show with his new band, the Hollywood Vampires, Tyler told Billboard no one will tell him what’s going on with […]

Steven Tyler Could Get A Wake-Up Call About Aerosmith After Joe Perry’s Health Scare

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry haven’t been on the same page, musically, for a while now, but the Aerosmith bandmates may want to “come together” once Perry recovers from his recent health scare. Perry collapsed midway through a show while performing with his side act, the Hollywood Vampires, and he’s currently hospitalized in New York […]

‘Hello World!’ Is Hosted By Famous Recording Artists As They Share Stories From The Animal Kingdom

Hello World! is a new series that takes a unique look at the natural world through the narration and music of Christina Aguilera, Usher, Ellie Goulding, Joan Jett, Dave Matthews, and Steven Tyler. According to the Hollywood Reporter, each artist teamed up with the Discovery Channel in order to share several stories of the animal […]

2017 Farewell Tour For Aerosmith: Steven Tyler Says, ‘Because It’s Time’

A 2017 farewell tour for Aerosmith is in the works, says band frontman Steven Tyler, “because it’s time.” In an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, June 21, 68-year-old Tyler confessed that the Boston-based rock group would be gone permanently. According to People magazine, radio host Stern made Tyler confirm that a 2017 farewell tour […]

Steven Tyler Says The Aerosmith Train Won’t Keep A-Rollin’ After Next Tour – Is The End Near?

Steven Tyler is ready to say farewell to touring with Aerosmith — and he sounds like he means it. In an interview on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show, the legendary rock star said the end of the road is coming for the rock band he co-founded with his Toxic Twin, Joe Perry, and fellow musicians […]

Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Reveals Sad News For Fans

For 47 years, Aerosmith has been entertaining fans with their unique brand of rock and roll and, while Steven Tyler has, in the past, assured fans that Aerosmith’s wild ride was far from over, the lead singer has revealed that Aerosmith will be retiring after all. Like many other retiring acts, the Steven Tyler led […]

Alicia Silverstone And Liv Tyler Share Their ‘Crazy’ Reunion With Fans

Back in the early 90s, Aerosmith topped the charts with a run of singles from their Get a Grip album and partly responsible for the success of those songs were the corresponding music videos. A few of those videos featured actress Alicia Silverstone, who was rising to fame following such films as The Crush (1993) […]

Aerosmith Issues Statement Amid Rumors They’re Replacing Steve Tyler

Aerosmith fans can now rest easy as Joe Perry, the band’s guitarist, just issued a statement denying the rumor that front man Steven Tyler will be leaving the group, the Rolling Stone reports. “Any rumor out there about us looking for another singer is completely untrue,” guitarist Joe Perry said. “All five of us were […]

Aerosmith Plotting A Tour Without Steven Tyler? Dream On

Aerosmith could be taking a page from AC/DC’s handbook to launch a tour without its famous lead singer. In an interview with Metal Rules, longtime Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford said the band has discussed several options while Tyler puts his focus on his upcoming country music album and solo Out On a Limb tour. “Absolutely, […]

Steven Tyler Turns Addictions Into Charity For Abused Girls, Auctions His Supercar For Janie’s Fund

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler didn’t know who Janie was or why she had gun nearly thirty years ago when he wrote the title to the hit song, “Janie’s Got a Gun.” However, her identity and story became very clear when Tyler entered rehab in the ’80s to battle his drug and alcohol addictions. Steven Tyler […]

Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Launches A Summer Storyteller Tour

Aerosmith lead singer and songwriter Steven Tyler is hitting the road again, but this time he’s touring without the rest of Aerosmith, with a new Nashville-based band, and under an entirely new concept for a live concert. A year ago, Tyler took a break from Aerosmith to embark on his own solo career, which was […]

The Rolling Stones Demand Trump To Stop Using Their Music

How many bridges do you think Donald Trump has burned? Two? Five? 10? Maybe more? While the exact number is difficult to count, we can add the Rolling Stones to that list. Although Donald Trump hasn’t exactly burned the bridge with the Rolling Stones, the band have issued a statement on Wednesday, asking for Mr. […]

Steven Tyler Goes ‘Out On A Limb’ For Summertime Solo Tour

Steven Tyler is still doing things his way. The 68-year-old Aerosmith frontman, whose solo endeavors over the past few years have included a country music album and a judging stint on American Idol, will hit the road without his Toxic Twin, Joe Perry. Tyler is set to launch his solo “Out on a Limb Tour” […]

Down Syndrome Doesn’t Stop The Music, With A Little Help From Amanda Desousa And Steven Tyler

A 6-year-old girl with Down syndrome who was rejected by her original dance class was welcomed with open arms into Amanda’s Academy of Dance in Edmonton, Canada, and karma came back with a viral video. Having Down syndrome doesn’t stop Ana Malaniuk from putting on a dazzling show with her dance instructor to a mashup […]

Steven Tyler Teases Aerosmith 2017 Farewell Tour, Forgives Joe Perry For Country Music Diss

Steven Tyler says Aerosmith may be hitting the road for the last time next year. The 68-year-old rock singer, who is set to release his first-ever country music album, told Rolling Stone that he’ll hit the road with his iconic band next year, but it could be the end of the road as far as […]

Steven Tyler Spotted Holding Hands With 28-Year-Old Assistant, Furthering Rumors That The Two Are Dating

Steven Tyler is dating a woman more than half his age. According to E! Online, the 67-year-old Aerosmith star has publicly stepped out holding hands with his 28-year-old assistant, Aimee Ann Preston. Preston is 39 years younger that Steven Tyler, which is why their relationship has received a great deal of criticism on social media. […]

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Credits Himself For Guns N’ Roses Reunion

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler claims he played a part in Guns N’ Roses‘ decision to get back together for their anticipated Coachella reunion and speculated tour in 2016. According to Rolling Stone,Tyler spoke on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show Monday and admitted to his involvement, along with others, in convincing Guns N’ Roses front man Axl […]

Steven Tyler Stumbles Across CNN Live Broadcast And Stops To Talk ‘Snowmageddon’

It isn’t everyday you see Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler out in the middle of a blizzard or making a surprise appearance on a live CNN broadcast covering said blizzard, but that’s exactly what happened on Saturday. The East Coast is reeling from a massive snow storm which has dumped over a foot of snow across […]

Liv Tyler Shares Intimate Family Photos After Announcing Pregnancy

Liv Tyler is busy these days – being a mom. She has an 11-year-old son Milo (from her first marriage with Royston Langdon) and 10-month-old son Sailor Gene with her fiancé David Gardner. Now, Vogue reports that Tyler has revealed she is pregnant with her third child. Liv Tyler told the world about her new […]

Liv Tyler Announces She’s Pregnant With Third Child

Liv Tyler took to Instagram once more to share some exciting news. The actress is pregnant for a third time, and let the world know on January 8, when she posted a gorgeous black and white photo of herself with her hand on her tiny baby bump. Tyler smiles her famous smile and is glowing […]

Steven Tyler Orders Donald Trump To Stop Playing ‘Dream On’ — For The Second Time

Wherever Steven Tyler’s political affiliations lie, or however apparently tight he is with Donald Trump, he absolutely does not want the billionaire and now surprise GOP presidential candidate to play his song “Dream On” at campaign events. Donald has been warned before not to play the song, and he has been called to the carpet […]

Steven Tyler To Donald Trump: Stop Using Aerosmith Song Or We’ll Sue

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith frontman, has some fighting words for Donald Trump, presidential hopeful. In a sternly worded cease and desist letter, Steven Tyler is demanding that the Donald Trump campaign stop using the “Dream On” by Aerosmith at their campaign stops, Gossip Cop reports. Tyler’s lawyers have stated that the unapproved use of the song […]

Mick Jagger Joins Taylor Swift On Stage To Perform ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’

A fan’s dream came true on Saturday when Mick Jagger joined Taylor Swift in the pop star’s “1989 World Tour.” The 72-year-old fan bought tickets to the Nashville, Tennessee, concert, not knowing that Mick Jagger will be making an appearance in Taylor’s concert as a surprise guest. In a video uploaded on YouTube, the grandmother […]

Liv Tyler Is Newly Engaged And Ready To Take On Hollywood Ageism

Liv Tyler is officially off the market, having made it public that she is now engaged to long-time boyfriend and sports agent David Gardner, though Tyler’s engagement announcement was made more through imagery than through words. Liv posted a picture to her Instagram account in which Ms. Tyler was featured looking out on a portion […]

Taylor Swift Earns Rave Reviews For Concert With Steven Tyler

Taylor Swift may be experiencing somewhat of a backlash lately, but she still is earning rave reviews for her concert performances. The Tennessean praised Swift’s performance at the Bridgestone Arena. “Over the course of the two-hour concert, which began with ‘Welcome to New York,’ Swift captivated the packed arena with fierce performances and elaborately-crafted visuals […]

‘Nashville’ Season 4 Premiere Sneak Peek And Spoilers Tease Steven Tyler And Big Drama Ahead

Nashville returns to ABC with Season 4 later tonight, and there is big drama ahead for Rayna, Juliette, and the rest of the characters that make up the cast of this series. Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek released by ABC for Nashville Season 4 Episode 1, titled “Can’t Let Go,” on Tuesday, and the […]

Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Breaks Into An Impromptu Duet With A Street Performer In Russia, Swoons The Crowd

Veteran musician Steven Tyler broke out in a spontaneous duet with a street performer in Russia. The singer sang for a few minutes and delighted pedestrians, many of whom instantly recognized him and cheered on. Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler surprised fans in Moscow, Russia, on Friday when he decided to join a street musician. The […]

Lenny Kravitz Laughs Off #Penisgate With Steven Tyler, Rockers’ Daughters Embarrassed

Millions of people have a fear of exposing themselves in public. But not everyone deals with it the way Lenny Kravitz has – like a boss. The 51-year-old rocker had a major wardrobe malfunction during a sold-out concert in Stockholm on Monday night. While rocking out energetically, the “Believe in Me” singer made audiences believe […]

Lenny Kravitz And Steven Tyler Freak Out Their Kids With Tweets About Private Parts

It’s a good thing Lenny Kravitz isn’t the sensitive type. Folks have had a field day at the rocker’s expense since an onstage incident on August 4 in which Kravitz inadvertently exposed his manhood to concertgoers after a less than fortunate wardrobe malfunction. Splitting his leather pants, Lenny gave the audience an eyeful, and some […]

Steven Tyler’s Country Music Video Is Killing It, And It’s So Hot It ‘Nearly Burnt His Eyebrows Off’ [WATCH]

Steven Tyler’s country music debut may seem odd to his rocker following, but the Aerosmith frontman is killing it in his latest “Love Is Your Name” video. Steven Tyler’s country music debut had its own hiccups, with an on-set accident that nearly burned Tyler’s eyebrows off, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Tyler told People […]

Steven Tyler’s New Country Music Video Is Hot: ‘I Burnt My Eyebrows Off’

Steven Tyler’s first country video is so smoking hot, he burned his eyebrows off making it. The Aerosmith frontman told People the “Love Is Your Name” video, which was released Friday, “was worth it.” “During the chorus, we had a big bonfire going. I burnt my eyebrows off, but it was worth it. We went […]

Chelsea Tyler Marries Jon Foster: Aerosmith Rocker Steven Tyler’s Daughter Weds As He Goes Country [Photos]

Chelsea Tyler married Jon Foster in a ceremony overflowing with celebrities. Held in Carmel, California, the wedding of Liv Tyler’s little sister included Liv herself, Mia Tyler, Taj Monroe Tallarico, and of course proud papa Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, reported Us Weekly. Jon is an actor following in the footsteps of his big brother Ben […]

Steven Tyler: ‘I Think Country Is The New Rock & Roll’ [Video]

Aerosmith fans might be more than a little surprised to learn that Steven Tyler has always been a fan of country music. Tyler recalls with fondness that he spent many summer afternoons in New Hampshire rigging up his own homemade antenna, which consisted of a 50-foot wire and an old apple tree, just so Steven […]

Steven Tyler Country Debut On ‘American Idol’ Includes Jax Duet: Who Will Judge ‘American Idol’ Final Season? [Video]

Steven Tyler has gone from Aerosmith frontman to country music bro. While fans bit their fingernails waiting for Tyler to debut his new single “Love is Your Name” on American Idol, they were pleasantly surprised by the results, reported Rolling Stone. Authored by Eric Paslay and Lindsey Lee, “Love is Your Name” showcases Tyler singing […]