‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Sam Has Big Halloween Plans, But Jason’s Mind Is Elsewhere

A new sneak peek for Monday’s General Hospital reveals that Sam will be questioning Jason over what she thinks will be a mob war happening soon. Things are certainly becoming quite intense in Port Charles with Cyrus Renault acting smug in front of everyone and threatening whomever he pleases. The couple will sit down together […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Gets The Report Back On His Accident

Jason is on the mend, as seen this past week on General Hospital. Sam has been by his side the whole time, thanks to the deal that she made with Valentin Cassadine. Coming up next week will be the report that will give Jason the info on his motorcycle accident, which almost cost him his […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason & Sam Spend Time Together, But Brando Shows Her A New Side

The week of August 17 on General Hospital will see Jason and Sam onscreen once again. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, they will be spending some quality time together, but later in the week, Sam will be confronting Brando once again. Sam is now free to be with Jason thanks to her deal with […]

‘General Hospital’ Teasers: Jason & Sam’s Romance Will Be In Focus For The Week Of June 22

The week of June 22 is geared toward General Hospital’s “JaSam” fans. The entire week of encore episodes will focus on the romance of Sam McCall and Jason Morgan, revisiting some of the most iconic events from the pair’s years-long relationship. SheKnows Soaps details that the show airing on Monday, June 22, will take viewers […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cyrus Continues To Make His Presence Known In Port Charles

Cyrus Renault is not done yet in Port Charles, and this upcoming week on General Hospital, viewers will see him meeting up not only with Mayor Laura Collins, but also fellow mobster Sonny Corinthos. He has been free to roam the city thanks to Jordan Ashford, and many are scrambling to figure out the best […]

Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Sam Has Regrets & Crosses Paths With Her Sister’s Secret Guy

This upcoming week on General Hospital has plenty of drama in store. Sam has been forced to live without Jason Morgan, at least for now, but that hasn’t stopped them from sneaking in a little time together whenever they can. The week of April 20 will see Sam interacting with Alexis once again, only this […]

Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Kevin Meets With Cyrus, While Robert & Laura Make Plans

It looks like Cyrus Renault is about to be released from prison soon on ABC’s General Hospital, and many people in Port Charles will be up-in-arms about that. Jordan, Curtis, Sonny, and Jason have cooked up a plan to get rid of the mobster once and for all. However, the mayor is not in on […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Is Desperate To Save Maxie From Peter

Damian Spinelli is all shook up — even more than usual — this week on General Hospital. He is back in town and ready to save his ‘Maximista’ from the clutches of Peter August, aka Henrik Faison. Maxie has been blinded by love and her need to believe that the man who has stolen her […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny & Jason Want Answers, And Curtis Might Be The One Who Can Enlighten Them

A mob war has been a main focus on General Hospital for a few weeks now, and things are definitely heating up. The ABC soap promises that there is more drama ahead during the week of March 2 with Cyrus Renault targeting a few Port Charles’ residents. On Monday, Taggert will be sent to the […]

Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: The Mob War Heats Up As Sonny & Jason Take On Cyrus Renault

The mob is back in full action on ABC’s General Hospital and the people of Port Charles are all in danger. Mayor Laura Collins was already “collateral damage” and she is afraid there may be more before it’s all over. Sonny met the man who tried to have his family killed. On Thursday, they came […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason & Sam Can’t Stay Away From Each Other

Once Sam was released from prison last month on General Hospital, it seemed like she and Jason would live happily ever after, at least for a little while. However, it was not meant to be. Despite her early release, this fan-favorite couple are being forced apart once again, but that certainly hasn’t stopped them. The […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Returns To Port Charles To Help Jason & Sam

Last week on General Hospital, Sam learned that she would be sent back to Pentonville if she chooses to have Jason in her life. She just reunited with her family on Christmas eve, but the new year isn’t starting out very well for the couple. Now Jason is scrambling to figure something out and it […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Jason & Sam’s Blissful Reunion May Come To An End

Shiloh doesn’t seem to be done with Jason and Sam just yet, despite the fact that he is dead. This week on General Hospital is expected to be tough for the fan-favorite couple. Just when things were starting to look up for the twosome, it is about to take a downward spiral once again. On […]

‘General Hospital’ New Year’s Spoilers: Sonny & Carly Still At Odds, Leaving Jason Caught In The Middle

Sonny and Carly Corinthos may not be ringing in the new year on a happy note on ABC’s General Hospital. Those two have been at odds ever since Carly learned Jax’s secret and agreed to keep quiet. This has caused all sorts of trouble in their marriage and the situation may end up getting worse […]

‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Hoping For A Christmas Miracle For Sam & Jason

Sam McCall has been sentenced to two years in prison for killing Shiloh and many General Hospital fans are more than a little annoyed by that. It seems that ever since Jason made his way back to Port Charles, there has been nothing but trouble for the couple. Right after they reunited, Shiloh Archer came […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint That Sam’s Future May Be In Jeopardy

Sam’s future will be decided this week on ABC’s General Hospital. She has been sitting in a jail cell at Pentonville waiting for her bench trial and it’s finally here. Beginning on Monday, Diane will be pleading her case and the judge will be making a decision on whether Sam’s name will be cleared in […]

‘General Hospital’ Stars Kelly Monaco, Steve Burton Reach Out To TK Weaver On Twitter After Recasting Shocker

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, a significant cast change was made that caught viewers by surprise. For the past several years, young actor TK Weaver has been playing the role of Sam and Jason’s son Danny. Now, a new actor is in the role and this is generating a lot of buzz across social […]

Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Big Jason-Filled Set Of Episodes Ahead

ABC has made it clear that the week of March 4 will be a big one on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that everybody in Port Charles is on high alert and there are big twists and turns on the way. It sounds as if there is something for everyone this week, but fans who have […]

‘General Hospital’ Hints At A Possible Rick Springfield Return, Dr Noah Drake Paged Back To Port Charles

This weekend, a few General Hospital stars were on hand for a special fan event at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Maurice Benard, Steve Burton, Laura Wright, Finola Hughes, James Patrick Stuart, Donnell Turner, Josh Swickard, Wes Ramsey, and Briana Henry all banned together for some time with their fans. Executive Producer Frank Valentini was also […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sam Finally Hit The Sheets In Steamy Reunion

General Hospital spoilers tease that the wait is almost over for those viewers anxious to see a full-fledged reunion between Jason and Sam. Ever since Steve Burton returned — and was revealed to be the “real” Jason — “JaSam” fans have been eager to see the two back together, romantically. There have been ups and […]

‘General Hospital’ Shares ‘Epic’ Gift With ‘JaSam’ Fans, Posts 15 Episodes Featuring Jason And Sam On ABC App

General Hospital fans were anxious for details recently when stars Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton shared a big tease via social media. They said that there was something epic on the way via the ABC website and added that whatever it was would be a first in soap opera history. Now it appears that the […]

‘General Hospital’ Stars Bradford Anderson And Steve Burton Launch Podcast

General Hospital stars Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) have undeniable chemistry. Their friendship developed while working on the popular ABC soap, but it went much further than just a work relationship. Burton and Anderson have been a power duo for years now. From being part of the cover band Port Chuck to […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Becomes Frantic, Anna Plans On Bringing Emma In On Her Plan, Jason Balks

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be a lot of misfortune for Port Charles residents. Avery might end up in danger while Jason (Steve Burton) and Anna (Finola Hughes) will have a role reversal. Baby In Danger Spoilers from Soap Hub tease that Mike (Max Gail) will continue to experience a mental decline, which […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Looks For A Body, Michael Helps Maxie, Lulu Gives Up On Henrik

General Hospital spoilers reveal more suspense as more characters are backed into a wall. Sonny (Maurice Benard) worries for Carly (Laura Wright), but he has a more urgent matter in his hands. His father might have divulged a secret which could put him in trouble, and he will send Jason to do a risky job. […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For The Week Of April 16: Nelle Tries To Mess Up With Ava, Jason Gets Cautious

The week of April 9 will prove to be challenging for all families in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna (Finola Hughes) is still unsuccessful in locating her son, Carly (Laura Wright) is haunted by Morgan’s death, and Sonny (Maurice Benard) deals with his father’s mental decline, which could bring significant trouble to […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Corinthos Family’s Haunting Continues, Now It’s Sonny’s Turn

General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 9 spells doom for the Corinthos family. Someone is out to get Carly, and Nelle might not be the only person interested in bringing her down. Based on the latest spoilers from She Knows, Carly will not be the only person to have problems next week as […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Calls For Time Out, Jason Shares Sweet Moments With Liz

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub reveal that it’s bound to be a week of self-reflection for Sam (Kelly Monaco), and it appears that Jason (Steve Burton) will also be on his way to dealing with the recent confrontation with his former lover. Family Time Mike (Max Gail) is suffering from Alzheimer’s and Sonny (Maurice […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brokenhearted Drew Bonds With Oscar, Sam Asks For Some Space

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Wednesday’s episode will take a toll on Drew (Billy Miller), Sam (Kelly Monaco), and Jason (Steve Burton). Soap Hub teases exciting happenings in Port Charles. Drew Blows Off Some Steam After hearing Sam’s confession, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Drew just can’t rein in his feelings. He still feels displaced […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Week Of April 2: Liz And Jake In Danger, Griffin Burdened With Peter’s Secret

General Hospital spoilers tease more drama for the week of April 2. Soap Hub spoilers reveal what fans can look forward to next month. The cliffhanger for the last week in March will see Bobbie and Maxie having a pep talk. The closeness between Maxie and Peter seems to be bothering a lot of people […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Week Of March 19: Spinelli Has A Clue, Search For Henrik, & Bensch Kisses Kiki

General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 19 will be mysterious and disturbing. Kiki will finally figure out what Dr. Bensch is after, Sam will continue to feel torn, and Jason will continue to pursue every lead which can lead him to Henrik. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows reveal that Drew will tell […]

‘General Hospital’ Fans Go Wild Over Sam’s Declaration Of Love For Jason, ‘DreAm’ Team Isn’t Giving Up Yet

Ever since Steve Burton returned to General Hospital, there has been an intense war among viewers regarding whether Kelly Monaco’s Sam should be with Burton’s Jason or Billy Miller’s Drew. The “Killy” versus “JaSam” crews have been butting heads on social media for months now, but a key scene between Jason and Sam during the […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dante Irked With Nathan’s Replacement, Jason Tries To Move On By Helping Carly

General Hospital spoilers reveal that after the earthquake, life will go on in Port Charles. The tremor became the catalyst for several heart-to-heart talks especially for Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco). The Truth Previously on General Hospital, Sam decided to tell Jason about her feelings. She admitted that he will always have a […]

‘General Hospital’ Star Steve Burton Wishes Co-Star Maurice Benard A Happy Birthday, Calls Him His ‘Brother’

Steve Burton and Maurice Benard have been friends for decades. The two have worked closely on General Hospital for several years. Burton plays Jason Morgan, the right-hand man to Sonny Corinthos, played by Benard. Their on-screen relationship is a direct reflection of their off-screen friendship. General Hospital puts a lot of focus on the Jason […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Feb.: Tension Mounts Between Jason And Drew, Act Of God Delays Friz Wedding

February will be a hot month for Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers tease that couples and families will continue to struggle. Drew (Billy Miller) will be irked with Jason (Steve Burton), and his married life will not be smooth sailing. Franco and Liz will face relationship issues, and getting engaged might not necessarily end […]

‘General Hospital’ Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman Teases Anna’s Role In Jason And Sonny’s Hunt For Faison

Cesar Faison is lurking, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Port Charles residents believe it’s better to be one step ahead of the sinister man. Anders Hove is back as Faison, and he will be drawn into an exciting plotline in his comeback. Faison’s Pursuers General Hospital co-head writer Shelly Altman reveals that Anna (Finola […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim, Drew Guides Oscar, Sonny Reassures Jason, Search For Faison’s Other Son

General Hospital spoilers tease there will be a lot of drama in Port Charles this week. Ava (Maura West) is preparing for her surgery, Michael (Chad Duell) and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will disagree, and the search is on for Faison and his other son. General Hospital spoilers tease Wednesday’s episode will focus on Ava. It […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Jan 15-19: Jason Gets Impatient, A Mysterious Text, Maxie Grows Desperate

General Hospital spoilers tease Jason will get more clues about what happened to him, and it seems like Maxie will continue to have fears. Jason will have a visitor, and it will be an old friend. Monday, January 15 General Hospital spoilers on Monday tease Carly (Laura Wright) will prove how protective she can be […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam Divorce Hits A Roadblock, Curtis Makes Progress On Drew’s History

General Hospital spoilers tease more drama between Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), and Andrew Cain (Billy Miller). The love triangle between the three will continue to heat up. Sam asked Jason for a quick divorce, but some relationships just won’t be severed quickly. Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will ask her daughter about […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Asks Jason For Divorce, Alexis Finds A New Bestie In Kim

General Hospital spoilers tease scenes between Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will heat up. It’s bound to be hot in Port Charles as the former couple comes to terms with their new reality. Sam, in particular, will insist she is bound to Andrew Cain (Billy Miller). Meanwhile, Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will A Jason And Sam Reunion Succeed, Or Will Jason Turn To Liz?

Since the revelation of who the real Jason Morgan is, many General Hospital fans have been rooting for the reunion of Jason and Sam. Recently, the two reminisced on their good old days and shared a kiss. But could “JaSam” have a happy ending? General Hospital spoilers tease that the “JaSam” reunion is being explored. […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ned Wants To Be Mayor, Someone Ends Up In ICU, Carly Takes Her Hands Off JaSam

General Hospital spoilers reveal 2018 will start with exciting scenes. Drew (Billy Miller) will stumble upon Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco). Carly’s (Laura Wright) machinations worked, but the former couple has to bear the consequences of their actions. Meanwhile, Cassandra’s plan will put someone’s life in serious danger. Political Aspirations It will be […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For 2018: Head Writers Reveal What’s Next For JaSam, Dream, Friz, And CarSon

General Hospital spoilers tease eventful happenings for the New Year, and it’s just a taste of what’s coming in 2018. GH Co-head writers Chris Van Etten and Shelly Altman teased the future of romantic couples in the upcoming year. General Hospital faves will have a roller coaster year, the Drew-Jason-Sam love triangle will definitely crank […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew Recalls Something From Kim’s CD, Year-End Bang Puts Someone In Danger

General Hospital spoilers tease hotter scenes in the upcoming weeks. The holidays will have a lot of unexpected revelations. Jason (Steve Burton) and Drew (Billy Miller) will continue looking for the traitor, and Sonny (Maurice Benard) will help out in any way he can. Of course, Sam (Kelly Monaco) will struggle with her choices. Then […]

‘General Hospital’ Fan Wars Heat Up, Steve Burton Squashes Rumors Of Friction With ‘GH’ Co-Stars

There is no doubt that General Hospital fans are passionate about their favorite soap, and they can be quite vocal about it on social media. However, things can get out of hand quickly. The fan wars have erupted once again, and it has gotten to the point that some of the actors involved have felt […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dr. O Warns Britt, Jason And Drew Make Plans, Sam Learns One Twin Is The Traitor

General Hospital spoilers tease Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) will get an earful from Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati). Britt offered some information about Faison (Anders Hove), and Dr. O is not happy about it. Spoilers tease she will warn Britt and remind her of dire consequences if she betrays Faison. With Dr. O watching like a hawk, […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam’s New Year Kiss While Drew Faces An Enemy

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) are far from over, and General Hospital spoilers tease the former lovers will have more to talk about in the upcoming weeks. The conversation at the pier might be long overdue, but it is not enough closure for either party. After Sam learned she has been living […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Traitor Attacks Drew, Jason Steps In To Rescue Twin, Stage Set For JaSam Reunion?

General Hospital spoilers tease Andrew Cain (Billy Miller) will find himself in grave danger. Andre just revealed something crucial – the Christmas ornament contains Drew’s memories. When Jason hears about this, he will rush to inform Drew about what he knows. The secret enemy is still at large, andGeneral Hospital spoilers hint the twins have […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Berates Sam For Choosing Drew, Jason Helps Twin Recover Memories

General Hospital spoilers for Monday tease total emotional chaos for Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco). Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will share the latest information from Andre (Anthony Montgomery) with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). A Clue To The Past Previously on General Hospital, Jason learned Andrew Cain’s (Billy Miller) baseline memory is in the Christmas ornament that […]

‘General Hospital’ Star Billy Miller Responds To Rumors He Was Disrespected By Steve Burton Return

General Hospital star Billy Miller has responded to those crazy fan rumors that the ABC soap opera disrespected him when Steve Burton returned to the show. Since the news broke last summer that fan favorite Burton would be returning to GH, there have been numerous rumors circulating about him and Miller. One of the biggest […]

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Begs Kim To Help Drew, Spinelli In Grave Danger, Twins To The Rescue

General Hospital spoilers reveal Drew will feel frustrated about his current situation, and this will also make Sam feel concerned about her husband. Kim knows who Drew was before the mind mapping study, and she might be the link Jason’s (Steve Burton) twin needs to recover his identity. Drew will struggle with all these changes, […]