Stephen Hawking Getting Commemorative ‘Black Hole’ Coin On Anniversary Of His Death

It’s been almost exactly a year since Stephen Hawking passed away. On March 14, 2018, after suffering from ASL for over 50 years, Hawking breathed his last. But the world has not forgotten him or the incredible contribution he made to science over his career despite his ever-worsening condition. To celebrate his life, a new […]

Scientists Now Have Fresh Evidence From The Lab Which Backs Up Stephen Hawking’s Theory About Black Holes

Scientists have fresh new evidence — straight from the lab — which may back up one of Stephen Hawking’s most powerful theories about black holes, demonstrating that Hawking radiation is a very real thing after all. As ScienceAlert reports, scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, claim that they have found a […]

A Study Suggests That Time May Still Have Existed Before The Big Bang Occurred

A study has suggested that even before the Big Bang, time may still have existed in a manner of speaking. This shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise, as the theory of general relativity has demonstrated that the Big Bang may not have been the absolute beginning of everything after all. As Science Alert reports, new […]

Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair Sells 20 Times The Pre-Sale Estimate At Auction

Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair, which the late theoretical physicist used in the 1980s and 1990s, exceeded sale expectations at an online auction held on Thursday. The value of the chair was earlier estimated to be up to $19,500 (£15,000), but it eventually sold for $387,480 (£296,750), CNN reported. The amount is nearly 20 times more than […]

Royal Astronomer Sir Martin Rees Predicts Colonizing Mars Will Create A Distinctly ‘New Species’ Of Human

Royal Astronomer Sir Martin Rees has predicted that colonizing Mars will create a distinctly “new species” of humans in the future, which he has suggested will be a natural byproduct of “post-human evolution.” As the Daily Mail reports, the Royal Society president has also stated that this new species of humans may very well include […]

‘Belief In The Afterlife Is Just Wishful Thinking’ Claims Stephen Hawking From Beyond The Grave

Professor Stephen Hawking may have passed away earlier this year but he has a few more big messages to give the world, and one of the biggest is – there is no afterlife or supreme being. Hawking had one of the biggest brains in modern times, and with the posthumous publication of his final book […]

Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper Published, Addresses Black Hole Paradox

Since Karl Schwarzschild first posited the existence of black holes in a letter to Albert Einstein, scientists have debated what happens to the matter that seemingly disappears when consumed by one. According to the Special Relativity Theory, mass is related directly to energy, and the quantity of energy and mass left over after any reaction […]

Goodbye To Stephen Hawking: The Physicist’s Voice To Be Broadcast In Space, Piercing Our Nearest Black Hole

Today marks the memorial service for the late Stephen Hawking, world-class physicist and one of the greatest minds of the last two centuries. While the brilliant professor’s worldly remains will be interred at Westminster Abbey in London, U.K., during a Service of Thanksgiving, his voice will be traveling among the stars, broadcast in space through […]

Cut ‘Big Bang Theory’ Stephen Hawking Tribute Released By CBS

The Big Bang Theory’s 11th season went out with a bang—Sheldon and Amy’s wedding finally happened—but something was missing. A previously announced tribute to Stephen Hawking was cut from the episode. A scene dedicated to the late British physicist, who died on March 14 after a lengthy battle with ALS, was supposed to air at […]

Search For Alien Life: Breakthrough Listen Launches Massive Survey Of The Milky Way

Breakthrough Listen, the largest project destined for the search of alien life, has been scouring our galaxy with the help of the CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope in New South Wales, Australia, since 2016. Until now, this survey of the Milky Way was of a relatively small scale and could only target a reduced number of […]

Celebrity Deaths March 2018: Whom We Lost This Month

As March 2017 draws to a close, it’s time for the Inquisitr to take a look at the celebrity deaths that have taken place so far this month. NOTE: This list is not exhaustive, and will likely exclude some people considered “celebrities” by some readers but not others. DuShon Monique Brown: Born November 30, 1968 […]

Voicemail Sent To Twitter Users’ Mobile Phones Refers To Stephen Hawking, Date Of Alien Takeover, Strange Code

A voicemail from an unknown number that was sent to several mobile phones belonging to random Twitter users has been decoded recently to show that the message refers to the late scientist Stephen Hawking, as well as a date of an alleged alien takeover, and a strange code written in the NATO phonetic alphabet. The […]

Stephen Hawking, David Bowie, Aldous Huxley, And Others Who Declined Knighthood

If you think that everyone who’s been summoned by Buckingham Palace to become a Sir or a Dame was thrilled about the idea, do think again. In fact, there are a number of notables who have politely, or not so politely, declined an invitation to knighthood by Her Majesty. Some said no due to personal […]

‘Wonder Woman’s’ Gal Gadot Is Under Attack And Being Called An Ableist After Tweeting About Stephen Hawking

Gal Gadot, the actress best known for her role as Diana Prince in the blockbuster hit, Wonder Woman, sent out what she thought was a heartfelt message to honor the passing of Stephen Hawking, the well-known theoretical physicist who died on March 14. Social media saw the tweet as anything but heartfelt and some people […]

Stephen Hawking’s Second Ex-Wife Claims That He Proposed To Her Twice After Their Divorce

Stephen Hawking passed away on Wednesday at the age of 76. People and celebrities across the world have paid their respects to the renowned physicist. Stephen’s second ex-wife Elaine Mason has also spoken out, calling the death of the scientist a “relief” for him. Elain Mason spoke with the Daily Mail regarding the death of […]

Stephen Hawking Death: Eddie Redmayne, Actor Who Won An Oscar For Portraying The Physicist, Reacts

Stephen Hawking’s death has stunned the world. People from all walks of life are revealing their thoughts on the passing of the world-renowned theoretical physicist, including actor Eddie Redmayne, who won an Oscar for his on-screen portrayal of Hawking in the 2014 film, The Theory Of Everything. According to a March 14 report by Deadline, […]

Elaine Mason: Stephen Hawking’s Ex-Wife Was Accused Of Forcing Him To Urinate Himself, Leaving Him In Hot Sun

Elaine Mason had a controversial relationship with Stephen Hawking, with the ex-wife of the famed scientist initially serving as his nurse, leading him to a messy divorce from his first wife, and eventually being accused of physically and emotionally abusing Hawking. Mason has been thrust into the spotlight after the death of Hawking this week […]

Stephen Hawking: Late Physicist Left Memorable Impact On Pop Culture Through TV Guest Roles And More

The announcement of Stephen Hawking’s death at the age of 76 came as a shock to many people, from those who were awed by, and familiar with his many theories, to those who casually recognized him as a mainstay of the scientific community. While he was, for several decades, best known as one of the […]

Stephen Hawking: His Ex Wife Jane Hawking, Net Worth, And Movie

Stephen Hawking, the award-winning physicist and author, whose books included The Universe in a Nutshell and A Brief History of Time has died. The celebrated physicist contracted ALS disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in 1963 at the age of 21. He was at the time given only two years to live. He, however, beat the odds, […]

Renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking Dies At Age 76

Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76, the Daily Mail reports. The celebrated scientist took his last breath today, a spokesman for his family said. Hawking was known for one of the most famous science books of all time, A Brief History of Time, which was the subject Oscar-winning film, The Theory […]

Has Stephen Hawking Died And Been Replaced With A Puppet? Conspiracy Theorists Say ‘Yes’

Stephen Hawking is one of the most well-known physicists on the planet, from his theories that have changed humanity’s collective understanding of life on Earth and the goings-on of space and time to his enduring spirit that has allowed him to survive and even thrive for decades with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) while a physics […]

Stephen Hawking Died In The 1980s And Was Replaced By A Lookalike, Conspiracy Theory Claims

A bizarre conspiracy theory gaining traction online claims that photographic evidence indicates that the British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking died many years ago, and was replaced by a lookalike. The conspiracy theory began spreading online after some netizens claimed that analysis of photos of the theoretical physicist taken since the 1970s shows inconsistencies with regard to […]

Stephen Hawking’s 1966 PhD Thesis Is Put Online And Proves So Popular It Crashes Cambridge University Website

After Stephen Hawking’s 1966 Ph.D. thesis was placed online for the very first time, it proved so wildly popular that it initially crashed the Cambridge University website that it was hosted on. The world clamored to read Hawking’s thesis, called Properties of Expanding Universes, and it appears that the strain was too much for the […]

Stephen Hawking Wants To Colonize Moon After North Korea’s Nuclear Threats

The world has not seen a great war ever since the developed countries decided to use their nuclear energy for the prosperity of human civilization. However, great scientific achievements have their own negative impacts. With the growing concern from North Korea and Middle East countries, the world has never been this scared. Renowned scientist and […]

Astronomers Plan To Send Messages To Extraterrestrials In 2018, Some Fear Alien Attack

Some astronomers are growing tired of waiting for intelligent alien life to reach out to the human race. While many alien hunters think contact will happen any time now, a group known as Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligences (METI) is taking the initiative and sending signals out into space with the goal to reach them first. METI, […]

Possible Signs Of Alien Life Detected By Stephen Hawking Project

Signs of alien life have possibly been spotted during the ongoing research orchestrated by those working on the Stephen Hawking project, Breakthrough Listen. The astronomers, who conduct each experiment over a 30-minute period, detected 15 FRBs (fast radio bursts) occurring repeatedly from a dwarf galaxy located a distance of three billion light years away from […]

The Truth Behind Behind Facebook’s Latest AI Technology And Why They Shut It Down

Over the past few weeks, a story had been circulating about how Facebook panicked and stopped a recent project because it was getting out of hand. Stories about how a possible Terminator threat could occur haunted some readers, and many have been asking the question, what exactly did the AI do? And was the AI […]

‘Alien’ Creator Ridley Scott Believes Encounter With ‘Superior Beings’ Could Result In End Of The World

Ridley Scott, the creator of the Alien film franchise and director of its latest installment, Alien: Covenant, has joined a vaunted list of prominent voices who believe that an encounter with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization would likely spell the end of humanity or, at the very least, be the end of the world as we […]

Stephen Hawking Says We Have 100 Years To Escape Earth: Mars Colonization Project In The Works?

Stephen Hawking has predicted that humanity has to leave Earth and occupy another planet within the next 100 years in order to survive. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but those who have been keeping up with what’s happening around the world should already know the possible culprits: nuclear war, climate change, biological epidemics, overdue […]

Stephen Hawking Going To Space: Opens New Dimension For Lou Gehrig’s Patients

World-renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking is going to space with the help of Virgin Airlines. Given the light of Hawking’s Lou Gehrig’s disease, his voyage to space will open new dimensions for medical science to understand the disease better in zero-gravity. Back in 2015, Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group, said […]

First Contact Fears? Messaging Aliens Not Such A Scary Idea, Scientist Says

Many scientists fear what many see as an inevitability — first contact with aliens. They reason that reaching out into the vast universe to make that contact — via space probes and other means, such as the messaging initiative from Breakthrough Initiatives — could very well alert aliens who might be hostile to sharing the […]

Colbert Apology On Behalf Of King And Hawking For ‘Big Baby With Orange Hair’

In last night’s opening of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host discussed the “buzzkills” in the U.S. intelligence community who keep presenting evidence of a speculated link between the administration of President Donald Trump and the Kremlin. Most recently, Colbert noted, it has been suggested that ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may […]

Celebrities Who Have Openly Shown Their Disdain For Donald Trump

Ever since Donald Trump has announced that he will be running for the new presidency, a lot of celebrated Hollywood stars has shown how displeased they all are. When Donald Trump finally defeated Hillary Clinton, a lot of Clinton’s supporters who belong to film fraternity has come in open to talk about their true feelings […]

It’s Stephen Hawking’s Birthday: Genius Physicist And ALS Survivor Turns 75

At the age of 21, he was only given a few years to live after being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. But as Stephen Hawking celebrates his 75th birthday, he serves as proof that one can enjoy great success and live a long, fruitful life despite the debilitating effects of ALS. Born on January 8, […]

NASA And Stephen Hawking Working On A Spacecraft That Can Reach Proxima Centauri Traveling At One-Fifth The Speed Of Light

NASA has announced that it is participating in an effort initiated by British astrophysicist Professor Stephen Hawking and venture capitalist Yuri Milner to build a tiny spacecraft or nanocraft that can reach Alpha Centauri — the nearest star system to Earth — in 20 years, traveling at about one-fifth the speed of light. Breakthrough Starshot, […]

Stephen Hawking Warns Humanity About Donald Trump, ‘We Are At Most Dangerous Moment In History’ [Video]

Award-winning cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has issued the world a dire warning about Donald Trump and Britain’s “Brexit.” The 74-year-old scientist has never spoken favorably of Donald Trump; back in May, Stephen Hawking spoke out against the President-elect, stating unequivocally that he “didn’t understand” the former reality TV star’s popularity. Stephen Hawking also […]

SETI Scientist Warns World To Prepare For Alien Visitation But Admits Action Plan Could Be Like Neanderthals Preparing In Case The U.S. Air Force Shows Up

Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, an organization leading ongoing efforts to detect possible radio signals from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations, has warned that there are no government-level action plans in place in case aliens show up. During an interview with Live Science, Shostak addressed a key issue of interest […]

The Doomsday Clock, Stephen Hawking, And The Apocalypse

If there’s one thing scientists, conspiracy theorists, and the people protesting Donald Trump can all agree on, it’s that we’re getting closer to the end of the world – if only by small steps. The “Doomsday Clock” scientists are considering the implications of a Trump presidency, Stephen Hawking insists humanity won’t survive another 1,000 years, […]

Eddie Redmayne’s Transition From Professor Hawking’s Logical World To J.K. Rowling’s Magical World

Eddie Redmayne is a highly accomplished actor who admits that he doesn’t rely too much on his own imagination while acting. So, it’s natural for the Oscar-winning actor to prepare for his movie roles exhaustively by exploring various aspects of his on-screen characters. Previously, the actor conducted extensive research while playing the Oscar-winning role of […]

Breakthrough Listen Project Searches For ETs Near Alien Megastructure

Alien megastructure or flickering star? The strange flickering star KIC 8462852 has captured the imagination of scientists and UFO believers alike, and now SETI researchers searching for extraterrestrial life will examine the alien sun to finally decipher the mystery. If intelligent aliens are building a Dyson Sphere around Tabby’s Star, astronomers at Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough […]

Human Stupidity: Stephen Hawking Explains, Elon Musk Agrees, Frank Zappa Expounds

Last week, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking delivered an impassioned speech at the University of Cambridge in England where he teaches. While speaking via computer voice to students and faculty at the brand-new, multi-disciplinary Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (LCFI) at the esteemed university, the 74-year-old scientist said the following. “We spend a great […]

AI: Could Universal Basic Income Be The Answer To Intelligent Machines?

With Stephen Hawking opening an AI lab, it’s only a matter of time before smart robots take over for humans in the factory, on the battlefield, in the supermarket, and behind the counter. When intelligent machines replace humans in the workforce, society will need to find a way support the millions of people on the […]

If Aliens Come Calling, Stephen Hawking Isn’t Sure We Should Answer

World famous physicist Stephen Hawking is convinced alien life exists somewhere in the universe, but he’s not sure it’s safe for humans to make contact with them because they might prove to be deadly. Hawking details his quest for extraterrestrial life and his reservations on talking to aliens in his new 25-minute documentary series from […]

Mark Zuckerberg Joins Hunt For Alien Life, Facbook Founder Teams Up For ‘Breakthrough Listen’ Project

Mark Zuckerberg has joined Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking to donate a combined total of $100 million dollars in the search for alien life. The Breakthrough Listen project begins by searching for signals of life on planet Proxima B, also known as Earth 2.0, according to Metro. Although Proxima B is four light years (4.37) […]

Can Stephen Hawking’s Starshot Probes Really Make It To Alpha Centauri?

Astronomers have discovered a possible Earth-like world called Proxima b in the Alpha Centauri system and Stephen Hawking’s Starshot probes may go fast enough to cover the distance, but they might not survive the journey. The Breakthrough Starshot project plans to launch a fleet of wafer-thin nanocraft capable of reaching 20 percent the speed of […]

Scientist’s Fake Black Hole Proves Stephen Hawking Was Right, Could Win Physicist Nobel Prize

A model based on the principles of black hole construction may have just proved what famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking predicted four decades ago when he noted that all matter that entered beyond the event horizon of a black hole was not always trapped there and that some of the matter escaped. Those emissions became known […]

Stephen Hawking Stalker Convicted In A Spain Hearing

There may not be anyone in the scientific community more well known than physicist Stephen Hawking, and as we all know, anyone with such a high profile is subject to attracting stalkers, as both over-obsessed fans and hateful critics, as was the case with Hawking and a recent stalker, a woman who tracked Stephen down […]

Stephen Hawking: American Woman Arrested In Spain Following Death Threats

An American woman has apparently been a bit obsessed with Oxford professor Stephen Hawking for quite some time. The 37-year-old reportedly stalked Hawking on various social media sites for at least a couple of days before finally following him to Spain. There have been conflicting reports about the woman’s age, some sources say she is […]

Stephen Hawking Faced With Death Threats At Starmus 2016, U.S. Woman Arrested

A 41-year-old American woman has been arrested in Tenerife, Spain, after making hundreds of death threats against the renowned astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking. Hawking has been visiting the Spanish island while participating in the Starmus Festival which started on Monday in Arona and concludes on Saturday night. Among the messages sent by the woman to Hawking, […]

Stephen Hawking’s ‘Genius By Stephen Hawking’ Show On PBS Poses Profound Science Questions And Answers

For years, it has been a challenge to introduce science as fun and approachable. With challenging topics like cosmology and geosciences, most of us refrain from dealing with these complex issues. Fortunately, Stephen Hawking has created a way to make science relatable to anyone. In his new six-part series on PBS, Genius by Stephen Hawking, […]